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Quantenlicht: Von Einstein zur Quantenteleportation

Feb 28, 2022
good evening and welcome to this last lecture in our physics science series we are looking forward to physics filling the lecture halls for lectures like this it is great fun and it shows that we are very busy with our subjects especially in these years in the year of light we were and are completely in the light and of course we like that this series of lectures is held for the third time where if you give three lectures during the summer half year on the first Monday of the month and of course I have said that many times we want to achieve something with him and I think that in that year we have achieved it.
quantenlicht von einstein zur quantenteleportation
This is also demonstrated by attending our event, that is, we want to convey the fascination of physics. We want to target the right people. interested public and, of course, we want to publicize the technology of natural sciences and that is the goal and there in that year is the international year of light and the tall ann elie also ensures that there is enough light outside we have spent the whole year, so to speak with the properties of light today's conclusion is burning light and the highlight will bring us closer to professor anton zeilinger since childhood i will introduce him a little earlier first let's do a little experiment that you can do on the kitchen table basically anyone can do it at home at least almost so what we're going to do is turn on the light in a special way i.e light in microwave range around 10 gigahertz through 2 or plate , so all you need is a microwave source which is not available in the microwave at home at 10ghz but at 2.7 and then two counters if you want and what we are looking at now is in the metering device can see the reception of the microwaves here and you don't hear the sound take your hand it won't burn too much energy we don't have so the tone shows us the strength and the extent I guess I'll put a counter in there and you can see the subject doesn't absorb the plate reflects light from microwaves and we have about 7 deflections with one plate and then I can look at the second counter and then we have something like seven and a half to eight deflections and if I close both grounds then we expect to have less and that's the case we have 4 but it all sounds relatively easy at first one plate minus two plates even less but if you move this plate now all of a sudden we have more we have more so to speak than we had before we definitely have significantly more than with one plate we have more passes if not if light particles become classical particles you have to think about what is going on here which is really amazing yes that will not be reflected in l to first plate if you want 40 percent is reflected and the light reflects off the second plate at 40 p percent and if the two plates are at the correct distance then more goes through significantly more if the experiment was done with the right plates, it will even go through it 100% and that means that in particle language it would be very amazing. behind the particle language the light on the first plate should already know that there is another plate behind the light should know that there is something else coming from the back and I had to go through the first plate and also the second one an array is I called a a pair of blackboards that will be used very, very often in the field of optics in physics and that is a kitchen table experiment from a manufacturer of cookers that I installed a few years ago so you can't take all the cheap boards in the animator doesn't work at all I'm not advising the company now we won't sponsored it at all either but you should perceive good places to experiment and then it works fine if you d Thank you Mr.
quantenlicht von einstein zur quantenteleportation

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quantenlicht von einstein zur quantenteleportation...

Schneider and that's putting physics on the table the kitchen, which is quantum physics at its best and because photons are now, but for our lecture Professor Zeilinger is at the faculty at Boltzmanngasse 5 and at the institute for quantum optics and quantum information at boltzm anngasse 3 and i assume they were just active in a state of coherent overlap between the two are not that far apart or will you be talking to us today about the corinthian states being much further apart i study physics and mathematics at the university of vienna dissertation in vienna neutron la enabling the discussion on polarization at the technical university of vienna then it would have only removed some important stations it seems that the professor am in boston that's how the professor of the technical university of vienna was in innsbruck for about ten years and since 1999 he has been a professor of experimental physics at the university to this day vienna and director am institute of quantum optics from 2004 to 2013 i couldn't do that i could, as it were, get it out of the official vita sun zeilinger just by letting you read just stop i just picked a few stations important to you, so we don't have to spend the night just denying it, so it's developed or a variety of course activities and I just point to a few popular science books eg


s veil,


s haunted and sons of thrones that sounds very very good then major awards here too just a very small selection namely the senior humboldt the alexander von humboldt foundation in 2000 the medal pour le mérite for sciences the youngest the circle of wolves in physics from the israel foundation and the charcoal medal france this year quite current probably good i am already finishing my introduction by hand and now looking look forward to your lecture soy nice afternoon greetings from vienna I hope you visit us.
