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Programa completo SNSerio: Platanito

May 01, 2020
good evening, thank you friends, everyone knows you from television for your jokes for your jokes for your career which has been quite impressive but few people know that you were a firefighter in Japan I was a firefighter for 15 years as a volunteer in fact he was the only firefighter with position, imagine it was 15 years that I provided my volunteer service there in Atizapán de Zaragoza and it was a dream that I had since I was a child to be a firefighter and you achieved it. If you were one of those who said when I grew up I want to be a firefighter and although you will dedicate yourself to something else, you say You kept that promise.
programa completo snserio platanito
I wanted to be a firefighter as a child and I went and was a firefighter for a while. One would think that it would be easy when holding the hose, well, it won't have that pressure on one side. I don't say it right, but it always exerts pressure because it's not good there. There are several types of hoses, there is one that is very thin, just like yours. There is a thin one, it is like that, just one claw, but there is one that is about two inches long. It is like that, three and four firefighters have to hold it because the The pressure I lift is great and what is it for?
programa completo snserio platanito

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programa completo snserio platanito...

It blows more pressure, more water, nothing more, but it is a hose and the pressure it has apart from when you touch a fire hose that is blowing tornado pressures that are as hard as stone, it is difficult to load it, very difficult, in fact, you have The one who is furthest forward is not carrying it, he is only directing the jet towards where you have to throw it, but you have four assistants in the back, as the preparation for all the people who say I would like to be a firefighter, unfortunately in Mexico, is to arrive and lend their support. volunteer service in the USA and it is a career and it is more preparation in Mexico unfortunately we lack equipment we lack they have to sell tickets well in fact a collection in Mexico City for the firefighters and all the money was stolen by that terrible man no way but you like to help people because we also know that you were a rescuer in the earthquake in 2017 on September 19, yes, you notice that it was something that I had never experienced, being in an earthquake rescuing bodies within the rubble and it is a sensation today it is The concrete, as it emerges, at any moment, collapses, causing tremors.
programa completo snserio platanito
I was in Los Angeles when the tremor occurred. In fact, I contacted my wife because Sagarra's seismic alert began to sound. Mind, something, daughter Kara, was going to tremble and in California, imagine. Where does the San Andreas Fault happen? They said it can't be that it's going to shake. I grab my cell phone and see the seismic alert in Mexico City. Then I contact my wife and she tells me my strength, no, don't be scared, it's a drill. 32 years ago, he was the one. earthquake in Mexico City is a drill, nothing more than remembering the dead from 32 years ago, still asleep, you see that in Los Angeles it is two hours less than the Mexico link, after a while the alert sounds again, I want to communicate with my wife and now There was no way to communicate with my wife.
programa completo snserio platanito
I can no longer communicate with her or with my sisters or with my friends as they would have. This is what was happening in watts. I received a message from the airport at Terminal 2 in Mexico on the ramp that goes up. towards terminal 2 had collapsed and watts began to arrive with several videos of explosions, well they looked like explosions but they were minerals that had collapsed, this is how we found out that when is the moment in which you manage to get in touch with your family and Then I moved to Mexico City. Look, it was about three hours later that I can communicate by WhatsApp with my wife.
I said what happened. How are we all fine? The children have not arrived from school and it was paralyzed in Mexico City. They have not arrived but They are fine, they are coming here and I tried to return to Mexico City and it was impossible because there were no flights, the airport was closed until the following Friday when we were able to return to Mexico because I arrived, I was with my family and then I talked to him about My fellow firefighters listen to what I'm doing and fill me in 90 here there is a street called Álvaro Obregón cc where a building collapsed there were more than 40 people trapped so they still need to rescue many bodies there and that night I went with Diego my manager we were there and we managed to rescue two lifeless bodies that night, but if I am going to hand them over to the relatives, it is clear that the endings are important.
I saw, well, in an interview a few days ago that I had with the good


, he had the confidence to show me the photographs. They are shocking. engineer, in fact we passed it out of discretion obviously but what you see there after being in the rubble is something shocking and shocking and apart from the smell because it is a smell of death it is ugly to be there but it is also a good thing to see the solidarity of all Mexicans, how it helped you to be more like yourself, this one knew people, it didn't even matter the social classes, if you were the owner, you were the janitor, we were brothers trying to help and rescue the body, but a side that not all people know about


The altruistic part of him is a person with a very good heart.
In fact, this March 4, talking about that, I am going to give away a show that will totally give away 100% of the base box office for a girl who cannot walk if she has already had surgery. She is a girl who was born with a paralysis I don't remember the type of paralysis the chaos that she walked on tiptoe and they already managed to do the operation she can walk well but now she needs therapy to be able to walk so it is a very expensive therapy this March 4 there in Mexico in the forum well I'm going to donate 100% of the box office to this girl so she can pay for her rehabilitation March 4 March 4 Vienna Forum in Mexico City Also, if you want to help this cause, you can buy tickets at ticketmaster es' for March 4th and the 100th of the box office is for this girl, as always, it's good little plate, how were your beginnings?
We know that as a child, before you knew that you wanted to become a country, it was yours that painted you, you were going to be very restless if He said that my name was Francis and then he wants that since I was a child I have brought that with me my dad I think he is filled with family my dad one of the best magicians in Mexico when I was born he disappeared and is still on the throne he revealed when we were already looking for the double bottom down the house and my mom, well imagine, she was the one who supported me for so long, my best friend and she supported me in what I wanted to do, which was a clown.
I don't know where his taste for clowns came from, but since When I was 4 years old I was already doing makeup and there is a guy who came up with the idea when I was 6 years old, I gave it to my cousins ​​and I finished it and he paid me and this is what the clowns charge if he arrives with my grandfather, grandfather, do you want me to do a trick for you? If he pays first, he starts charging me, my family, my uncles, my grandparents, the neighbors, and a pyramid of shows began to be created, and that's how Platanito's career began and when you discovered that you had talent, you can do a show.
But when you realize that people like it and that it fills you, I realized that she was talking to me, look, first I started working with friends with neighbors, I played the circus and there's a video playing and that's it. It was in '92 in my neighborhood there was a televisa program that we were going to thank 091 for its part in the presentation we said 30 years but they have more than 40 years of career if I am 48 years old May 2 is the banana she He called Platanito but he was skinny in La Plata. We are going to Cuernavaca.
We came together in the car. Then we stopped there at a stream on the side of the road and he seemed to be impressive and told me, "Do you know why you felt that the water of the river is freezing with you? Stop talking." leave it cold the deep so my uncle pays me this and I tell you I worked with my neighbors and I did my circuses because depending on how I played the circus then I did the deed with the neighbors and then they hired me or they didn't hire me and dance to the software On account of my neighbor, he proposed at that neighbor's party.
He reached out to that neighbor's relatives who lived in other parts of Mexico City. Recommended if they saw me then they said, "Hey, it's very funny to me. Who offers it," he said about Betty, "so I want it." Now she is 66 years old 6 years are numbered routines I you alone my sister's sister was one of my assistants imagine poor little harmonica she was my assistant so I set up the order my sister this boy who is there is well Batman the boy who The güerito boy is next to the image, just the image. I don't know if it reads.
If they have it complete, that photograph. I think no. We don't have anything else. I have that same photo. 30 years old. You remember the movie about the same moon, this is the boy who appears at the conference, exactly he is the boy who is Kate's son, but it is correct, in fact, it must also be said that you start as a ventriloquist, I start as a clown, he added. The magicians at your show had a doll, in fact, that's how it was when I was 6 years old, they gave me a ventriloquist doll, which is a good show, which is there in this photograph of the one with the little mustache, and yesterday to a client, today he is my best friend Fernando. from the mountains and his brother is a great sculptor, they sneak in from timoteo, in fact here in Monterrey, this work is a chubby little doll, Peloncito Rodrigo, it is a beautiful sculpture that is throughout the republic and today we passed here in Monterrey and we saw it from sculpture, well He, Rodrigo de la Sierra, today they are my best.
