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Q&A With My Favorite Person In The World!!! **BESIDES SYX**

Jan 02, 2022
They ask me like why because I was trying to understand it but you do the same because education you came up with something else besides that because I didn't feel like doing it you never had a girlfriend you have to get 1x oh please like you don't know how having a relationship with someone I don't know he has to learn like he is a thorough like you have to learn how to be below me i had to teach him he knew i knew a strong relationship i was always in a relationship but i had to learn how to love myself properly like the way she loved other girls wasn't what she was going to put up with wasn't what she was going to face so she let you know she had to teach her that someone can help them she's a very bad girl nora so she let her ass have it ,yes that's family it wouldn't be family for a discussion tell me nothing loves tomorrow lifestyle he will love anything in life ok this is worst and best memory between both you. away or ock that's yours running away was kind of fun at the same time it was always fun afterwards but what do you like?
q a with my favorite person in the world besides syx
I like that we were escaping down the line. I would probably always say that it was his head that had the biggest effect. get sad when the movie we have ox present the present is so light you might realize yeah like when i try to explain to people like you know people love us to help their people too because in people, amazing man, i never felt like you know the pain of losing everything. your plans you know the bahamas so yeah one that kept the parade that's what my little one they have in korea was maybe what i think about that day it really warms my heart and i think me and jill were talking of this from the beginning.
q a with my favorite person in the world besides syx

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q a with my favorite person in the world besides syx...

I said end. of that day was good was having such a good day like the three of us are in the car having fun like us and one time I wish I would get all my money back when I climbed a tree or you went to the stadium and biker shorts and catch and it smells like out of my respect for some kids not yet a Today's taxi might be the best you know you ever had it was only in the Bahamas I booked in the Bahamas after the show they were so much fun we were drunk the whole time I came back with a man black but, yeah, caps is a hockey team in DC for those who wear I don't know we're huge hockey fans and they won the Stanley Cup in 2018 and that was the first time we went inside their Family Cup and we were so excited and we had a big parade in dc it was amazing i think so we left because we felt like we had bad luck because they started there if anyone knows a 95 going back towards national harbor and those little spaces in termedios because i was watching game seven online on her phone and i'm watching the game nothing yeah three seconds left and lee shut up like you're lying and she says turn the car so i'm looking for gavin.
q a with my favorite person in the world besides syx
I went back to the center park so far random and seven through the trees. I'm climbing poles like J. The bad thing is just dancing like we did at the time of our like a lot of hitters and well I've been there before but yeah he wanted to be here for the trash can kicking part you know? that was very special to me like yeah i have a crowd like that like it was a bad thing it was like brooklyn put up when i was giving birth to six and i like i just dont know i feel like i had a kid brought to us taliban baby talking about six yeah yeah i still stayed it was funny because my life was over it was but it got more special every day.
q a with my favorite person in the world besides syx
This movie is so tired. He was saying you don't have to keep coming here and I was like no oh come here when I fell asleep with him in my arms to her on her phone it was like 40 minutes from home. I went there everyday and goose fell asleep in bed with him. I was so tired. Taliban. I know you. listen to me everything abuses me yeah like i'm just a punching bag oh the things we love and hate about each other i love that you're so rational and can stop and think about things i don't know you know what i hate from you but when you were younger when you were in that other relationship you were so serious all the time me I couldn't even like dealing with it because I was partying all the time man and she was so serious at a party with me what what He said?
Aggie Bava, yes we say occupy, that's from Stitch. and that was my pride my biggest pride in india yeah that's the first year i probably don't think i used to hate when everyone used to always think she was right like you can't tell what she did wrong like the sky could be orange and you you tell her it's orange and she likes it no, it's blue and I don't care what you say that what I like the most about seven is a big, big, big heart, and that's why I think she gets so excited when he likes to be hurt or feel bad. like someone did her wrong or someone hurt her in life because she really and takes the things you know to heart like she feels everything you know so much and yeah that's what i think i love i love my heart baking in my body, yes, yes, what's one word we use to describe this eccentric me?
I swear I was going to say that, but I didn't know how they were going to react to eccentric because a lot of people who don't know that's the word, the news keeps popping up in my head when I think of you, that's how I feel Rick. like she's timeless as a


or her unconventional behavior and then weird like that would leave you a century because you're weird too funny Brooke is really funny I like her she knows how to play but Florida is the life of the party they're like she i could outdo myself at parties and i didn't think i could outdo myself at parties who's the baddest yeah we have this debate a lot bro bro no look i'm more i'll say i work i can make more complaints than seven , but it's not me, I don't need two people, yeah, let me kick it like this How do we make a hole?
We should be like super girls. Who is this? We consider that it is more. That's bad. That baby, me, man. But eventually, but seven can be mean when she's angry. reactions to people are who is that to girls she would be like you got me for her cause she's looking over who we knew i have some kind of OD when i date her because enemy number one is you all the crushes on celebs could be jooheon if he was listening to smack uni mike is joining anytime now where do you see yourself in five years yeah i mean after this situation i really learned to say i don't know like i don't want to do any of i mean what it was like i set myself goals of course but i dont want to guarantee anything to my stuff because you know there is no guarantee that we will be here tomorrow thats just a given as the only thing guaranteed for us is our birth and i did so Bobby, I hope you're mean.
Oh get your ass here, when did you do it? I mr. well, it peaks right with the taliban, he went to jail, yeah, i feel like, um, when yeah, we came back from the show, that's with, i feel like i changed a lot while seven was gone. doing like our old thing like you don't really know how to talk about outside like and I was starting to ask you do you know where you're going and I was like can I write like it was? you were trying to make me a different me a better me because i was so young i wasn't even 20 yeah i was 19 at the time ok um so let's ask a few more questions and then we'll wrap up with this because we've been here for a while but now you have to go back to the vault and look at some more we need some good books which one is more dangerous to begin with do they really have eggs anything else was question six i can't believe this one should let you write your dinner, they asked.
Are we both muslims? I am Surya. It is in process. I'm spinning. I am a good questions and thinking of answers I am going to put all my eggs in one basket basket takes me to someone else how are we doing? we are fine there is a very nice bag you better not touch it i promised to sell we are doing young problems three hey baby don't fix it hey mommy i have candy ooh-eee if you fat babies mmm eat your season you know if we were in the house together we would be doing like the first week we're like the battery on each other's backs so whatever's going on unless it's like super me trying to kill somebody cause we're getting it but if it's a fight she's going we support each other we feed the We don't put out fires.
I think most of the, um, let us know our Q&A was pretty good, but let us know if you'd like a story hour, we've got quite a story to tell. pretty funny story this we should do we should have a story time we tell stories boy i feel like what i started to sound so much like you know certain people shouldn't be discerning so yeah guys this is my little sister brooke one more time she is my



by the utah sink, only other girls will get through without forcing a customer. next week her daddy which is so weird to me he's a Virgo he's a Virgo with Aquarius rising which is just as good as when we were little beans yeah so until next time you see a birth , let us know in the comments if you want us to. do a story time because we're going to do it before she leaves you guys so you guys better hurry up and calm down now so I can catch her before she gets on the plane but yeah breathe tight

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