quantenlicht von einstein zur quantenteleportation
It really is an invitation, so if you come to Vienna, please contact us. We will be happy to show you our experiments, which, by the way, have been shown here for the longest time. to me, like you, you've mentioned that there's an interesting research direction in modern optics called visibility obstructions, which means the question is how can I actually make objects invisible as if they happen over and over again, let's say fairy tales etc. exists in reality and that is based on such phenomenon in principle when the direction of investigation is very interesting. I think you can imagine who supports this direction of research.
quantenlicht von einstein zur quantenteleportation
Partly good. Today I have the pleasure of telling you a little about quantum light. What you have here. so there it is now it's over it's happening that works in dress rehearsal yeah what's going on there i know that has to lay down sometimes i got stuck but since there was a loose contact on those things a loose contact doesn't fail, so what you see here in the first picture is diarra telescope wise it's good if you have something like that not so much good the aid organization better hold it so you can see which ones are on both sides so what you see here will pretty cool what you see here this telescope is on the canary island of tenerife and that stands for ogs optical ground station and you can see it's a formation has yeah my CV says a bit one of the good things about being a scientist is that you can actually see the world and meet interesting people everywhere, also in the canary islands yes that is a telescope that is in the canary islands that means it exists for the optical ground station this is a telescope that is operated by the agency The European Space Agency and its purpose is not to observe stars but the purpose is to capture the light from the satellites because it uses it to test to what extent it cannot be used for the transmission of information with satellites or also in general with spacecraft because, of course, much higher data rates can be expected than with radio transmission not modern communication technology As everyone knows about glass fibers because much higher data rates are possible with light I'll go back to the experiment so if now switched to the computer network, it would also be nice if we talked about quantum physics, everything goes back. until the year 1900 in berlin and although there were experiments on what is known as cavity radiation what is it all about we all know that when you see a body cooling down it can come in different colors yellow red orange and even white when it is very hot and it was a question in physics in the 19th century why his body at a certain temperature with this color or general r expressed comes color means that different wavelengths come out of the small body how can you understand why these wavelengths come out and then you will ask such a question typical if physicists continue to not care about such a thing and that this question has been valid since the 1870s is a question that is probably so important that it would be worthwhile and now a little comment that would be worthwhile to clarify this question to reject the naming for a German professorship why do you say firmly because appointment to a German professorship requires a lot of administration of this t I work and one can always seal oblivion who said that at 78 years old he is a colleague a theoretical colleague of yours the solution could come through max planck and the solution was more surprising than anyone expected here experiment inside there is a ceramic cylinder that is heats up and hits with a small hole, radiation came out and max planck could only explain this color to the founding body after he told me that he was forced into an act of desperation, he accepted the quantum that light consists of nuclear energy packets and these packets of energy are ultimately indivisible and max planck has already stated that this is something completely revolutionary that quantum physics has come out of is a universal description of nature in quantum physics fixed things like that, as the reader , such as semiconductors, computer magnetism, all of chemistry because ultimately it describes the behavior of the smallest particles so far. all good, this development is not complete yet and is still going on.
I'd like to talk about another set of questions today here is more or less the same. time scale in 1900 started with max planck who put forward this quantum hypothesis which he himself did not believe said something must be wrong somewhere in my considerations and for eleven years he found another explanation only as experiments got better and better obviously there's more to the community than I was inclined to assume and that's something that would be good for many today that was great what he found but he didn't want to just accept it for the feel of it just so now some people today maybe a little too fast and they made public and create sensations without fighting their own idea in 1905 came a stone but the first who took this hypothesis seriously and continued it only in 1925 only 25 years later it was possible to formulate everything mathematically in such a way that a complete theory could talk about a mathematical description and then started soon after, but especially 1930 Is it possible to say anything about the behavior of particles? behind it, which contradicts our intuition, which cannot be reconciled with our common sense, and in a very fundamental way, was the debate that I wrote about here in particular between nils bohren danish physicist and albert einstein with the help of what it says thought experiments, which means there were no lasers back then, so you couldn't do experiments with individual particles, which means they had to say it, if it existed then you could do the following experiment, dare and it would come out as next and that's crazy or i won't be able to do such experiments right away and the interesting thing is that since the 70s such experiments have been possible i know you mention them and they proved that the world is really as crazy as quantum physics predicts for particles individual and d so it is quite surprising this work was that all the men were motivated also our work while we were lucky to being a part of in vienna since the 1970s they were just motivated by curiosity we just wanted to know if it really points and i can remember exactly some colleagues told me that you are testing your time its a philosophical trick better let it go on and on and on and on and to the astonishment of all involved, ideas emerged in the 1990s that are based on this for a new information technology and talk about quantum information, to put it simply, this occurs when an image is carried by a single particle, not as Nowadays, when we talk about