Then, from word of mouth, they began to say the talent. He hired the friend of the friend of the friend and that's how the pyramid grew. My first car, I bought it when I was 13, when I was three. years I already had a car the parents for nothing there I am from Vienna but there was no balloon an adoptive father someone to play that role in your life yes I had I had a stepfather I also had a stepfather but I think it was also no I think it was also very Importantly, my grandparents, above all, made life happy for me, not needing full support, it was never the typical parents who told you there, yes, I play for fun, but your studies are a career that will leave you in the future and in your free time if you want.
My mom, don't be like I get on fire with school, that is, if you don't study, my punishment was not to go to give a show at the beginning. Later, although I was punished, Libya had the advance payment for the show. I had to give the pleasure of the business mentality at an early age and At 20 years old I can tell you that I was already one of the clowns who works the most in Mexico City, my schedule was full from Monday to Sunday, which means it was impossible if you wanted a banana ounce you had to wait until the following year to be able to tell how How does a child find at an early age who experiences an unfortunate event and you answer this after the cut, how do you find that engine to make people laugh when you live, well, great, how to lose your father, I say, not dead, but he's going to go away like a radio, the meaning From humor to tragedies, we also want to talk about your passport.
I chose that because I think it was a turning point in his career. He is also a TV star where you make history with more than 700 programs. We also want to talk about whether it is true that Marcos Valdés sent you the pack. What happened? What happens to you? In front of doing our most opinion with the hashtag is seriously your twitter at banana show send him all the questions you want later we will read him like this he is an engineer controversies also with Alfredo Adame lover of motorcycles a lot to talk with Sergio Verduzco our dear platanito platanito show and later he is one of the most controversial comedians there is because platanito represents what everyone thinks but does not dare to say, he is the clear example of Mexican humor, however, many do not like it, loved or hated but sergio verduzco Today he is one of the best comedians that exist.
The clown with acid humor has positioned himself as the idol of an entire generation that likes his way of being until he has a solid career in the media. Tonight he will talk to us about reinvention. of the character, his new image and if it is true that in his house the one in charge is his wife, seriously, Miguel Díaz, I got a rude, rude woman, but blessed God, I have been with her for 15 years, I have a best friend, my partner, Rudy Sima, is training with me too on the motorcycle on yours I'm going to buy a motorcycle so that you can accompany me three children and I bring mine I bring mine and it was no longer one two motorcycles were already bought Anna Massey is my wife she was a woman of strong character silver nor apart royally sue her where you met her I met her at a show I met her at a show in Mexico City in fact she was married I was married too and I went to give a show suddenly I have a trick where a person passes into the audience and I do that the one who watered it handed over throws the cards then throws the cards and the cards fall and then they pick them up then the will began to insult me ​​pick him up and don't talk to me like that you're a and suddenly they feel that it's coming if you pick them up and from her place but mother talk and everything is a clown on the way you are going to scream and her mother called her betis a show apart but when I see her again there until then it remained in the anecdote later she was a very good friend of Karla Pineda's wife Adrián Uribe yes it is true and I was also a good friend of Adrián but with Jordi Rosado and Rebecca his wife yes and they were in Big Brother at that time Adrián and Jordi and they were both nominated these you know that in 'big brother' outside was to support those who were nominated so I went to support Jordi she was to support Carla Adrián and there I found myself after many months I told her I know you and everything Beatriz tells me I'm not coming to flirt I'm married I'm married too and they don't see a flirt, I know you, I'm a banana, we didn't become very friends.
Afterwards, she told me that she already had fights with her with her marriage.We bet, choose a show, you get divorced, you pay me for a show and I don't give it and if you don't get divorced, if you get divorced, a show and I don't charge you, but if you don't get divorced, you pay me for a show and I don't give it orally, he already talks to me and says come on. Let's see and you show me lack of divorce I charge it to part of the choir it was a show for his stepfather in the show to see tweets that you are also married I was also also betting and you this no I don't say study I was decisions and family I had there some fights with first marriage fought very very little four years there were no children bless God but well we decided to get divorced my dear platanito we know that the platanito show on telehit was a boom but before that I had also participated in other shows tell us about your career in television before telehit from a long habit I was in cablevisión many years ago from there later I had a very successful program in asteca let's be here is the potato you know what happened I think it failed the schedule was one thirty in the afternoon More or less it's objectionable, look at me, they censored me and it wasn't the schedule for banana, I mean, it was too strong and then the driver with whom I have to share credits, galán omar germenos, remember him who appeared in the blablazo, omar germenos comes out and never let me make a comedy about how much he killed me before the show we put on the strap he said look we're going to be in the kitchen and I'm going to cook eggs so you're going to say little plate that I'm having breakfast and another say today I had breakfast web and that you ate eggs and that's it in this eggs your eggs don't hit you again and again and well when I run and in the program 543 banana that you had for breakfast today eggs that you ate eggs that scenes you eggs don't hit you eggs are weapons when you run no more like he wanted to be a gallant and Apart from that I wanted to be funny so everything was killing me and then I go out with the whole world like this marching behind accor very well it's something else marching on my own program with a sign that is change the channel I say I'm a comedian not to talk about changing the channel no man to hang Mrs.
Paty Chapoy I'm done because how was it possible for me to say change I really give her the freedom nothing the money testosterone the program you did shows when you were younger for children in the afternoons and at night for adults it makes me feel like that two facets is that you know everything well at what moment do you realize that the banana clown is not for children look I become country is that I was a clown for for children for children and then polo polo when he releases his first LP I become a fan polo polo and I said I want to be like polo polo when I grow up so I started working on saying like polo polo but it was difficult for me to say swear words so what I was saying was the little eyebrow is my doll ok and then it started to work very well the show with the bunny and well he takes off will be peladi silver should not do shows without the doll I told him to specify if the success of the show for adults is the doll he tells me you are very funny banana one day he takes the doll away and it's just you and one day I pay attention to him charlie and Hence, a little wear and tear is the first step for adults, imagine books or if you existed then if the first clown for adults we know that this race of perseverance there are many stones, obstacles and falls and how it is, maybe there could have been a stone in your path but later The Platanito show arrives and they burst, I burst, if you look, I was with, as the ejido says, it was a watershed in my career.
It was five years that I was blessed by. God very well made me known not only in the Mexican Republic but abroad in guatemala in el salvador costa rica honduras peru in colombia and I chose to reach many countries it makes me famous then comes the issue of daycare which obviously the joke about the children of the cerebral daycare before that who gives you the opportunity on telehit or You come to knock on the door. I worked in a place called Mascabrothers Show Center in Mexico. It belonged to Alejandro Go and Freddy and Germán to arrive.
I worked for many years and one of the partners of Mascabrothers was Guillermo del Bosque, so memo. measurement plant I don't want you to come to telehit choose not a television because I already had the bad experience I had drawered from here is the potato until they choose no I don't like it I appreciate it very much banana try it try it try it try it mister a month yes In a month you don't feel comfortable, we remove the program of course and I start with the platanito program, it was called platanito show, I start with the program and after 3 weeks we see that we don't like it and I also train the program, I regretted the format and I put it all together and besides, I was lucky that my producer at that time invited woods rodríguez, a comedy writer, invited gus rodríguez as a producer and he was among a very good team of friends, not producers, but the chicken, not the chicken gonzález, the other friend of mine, my compadre I did it later as a producer he lost a good team later but and Evelyn were the bananas the magician Herrera Luis Rafael from the puppets so I put together a team of pure friends and after three weeks I slightly monem or I can't I don't want the program because he doesn't see the tele, I don't feel that the banana index is not working and the numbers are already listed and I said no and he shows me the rating and he is the number one to choose and then I stayed in telehit and it was five years that I lasted in the telehit company and apart from that I am going to to talk about something, I was on telehit but banned from televisa, like what you had done, no, I just don't know, but I have one of the biggest challenges in the televisa company.
