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Queremos Mas - ¡Magia a ciegas con Pilín y Baroni!

May 10, 2020
miller l there are 10 good good good I requested good very good good tutorial disrespect sir I don't use a cane all my life like this plate the plate in this case the hand how are you a violin nice to hear why bring my tongue closer you know what anxiety is like Today when I shut up, sir, to greet you as a state, take care of your wallets, nothing has been stolen and it's just not like that, I'm not saying it on the one hand, well, and if I liked one thing, I was watching them talk about something that happened to me, I went to a show to work paid because I'm not bad as if your mouth clarified that you escalate if I'm not your abuse instead of also being working we are seeing the right ones clown and sorcerer it's from me they paid me a check from the national bank of dollars in albany he doesn't know speak english good-natured like the center national action aid national bank you do magnitude i'm a magician we do magic and you can do that disappear he's looking and I bring but let's do something I'm going to do magic and then you have to do the same What did I do I'm going to follow only please 5 cards with different figures ok I'm going to paint please through can you mix if this candle can show so you can see that I'm not going to see that this is professional like tulips tulips I'm going to put industrial tape in the eyes so you can see that the eyelashes can stop me later I said well in the drought whatever falls good yes no ok I want you to please take one card of the five cards you have take only one the one you want ok and the others Cuatro de Navarrete and that it is very well peeling because this is through breathing I will know what card she took I want you to put your card face down in your hands and hands as if it were a sandwich ready perfect you allow me your hands perfect you take care of me cool el microphone the breath that passes is called fractional breathing is like that hold on and let the air escape please it's not a function of that breath I'll take care that it's another breath on the easel it's not very complicated you have to do rle I'm not going to say the name of this breath you have to do it like this or it's part of the breath it's a room of inspiration sexy please you can do it as it is ok if you crave it I'll come earlier she as the star can you show please and effectively the star now we are going to leave the eyes before we are going to be careful with help you fake it fabiola because he is already old and with Egyptian skin all good and so he is going to come with everything and skin as they want to see what to do the divine from the letter what letter and how the step counted you are looking for that and I tell them if it is okay or not yes what am I going to say no more knowing martínez see in the viola clear clear daniela yes espn good what am I going to do then you were going to identify the letter and tell him what breathing he has to carry to rock explain to him


what breathing is going to be like this yes yes efe you have to do it like this like this you had things because your pants are getting wet oh how dirty you are hahaha so do the magic for the town which one is s baby please an angel and even stop him as it was and the experience wow which loads what letters were is an s like the earth is the big one good the probe well well the view and the gioja gioja of this talented eyelashes turn everything
queremos mas   magia a ciegas con pil n y baroni

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