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Quilt As Yo Go Table Toppers | The Midnight Quilter with Angela Walters

Jun 17, 2021
If there's one thing


ers love to do, it's give thoughtful gifts, but we don't always have time to make


s for everyone in our lives, so in this episode I'm going to give you some great gift ideas and show you how to make them. quilt method as you go along and as a bonus I'm going to show you how to use the scraps to make something for yourself so let's do it. I often get asked about the quilt technique as it progresses and it's great to learn. because it allows you to put together and quilt a project at the same time or on the go, so in this video I'm going to show you how to use that technique to create some fun and cute


decorations, first we'll learn how to make this


runner using the method of quilt on the go I incorporated just a little piecing to add some pizzazz to it but as a bonus it's double sided now I'm not an interior designer but to me that's awesome I can change with the seasons or be more versatile in my decor so we are going to learn how to make coasters and how to use scraps to make a mug mat it is going to be so much fun so let me get the fabric and let's start cutting I am going to use these panels for the projects in this video and i designed these with some of my recent fabric prints and designed the panel as an alternative to pre-cuts, i could cut the strip into five inch squares like charm packs or i could cut Roll it into two and a half inch strips like jelly rolls that you could use as a quilt top or quilt backing and it would make a lovely project for our video.
quilt as yo go table toppers the midnight quilter with angela walters
I'm also going to include a lovely accent fabric that will pop off that table runner. It's going to be so cute, so first let's cut these panels in half and I'll show you how it's going to come together now. This panel features flag day prints, a collection of patriotic inspiration. I'm going to fold it in half a couple of times and then cut the fold to give me two pieces. This one is going to act as the backing for my table runner and I'm going to set the other one apart for now I'll show you what I'm going to do with that in a bit now I'm going to repeat with my other panel as well and I designed this panel with patterns from my stay wild fabric collection a nature inspired theme with nice soft colors and i love it so much i am going to cut it in half now i am going to cut each of these sections into two two and a half inch strips but i designed them to which is five and a half inches wide that will give you a little leeway to get the cuts you need and now that I have my strips cut I'm going to cut them all in half and repeat with the other panel and then cut out some of my accent fabric and then we'll be ready to start assembling our table topper I'm going to cut the accent fabric into strips and then cut them into rectangles now that I have everything cut out I'm going to go ahead and assemble these strips for the part On top of our table runner, the quilted technique you go for usually incorporates strips that you stitch together and flip and to make it a bit more interesting add a bit of color.
quilt as yo go table toppers the midnight quilter with angela walters

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quilt as yo go table toppers the midnight quilter with angela walters...