I think it's the banana, but it must respond to having worked, I don't know, I don't know. I know, but it's a veto that's that good. How do you find out that you're banned? Whoever tells you, hey, you can't go in one day to one of the meetings that the forest had with me. I'm going to go into the television station and they won't let me in. That's more, they pushed me away. the credential wow and I said how strange that lady is so rude I go to another meeting again and my credential comes back daughter no this is how it was planned and if I couldn't get on televisa some joke that you have hurt the sensibilities of some manager the truth is that I don't know why, but to this day, in fact, a few weeks ago, they invited me to Yolanda and Montserrat's program and I told the producer, "I'm sure we've been invited to a cycle.
They're going to caress me in the face," I said, "I'm right, and yes, in the Czech company did it up in fact the program was the other day and actually better if you don't listen to it for five years on telehit what obstacles do you face to stay current imagine a weekly program reading the program every Monday and being in constant change Presenting new things to people then with the competition that I had on the same channel with a war of jokes, it was very difficult in the program but the formula worked very well. It was four very good, very very very good years and here comes the issue of daycare. one morning they woke me up around 5 in the morning you made me you are I didn't even know what that was 10 years ago first Saturday and then 15 of trend with what trend until I don't understand it is the most popular note on the internet but I don't know and I go back to sleep After a little while they talk to me about banana and melon from Televisa, which is great, what happened but I answered a joke, we are investigating to see what it is about and after a while they talk to me again, banana is a joke from daycare that I already I was two years old telling what, in fact, it exists, they released it when Michael Jackson died, yes, that's when they released this joke about children because Michael Jackson was a pedophile, I'm apart, apart from that, and he answered well, please, well, what are you doing, you said she's your mom, I'm in a television program they learn me from afar on channel 6 but what porn channel my mom's name is Beatriz and no she doesn't listen to us Mrs.
Beatriz tell us some anecdote you have about Platanito as a child some embarrassing ones that he doesn't tell when I liked him neighbor and all very nice things, he will be very witty, he is from the passion he always had for being a clown, for being a firefighter, for being a paramedic, those things are the ones that I remember with great affection, great pleasure when respecting Sergio, he is my first love, today I even told him mom, look what What are you missing for being my mother, Monterrey, sorry for interrupting topic 6, can I talk to the baby, yes, 6, television, and so on, more about open television, it's not said Mexico, 56, I'm already on 5, yesterday it was his mother, also Adrián's mother, birthday yesterday, more Yes, don't go, we tell her to leave her on 6, in 15 minutes we are going to start leaving her on 6.
In 15 minutes we are going to start more today and a while later Carlo to talk about yesterday's conference is that I went to a convention of early calculators but they had already finished I can tell them your work is not your essence my mother worked in a bank I am going to tell you about this because you will see that it is true my mother and my mother had to work for everything and I work in a bank of sperm do you remember more and they ran her off they found her drinking banana down it's a pleasure always good advice what was the best advice he gave you this was the best advice he has loving my job loving your job wow you do it that's why he's so good at doing it And hey, by the way, the Koran does not concern Beer, seriously, and they say that it is imminent that it is going to arrive in Mexico.
In fact, there is already a remedy for the coronavirus and it is what, neither alcohol, gel, alcohol, and gel, no alcohol, gel that The world is going to end, we stay like this, they talk to you and tell you, hey, this is thick because there is this thicker children's joke, this one is a trend and in that they demand the joke and even argue, but I answered this joke and I have been telling it for two years. years, no, I don't see what's wrong with me, at that time I didn't place the votes, I did it without malice, it's not a joke and if you don't think that the daycare issue is very strong and you're a trend and suddenly it makes me the worst clown and they start to arrive he teaches you do you remember podcast series I showed him the amount I even brought it Enric to Plentzia in the number of death threat emails about ugly things telling me you are the worst here is the camera how many months and without reading those 105 thousand 213 meters is what bothers but she no longer read how ugly a thousand more than 100 in the mail was the scapegoat so the truth is that if they just let me go free the owner of the closed daycare center in the case of the daycare center and It's when everyone says what's happening and they start attacking Felipe Calderón's government margaritas a la margarita and the first is the first hand of margarita zavala they let us free the owner of the daycare center then they put them away from the clown it was a smoke screen and Pay attention that's how it is and it worked I say how it worked and I became the baddest and most damned clown on television but that turned around later because a deputy said that the deputies were already working hard to put me in jail for having told that joke then when the people who attack me defend me again and know but you are going to put a comedian in jail and you are letting the owners of the daycare free but for many years I was the damn clown the bad clown but the program chose you first rating place thanks to that thanks to that he did and thanks to that later on no because all the people said to platanito they expelled him from Mexico and platanito had to leave the country because he told a totally untrue joke they didn't expel me yet a year passed and half more with my program on telehit they never removed telehit except on the night of the fight and they talk to me about the United States that the owner wants to meet me because he found out about a clown who had told a dark humor joke and became a fan of me Mr.
Liberman is great, I say since more than ten years have passed and the joke is great, we are going to repeat it but I was mobile, it was politically incorrect at the time, today, look, they just caught a jet or another comedian this week because now, because those jokes Jackson He was the number one pedophile in the image of Michael Jackson when he died he didn't get to heaven asking you haven't seen the child god not our next guest if that's okay he has all the experience in the sports field he is a columnist speaker the narrator commentator and sports host with you from la perla tapatia paco gonzález those who accompany us tonight engineers to the platanitos del mar moves seriously to collect rights and I say no paco you are a law graduate yes sir sorry a loss a law graduate unfortunately what happened what happened well It was a requirement where the degree was going it was not the easiest degree to get at the university play soccer yes yes yes we know what training we go at 11 in the morning and the race from 7 to 10 suits me perfectly engineer it suits you all me It would have been like your engineer would never have been able to, you are a lifelong lover of sports, I believe that from the mother's womb and what happened, I had hair, did they ever see it in the previous photo in What team is the one that gives you the opportunity and that I played in that class?
I played in the Mirage team. It was in 1981 that I was already in the Jalisco national team so you can see that I know the fourteenth position games. You played left winger when there were wingers. What happened? I say that I have been the baddest player in the history of one of the baddest teams. We were there today. Yes, there is a match between Atlante and Atlas. Who would win? Hours of losing. Please, those from Atlantic would not win because those from Atlante would agree. Those in the back will stay a lot. It's good that that's always Benjamín Galindo.
When they tell him why he doesn't run, the teacher said no. Those in front run a lot and those behind will touch him.and then what happened to you and then he stopped playing soccer and I got into the radio go into the radio go into the radio on a legendary station channel 58 in Guadalajara do you remember that some players had 58 will continue on that station in port gentil or the designer came to have border or juan carlos chávez benjamín galindo is a keyboard with Brazilian not a lot of players but because the media and maybe not continue as technical director or preparing in the coach with everyone I have no blood for that because to me It's hard to put up with Adrián Marcelo, he's a diva's dress and locker room, I sincerely agree with you there and nowadays managing a locker room of current modern footballers, the engineering egos are not the footballer I'm talking about and you're going to say it, Paco, just let him lie, he's not the one. the same footballer mentally and professionally as the one before today I know colleagues who have wanted to be coaches they earn more than slowly and coaches that yes footballers of course how we control everyone everyone everyone arrives with a better car I have something about Marcelo talk about technique on the 4th -4-2 and where they are going to stand and how each one is going to play, training a soccer team is not that difficult, what is difficult is managing the games, the intimacy of the locker room, but that is very complicated, like relationships everywhere. human beings, the most difficult thing is people knowing how to deal with it and knowing how to handle it, being a good mediator, you also have to do it, obviously, being a public figure, well, in the chivas broadcasts, I do it, if you do it, you do it, and perfectly, people thought we were going to kill each other. to have Marcelo and I end up being my brother, no, honestly, we make an extraordinary alliance, the reality is that if I had never felt more like the engineer with anyone, he answered more at times, we talked about that place, but on the radio for them in life.
