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Rah Digga, Swizz Beatz, Coi Leray & More Pay Tribute To Busta Rhymes! | BET Awards '23

Jul 02, 2023
Build it hey, hey, hey, hey, what's wrong with me? Oh yeah, foreigner, down, full time, give it away, just give it away, okay ladies, it's your turn right now, here we go, I know what you want, baby, everyone, I know what you wish they'd let you. We've been together for a few years. She had some tears according to her dignity. So what BT? Come on, come on, baby, if you give it to me. I know all the foreigners in New York, if you're in the building. Make some noise, that's what you do. doing hello bring it back dwelling in the club I'll be wrong in the studio put your hands on my eyes too oh yeah yeah because girls are players too that's true because girls and players also get money all over the world you know how to live top 10 houses looking down on Ops to take a test drive left them a lot of time is money so I spend it on the clock, put up with the little tits showing through the white teeth, you can see the tongue bursting in My jeans are tight like the wife I have another shorty Sheen nothing like me Let's go find another place I just want to have a good night players Make some noise I'm going to be clear you guys celebrating 50 of hip-hop. cool job founder father hip-hop he's Jamaican blood make sure you know that and Jamaica is in my blood so as much as we end hip-hop tonight we will represent this dancehall culture because uh Caribbean people will never forget to the Trinidad tops.
rah digga swizz beatz coi leray more pay tribute to busta rhymes bet awards 23

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