I'm going to add a pieces component to it, so I'm going to take my strips that I cut in half. and the rectangles that I cut out of the accent fabric and I'm going to place them right sides together like this now because I don't trust myself just to look them in the eye, I'm going to score a diagonal line from corner to corner like this and I'm going to sew right on this line since I want to do the bonus project at the end I'm going to score another line about a half inch away I'm going to sew on both lines so I'm going to carefully cut between those two sewn lines.
quilt as yo go table toppers the midnight quilter with angela walters
This little one will eventually be a nice triangle half square, but I'm not going to deal with that right now. I'll come back to that later. Instead, I will concentrate. on this strip so I'm going to press it open then I'm going to take a second strip of the same fabric and place it right sides together it's optimal alone but I'm going to draw a quick line from corner to corner I'm going to do the same thing I'm going to to sew on the line and then trim about a quarter inch off of it now i'm going to repeat that with half the strips to make more of these strips but to make it go quicker i'm going to do a little bit of chain splicing and I'm going to use diagonal seam tape instead of marking the lines I've used diagonal seam tape before I love how it gives me a quick reference line and I don't have to make any marks but now that I've got this all sewn I'm going to cut out, press and repeat on the other side.
quilt as yo go table toppers the midnight quilter with angela walters
You can help me and don't forget. to save all those little pieces if you're going to do that bonus project and now it's time for the second side again making sure I have the same fabric on both sides it will go the same way I put that decorative fabric on and I'm going to do same, cut and iron now to finish the first set of strips. I'm going to repeat with the second half doing the same. except in the opposite direction so when I lay out my strip I'm going to place my accent fabric this way facing the opposite direction but I'll do the same thing trim and press and repeat with both sides until I have strips that are mirror images of the first play.
This diagonal seam tape is very useful. All I have to do is line up the corners of my fabric with that red line that goes all the way to the end to have my two sets of strips finished. and as you can see they're going in opposite directions this is going to make it look really cool when I'm done now I'm going to gather the rest of my supplies so I can start quilting as I go so first of all I have backing so just remember i cut this out before now you can find the panels and all the supplies i show you in this episode you can find them on my website just check the link in the description box below and the cool thing about this panel is it makes it look like it's reconstructed and this is the reversible component o For our table runner, I'm going to place it right side down like you would a quilt and I'm going to get a piece of batting.
It's a great way to use it. i have a lot of these lying around if i am going to get myself a piece of batting that is nice and long i will put it on top of my backrest but as i put the strips on the batting it will quilt it too that is where the quilt name comes from as you go so taking one of my strips I'm going to line it up on the top edge and have a little bit more on each side so I can audition where I want it to go and place it there it looks really nice then I'll take a second strip that has the angle or the accent fabric in the opposite direction and I'm going to audition where I want it to go now of course I want this strip to cover the batting so I don't want to move it too much to the side but I definitely have a bit of leeway as to where I want it placed. ed and I think it looks beautiful now I'm going to flip them over and place them right sides together just like I would if I were rebuilding this without quilting and I'm going to sew my seam through all the layers right along this edge now to keep everything from shifting though i'm going to clip it in place then i'm going to take it over my sewing machine and sew edge to edge now i know this looks a little weird but this is where it becomes the quilt as you go as i get my pins out i'm going to fold just the top strip and there you can see it's now sewn and quilted at the same time it's amazing but i need to make sure i press each strip in place as i go i don't skip this step it's important it'll make everything look so much better now I'm going to repeat that with another strip so I can play with where the color placement could be. the direction and here what I want to show you is that there are some really fun options that you can create with t It's like choose your own adventure as you make the quilt as you go, sort of, so when I put my next strip in there, if I wanted to, I could line that accent fabric and get a really neat chevron look, okay I'm not.
I'm going to do that because then I have to worry about matching up the seams and let's be honest I'm not really the most precise splicer so I'll definitely make up for that I might as well play with a color placement instead of alternating or randomizing colors I might placing two colors together really is whatever you think looks best but I'm going to alternate changing the colors once I'm sure I have the right placement that's perfect for me I'm going to place them on the correct sides again I'm going to hold it in place because the fabric will move and then I'll sew my quarter inch seam along the edge.
Now I chose to use a wild fabric as the pieced part of my table runner but I could have flipped it over and it did the same thing with a flag day that's what it does it's so fun now you can see it's starting to come together and I just want to throw a quick look at the back and show you what it looks like on the back so it looks like it's pieced together it has some padding just beautiful I'm going to continue working my way doing the same so my table runner is finished I've added all my strips the same way you saw what i love is when you turn it over it's all quilted because i was quilting as i was quilting as i go along whatever you want to say it now it's time to trim it and this is a one of my favorite things about this technique because you can crop it to whatever size you want so what I'm going to do. what i do is flip it over and trim it flush with the edge of my batting so i have my perfect table runner i don't know why i find trimming so oddly satisfying everything looked crazy and now everything is nice and tidy and cropped, which is not like me.
I usually don't like to keep things neat and tidy but for that reason I really like trimming once it's all trimmed you can add the binding and your table runner is finished make sure you choose a join that looks good on both sides because you'll see it when you flip it over and just like you have a double sided table runner that lets you transition from spring to summer so it's the perfect gift for someone now if you remember i still love you There's half of that panel left so for our next table topper we're going to turn these into cute easy to put together coasters so I'm going to cut this panel into five inch squares but to make cutting more efficient I'm going to going to cut my strips, stack the strips on top of each other and then cut into squares so i'm playing what i like to call a rotary cut spinner i've stacked all nine and i'm going to see if i can cut them i'm pretty sure it's a sheet new but we may not know very quickly if it works or not oh sometimes I I cracked up I think it worked look at that perfect so I'm going to cut them into five inch squares or really you could use whatever size you want .
I feel like it's a good size and if you don't have the panel. you could use the scraps you have lying around it's perfect for those fabrics you have that are really fun but you don't have the right project for it you know which one you bought because you were in a weak spot it's like oh it's shimmery it's shiny but I don't know what do with it you could use them well then I'm going to need some batting scraps too, I'm a long arm