I hate, engineer, you come when they talk to me about you, so you start on the radio and that was your breakthrough, they are going to start in the media and then I came to Monterrey and time we narrated to the Rayados here I lived four years in the Sultana del Norte I lived four years in 1996 among Aztec TV, a fairy tale because the truth is that I won the lottery in the big time of working for TDT, which was very easy to join with Jose Ramon Fernandez as an extraordinary leader, of course, my dear, a little later we are going to talk about these 22 years. of experience in TV Azteca or would it be before asking you if you never thought about practicing your law career, if I did, I did it a little and we set up an office and we were not doing badly, they did not take us but it was just when it came for me it is an attraction of education as well engineers because I am not illiterate no hop or no it is not clear to me in their narrations that present their lexicon another culture however it is something contrasting that you study a degree and at the same time you are doing what you love and then later a master's degree and you continue doing what you love yes fortunately I do what I love have you ever thought about any other profession yes let's see I would have liked to be something else of course what would you have liked if I had not been a commentator I had not been a football commentator I sport in general I would have perhaps been a doctor dr or comedian or comedian if I don't have one because the reality in the bathroom is not going to be like that but what's the matter with this like everything as they said to Martín Urieta you don't sing ugly he said yes but with a lot of feeling well what presidents are there but if it's someone who catches the attention of your voice at an early age or because the invitation to radio paco is because of the voice because of the timbre overwhelming tango probably yes the truth is I looked for it and I got a lot of things I had extraordinary colleagues on the radio who will know who remembers everything all my lifelong teacher of my link fernando alonso in the chronicle for the best narrator who has given this payment affected with you and I send you a big greeting emilio if not if you are not seeing david medrano a brother for me in life and a great teacher some who have already left like gilberto ramos camacho octavio hernández alfonso gonzález ernesto lópez and in mexico well obviously jose ramon fernandez great teachers roberto gómez junco rafa sources of all social on the radio without a doubt one of the branches of communication that expands your vocabulary helps you to express yourself very well and therefore gives you the guideline precisely so that people direct in an exact way everything that you have to convey if it is to put your imagination into practice this Catalan radio you are you are through the voice what people see or what they imagine nowadays all the kids who want to dedicate themselves to this want to be on television but if you don't start on the radio from my point of view you are not going to develop that talent and that timing to be able to be a good comment because you work your work is correct I get that a lot of tension develops and definitive tivo this company has 9 thousand radio stations radio has fantastic announcers I don't know you work from just one I don't like the radio, I don't like the radio, you don't like it personally, I'm bored being in the booth and I really respect the work of the announcers.
I have great friends who are also broadcasters and their life is the radio and they spend hours and hours on it. inside a booth but it doesn't bore me and more than I need direct contact with the public even if it is on television I say for the party that is precisely the merit of the radio because there is no such thermometer that 100 television has with the cameraman with those who are in the radio studio are talking to nothing even to a microphone that is turned on imagining but it is that that brand then the television is huge that is, while the radio permeates and the place is very beautiful it has a lot of magic the television reaches thousands of homes, he declared, I don't know, it immediately creates a brutal impact, but European radio arrives more.
No, I think television arrives more, open television still arrives, but I still haven't told you one thing, Enrique, really, Mexican television is not going to die. More in Latin America it is not going to die and even less with that of love our idiosyncrasy for our economy although it hurts us for our positions open television there are many who bet that television has simply diversified a little but like the radio of the television is going to continue forward send a comment a tweet with the hashtag it's serious to our two great guests to robot platanito show and arroba paco gonzález tv questions and comments because we want to return we want to talk about football up to date guadalajara it's time like this 22 years old in tvazteca how many anecdotes six world cups four olympics a great great career an unmistakable voice put to the test I invite you to put paco gonzález to the test send him a question it is an encyclopedia an impressive cultural heritage that of this great great Mexican chronicler also platanito is going to us continue telling about their antics and I think there are many missing many of the trails that come there is still further ahead with us María Elena, 25 years old from her beginnings in radio Paco González is today one of the most respected images within the sports field with great international coverage Like six World Cups and four Olympic Games, they seriously fear that we will use Paco González's brilliant career more, plus he will tell us his opinion of him about his performance as an Atlas player and of course his arrival in multimedia as a soccer starter.
Today, Guadalajara is serious, Miguel Díaz, Paco González, TV Azteca, now yes, talk to us about the competition, you can say whatever you want, nothing, it's a great opportunity, it was a platanito song to get into the context where Laura Zapata, the lady, we give you a hug, she has me blocked, by the way. but he left later he really asked for our heads because Mexico was in different programs saying that they were good he asked us where to head to head he asked for an engineer but he did ask for one of the heads at least he would have been happy I think he had mine and he There was no need for the entire door to be here José Ramón Fernández he is looking for you a title he is looking to do yes through Francisco Javier and you that how is the world Francisco is now director of the event we are very friends Javier and I and through ties making me here yes the Monterrey It's when Carlos Alberto was a TVazteca narrator and he had some problem and overnight something had to come out and they urgently needed a narrator.
José Ramón asks Javier Javier, give my name, then they also ask Emilio Emilio my name and the I was lucky I had not narrated on television until then yes on channel 6 of Guadalajara already and today the return to channel 6 of bofill and things Jose Ramon Fernandez how he is as a leader a wonderful leader or a born teacher an extraordinary person quite the opposite of what many people say about him is tough, very tough, very tough, but he is such an extraordinary guy that in five minutes he gives you a television lesson because the guy knows everything, the production house knows about sales, whatever you want, and therefore Of course he left with a look he could tell you everything but also when maybe he caught my attention a couple of times but when he did it his way of getting attention was so didactic that he not only left you with the reprimand if he didn't let you.
A lesson when you come in front of him until they were practically the pioneers of the beginnings of Aztec TV sports, what strategy they used to be able to win the exclusives from Televisa in the preparation, that is, everything was planned extraordinarily well, who was going to be what was meticulously chosen. In other words, if you had a person who gave sagas to learn more about national team issues, for example, they put Marino as Medrano, he brought specialists like Jorge Valdano like Menotti, those from home were extraordinary, Puente Gómez Junco, the narrators, I think that There was a very good group of narrators and the freedom to say what you want, and part of the success, for example, of this late night show is that here there is an opening label, I was joking just now that he said you can speak in the competition, of course he always saw them and I know that you can talk about anything when you have freedom and freely express what you are, you gain credibility with people and in this business the most important thing is to have credibility because this is the worst business in the sense that it does not need an explanation or is it you?