communication through glass fibers, for example, as is usual practice, a provider of information is carried by many thousands of particles of light, but at some point you go through it if you want to do everything. smaller and smaller to what we refer to as a we run into a particle of light and then new laws will come into force, then we talk about quantum computers that ju egan in a new class of quality that will be much faster than existing computers and not just because this is much smaller but because new ideas come in and talk about how much teleportation i'll talk about that and stuff like that well einstein 1905 1905 is the wonderful year of einstein the annus mirabilis java but you really have to want to imagine it a second class employee in the swiss patent office also applied for patents himself, by the way, he had patents but not he independent physicist so to speak who had lived in an esoteric world and registered patents himself, and this year einstein wrote five works, all of which are sensational in themselvesthemselves, of course, this includes the special theory that later had a special theory of relativity, this also includes the work where the most famous physical equation equals first appeared in the cdu, but I think it was in March or April of this year the author of an article suggests that light is composed of particles and a step is the only article that I have asked historians also this is the only article by einstein of the same g he said it is revolutionary because that is very interesting and she finally got the nobel prize for that, if she really isn't and the time had come, that's pretty embarrassing for the nobel committee, it was the most famous living trail hiring workers.
I don't have the price either and then I came if I have it right in my head but please google it I think it was max von laue in a german physicist who already had the nobel prize came up with the idea of ​​giving the prize for these particles of light which they made to me very quickly because they are happy that we are sure that this shame still exists and wise means a letter that is a revolutionary idea because he said that it does not actually consist of particles why is it re revolutionary I said that it does not matter where the problem where is the revolutionary and einstein was going on a lot you know exactly that your colleagues won't receive it positively so it actually took a while for it to really take off.
He called the work from a heuristic point of view about the generational transformation of light, so only a heuristic point of view about the market maybe he can discover something new about he can think of something, so he doesn't say that's actually the case In the laboral world. which is then more radical his famous einstein quote i have i enjoy communicating in a language to show how famous the job is knowledge of russian communication i found out that it means that in german someone can read what is traveling means that often there are people who can i will say today in the german original today everyone thinks hinz & kunzt know what photon is 40 years of hard thinking has not brought me any closer to this question and now we have talked about it a bit first the basic experiment where you can see right away and what questions are involved is the famous double slit experiment in which some of my slides are found the case is very much in english this is also foreign but it could be more like russian here you have the so called double slit experiment albert einstein and niels bohr in a discussion about these things in 1927 and the idea was always that einstein tried to attack quantum physics and niels bohr could always save him with arguments that obviously occurred at a time when einstein himself was pleased with a new idea of ​​how to shoot and before trying to get caught up he explains that that can't be the way you say it can't be in the end always win first that is the famous double after experimenting the photo w urde drawn by himself niels bohr niespor was a theoretician but obviously knew very well what is important in an experiment to see clearly use everything experimental physicist also knows how to welcome the field otherwise everything will collapse why do we have here from the left and light? from the left can lies and we have 2 through this through this slit the light is bent so that it lights up the whole screen here and we have two slits here that the light can go through and you can just watch when it you do correctly it will also be shown in lectures i think then you will find light and dark stripes here on an observation screen this is an experiment that was carried out on me in 1800 34 by english doctor thomas sie there were many scientific gentlemen in the 19th century people like doctors as well as this income corresponds to us and we have a science operation at home one of them was thomas jank and thomas jahn observed this light and dark stripe and interpreted it correctly he says that it tells me that light is a wave, that means we have at the bright points the two waves amplify the at this point they come through the two columns reinforce each other in dark places they cancel each other yes very simple and easy to explain it is not one of the great historical experiments in the history of physics and now comes the good attitude says well but this light consists of particles yes yes now imagine the free particle, then a particle, a solid particle , it can only go through the slit or through the slit, so if I have so many interference streaks, I look at them, how can I explain that and that was a point where a stone was clearly wrong that it can be proved says that it can be explained somehow because many go through many ge When here, through the encounter with each other, here on the observation screen, we have the information that both columns are open and arranged somewhere in the sense that this strip, of course, does not it is described mathematically, but in principle it is a possible idea and there was a mistake here. because you can do this experiment with individual light particles we did the experiment with light for example no matter where it goes by just one every minute now the beginning of a minute comes again 1 after a minute again really very very rare maybe we have photographic plates here or there are modern detectors where you don't do it photographically but with ccd like in cameras we have a lot of these photons on and what you see what you see you see exactly the light and dark stripes but if you close this gap because one closes one sees no stress that means now everyone's consideration adjust all einstein these are n particles can only go through this or that slit a single particle here obviously knows and in fact every particle knows if the second slit is open or not because if it's open it knows I shouldn't go to the dark stripes if it goes to it can I pass?
