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Racing to the Rainbow (2006)

Apr 12, 2023
hi i'm greg i'm mary i'm jeff i'm anthony can you see the chickens have magical hiccups? some water please, that was so much fun, i feel like dancing some more, let's all dance as best as i can. sit down I can't sit because my feet are on everyone everyone everyone from dad that's with me everyone says be good everyone to dance everyone everyone everyone the label that is with me everyone says wrong what's wrong everyone says well it's nothing my son but you better look at everyone everyone eight nine ten come ready or not oh hello my friends I'm Captain Feathersword the friendly pirate oh it's great to see you I'm just playing a little hide and seek with all my Wiggly friends make sure you tell me if you can see them hiding anywhere ok my friends my friends friends can see Dorothy the dinosaur where I can't see Dorothy anywhere just a lovely bouquet over red roses oh they are beautiful dark oh I think I'll keep looking.
racing to the rainbow 2006
Lovers, I'm looking for me, move the dog, you can see, move well, I can't see Wang Zi at all, oh, I would love to find, all I can see is this tree. oh i'll keep looking through henry the octopus you can see henry the octopus hey guys i can't see henry anywhere there's a beautiful tree blowing in the breeze oh it blows in the breeze like a tree, oh, don't worry about me, move on. Looking for my friends Oh my friends you can see my pirate crew all of them oh I can't see my pirate crew anywhere just all these wonderful flowers oh ho this is so hard my friends oh , maybe I'll stay, oh, look.
racing to the rainbow 2006

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It's a very pretty flower, there's something very strange going on here, my hearts, oh, I think I'd better keep looking. with the captain - i'm dressing as a scarecrow captain 11 oh it's me Anthony hides behind the emu topiary and Mary hides behind the ribbon we have a kangaroo shape Greg is posing as a statue captain 11 ounces any of us here he's coming now I better get in position wait every Hardee's I'm still looking for my Wiggly friends have you seen any of them anywhere? Oh what is that? anywhere, just this wonderful scarecrow, very good, never mind, I'll still look at me lovingly, you can see Mary, we know where my hearts are, oh, I can't see Mary at all, I can see a wonderful toe, although she gave birth kangaroo, oh, let's keep looking for what that was.
racing to the rainbow 2006
Greg, are you really sure? Oh, I really can't see Greg move. I can see a wonderful statue in a yellow shirt, but no, Greg moves. It doesn't matter. eagle, you can see it. I can't seem to see these Wiggles anywhere with him all the time. everyone fooled you even though you had to help about very smart friends everyone lets say hello captain feathersword my hearts its a beautiful sunny day makes me want to dance you know someone else who really loves to dance is dorothy the dinosaur let's dance with Dorothy to music box dancer, hey everyone, do you like to go out and have fun?
racing to the rainbow 2006
I do it well, that's after I've had a healthy breakfast, but you know how Jeff likes to go out, now he's fun, he likes to play and that's how he does it. if he falls asleep we need your help to wake jeff when we count to three let's all say wake jeff up yeah and if we say it really loud jeff might do some fun things he might wake up and say thank you for waking me up and then I could do two cartwheels Anthony you said two cartwheels well I did but maybe we should do three cartwheels three cartwheels hooray okay everyone this sounds so exciting let's wake up Jeff and see what happens are you ready? one two three thank you for waking me up everyone here comes three somersaults nothing like a little exercise on a beautiful day well done jeff and thank you all for waking up jeff i see what a beautiful day the breeze is blowing it is making the LEAs shake like leaves on a tree chicken article 8b3 everybody chicken i believe in tree shake your branches shake everybody shaken in driveway everybody watch your engines then brain shake everybody shake shake shake against grads and bake them it's been me we who breathe since a change we go to the pastures all such a beautiful day maybe not boys look at the storm clouds that are coming fast we will have to go back to the change house we better run run run the storm is on its way we better let's run run, the storm is coming, we better run, ah, the storm is coming, you better not run, not back to the wiggle house, you better run, run, run, the storm is It's on its way, it's on its way, oh no, there's a storm coming.
Boy, don't call it a windstorm for nothing. Hey, all that wind blowing leaves on our heads made us look a little messy, guys, why don't we clean up in your move time? Are you ready? I tell you what Winston, I ruined our picnic and I'm so hungry it doesn't matter there's a lot we can do inside yeah. teddy bears great day having a great day steady feet up and down the city streets it's a teddy bear play the teddy bears are having a great day and down the street teddy is a teddy bear trees day look Serena for oh it's raining again it's raining again let's stop raining again Wow a