You don't have to say why you do things how to do things you just do them but the harshest judge is the remote control because the only thing people say is I like it or I don't like it and it makes it to the point the censorship the censorship and In that sense, someone who has a lot of credibility is you banana because people perfectly identify that not only do you not have a line or someone to tell you what to say but that sometimes you even go against the system and which gives you a character of rebel or anarch that makes them fall in love not only with your comedy but with your personality is exactly what the work of a comedian is and speaking of freedom I have the freedom to say that I am going to perform tomorrow at the auditorium pavilion m the show platanito heavy a great show that is worth going to see this new show live musicians a great production totally people will be able to sing dance it is like a concert with a pianist heavy well it is the plata nica trailer or heavy for level of jokes for him for everything and you know what I learned after kindergarten for ccoo I said I'm going to defend my work and for every joke that the agency offends he's going to tell them 10 rather harsh ones so I'm a comedian I'm not a murderer not to make people laugh and your That's what we comedians live for, imagine a world like this with the death of taxes but the laughter that I said didn't exist, you know we're going to laugh but for example it's therapy and but you're not afraid of suddenly this one doesn't know the retaliation with some type Marcos Valdés with this that this one sent you the pack and what you do demand test he was saying things it's not that Marcos look at it I'm going to apply what happened because he packed now yes yes since he's not one of the brothers of the Valdés dynasty saying son of the crazy daughter of which later I have it I had it as a friend of a friend on face ok then a study one night already leaving Los Angeles for Mexico City in the early morning and suddenly I get a message To my cell phone he says hello and I say hello and I see that smart world & they had him as a friend on face this hello what are you doing and I say you're in Miami I'm thinking as I lived in Miami and it says no in McAllen super body like this, super body is alone and I'm just if I thought I was leaving and that being with a friend is going to happen to me and he's asking if I'm alone out of discretion he says again super body do you want to see me maybe here They have the photos because the producer the producer told me hey, I'm interested and then suddenly Manuel Amaya sent me the photos of his buttocks with the vote of buttocks, the truth is I thought it was a joke because everything is stopped I didn't say anything and then I turned back to walk others and until you sent me completely naked and I said at first he was harassing me you laugh but he was sending photos he was harassing you he was trying to provoke a lazy atmosphere to see if fishing he was doing is son maybe the plantation is papaya and He's going to want to but it's what night we catch Marcos for this petit che in which a clown I'm not saying that he is attractive to us maybe yes in the makeup it even makes me want to go out with you he will think that he feels that he caught Marcos attention valdés a clown it is not understandable to do it with a clown how sensible and successful what do you answer no the truth at the time I blocked him and I said it no I am not going to block him it is blocking and apart from that I am going to be obvious what just happened and on my wall post all the photos I'm telling you that I was leaving Los Angeles for Mexico volleyball andWhen it landed in Mexico, my phone number was calls and calls and in addition to the press asking what happened, then this photograph is a production, please, nothing happens, we are serious, they bring them over there, they are going to send it to my cell phone so the cell phone and let him judge, people say that he responds to these, he didn't realize that I put him on the burner, it shows that what he is demanding of me, he draws up a report because then there is his father, he came out to defend him seriously, what the crazy man said, he didn't come out in a magazine and that Manuel's father, apart from that, is a great guy, Manuel, which from YouTube, the fortune of working with him in the comedy genre, but I said, well, his son is already grown up so he can defend himself only for the entity to take away his father.
Apart from Don Manuel, he has all my respect for him, he was not a good thief and after what you did to the poor forgive me, absolutely nothing, such is the super body, they look like a clown's butt and I didn't want to show off, it's good for me, it's better, this is the poor guy. Man, I don't like to talk a lot about him because I do have a lot of things to do, but help Alfredo now that he's changed his image so they can do an interview with me where I'm presenting a new character from Platanito Heavy and the reporter tells me, hey, who by the way?
You're going to Carlos Trejo or Alfredo Adame, go ahead and I'm a comedian, I said make a joke like I'm always taking medicine, let's see what I invent and I said, look, I'm going to both of them and I identify with both of them with Trejo because we're both choppers and we ride the motorcycle and I identify with Alfredo Adame because we both have it small that was my joke so so so later Alfredo Adame went with an infamous amorphous worm and then he says Alfredo Adame said it like that and the video says I'm going to tell you to say in the first place I don't have it small I have it mega small something like that he said I don't remember and secondly I don't have even 10% of the brain that that clown has I don't even have 10 thank you thank you double now and then I still had the fiat is because I'm a good person people say bananas well I'm not a good person I showed Adriana a message where I still for one person I write to Adame and that the writing listens to us in summary it is some words where you ex him You say, let me explain to you what it was like in Alfredo, I'm Sergio Banana, half half, on your phone, I hope to be able to talk to you.
I think it's important to give you an explanation before the media fulfills its objective. Let me know if it's possible to call you personally. The two little pigeons are there. They've seen me and I don't think I tried to call you but I didn't have any luck. I think it's important that nothing is to listen to the other party and not let you get hooked la la la la la la and I hope it grows but there is the message she never answered me and then she later wanted to play He all wanted to make things bigger and things and he couldn't, no, that's what happened, I just didn't say more, he talked to me like a lottery in the show, he had the press like that, they choose, I have absolutely nothing to say, but he said that he would robbery, I stole your painting in your own show, that's the way he dares to say that he stole your camera.
It's not that when he was in the uniform, he says a banana part, that clown told a joke from the strong kindergarten, he went to take me with liking, love, his report told a joke from the daycare and that is not done and then I told the press if the man was on my program in Los Angeles why did he not complain to me there and there they have me complaining I am going to money no I do not agree that there is two funny stories, don't wait to go to another program, of course, and probably the painting will be stolen, you can leave because when I invite artists to my program, I let them show off their voices, the idea was that the Apsons invited them, so first of all, that's what I wanted to do.
When we return we want to talk about 700 programs on Estrella TV, there are many more controversies with platanito at all times than to go down from what is most successful, my dear Paco, your release from TV Azteca, you decide, tell the real reason and well, later on to television czech teporaca for me the best narrator there is in Mexico the great paco I never missed a game narrated by him and the great clown they have as a guest yes he is a clown my rose that awaits us yes the beautiful voice of the west of affection because because From the east, Jorge has it well, coins, I don't understand, I don't understand, girl, why do women do that, that is, they paint their hair like leather, girls don't match the blinds with the rug, really, don't do that, and then I wanted to keep sheets but Seeing how the grandmother sings, I better retire, it has been an honor to have been with me, to know, above all, I wanted to meet people, the apathetic, these beauties and the golden horse, region 4, you didn't arrive very rude, they invited you to take the oath, it gave hope to the poor girl.
Well, don't you know that for me, when they invite me to the program, you know that it's a program, it's a singing contest, but no, it's not real. In fact, everyone sings horribly. I have fun. and I told her that the days should be singing where I didn't hear you and there was a guy in church and I found out that it was her husband who was talking about the daycare if they had a very old song after ten years of the daycare. No, I don't fit in, they even took away my microphone if they let him finish the microphone because he takes away the microphone, like what I defended, I defended the microphone and I was there in the studio, I was there in fact and if possible, they had reacted to us, I knew from the At the time when Platanito was surrounded by people, the talents of many, something could happen because they had not given us a style.
I don't think they were unaware of it and they say loudly, so loudly, because they have raised your tone and it is going to be your criticism or your Joke, I didn't tell him that he should sing where they can't hear you, that was my big sin, but nothing happens. Afterwards, I continued going with Chabán. I love concho habana, and whenever women have their men flirt, I don't realize they're upset, but You turn it around and stop bothering them, but yes, I do believe that there are many people who are not willing or who have their mind without a child and treatment, they know what they are going to face, they know that they are going to be bullied, they know that it can bother them if You're fat if the skinny guy told you so, said George Carlin, one of the greatest exponents of humor in the United States and in the world, that it is the responsibility of the comedian or comedian to stretch the league, he has that responsibility and sometimes even passes it on to see well and let her set the bar at another level because yes, notice that there she plays people who are very very there, right now in this era people are angry we already live in moments of angry stress people no longer laugh it is very difficult nowadays they will laugh I recently had the audience's turn in my theater and in Mexico the show was just starting and there was a bald man and you always know that the old people bother me, I'm also bald but but and she put up with it and I love that they bully me and then I start to to bother the man, he looked like a big man and then that's when the poor guy is going to die, poor guy, he arrived with 5 minutes of the show when it stops and if they leave, I say they're leaving and I return to the lady and she tells me you're My husband has cancer, no, I didn't know that I started fining someone who is blogging and hairless, so he tells me and it's not love, he doesn't know, I didn't know, and then I tell the Yámanas, excuse me, I didn't know that your husband is sick.