How is that understood? How is that understood? The modern view is that Einstein was wrong to say that the particles have to go through one or the other slit, although I don't think it is more consistent but the modern view is that and that is important now I can only talk about the property of a quantum system in the case that the property says that it goes through or through the quantum system is the light particle if I actually do the experiment that allows me to say that it goes through the gap or the gap as long as I don't do the experiment I can't even imagine it going through a look at this column, otherwise I'll run into contradictions, i.e. you can only formulate system properties for folders in a context that is designed in such a way that the processes are aligned, that information about whether it goes this way or that it's available somewhere in the universe, whether it goes there now or not, sausage and the third interference that indifference in this strip comes into play at the moment that this information is not available anywhere, neither in the particle that is in part nor in which column does not go or anywhere else and that is something new in quantum physics new is therefore the goal not to know that the information simply does not exist because it is objectively not knowing that it exists.
I always say that God does not know that it consists of something new, namely the interference well, that is the first nutshell so to speak, here is an example that I can now quickly understand for the part also for physicists below him it tells you that exactly the same experiment was done not with light particles but with neutrons with massive particles where you can see exactly these stripes which means it is universal this fact applies not only to light which and for many types and this is an experiment The same experiment around such football molecules has also revealed these light and dark fringes and you always get them when you don't know which two columns the particle passed through, which means there must be no objective knowledge of how they are. our colleagues in the United States. from us this is a picture of a parking lot near washington there is the user access just the parking structure which apparently has quantum cars apparently going right through both columns so i have to say one thing and that is very important to me now it is often in one said, in my opinion somewhat imprecise, that a particle goes through both columns that is also not a statement that one can make, but what to say, it is not defined in any way through what divisions one goes through the top two and that is not this statement is not a property of nature that is just a pure fiction we produce the following point which means it was the first this this this to what extent we can assign properties to the system the second it's the role of chance so if we do a double start experiment here and we take a single particle, that's how it's going to land somewhere in here and that's going to be random Orio, sure, keeping in mind that it shouldn't go into the dark stripes, but where exactly it lands is random and we think there's no explanation. where a certain country ends, there is also that, not that we don't know, but there is no explanation for it, only the great part of the large particles we can make a statement, namely that ultimately, it has to form this image of interference, but for the individual there is no causal explanation, Einstein already said in 1909 that it is uncomfortable for him, it is uncomfortable for the individual to process where the individual country no longer does that. he says that there are individual processes where not only there is not where not only is it the case that we don't know the cause but where there is no cause is for me one of the most interesting discoveries in physics at all he is he didn't want to do that he said in any case in a letter to marx born in 1926 max born is the inventor of the so-called statistical interpretation of quantum physics to know that the letters only make statistical statements, in any case, i'm convinced the old ones don't play dice apparently he had a particularly friendly relationship with dear god t he called the old man convinced the old man didn't die what niels bohr supposedly told him i shouldn't have said no for sure I should have said for sure finally listen to the Lord God making regulations we shouldn't be running the world now I find it very, very remarkable to say yes to quantum leap here because quantum leap is always found in Sunday speeches and also used over and over again time in speeches by politicians quantum leap should be i researched why it is so it's only in the white gold here quantum leap shows well and you can do it take them home that's something you always know to tell your local politicians when you get it here here you go that's a simple atomic model of the atomic nucleus and the electrons are spinning I know it's not that simple but that's an im agen and highways going around here or there like electro and then it can happen when light enters an e energy quandt a particle of light like light that is the electron absorbs this energy and rises to a higher orbit, the you will