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Quinn Ewers LEADS TEXAS TO STUNNING UPSET Over Alabama [Full Recap] | CBS Sports

Sep 10, 2023
a takedown in Tuscaloosa Steve sarkeesian and the Longhorns come to Alabama and defeat Nick Saban and the tide their first three top three wins since 2008 for the Texas Longhorns Quinn


was incredible in this game to demonstrate the eight 349 yards and three touchdowns , this was quite a performance by Texas on the road the first time they were in Alabama since 1902 1902 they arrive 120 years later and pull off the 34-24


and get this for Nick Saban, the first double-digit home loss as a head coach from Alabama let me repeat that again, Nick Saban's first double-digit home loss as Alabama head coach first, never happened before and Texas, well, Texas comes back, every year, every year, too soon, too soon .
quinn ewers leads texas to stunning upset over alabama full recap cbs sports
Hakeem, let's welcome the two-time Super Bowl champion to Florida. Standing Brian McFadden uh that was pretty impressive for Quinn vi


, I mean the first touchdown pass he threw to Xavier Worthy, it was a dime floating there, great catch by him, your reaction to it that you just saw, Texas pulling off the


in Alabama. Well, congratulations to Quinn, the work he did tonight was super special, phenomenal, extremely precise. I mean, you talk about the dimes he was throwing away. He had cargo pants on because he had a pocket


of dimes. Cargo pants are not cargo pants.
quinn ewers leads texas to stunning upset over alabama full recap cbs sports

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quinn ewers leads texas to stunning upset over alabama full recap cbs sports...