I wasn't bothering him because of his illness, I wasn't bothering him because he's so bald and go away, king. The comments from the public, of course, here he says, question for Paco González, he narrated box on the space channel, he narrates boxing, the file, this is a I still have a contract with them for a long time and very well, we are about to start the season when it has been going on for a year or so for three months, very well and well, it is still going on for three years for a while, I don't name it and I also had to watch, for example, this fight. by andy ruiz against antonio h narrated by you and for collage succulent succulent the dish already with you in the in the chrono it was very exciting to see that you live it you like it we destined me with platanito for example because those of you who know me but not for the same reason that with the same not in real life we ​​are calm people but when you put on the character, when I start to narrate I'm not Paco González I'm not like a different force positions me the voice is changing your voice changes you start to be descriptive of things and concepts that maybe I don't even and more I always say whether it is about preparing or not but inspirations come to you and I realize that I am more passionate than I thought and totally when I see your work and I can feel it there next to When you shout a goal you realize that there is no preparation that can match the passion and with which you do it because it is undeniable for ccoo it really is a vocation an even vigorous anecdote that in the 2006 world cup I think I had the best game What I saw there was in that World Cup and surely the best game to narrate in my life, Germany against Italy, yes they played it in a circle because the German team had played there for 40 consecutive years and had never lost and they said it was the most difficult match in a World Cup and yes It is the semi-final, not the final, then it is important to reach the final, the final, then whatever else, they went to extra time 0 0 in regular time and to finish the second extra time I was almost speechless, here comes the big goal and eros is also a friend of mine from del piero but I shouted the two goals with an intensity that suddenly makes me my teammate yes and he felt that there was a camera taking me and it was a camera from English television and they were excited to see my emotion I really didn't understand, I did my job, I finished the game and they came to me and said, hey, we want to do an interview with you.
It was extraordinary what we saw. The truth is, the emotion with which you Italians feel football doesn't interest me anymore. 72 are writers. This My wife and I are fans of panko and we always have a fantasy that when we are in the world after narrating there are children who hang themselves on the side of the Greek woman, the complaint, imagine, is it serious, the criminal stain, which would be, is it good until It's serious, he says, there were, in quotes, a banana show, friends from the middle who stopped talking to you after that joke at the daycare, either because of what they would say or because what you said really offended them, no, no, none of them, let them leave you, it was all. there is no media person who complained to me in person live, that is, never said directly to my face today I am more than a lady who told me I will never forgive you for killing those children explains well the double standards we have no The double standard that we sometimes have bothers me because this generation is like glass, that is, instead of complaining, for example, to politicians that they do have an obligation to do things or that they say one thing and with their actions they do another to someone.
What he does is simply try to make people laugh, it happened to us in a multimedia transmission. In fact, I don't want to bring up the topic, but I hope Father Marcelo comes to see you. When you understand the context in which things are said, you understand why they are said. What are they saying and maybe the only thing you want is to make people have fun, nothing more goes beyond that, it is not a criticism of anyone nor is it offending anyone nor is it making fun of anyone's situation is what we need We laugh so much and we take life so seriously that we really waste our energy on nonsense.
I have a father's anecdote that he told me about after many, like eight years after the joke, one of the parents of the children in the school told me. kindergarten and he told me, do you know what banana I want to offer you? Now there is an apology to you. After eight years, I realize that you are not guilty of anything at all. You are a comedian since my son died. I laughed at the tragedies and the jokes today. day I keep laughing and I am realizing that I also keep laughing at jokes about tragedies and the Lord understood it the truth is that this is what double standards are like the maxim of the encounter with joy is when you can laugh at yourself we live in The time of thin skin, my dear, having dawn is, but it is time to introduce our third guest or engineer to complete our shortlist, it seems very clear to you with our next guest, she is known as the children's voice of Monterrey, a very talented singer, entertainer and pioneer of children's programs in multimedia with all of you mariaelena guajardo lópez the emotion in the midst of the gentlemen of television maría elena it is correct you have always loved children notice that in reality I started singing more romantic music romantic romantic at what age do you start with romantic music, then he will tell you about the story from Adam and Eve, don't worry, you silvery, I started very young at school, he talks like all the children singing at festivals in primary school, in secondary school, and later, I also participated in the peace program rest from rómulo otero in looking for stars but I was very young and as it was they accepted me and compadre won and I was also in little stars on 12 and at the entrance when the children's values ​​also on channel 6 channel 6 in jiménez norte 730 I remember well, so my thing was always another type of music.
It makes me nervous because I'm excited to see it because yes, or diversity was what they told me to start singing. Make me talk because I get very nervous. I don't always know. The nervousness of speaking has made you nervous and then you liked ballads, romantic and comfortable music. This turn was actually a fluke. It was a coincidence. I started working or singing at the festivals that carried out civic and cultural action in the municipality ofMonterrey, where the macroplaza of Plaza Zaragoza used to be, he took me to take a test and at that time there was a cri-cri music festival and Don Francisco Gabilondo Soler came to the city on the Río Negro 70 no In the Juárez cinema, yes, and that was where I sang a song because if they accepted me for the Alicante festival, it rains and rains, hiding in their cave, the rabbits have been looking out of the hole since yesterday, all they do is watch the rain fall on that bieber radio that that big pretty girl got tired of because there pornographic that not of the letters of the letters with the legs open with the stick in the middle it enlarged it was in a bad mood because it was hot the ant was not going to consume water because because the salt took away the opportunity to have participated with itself Yes, yes, having participated in that festival, there was also another festival later in Río 70 and there I was lucky enough to sing with the Bebu Silvetti orchestra the song of Joe and Silveti, the great spicy bullfighter, who served in his company.
I would like to know what love is. If it is true that it exists or if it is just an illusion that deceives the heart, it says it shines like the sun or if it cries like the plum sea, like the wind, if it gives us torment or happiness, better not, what happens is that my voice is very high-pitched and For it seemed like, sorry, a song by Rocío Durcal, which to see you again, to see you again, to know that you really live, to look at your eyes, to be your forehead, as you discover that they have a high-pitched voice.
Whoever tells you, I imagine that this is the direction of the children's music, no, then I started singing at the festivals. I told you about the civic and cultural centers of the municipality, called Plaza Zaragoza, Plaza Hidalgo, the Topochico civic center and all the centers and the ones and because I saw Topochico as a child at that festival. It is the way to sing but not like now when the children prepare with their album with their music and it is there not arrived and you said well I am going to sing this song who is going to accompany me no because there is a guitarist no because there is a pianist no Well, they are pretty seats, you had to know how to do everything because before they were very pretty, right now it's pure pornography, there's one song about oral sex, exactly, but the others are very nice, but they were educational, they were pedagogical, they were songs with the intention that it fits the merchandise I learned a lot of work so after that you reach the age of 15 and what do you want to study what is the other I couldn't continue studying so to work and then I was in a Spanish American soccer league the rector Héctor Garza Guzmán had the Spanish American league and I started to work there to make the receipts that the team so-and-so was going with so-and-so on the campus so-and-so already got both receipts right but he told me so-and-so pregnancy to my sister patient pregnancy so-and-so then after he told me well you're not going to earn that much they were without pesos at that time everything apart from pesos he bought me my shorthand typing books open because I didn't know anything at all he bought them for me he said but it's fine no problem if they talk to you about the municipality you can go sing So I started singing happiness at the time of José José and José José died.