circle in the higher goods and after a while it will fall from the higher orbit to the lower and light again, sending this drop is the quantum leap and first of all it is purely random, you cannot predict or influence what what happens and secondly it is the smallest possible change in the atom how something that is purely random cannot be influenced and the smallest possible change is viz the quantum leap has managed to present something huge in the discourses Sunday is a mystery to me I don't know I'm interesting to you the statement of this arose as a literal quote the idea that an electron of its own free will chooses the moment at which it wants to leap forward is unbearable to me it says for its own voice will means without that is a Cause is perfect if even then I would rather become a shoemaker why not be a shoemaker wisely or even be a clerk in a casino as a physicist? random number generator which is partly used in casinoshere the image is used what the good real being says here is another example of quantum coincidence which clarifies everything even more here we have a laser generating light and over there we have a mirror reflecting fifty fifty similar to these valleys fifty fifty have reflected from microwaves, that means half of the help through bad reflections, so to speak, so far is very large, it is clear, but if we now consider the light, the particles , what a single particle does, will be reflected, traversed and the answer? it's pure coincidence there's no causal explanation for this it's even worse it's even worse the particle is after interacting with this it's a superposition of both possibilities somehow it's both at the same time but not so that it's in both places that he was again intimately somehow he has both possibilities at the same time and at the moment where I put a detector here as it is written there what is the text there or is it the director at that moment he says although I have that advantage and at that moment that means that I can always have the advantage and the hidden one will not click that is called the so-called collapse of the wave function, which also cannot be explained within standard physics and what still stands is simply a random sequence that dimanski can generatesending a lot of photons there here schrödinger's cat i can't give a public lecture without mentioning schrödinger's cat because he keeps saying guilt by hovering around the discussion to bring the absurdity of quantum mechanics closer to whom we explain god here is light rich in a superposition of these two possibilities that says the following let's imagine an infernal machine in front of this infernal machine is the following there we have a box there a radioactive atom and the radioactive atom will eventually fall when it becomes radioactive and very capable of dropping a hammer that breaks a container which contains hydrocyanic acid and which then has the cat which is locked in the box with the cat will die if the if these actions are not so how much the cat is happy and alive and then Röhlinger says the cards himself but tells us that after For a certain time it will not be possible to say that the atom has disintegrated or not, but that it is a superposition of both possibilities, just like a l principle the couple in the radiator must also, if quantum physics is universally valid, what is your claim, therefore must also be in a superposition of fallen and not fallen behind this container in a superposition of broken and not broken and the cat in an overlay of dead and dead. alive and what does that mean that this is obviously meaningless talk, innocent people don't say that gen use or say it's strange that he can't exist and that is followed by a long and eternal discussion, you can imagine what it will lead to, it boils down to the question of how big systems can i create this overlay actually the overlay first of by both go through the spine or go behind the tyler ray to the right or down or here i can use a hammer i can create an object called macroscopic in such an overlap for each object and there are thousands of scientific papers saying it won't work for that customer reason anyway all or almost all of these papers are correct but experimental physicist can do that just show what assumption exists.
How can I avoid this assumption? and maybe I can never personally, for example, I could tell you but it works to the extent that I would not do such an experiment with cats this is a challenge that is not done in all countries of the world in most countries there will always be difficulties but with bacteria you can always imagine how you do it until now we have an open question we can save it for later it is a question for last, the point of my concept, even the question that I want to bring you now goes back to a work that was published in 1935 by albert einstein it was podolski and nathan but come to princeton together you have to explain why princeton because a stone is after the seizure of power by the national socialists he never returned to germany through random foreign countries never returned to Germany and then he was at Princeton, then he worked with these two young colleagues and said that a strange situation could arise.
