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Dec 23, 2021
Hello, I am Maria José and we are whole and flavorful. Today we are going to make a homemade cured cheese from fresh cheese. We are going to prepare a normal fresh cheese with milk and lemon juice and a touch of salt, and then we are going to make a brine where we we are going to soak it for a few hours, because then when we put it to dry more it will create its crust that will protect it from bacteria, fungi and those things that normally appear in cheeses, so we will need it to dry for a day or two, it could be up to a week it could take up to a month and then consume it it's a delicious cheese so we can't cut it we can grate it we can use it on pizzas because that cheese melts and for lasagna and for any other type of recipes where you need a cheese that is delicious in the food this is the cheese, I invite you to watch this video so that you can prepare it later because you are going to love it and without wasting any more time, we are going to give you the ingredients and let's get started. 3 liters, do not use fresh pasteurized milk or long-life milk, because that milk is useless, you have to buy short-life fresh milk, if it is pure, freshly milked cow, much better. 100 milliliters of lemon juice, which is the juice of two lemons like this one that I show you, is equivalent to 8 tablespoons, a teaspoon of salt or salt to taste and 180 grams of salt is equivalent to 8 tablespoons to make a brine to place our cheese there to cure It is a bowl with two liters of cold water, if you can put a little ice much better that is where we are going to make the brine and then put our cheese to cure In a saucepan we put the 3 liters of milk and light the fire to start to heat, the milk has to heat to a temperature of about 90 degrees Celsius a little smoke begins to come out it is the moment Exactly 90 degrees Celsius because it has not yet started to boil we turn off the kitchen at that moment if we notice that it begins to appear little bubbles are starting to come out here and it's very hot it's 90 degrees we're going to turn off the kitchen because it's the temperature we want to see that it's started to smoke we've turned off the kitchen and it's started to smoke, well once this is the perfect moment to add the lemon juice that we are going to water all over the milk like this and now we are going to mix little by little, without force, just what is needed, little by little, little by little, we notice that It is already beginning to cut and you can see it, so without moving too much, let's leave it alone so that it cuts completely and completely separates the whey from the solid part of the milk cap and we leave it for at least an hour.
queso curado casero a partir de queso fresco espectacular
Remember that the kitchen was already off now let's just leave it to cool and cut it and then we continue again and after an hour this is what my short milk looks like and it separates the whey from the solid part of the milk that I am going to try to remove the whey from here in the saucepan I am going to put it here in this bowl so it will be easier to strain and then we are going to store this serum I have a bowl here and I am going to put it in my strainer and we put a cloth on it.
queso curado casero a partir de queso fresco espectacular

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queso curado casero a partir de queso fresco espectacular...