Well, to his daughter Sarita, do you know how they say how the little girl is strawberry? Why, because she didn't want to give up the body, not at all, in general, now I'm going to sing bits and pieces if I Allow it because I already told you that I'm not a good lover of sugar, so you can do whatever you want. I found out that you turned your birthday then, and congratulations on celebrating a new year with a joy. We sing to you in your chat and may you never miss it. your life dreams because the future has a place for you happiness congratulations may your heart always laugh happiness congratulations for many years health and love and we take a short break as we could already tell the program is getting better and better pocket breathing with the hashtag It's seriously ready, our shortlist of guests sent a comment or any question to Maria Elena or El Buen Platanito using the hashtag It's serious, don't take off, we come and go, but not before reminding you that we will have info for you later, put it in or spit it out. to have to answer a somewhat uncomfortable question or if they don't answer it, try something extremely unpleasant, this when I come back, it's serious next Thursday, in this seriously, we are joined by Liliana Arriaga, the shots comedian Ana González, host and sports announcer, and chef Betty, expert in the culinary arts my dear friends now in fans to offers with gifts so buy save and get them by purchasing with your famsa credit in terms of more than 18 months choose a gift and the bigger your purchase the bigger your gift will be visit your fake branch and find a wide variety of styles of motorcycles, there are semi-automatic dual-purpose sports scooters, ATVs and even choppers, ideal for every need for work as a personal vehicle to spend a weekend out of the city or simply to make your life more agile. daily don't miss this great opportunity because when buying a motorcycle you can buy any model with your fake credit get one of these gifts a one ton mini splitter or a samsung smartphone you can also get a sonic mini component or a 58 inch smart tv inches so you already know buying with your credit famsa choose one galasso the bigger your purchase the bigger your gift will be we guarantee the best price in all of mexico so you know famsa believes in you buenos aires- present if you want security and trust fits Buenos Aires - we have what you need with loans within your reach.
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For any questions or clarifications, you can dial 81 57 7500 Caja Buenos Aires - I recommend it to you haha, Buenos Aires, I present it to you, I spit it out, we officially start this section, Engineer, what do you think, but Very simple, here we have a delicacy from a delicious buffet and we are going to have some small envelopes here, each person is going to have two questions for another of the guests or Adrián Marcelo or a server, you will have the decision of whether you want to answer the question or prefer to eat some of these delicious delicacies, how, if you decide not to answer the question, when to take the remote control, are you going to point at the camera and click?
The roulette wheel is going to run and you can eat on this side. It could be a spoonful of honey here. we have strong honey very good here we have a delicious one you like the chicken gizzards chicken gizzards they look like they have delicious hairs we have Neapolitan snow this is good we have the chicken legs it smells this smells call this side we usually the oreo cookies in the middle here we have a little show of the liquid from the cueritos and since we couldn't waste the cueritos we made paco popsicles it was here in the middle we have smell the snow with mayonnaise but obviously nothing besides the pig's head and our spoonful of hazelnut cream those are the options we have here we have the envelopes we have to stand and no I composed the song because it is so small it's you it's more here are the two questions from platanito are you going to keep them the platanito is from Maria Elena, you're going to have them.
You wanted to leave me with Paco's. The bases we have. I always wanted to have the bread ones. Your side is not me, I have one here that is for you, engineer. Let's go ahead with the first question and see if you decide to answer it or eat what is around here. three things that your in-laws don't do to you in the house because I do notice well guys I don't miss the lame person so much anymore putting on the roulette I can't do that I have a family Sunday every Sunday leather vinegar Marcelo I can't take away the final point it's like being in danger and he is Chinese the hair gives to the engineer please I'm going to give him a drink of the camera with him please exact but not for that deep down the whole head of being yours some supports of him I have said to my old but paiva this is for paco paco gonzález in every job there are always people we don't get along with who you didn't get along with or weren't very close to on tv azteca here is your second option that isn't worth it okay you have to to say name, he meant clearly, I told them at the meeting, why is he not going to answer one, he is a gentleman, we have to, for this one, we are going to put the reality and that we have already, now, if they want to check themselves, but it is sad, the tutor cannot leave the screen. what could be seen for me you are a gentleman name a reporter or journalist from the entertainment industry who has been more and that is stolen more be with you a very good game that is currently on television image very well perfect for ccoo for this area More like it's not, this one is for María Elena.
I love the little legs. Here, she appreciated that the play is happening and I'm leaving. The two daughters of Mr. Raúl Ramos, Chelita, politics were more unbearable, once another one of us almost didn't like him. eat can eat family is not in agony for them what they endure in the now liliana that community is not easy I can't answer engineer attend to our three guests today is the one you were least looking forward to you don't listen to María Elena the truth but I'll blow you up the game that never and you are going to eat no of course as an invention I have answers because the violence they sing note it is a snow with mayonnaise and I have a friend who appears in the mayonnaise but the production is not good it is my turn sorry for the study You're going to leave, I'm going to take revenge and I'm going to come too.
I'm arriving at the Monterrey airport. Excuse me, your dog finds drugs from your wife's best friends who you don't get along with or get along with less. The best friends they have. Don't let up. no costs and the difficult one too and well I don't frequent someone called paola sánchez so much paola sánchez paula sansó del Fondo the engineer likes her friend paola come on here is the pana paco he is from platanito who says goodbye inside tv azteca who is the sports commentator or host who spends his time collecting cathedral chapels cathedrals with or so he could explain why the lady wives the candles the production is integrated the output of the production is integrated by come on yes yes yes there are ladies in the whys The gentlemen already have it, thank you, I love you all, but with that terrible no no no no, but the singer has performed with your show in various states of the Mexican Republic, which state of Mexico has the worst, I myself am leaving tomorrow, I will show up True, tomorrow I'll wait for you in the auditorium, pavilion m, it's only nine a night, thank you for inviting us appropriately, it was new, the new norm is already there, whether you like it or not, and now you no longer have the face like it, but it's also that the room can be eaten as single as married as single no no no no no allow soft cart because he is telling us happy he is very happy within the children's world clowns entertainers etcetera with which person marilena you could never get along well well you got along let's say I am I am very calm well there they are consult get angry look but I don't like chocolate or not don't go vomiting anymore and the dwarf himself at the end of the program even if he leaves with his daughter head for the question to look with this one let's close eat it huesca pelo you haven't done something with a doll or child in the bathroom and with whom I have not done anything with any doll I have no problem and I thought she was a witch but but not more like an inflatable doll but I thought she was a witch because her bubi bites her She flies into the distance but not her sweet voice accompanied an entire generation of children, making María Elena an icon in children's entertainment.
The singer-host and children's entertainer lived her time of glory alongside Don Raúl Ramos in the concept Low Dips La star who was remembered with great affection by the children of yesterday, today parents are one of the pioneers in television concepts for children today. Seriously, María Elena will tell us what she thinks of current children's entertainment and her great satisfaction at being remembered as a of the queens for the children and what has been of his life after television for seriously Miguel Díaz I came to them by pure chance yesterday eating a nursery and the group of VIPs very important you marked childhood no matter what type it is queen of children and I love it but they call you to change on Sunday I'm going to see her at the piñata they invite you to the beats if I come in by chance I told them that I was working in the municipality right with another type of music and on one occasion I went with some nuns from the social service to the ATP Tepic Nayarit and just as I left the I lived in the Buenos Aires neighborhood, just as I left, other girls and boys from other nearby neighborhoods went to that event and they invited us to see total I went there and just as they gave us the lectures, we sang, we danced and we played a lot of games.
A secretary from channel 3 was there on channel 4 and she told me that I love you, you should go to television, there is a program for children who have the test andThat it doesn't stay like this is decisive today, of course, I have never been there in life because you don't believe it is true either, so I continued on my way singing here in the municipality, the live light group was already formed, it was maybe about a year old, so there is the girl who was there at that time was going to be away for a while so the secretary of channel 3 told her to raúl and then she said to him that I had to say no if a girl if you want there as you see if you want let's go look for it I didn't even know where she lived then they went all the way down the street this revolution exactly in revolution and chapultepec there was a restaurant and on one side a butcher shop la enramada like the carnitas from la enramada so there they asked and the butcher is already being asked today, notice that like this a little short girl, look what I don't know what the girls and Don Juanito's granddaughter totally came there to the house with my grandparents so there they were just talking how and as you can see, I don't know what you would be very interested in about Qatar and I don't know what my vibe is, it was different so now I asked my parents for permission, they gave me the opportunity and I came in to replace the girl who was there at that time, which was supposedly going to be a month, and by then there was a demo, we are in contact, the idea that I already had the recorded music of the music of the origin Your style, my mom is like that, she tells the independent stories, that's what I have, the things she says, let's all go and if we go, everyone accepted me and I don't have any left, but for this I beg her in the beats and the supplication in Fernando's band.