They're not in style anymore, although they are fine, they should be for Queen anyway, that's fine, because I needed to have something on with a lot of pockets because I had a lot of dimes tonight, it was just outstanding, I mean, 349 yards and Lo What I love about Queen of Euros is that we could talk about its precision, but also its great playability. I mean, he had long pass receptions of 150 39 44 33 against a pretty good defense, that's what we thought before a good matchup, but for them, uh, the Longhorns offensively, he made the Alabama man look slow, His wide receivers were constantly trailing guys in the secondary and Quinn just basically picked up where he left off or left off a year ago before the injury and he clearly had it in his mind that this was like a revenge opportunity for him. .
quinn ewers leads texas to stunning upset over alabama full recap cbs sports
He came in, pitched for four quarters. Yes, they lost by one last year and some had thought that if he had played the entire game, they would have won the Woulda Coulda Shoulda game. We don't play the. He might have been able to shoot a game, but you think that's okay, maybe if he had played in that game all last year, they won that game because they lost by one, this year they won by 10. What have you seen in the viewers of Quinn? In the years he's been in college football, he's gotten the mullet a little thicker.
quinn ewers leads texas to stunning upset over alabama full recap cbs sports
He's a little thinner now. He now has a clean cut. He's not to say that he didn't look good with the mullet, but it seems like he'll carry on without them. It seems like he is on a business trip, you know he will go places to take care of his business. I mean, he looks better, he seems to be in better shape, in better condition and he's just playing with a lot of confidence, he has a little bit of confidence. Jeff George in his game, the arm, the strength, the accuracy, I mean, he's a gunslinger and if you give him time to die to turn up the heat in that pocket, he'll find the pass catcher open and tonight he didn't just show that. he was the best quarterback on the football field, he showed us all that he is one of the best quarterbacks in the country in college football and if he can maintain this level of play, you should have his name on the Heisman conversation.
Based on what he's done so far and also doing this on a national level against one of the best teams in college football. I'm impressed with yours Quinn and look, he's a former number one overall prospect, Ohio State, transferring to Texas, um, and look, I've got a guy waiting in the wings at Texas in Arch Manning, yeah, like Quinn, the yours right now says, "Hey, you have your time, young man, this is my time to shine right now." Meanwhile, for Alabama they came with questions about quarterback Jalen Mill Rowan. ends up being the starter, they got Tyler Buckner, the transfer to Notre Dame, they got Ty Simpson, who's already there when you start the season with questions about your quarterback positions and it's week two, you don't really have an answer if it's you.
They're going to go out and have a display like this and let's keep it real for Alabama, they, they, they've been at the quarterback. Heaven hockey, I mean, Jalen hurts, two are talking about Laura Mack Jones, yeah, starting, yeah, tomorrow for hers you know, NFL. teams, yeah, they're coming back to reality now with respect to quarterback normalcy and what we see in college football and they're just trying to figure things out and like you said, Hakeem, they went through this quarterback, uh . uh a problem all spring throughout training camp and then he finally decided to make a pick on who was going to be the quarterback and it was Jalen Millro last week he played pretty good football not the level of competition that he saw tonight, but he did some pretty good things tonight on stage. it was too big for him the lights were too bright too big expensive interceptions that created chances he's for Texas and he just didn't look comfortable in the pocket think about this, the longhorns defense currently playing in the big 12 and we always say The 12 great defenses don't play defense well, they found a way to harass Jalen Miro sacked them five times and when they weren't sacking him they were making things extremely difficult for him in the pocket and he clearly couldn't handle that heat.
I tried to stay out of the kitchen, but you know when you play the quarterback position, you have to run into the kitchen at some point, you have to run into that hot kitchen and come out successful and he couldn't do that tonight, so what we saw with a team, uh, Big Time player Quinn Ewers, what we see with Alabama, they still had some issues at the quarterback position, if they don't find a way to make something happen, it could be a season long, yes, and look what they had sustained there in Tuscaloosa 21 consecutive victories at home that broke their first defeat in September since 2015.
This is felt because we tend to become prisoners of the moment and, as fans, we have to take a step back and not react so quickly, but I wouldn't. I'd be mad if you told me, oh man, I don't know about our season right now, if I talk about Alabama like the sky is falling, that's what you feel in the second week, that's what it's like when you talk about a major college football now. look next year next year we have 12 teams in the playoffs this is the last year we only have four so this is the last chance to really say hey, we were one of the top four teams in the nation, that It is not like this.
It's not going to happen this year and I understand the laws of Big Time, expectations are always high for Alabama, but they played Texas and lost to Texas Texas in the Big 12. So within their conference in the SEC they still have everything they can in front of them. "I'd like to accomplish as far as conference play goes because when you talk about having four playoff spots right now, you go about your business in the conference, you win a title and you have a chance to get into the tournament, so in the case of Alabama, I understand that We are expecting to go undefeated, that did not happen, we have seen this before with Alabama, we have been a success in their schedule when they did not win a game that a lot of people thought they should win, but they found a way to find ways to make up the difference between then and now they have questions at the most important position which is the quarterback and if Jalen mirror was the best option, they had to find a way to get more consistency from him, well the other thing is Nick Saban "What I'm going to say is we have to fix the mistakes.
They had 10 penalties in this game. When do you see a Nick Saban team have double-digit penalties? You just don't see it and you don't win a game with 10 penalties. college football and you look at the critical plays at the end of the first half, the ineligible player on the field and I understand that there are fights and guys get out of position. I understand it, but it's hard because it would have been a touchdown after a deflection. It was crazy, but then in the third quarter there was a holding call, those are the things you point back and go that could have changed the dynamic of the game, that penalty really hurt Alabama, another thing that has That would be alarming for Alabama secondly.
Dairy game, how many times did we see previous sketches of Texas behind a defender, players easily just playing with a bad eye, not doing what they were supposed to do and just not playing Alabama like football from what we've seen in years spent in high school? They allow a lot of Big Time Splash plays from the Longhorns offense and because of that they give up 34 points and Hakeem mentioned a big loss at home, something we don't usually see on a Nick Saban led team, so when you look back at this game and you look at the big picture, what does it mean for Texas?
What does it mean for Alabama? Well, this could be a defining moment for Texas and I'm not going to say what we always say that Texas is back. I don't say that I don't say that because every time I say it guess what next week come to camera three no don't don't come to camera three here we go here we go don't do it three don't do it it's two, one, Texas is back, oh boy I won't and I think the loyal Longhorn fans are with me on this we're not saying that because every time we say every year even last year when it was closed. loss to Alabama at home in Austin, people were saying guess what they're back and then a few weeks later we see a setback, so I won't do it, but what I can't, what I will do is say this, this could be a Decisive moment for the Longhorns in regards to the aspirations they have for themselves as a championship playoff caliber team because what we saw tonight is what we would need and what we should see every week.
They have talent that has never been a problem for Texas. They've always been talented, it's about being consistent, right, you had an outstanding game against Alabama on the national stage. Queen Ewers, outstanding performance, what's next? Are you going to continue patting yourself on the back next week or are you going to continue? Show that you know what you won, the best teams in college football, we have to wait and see, but I won't say what Hakeem just said, well I'm not saying I won't do well, look, that's one of the things that I like them more. what we do well in college football is we say this and that is back and no one is nothing more than Texas two universities right Texas and Miami yes yes yes You are absolutely right about that it is so I am not not do that with the Longhorns I feel, I feel like we have to seal it there, you got it, you just want to seal it right here week two 2023 Texas is back when your Heisman campaign starts I won't do it with you, it's not, it's not It's fair, you know what you're doing , you're doing another episode of all the things covered, okay, what's in store for you on the show that Patrick Peterson is hosting on Sunday?
There's no question what he'll choose over Brock Purdy, he said. Yeah, he said it, he said it, you know what I mean, hey, you know what, there's a picture with Brock and Pat when Brock Purdy was in high school, he took the picture with Pat, yeah, he grew up in Arizona, he was Cardinals fan. he's that big pet fan, well maybe just give him a gift. That would be great, Brock, if you could give her a gift. Hey, you want to be entertained. Information from two great players, Patrick Peterson and My Guy Brian. McFadden covers everything related to the download and follow the outlook for this Texas victory today

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