I think I have my own institution. here it says that two particles have to have interacted, for example, two quantum balls, two atoms that collided and then are always connected in such a way that the measurements of one immediately change the state of the other, without being limited by the speed of light, no matter where the other is. The particle is work. I'll tell you right away. What this work just mentioned. times immediately. That is the article. Universities also want to be, but it is that if you publish a work with Einstein, then in the end it is not so much a scientific note here something that also brings you closer to the development of my field of work is the number of citations that the work of prediction of einstein received over time if ever now for the non-scientific if ever a scientist writes a proper paper then he will indicate what important preparatory work it is that he also builds on whose ideas he has to do that too otherwise he will get into in trouble if you are so worried that you spend your performance of yours and actually have copied from who then it was not enough for us maybe the consequences god that is situation number how often a work is quoted is of course a statement in somewhere about how important it is although there are occasional works that's why they're cited so often now they're wrong on the page because you're talking about or from them to discuss but not that often the work came out in 1935 those are the numbers the situation can be put together on the Internet at the beginning there were some it was after there was nothing which means that their meaningless Abitur starts suddenly in the 50s 60s starts because suddenly I could start doing experiments on this creepy long-distance effect this connection of two systems at greater distances and the year 2000 really starts to explode today the work is cited once a day why because it turned out that the idea of ​​quantum teleportation of the quantum computer and similar things can be directly attributed to this new the technology of the ticking in my eyes the new plants will come the internet and these things will come there are many people who think about it but I also say that nowadays the work is cited once up to date around the world there are fewer works being cited as often because often, by the way, the cited work has been published for as long as nto, but that doesn't mean it's quoted as often doesn't mean it's read more often now than it used to be that's another question that says again can I write born again max in a letter so I can't seriously believe in this, that is, in quantum physics because the theory with the principle around v is possible for physics to represent a reality in time and space without the ghost of long-distance effects, which means that the point is yes , we have 2 systems that interact with each other, they separate and if I take measurements on one of them the state of the other changes like erwin schrödinger in the same year the austrian nobel prize winner in physics invented wave mechanics everything has found a name for everything the tangle tangle something like this wants the two systems to be connected even though there is no connection in shipping english school in tegel it is easier to describe this package is full of soot that is nothing yes we are cont ent has this this concept this tangle that's normal to make it clear we have two measures in two systems that I'm trying to show here with cubes that in number of cubes there are still not just 2100 2100 will probably be under my concern not because Now how do you next?
As the dice will quanta so you roll one and get a six for example and then you know the other would show the six no matter how far it is and then you roll the dice again and look for my For the sake of the three and meet the another will also show that all three are fine, it's simply that the phenomenon of this creepy long distance effect and there are only two possible explanations for it is in the dice, it's a hidden mechanism that always works exactly the same. since the two dice or the transfer of information between the two interpretations can be ruled out by current experiments and that is what Mr.
Schaidinger thinks and says, we have to say goodbye to our cherished ideas of how the world is created or our ideas of space and time they are no longer correct or physics does not describe reality or only what was said about reality gt can be you can choose i continue if you want to read something better about it i recommend a wonderful article that's why bertermann the physicist of how these are mountains that the article is called bertelmann sox end nature of the reality show puts the so away bertelmann elano reality this is an article that you can find on the internet it is wonderful enter bertelmann have described very well so to speak what it is really about and without formulas without anything there mr bergmann always wears different colored tights in this case pink and not outside and he really looks like a colleague of mine vienna because the road or it actually relocated when you see it coming around the corner and you see a big one that you know others is definitely not pink and everything is relatively simple in the morning and they put on different socks and the argument is if they were quantum socks then the assumption would be incorrect that the socks already had the colors by looking a where you look one decides randomly either it turns pink or not pink among other things the opposite read the article its interesting you can show it to any family now i have come a long way and i only have a third of my lecture when you are on the floor episode. finally I need a break and but in addition it has some deputies to this worse they have in the course of their youth a third of my slides we will take a little break later it is so we had since the break yes it is the second break which is a photo of the grave from schleuniger if you want to take a look it's in alpbach in tyrol like a beautiful mountain village and that's by the way that's the famous schrödinger equation probably the most technically important equation ever found said all semiconductor driver it's all based on it so i'd like to review it a bit more now so you can see what you're doing with the slides it's may be one of the things you can do here in the canary islands we generate photon pairs in the palm island fair nepal from photons that are entangled entanglement the term and training in polarization that means they are polarized like this or like that polari zado and when you measure one you find that the other is also like that but you do not have the polarization first you measure one and that one decides to be total and the other decides at the same moment to be split wood and we do that along a distance of 144 km between the palma and tenerife, just as an example, here is the teleportation, finally, Mr.
