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【Project: Gargantuan】 (2024) Sci-Fi PV Full version | New Cinematic | Lilyn Entertainment

May 06, 2024
Mom, where are you? The accused today is Yosu Nir, the former chief scientist of EOS during your tenure, you acted with extreme obstinacy. You are accused of misusing lob equipment with malicious intent and causing the B37 explosion that resulted in the deaths of 12,844,217 people. You have been accused of destruction of humanity and contempt for Humanity and have been found guilty. He is also suspected of inciting people to fabricate war-inducing data and harboring dangerous thoughts. Yosun nir. You have been sentenced to life imprisonment in physical prison. prison and a sentence of 1,284 years in prison neuro to start immediately Falcon 533 here posos Air Force Tower Control report your current location t43 fj1 35875 all clear that area has a high level stay tuned Roger where are those damn coordinates Please be patient with Pati? reaching the end of the window I told you not to trust that intelligence 5 minutes left Miss Lana but we know the approximate location Kenzie I know Lana is in charge K9 Archie prepare by lowering the electromagnetic shields initiating the synchronization of the remote unit access to the base data connected granted sensor operation normally coordinates received, exit Roger mhm, ok, start automatic mode, wait starting launch preparation sequence loading flight program, prison coordinates transferred Roger, route is being calculated, this is Kenzie Finn, preparations are complete, go to launch pad, moving to launch position, launch pad preparation complete, EMP disruption field is online synchronized launch countdown 10 9 8 7 6 5 Falcon 533 to monitor unknown points on the ground investigate now ignition unauthorized rocket launch detected awaiting instructions is a decoy missile lift now Falcon 533 in tower control Hulse electromagnetic interference evacuate evacuate this is the EOS reinforcements Warfare Center are on their way evacuate as soon as possible entering target orbit switching to manual signal transmission orbital inclination orbital inclination is 11.3 Range 10 step-down thrusters activating autoc Cruise even here you can still see it in almost 8,000 square miles OS more More than a third of its people, including my parents, if Lumore continues to spread, there will be no one left, but I can't get it out of my head.
project gargantuan 2024 sci fi pv full version new cinematic lilyn entertainment
I have to know who caused the explosion. Just wait until we get it back. Complex obstacle. be able to fix everything by entering the area of ​​complex obstacles entering the area of ​​complex obstacles 934 M to the objective activating stealth I have it on the right 2:00 eh, that stone is flat it's optical camouflage that's the entrance it's the cliff Archie, get to work, I'm up accessing objective Red c three the bandits have returned change of course made but we will only have access for 3 minutes if we are trapped outside the inner ring we are dead 3 minutes is enough see you soon detective deploy the outer ring team through hatch three protect the inner ring yes sir smoke grenade back defensive position this way this handle 317 they are catching up don't worry what is this a retirement home stay alert Arie get ready I'm in the lead we're coming come on reinforcements are in way F them out Kenzie get behind me roie turn off the lights Hurry 3 minutes I just need it hey we're still good they're behind us Kenzie K9 copy we're good we have


access open you have 10 minutes in the memf portal. move, this doesn't look like a prison, his brain is trapped in Agent Tracer with the cruelest punishment, oh the fluid, keep it up.
project gargantuan 2024 sci fi pv full version new cinematic lilyn entertainment

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project gargantuan 2024 sci fi pv full version new cinematic lilyn entertainment...

This technology took EOS 30 years for them to learn its secrets, so this is the infamous neuroprison created just for stealing. your research is overheated Kine I'm injecting coolant don't worry we have a stable signal here pcho get us out of here lean we're banged I'm about to lose you run Kenzie wait for Kenzie Kenzie damn, something don't Sho, we need them alive keep right keep a left hold target eliminated turn to base Roger aru Kenzie where are you? Hey Kenzie Kenzie Kenzie mom dad where am I? I just sent you the latest data from the experiment exp.
project gargantuan 2024 sci fi pv full version new cinematic lilyn entertainment
This is the condensate generator. Can you hear me? Kenzie Kenzie. Kenzie, the Luma board continues, we won't be able to notify the committee, huh, it's almost too much to think about, I still just need some final adjustments, dad, the internal structure, the experiment will fail, come on, yosu, get ready to go, 30 years , humanity will finally take a step. towards the light no one can stand them Li liar murder sacrifice for science I will sacrifice myself for science I will sacrifice myself for science this should have been our sacrifice now all efforts were in vain your death your loss was all in vain the accused today are you for stop my work call me it's to question you act in an extreme way am I the one on trial or is it the truth b37 explosion you have been accused of the destruction of humanity destruction of humanity contempt for humanity people nonsense that you must sacrifice me you insist on closing the eyes you refuse to see the TR Evolution evolution is our only way out but you all of you destroyed everything there is nothing left but to disappear Kenzie this is just the beginning Kenzie Kenzie Kenzie Kenzie wake up Kenzie are you all there? right, I saw everything, I saw everything Kenzie, take it easy and you have 3 minutes.
project gargantuan 2024 sci fi pv full version new cinematic lilyn entertainment
I know, wait here, here it was him, it was him Kenzie, are you okay? Your time is over. We have to update. We're ok. We have it good, we head to the pickup location. Okay, wait for us to confirm our location. Kenzie, what are you doing? What's going on? He is a murderer, he caused the explosion. He does not care. Humanity retreats. Lower the weapon. death It's okay for him, I'll handle her death for him, it's all a joke, time is up, it means Kenzie, Agent Tracer, doesn't work that way, otherwise EOS would already have what he wanted , he said it himself, the explosion was just the one starting first, let's go back if he really is the murderer.
I'll kill him myself. Arie, get ready to go out. I saw it. I saw him kill my parents. Kenzie. I'm not going to let him die here. Then you'll let him kill us all. Hey. okay, let's go Le, reinforcements, Argie, take him and go, KY, go, careful, bye, what is this, the end, KY, are you okay?, this Archie, take him out, got it, we're safe, Kenzie, I didn't come back. for him I know that if he is a murderer I will still kill him I promise when the time comes when the time comes do not protect him if he really is a murderer I will take him and we will leave l no we are not going together KY I will stop him, take him to Yu, Go, leave it, leave, you'll die if you stay, you're so stubborn, everyone dies, leave it, we'll both live, what's the wait?
I won't let you die all this. Stop, it can't be in vain, stop, stop or I'll kill you. Let it go, grab it and go get it quickly. No, Kenzie, give yosu. Sorry, come with me, let me win just this. once not, the light sensitivity has already increased by 23.8%. I'm still checking that yosu has returned, the clock starts ticking.

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