It has to be a very fine cloth and be well washed with a detergent that have no odor so that the smell of the rag will not or it stays in the cheese you can also buy gauze pads in pharmacies, if you prefer to use them let's start straining the curd I'm going to empty it at once to see how the whey goes down I'm going to put this here in the saucepan to be able to put this whey in another side now let's leave it here, so that the whey and while it's so wet if you want to add salt it's the perfect time I'm going to put 1 teaspoon of salt here and we're going to mix it very well if you want to try it and if it looks like it's missing a little salt, add salt to taste, I try it to see how it is and I'm going to put a teaspoon more of salt because I want it with more salt flavor you put the amount of salt you want or if you simply don't put salt whatever to your liking now we are going to mix it very well and since we have it we press as soon as we grab the bridges those of the fabric so that it is well covered and what we are going to squeeze as much as we can, we have to squeeze until you see that practically no serum comes out I'm going to empty this I have this dough well dry and well prepared here to start molding the cheese I want to show you something that I have a plastic tupperware here, but what I opened these holes with an ice pick you can use a pick or a nail that I heated and opened the holes and through these holes The whey will continue to be released while the cheese is modeled.
queso curado casero a partir de queso fresco espectacular
I need another container where you can place the mold where we are going to make the cheese and that it does not reach the bottom so that the whey falls here. The mold is not transparent but it stays more or halfway and so the whey will not touch the cheese with the same cloth we are going to take it out then we are going to put it here I will use a spoon let's start to squeeze so we have to squeeze it very well by hand to give it a perfect shape and now we are going to cover it with the cloth I changed the bottom tupperware because I needed a stronger container that would support more weight because I am going to put a lot of weight here to shape the cheese to compact it well and thus finish releasing the rest of the whey that you have left and I am going to put this container that will go inside here to give it the perfect shape to squeeze it very well because that way we are going to give the cheese a correct shape and I am going to fill it with stones so that the dough turns out well and makes a good very dry and very consistent cheese now we are going to put it in the fridge as it is and we are going to leave it there for at least 24 hours it does not matter, you can leave it for 1, 2 or 3 days the more you press it the more compact it will be drier you decide how long it lasts you want to leave when you return it with this cheese I will tell you how long I leave it in the fridge ok I have two liters of water here that is very cold there are little pieces of ice we are going to prepare remove the brine here we have the 180 grams of salt that we are going to add mix let's go until this salt melts 24 hours hours have passed since the cheese has been in the fridge so that it is very compact and has lost the rest of the whey and we're going to look for it, but we prepare the brine first, it's done, let's put it aside here and let's look for the cheese that we have I have the cheese here I am going to remove this because the stones are not necessary here we have our cheese, look at the whey that still fell let's put it aside and we are going to get our cheese out of here, we have a plate here we are going to remove the cloth and we have our cheese here and we have our brine here now I put the cheese here like this and now we are going to take it to the fridge and we are going to leave it there for six hours and then and then we turn it over so that it cures on both sides we are about to cure the cheese it is protected from any bacteria that may be present and will form an outer crust that will make the cheese last much longer we will have a wonderful cheese to Slice to grate, to put on pizzas and melt, You can cover it with plastic wrap, aluminum foil or a pan lid, whatever you want, leave it in the fridge for six hours and then return it.
queso curado casero a partir de queso fresco espectacular
Here we are with the first six hours of brine, now we have to turn the cheese so that this side goes down and takes out a lot of salt so let's do it with our hands that have to be very clean ok that's the best way to do it very carefully We leave it like this, now we are going to leave it here for one more hour so that we can grab it, we are turning it around so that it grabs a little more in the part that is now below and so it is well cured.
An hour has passed since we turned the cheese here in the brine so I have this rack with a container here because here I'm going to put my cheese to dry I'm going to put a cloth on this rack and all the liquid that the cheese still has will fall into the container, then we'll take the cheese out of the brine, so I have the cheese here, I'm going to put it here now, like a strainer. parghetti or any other so that it breathes and to protect it I put it like this and now I'm going to take it back to the fridge and leave it for 48 hours and then we cut it again to see how it was after two days (48 hours) that the cheese had In the fridge resting here we have our cheese look at this spectacular cheese we have a wonderful hard cheese here look at the color that the cheese has begun to have and if we leave it for longer it will improve because the brine fulfills that function, I'm going to put it on a plate for you I'm going to cut a small piece so you can see how it turned out.
Look how it turned out. Do you like the recipe we made today for this homemade cured cheese from



? If you have it in the fridge or is it stored somewhere there, it needs to be well cured and the more better time it can be kept up to a month if you want to do it without salt just do not put it in the brine and do not add salt As for the cheese mass, a cheese without salt do not make the brine and you will have a fresh cheese if you make the brine you are making a cured cheese I invite you to prepare it you will like it I am going to eat a really delicious piece now do not be scared because nothing tastes like lemon and it is very rich perfect very good delicious cheese and since you are on the channel subscribe and then activate the notifications by clicking on the bell that appears below the icon that says subscribed follow me on instagram on my facebook page both are called seasonings and flavors below this video I leave you the complete recipe so that you can copy and prepare this delight because you will love it, I love it goodbye until the next recipe and until then bye

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