now so I have a lot of pieces. of batting out there perfect use for that i am going to cut them a little larger than my fabric squares so i am going to take my squares my batting pieces and sew them together coasters are quick and fun little gifts and really add a pop of color to your table a nice little table topper so I have my five inch square ares and I have my batting scraps and what I'm going to do is pick out two of the squares to make a coaster and I could mix and match the two or I could make them the same it doesn't matter but I'm going to make them different that way you know you have two options and I'm going to place them right sides together on top of the batting piece so I have my three layers here my batting and my two square one on top of the other.
I'm going to take it to my sewing machine and sew around all four sides, but I'm going to leave a little slit so that I can turn it to the right side to help protect the seam, although I'm going to go back. stitch at the beginning and end, so I'll take a few back stitches and then work around all four sides and then once I'm done I can trim that extra batting. This is such an easy gift to make especially if you have a young cloaca in your life imagine giving this to their teacher or their grandparents knowing they made it themselves I'm going to snip off those little corners just to make them a little flatter once they're done.
I turn it off but I have to be very careful that you don't want to cut the actual seams because then you're going to have a problem and now all I have to do is flip it over and then to get the corners nice and defined I'm going to use the touch purple which may sound like my Missouri accent is coming out, but that's not the actual name. a purple thing and it's plastic so it won't go through your little coaster, but it's also sharp enough to really stick out those corners. all the way but if you do it's not the end of the world I may have poked a few corners in my time once I'm done I'm going to iron it nice and flatbecause I'm going to add a top stitch around to give it that finished look but what I'm going to do is fold the fabric over and use that iron to keep it tucked in so I don't have to go back and hand sew it so then use a hot iron to press it nice and flat of course, you could just leave it like that and sew it by hand. that closed but this little top seam that we're going to add around the outside will really give it that finished look so I've got my edges folded nice and pressed down so I'm going to take it to the sewing machine and sew about an eighth of an inch from the outside all the way around and this is a great opportunity to play with different fun yarns.
I'm going to use gray or fill just to make that top stitch but if you really want to add a pop of color you could play with bright threads or contrasting colors I bet it would look great too and there I have my first finished coaster nice and double sided showing my different fabrics and they are so much fun to do in different color combinations and they come together very quickly as you can see I have all my different colors here and so what I could do is just take a couple of them tie them with a nice piece of cloth and you have a perfect little gift.
You could stick a little card in there. I think it's just a big thoughtful gift to hand out, but we. We're thinking about other people so much that sometimes we want to make something for ourselves, well let's take out those leftover scraps from the first project and make a little mug rug if you saved all those little half square triangles you have. leftovers from the first project you can square them all the same size and make yourself a nice little rug you can see the accent fabric coming out really nice and then just the little bits of the coordinating prints so all I have to do is trim them to the right size line them up , sew them in rows and then sew the rows together and you have a nice little rug that you can keep for yourself at the time you can make it into a coaster or you can make it small a little bigger put some binding on it and you have a rug of bigger cup you know for your popcorn and splicing potion once I'm done with my table decorations the last thing I have to do is put them together these table decorations are a really fun way to use the quilt technique on the table head off to make some thoughtful gifts.
I love the idea of ​​the accent fabric creating a little different pattern and the fact that they are double sided makes them so much more versatile plus you get the benefit of looking like such a thoughtful person with such an amazing gift imagine take a nice little bucket and stick it on your table runner maybe a bottle of wine and some coasters I mean who wouldn't love to get a gift like that and you could give it different themes if you had some victoria er fabric you could make chocolate hot and marshmallows or maybe a back to school theme and as a bonus you have a little extra for another special person in your life here you go


oh thank you i shouldn't have done it you're welcome it's crazy to think this all came from just these two panels and I like to call them precut uncut because you can make them into five inch squares or two and a half inch strips now don't forget I have the panels and pattern available in my s website, but one lucky viewer will win both the panels and the pattern.
All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me what last minute occasion you'd make them for and I'll announce a winner on social media below. week talking about next week i'll be back next week with another episode of the


quilt until then happy to quilt you

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