with all the beautiful colors hey why don't we sing a song about a


and all the beautiful colors? purple is the color of grapes is the color of cherries yellow is the color of bananas we have to see together the color of a traffic light yellow is the color of blue is the color of a clear sky everything is my color we have a rainbow of colors together what do you see here a rainbow right I wonder what at the end of the rainbow that's a great question Dorothy indeed a wonderful question oh yes I've often wondered that well why don't we go find out? oh I could go in the SS Feathersword and you my friends could go in the big red car yes gallant captain y'all that's fantastic first to the end of the rainbow wins the race but there's a problem though not sure if dorothy and henry will fit in the big red car yeah oh and it might be a little tight for them aboard the SS Feathersword oh well there goes that idea I think I might have a solution oh yes, it is round, it is filled with air, it has a basket under it and it floats in the sky, it is a hot air balloon. thanks Marie, well you know what there are lots of balloons, all, different kinds of balloons, hot air balloons, little balloons, balloons, blow up fun balloons, locks and colors, let's all sing a song about balloons.
I'm going to bobaloo, get your knees up, get your knees up my ride your balloon my ride your balloon if Johnny's r5 lift your knees and bus with your balloon blow up your balloon Oh Wow a giant balloon to carry wax Henry and of course our friend Dorothy the dinosaur come on wiggle and Henry let's go for a ride in my pink balloon so exciting but hold on tight this is going to rock oh it was comfortable in that color so comfortable it's making me sleepy well that's great jeff but no time to sleep now we have a cargo to be very careful of these wonderful supplies yes and I have to get back to my ship and crew we will be ready to go before you can say shoot me down.
I need to stop saying, well, get shot down. the pirate crew is ready to go wherever you want let's go friends oh thank you my friendly crew now we set sail to the end of the rainbow the captain looks ready for an adventure what about you Wiggles? the big red car with this beautiful food Anthony you know what you can't take that much food maybe it just won't fit in the big red car oh well here's the solution. food too fast come on chew your food take small bites this is a serious health problem mate you could get severe indigestion or possibly choke or something come on mate chew your food properly please oh ,okay buddy just bite down on a bit and chew chew chew that's it sometimes make sure you chew it and hit it with chew.
Ah what a lovely sandwich and I chewed my food problem but I might still be hungry during the run, well don't worry Aunt Aney will be back. from the race just in time for dinner, well, still, I've stowed some food in the big red car, just in case. Henry, are you ready, Captain Feathersword? number ten when I say you can start the race come on oh I'm so excited folks we're getting the SS Feathersword ready to race to the end of the rainbow check your seat belts guys I've got my cake ready to eat during the race be careful Anthony I mean we're about to take off and you know when cake is involved someone ends up with cake in the face oh no not me oh that sounds like a foghorn. means the fog must be coming in fast let's go below decks me like a tsunami like that Oh Mario is flying captain captain go get good out there everyone come walk this way what's Benny Oh captain i think i've seen the most beautiful fish there is ah beautiful fish are beautiful it's a lot of glass in an Outback Billabong oh this is the captain the beautiful fish oh if I'm not mistaken that's Magdalena the legendary mermaid of the deep when the sun shines in the sky you I will see the princess swimming with a mermaid, she is from seeing the beautiful friend for you and be my companion with your tail so strong to show us how you are with grace the table of the princess that you see beautiful smile and here a solo voice sings a song. a ribbon your tail so strong show us how you glide spinning gracefully sing your song ahoy there reg Delana ahoy captain what brings you to these deep mysterious waters mysterious rainbow Magdalena Oh rainbow we're trying to find the end of this wow what an adventure , but be careful, captain, where there is a rainbow nearby, there is often a fierce storm, this storm, oh, thank you, Magdalena, but rest assured, SS Feathersword is safe on the fly, guided by an expert, very Okay, Captain, call me if you need any help.
Oh Magdalena, maybe it's you. who need help for me like Delana Oh, captain, she's gone, sounds scary. It would be very captain, oh, don't worry about this storm. A storm is coming. It was great to see Magdalena the mermaid, but she said a storm was coming. I hope everybody is fine. Let's take a look. Look at the sheep, hey, I know a song about it, go, bea, bea, black sheep, bea, bea, black sheep, do you have any wool? what it's like to reach the end of the rainbow i think that's how i think we're lost oh no things aren't always what they seem there we go Geoff's Murray great Bethenny you're near the end of the rainbow oh yes I'm King Murray the King of where do you come from murray i've been right over the rainbow on the edge of reality oh gene you're the king of the rainbow king of the road anthony my cousin she's a rainbow queen can you help us find the end of the rainbow.
I am the king of the road. I can certainly help you find the right path, but the rest is entirely up to you. Don't worry. Sigh. Can you give us a hint? My dear Jeff, a rainbow is a place. where your dreams can come true tell us more King to reach the end of the rainbow where each of you is going will have to face the challenge of making your dream come true but how will you have the opportunity to do something you have always wanted to do if you succeed, which i have no doubt he will move on to the next stage he is a king what do we do now keep moving you must follow the king of dreams your majesty we are all shocked but we really should come on you are right grape a bit Less talking and a little more action hey hey thanks for all your advice Rey we're about to take off now if you don't mind backing off to safety your highness let's go Greg thanks let's go Are we there yet?
We must be getting close now. It will be the red of the rain phone. Oh, whose color is red. Anyway, it's Anthony, no, it's not Anthony. Grey, no, it's not Greg. it's me gray oh whoa whoa what do we do now one of the Kings says follow that dream oh yes you're right Jeff he wiggles here's the plan let's close our eyes and think of something we've always wanted to do something we've always dreamed of and such maybe that way when we open our eyes we can do it let's try after three you're ready one two three ok Wiggles let's open our eyes it's no different here the same Anthony the same Jeff I don't feel a thing oh wow Marie huh I thought you got the first challenge my friend What is it that you always wanted to do?
I always wanted to be now I'm not married the wiggle my mom the rockstar I'm going to be in heat guys see you later wiggle guys try this rock guitar. Of course you do, greetings, friend. Hey Marie don't be nervous you're the king of guitar oh thank you thank you Wiggles that's right Ken Rock I love to dance. Princeton, help me everyone. The Wiggles are back in the big red car