Haken's payment, then again, a joy had to serve first, is that one of the pioneers in laser physics must be mentioned in all of stuttgart, the pioneers Worldwide. on teleportation y'all know from tv movies lightning picks me up scotty you also know why the erf And then he invented that and to save production cost because it's cheaper if you can pick people up and start companies of what you had that then you have to simulate a song again as if a spaceship landed on another planet and took off again, that costs a lot more. bees is cheaper and it works very well because in the movies you transfer the information that a system project lets out, so to speak, this information is transferred and a new system is created with exactly the means of information now quantum physics says that it's not possible i can't measure on a system to get all the information because the measurement interferes with the system and for you star trek fans know bass compensator den heisenberg invented the compensator and in a press conference gene roddenberry was one of people so he was asked how he compensates for the hot mountain but his answer is classic because all politicians come his answer was very well his tail the trick is the trick now teleportation can be done with quantum physical methods the trick is ignore because this formula courtesy the trick is that you use entanglement to help entanglement means in two systems they have identical properties but It is not specified which one that means that you just have to put together that you want to transfer the properties of the one you want to teleport to one of the two tangled must be identical after the interesting one to which I have transferred the properties. the other, that's the basic idea, okay, it works, it works, and light particles work with individual atoms, it's considered a method for information, the format, the transmission of information, like a means of travel. and between two canary islands because it is also possible that he won a small race with china the chinese published the publication in the wild of the famous bands 488 2012 and teleportation about 97 km and we a day later about 143 km we were a little happy here they are some impressions of the experiments in the canary islands and And there is the location again the receiving telescope the telescope you here here the beacon of the central telescope that we use and the telescopes of your beautiful very romantic photo that is of the highest mountain in Spain you have to understand that you are standing with the camera on the highest mountain in spain that there is a crater in front of you behind you you see the moon and what you see here behind you is the one just before sunset that is the shadow of the volcano you are standing on that is why you are and the shadow in the dust is that of the coming sahara and that is the biggest problem with the experiment this state we are working with the chinese right now a to get these sources on satellites to do transmission of information based on accounts on a global scale now finally i want to show you a movie namely this is a movie about any photo mentioned above it can be horizontally or vertically polarized the input then talk about information from take a look and the question is, what limit can I transmit more information per particle of light? can have different shapes can have different strength gradients can have multiple boltseach other and so on the point is that if you use this, a single particle of light can, in principle, carry any amount of information and that is something that is really only very close to what we have in an experiment done in Vienna on a distance of 3 km, whereby the information is transmitted.
The good thing is that there is a lot of work that affirms that it does not go beyond a kilometer. fluctuations in the atmosphere activate found trick that continues that's the transmitting station that image from the transmitting station there it goes it's to the receiving station we transmit the images of austrian mr mozart from mr goldmann schrödinger austrian physicists on the left and also Austrian physicists now briefly a movie and then we're soon at the end of the lecture here a movie I won't say anything about the music being Brazilian music from the 1920s these are all things that a single particle of light can carry first the reception of the images because the PhD student has taught the main work how to get to my last construction slides here it is quite interesting that quotes were put in 1913 in the Prussian academy and since only the second part of the second distance was suggested, that is, the lyrics, it is interesting that he has occasionally crossed the line in his speculations, p For example, in your hypotheses of quanta of light, it is not too difficult. for him allowed to count because without even taking a chance even in the most exact natural sciences one cannot dare to introduce any real innovation which was in 1913 eight years after he presented the light particle hypothesis and again eight years before he received the nobel laureate for it physics is really fun here here's a quote from rabi nuclear spin resonance has figured out if you're a demographer and you use your discoveries in 1985 a friend took over like i said on the question what does all this really mean low we measure in the big point of cane the next generation because the searches want to nock and chf crap I would say that what he said at the time is still valid today, and finally, something that I cannot stop saying, the bike that found some from the basic laws of electrical engineering, that is, how you can convert motion into electricity and so on for electric motors and generators and so on. mently and immediately once had a certain Mr. jörg now is a lab shows the last one was fernseher on the x6 that is the english expression for the finance minister and the finance minister who made a mistake go on that is very ok but what is it supposed to be useful for did not count on the quick wit of mr fahrradwege he told if the best was given a possible answer my finance minister can give but he said one day his honor will impose a tax so he was right if you have the electricity bill today is like this here is the photo of my group roof from our institute and can first of all i am by far the oldest the good thing about my job is that you deal with young people and the people who they work with me they also seem to have fun with it, she can say it if she is interested in physics, then she is and here again the photo of the tenerife station to say goodbye and thank you very much for your attention

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