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Quick-witted Craig Ferguson + More

Jun 04, 2021
but we're really out of time unless you want to take off your dress it'll be another 10 minutes with you yeah but not in the air okay. I understand that gradually, Lily, everyone in the movie, where am I? man-boob you might want to translate that for the American audience daddy feels a little man it means I guess it means you put your hand on your gentleman's upper chest in the area of ​​his pectoral muscle hello you gently caressed the gentleman it was man-boob you fell Chris Evans who plays Captain America, I don't think he has man boobs, although he does have firm areas, but they were absolutely huge, although, you know, coming from you, it's a big thing to say.
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Me or the man, yes, they based it, but we can't go. this is life, all kinds of fun, yes it's a fully stocked ski cabin, great medium to burn, admit a Hollywood on fire, blame Hollywood, Fleming, sure, yes you have harmonicas, yes you played both organs. Yo, how do you think I got this job? No, because it has that rubbery texture, that's the thing I was going to do, so now you miss your day or texture. I do things that we base ourselves on. Would you like soft foods to be hard? I don't like clementines because of their flavor. in your mouth I mean the little oranges, clementines, tangerines, tangerines, clementines, they are all


or less the same.
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I await your letters. I think that although there are tasty little fruits, they break down in your mouth and in a really unpleasant way. I don't like that, yeah, what do you like to feel in your mouth? It's a perfectly legitimate question. For some, water bases their diet on fiscal garbage. What kind of texture do you like? Crunchy, you know, kind of reliable, trustworthy, it was your mother. married to my father to your father hey these things you know my father was a man named Eddie Fisher and he were best friends with Elizabeth Taylor and her husband at the time Mike Todd Mike Todd died tragically in a plane crash and my father He comforted Elizabeth with his penis I love you I've always loved you I love you


every time I see you So you were in the army when I was a girl Yes I was like a Nikita-style prodigy Can you do that?
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Can you do all that kind? from I can't write but I can really pretend I could pretend I'd leave my ass off don't do that pretend something else some things you should leave as they are I know what I'm saying you know I have the little boy at home oh yeah, yeah, how are you, it's very okay, now yeah, it's pretty good, you know, it's a parrot, it just repeats everything I say, repeats everything using everything, yeah, okay, really, it's scary David David, I don't want to go, I don't go, I just say oh No, I'm scared enough, look, I'm over it, that's it, get Rocky, I've had enough scares in my life and then there's Beth right next to God posing like a bride, well, that's it. lovely, I'm good at driving, I'm brilliant, I'm an excellent driver, yes, how good you know, I really am, how difficult the test is here, oh yes, I have to reset that when I came, why not, no, oh, because you came from yourself, you know, no, I have to sympathize here, but it's easy, oh yeah, Ellie, you said, that place in Santa Monica or the one in Hollywood?, oh yeah, it's just driving around the block, I don't care shoot no one, you're good, so that's it.
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Well, are you going on road trips and stuff? I don't know, yeah, maybe you know that you're, what is it, a gay robot, right? C is a scalar and sees a robot named Jeff, I thought, what do you have? fact, that's Gary, I'll show you I'm buying this. He offered me the car to a German person who doesn't rate you as having visited these people have never been to Japan, buy us alcohol, just buy it, it must be very German some The Germans in Ontario really that's how it starts to get to the ants, what? Don't you want to know what's going on, sir?
Mind you, yes, no, but I dressed like a nun in the movie, is it that hot? Those habits our boys scream amazing, oh yes, here he is, one of the great American bankers, you read, a Japanese polished British bike, yes, Royal Enfield, no, a Norton commando in command. I've had some Americana too, but do you still drive? Yes, well, a little. I know this since my last accident. Note the window. My sales happen to you a little. Yeah. I was on one of those V-rods and I tried to turn a corner if you were going at speed, what's the point of being completely baked?
Yeah, you should know you, you're your very private guy, I mean, hardly and people don't know and about you, man, I didn't think about anything. you would ruin an American cane, you had the right legs, are you very careful with that? Yes, it seems wise, yes, I'll give it a pomegranate look, wait before you look at it because there are a lot of other things I think about in that look that you'll probably like. what would you rate a bridge but it is theirs yes pomegranate they are good one of them there is one oh look this is a bit like your name tea I want to know what a kiwano is it is a very enigmatic fruit man people really don't know much about this I want That is, it is very popular and girls enjoy it, but no one knows.
Sometimes I'm a little smart. I know the commercial break yeah right let's go to the commercial break okay this is from Matt in Portland in Oregon who says Deer Creek my wife insists you used to be a hand model and I see otherwise please stop Make things clear and tell him it's nonsense, actually, well, I don't know, look at these babies, I'm not exactly a how it ever was, you know. it's all about career but i got a couple of handjobs when i first moved to a good point yeah i know you were the one who had this show.
I've noticed you better how you wear the hat on the show, which is a shame because you've been such a beautiful head, but it's been so important, it's funny. I thought this hat represents this character like he has an attitude and when you have a hat there is a woman, it's an attitude and you know it makes you feel. Like you have an attitude towards your new partner, do you feel like you have an attitude like a giant head that is too small? this is Che Guevara yeah I know he's cute he looks good I know but I'm surprised you choose to use uh because you're famous for your head I'm I can't everyone thinks your head is fantastic man don't listen to this man say aha because you have bread, but then you should have become a pharmacist or a doctor, doctor, what? type of doctor is their internal medicine system, so all our work is done inside, what does that mean?
Internal medicine, that means it's all organs, no she doesn't do it here, oh you say lawyers are corrupt, no I would never say, man I hate lawyers. I know, you're not a lawyer, right? Before you were an actress, you didn't break a law and what's in that? What is in this trust? Have you always been this


at some things? In some things. I'm a little slower. with physical activities and should eat a banana, yes, what is your blood type? I'm A, so I'm A+, yes you are.

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