across the rainbow. I wonder where Captain Feathersword is. I found it. He has the rainbow inside, but there is a storm nearby. As long as the captain listens to Magdalena, the mermaid, they should be there. captain and crew of him oh why for the old captain my goodies running a little romantic a pigeon oh la la mia bay boat especially Thanks Alfonso now Luciawe help each other along the way. and thanks for joining us on the run to the rainbow everyone, we hope you had a great time, let's dance now to celebrate the weird moves.
Wow, rewind. I'm gonna rock Hey, what's that? Anthony yeah and I have to get back to my boat and crew before it's ready come on Chef Murray great Anthony I knew you'd like it Anthony she'll think so Captain Major don't worry Mike the big red assholes good attention. off shore captain midnight my my my yes it's Minnesota needs a kiss fix Benny you and the crew fix the SS Metis organization and we'll take a look around here sure they fix the Feathersword that's a good question Dorothy great ask me if you want wonderful question imagine anyone for a great question Dorothy do you think that's a step up that's a great question Dorothy what a beauty whoa Anthony slow down mate slow down you have to chew your food properly take small bites buddy this is a serious health issue buddy come on Anthony slow down , dude, you're eating too fast, come on, you have to chew your food well, this is a serious health problem, dude, hey, Anthony, slow down, dude, you're eating too fast.

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