Infante, a very well-known band here in the city that only played at events like that, I didn't know how to learn a lot because it was pure music about the then imagine singing in places at the weddings of the millionaires here in the city of 18. years old then you are 18 years old the group scheduled the party and the band's recorded song was with your hand on my hand how is that song going put your mother in my hand and it puts the pain to rest and the beats song was the What can I say, but it had a great boom because it was at the national level.
In some statements they heard us say that these narco series are very fashionable. He just declared that he had parties for the Lord of the Skies. I also had to go where you didn't want to go. He is at the Cepillín fair, not in his portfolio, as if he were with Chávez and also with Guillermo Ochoa, rest and Lourdes. I don't remember anything that I am here in the city because this Raúl always took videos everywhere to see where he stuck gum. I don't think what this Jacob Zabludovsky says, if you don't have something better to do, I invite you to see a group from Monterrey this Sunday, which I don't know what something is.
Hello, I'm your rag doll. My father offered us to never be on the same level. National, notice that more than I live in myself or myself because I was there, I was in the one that Reynaldo López spoke to me, while I was in the VIPs to do this casting, he said, I already have people here who are in the city to do a program, but I want give you the opportunity for you to also be present then the program was X's with René married there I was singing Marcelino Marcelino only bread and only wine and on another occasion in a novel in a novel and we didn't have the program tied and they already called us to a program in the program in a soap opera they put wherever he is and wherever I am listen to me sir I know that you are the only way the nights with platanito and that one that I had Maria Elena program me in Los Angeles California 700 good programs 696 programs 7 years of many and 600 in a season and 700 in this one no he is an area of ​​17,700 in this and the last 696 programs highlight 4 to reach 700 programs very happy very grateful to the company star tv with Mr.
Liberman who gave me the opportunity and who trusted me because I took a leap with a better approach. You're going to the United States. I was in full swing on telehit and I said to myself, 'I'm going to Hollywood to succeed, let's see how it goes and that the mirror's first clown with a 'late night' they are the only clown that comes to mind with a late night show platanito that's more than four thousand 300 guests danny trejo in theirs carmen tonic electra is with those on duty in carmen electra danny trejo people from the walking dead in the zombie series the walking dead from criminal minds to be a eugenio derbez aislinn derbez to martha higareda real mention like when sorry to interrupt you but when memo del Bosque tries to convince you to do television it proves to be reluctant and you end up managing the style of television the format like no other host in front of a desk behind a desk if there is a way, for example, there are programs where a single host does not have to be put on by the teachers, I am very grateful, the truth is It's been seven years, a lot of people tell me banana, how do you feel sad?
No, I don't feel sad. I feel very grateful to the entire US public because it was throughout the American Union. The problem is not with banana. Now my program is happening too. in Azteca on the channel at more 7.2 every Saturday at 9 at night super mirage there I am on my program noche con platanito for who was the best guest you had they are not going to see one that you say this island we invite for me It was and apart from that it was the one with the highest rating, we invited some factors from the Chicago Fire series who are firefighters who live in Chicago and that's what the series is about, how firefighters live in Chicago and they said that it's a very cool series so they start to interview these actors great actors Chicago Fire headquarters imagine apart firefighter of course very excited that the Chicago Fire actors were and I say hey but what it feels like to be there because they do very strong scenes that you feel about belonging to this great series of Chicago FARC and They say it's not that we love them, we get nervous when the actors arrive and we see them and then and you also get nervous when you see actors if no no it's not impressive to see them they don't let us get close to them as among you they weren't actors, they lost their temper production and they were extras, they were the ones who came out walking in the back and that is the one with the lie not thinking that we need them today I have some people who are in Chicago Fire but they were it was to know who were the ones that come out in the back and they don't let us get close to the actors and In the cut I tell them hey but what role do you have and they tell me no longer I'm a stretcher bearer, I was just the one carrying the stretcher and it wasn't Nestor daughter and some living people but no one said anything because they were going to run to the entire production and imagine apart the Mr.
Liberman monitored all the programs so nothing happened and that program was a lot of fun with these they were prepared for everything from ties to getting wet so the least expected ones are the ones that end up working out today we were a little worried about how we are going to do what approach and paco gonzález and maría elena coexist it is an institution here in monterrey to eat still a short break and ro return with more than seriously i believe so that we do not mention why you left tv azteca after 22 years three months i know what happened i believe that all life has a cycle and well, the company had had very good contracts for many years and the company at that moment decided that, well, there is going to be a substantial reduction to my contract, which I did not agree with, of course I have the pride of saying that I am the only commentator in the history of this country who has been able to say goodbye in a match because I left on the best terms and you don't want me to continue under the same conditions.
I am not interested in what you offer me. Maybe I foolishly thought that going out to the peripheral it was going to rain on me to see we are in a terrible television problem but look what's on soft now I'm here on channel 6 very happy how long does it take to get a new job but very lucky Enrique I am blessed by God and life. I left in October, September-October, I don't remember, and in January I was signing my first contract with spaces. The first contract was for a provisional boxing contract for three months, yes, but the truth is that it is a company that He treats me excellently, they belong to the guardian and Ted Turner, that is, their monster, and they have Turner, who sang in an incredible way, and coming back to this for a long time, I am very grateful to them, but yes, I also have to understand that life goes on, one does not know if At some point you can return or not, but today I am happy to convey here to the Chivas about playing soccer on the day in Uah in Guadalajara, which for me is an extraordinary opportunity because I did my entire career outside of Gualajara, really, that is the important part.
Let's say clearly they say that you are never a prophet in your land and today the channel is giving me the opportunity to make an extraordinary program from a very good brand from this house that is football up to date in Guadalajara and that makes me very happy what is reality for What is your voice? I dare to say that it is the most unmistakable voice in Mexican football. There is no place where your voice is not recognized because with the soul, my voice, which to me is something incredible, I wanted to put a face to that for a long time. voice that made me vibrate that made me excited that he included me in the game because the style that engineer has and I say this briefly for ccoo when the footballer approaches the rival area he stands up he listens to him and that emotion as if a foreign soul in him I say it is incredible the way in which he lives football and sincerely it makes you admire what it makes you learn and above all makes you respect this profession it is incredible what paco gonzález does with a microphone and how I play it he looks like a director of orchestra because he gives play to those who are part of the transmission, he is not someone who tells attention, for me he knows how to distribute because he knows how to interpret the talent with which he is surrounded and he knows how to bring out the best in each one and when he does not establish it and you are listening to live the single party I don't like it no that's something incredible about Paco that I think few have in the profession of Guadalajara beautiful in Guadalajara and in fact it is the only place that has a like a kind of lake truth without being without being in the coast to the coast is not there the thing is it is a very traditional fish and it is called the pescó cullen it was fished ass abbreviated for more pleasure and double floor nito where are you going to present tomorrow I will be in the black pavilion auditorium today Friday 3 tomorrow today today today today I will be in the auditorium pavilion m only performance 9 at night I will wait for you Marielena we can sing we are going to have a very nice time and a twizy leo tells us when he says what Verónica Ortiz says what a disgusting banana interrupting María's interview Elena we know that she is a comedian but because the desire to stand out does not respect the lady commenting on everything with double meanings and then she sings the beats and she my childhood oops sorry little flower stepped on you it bothers you that they remember when you hear these tweets because there are people who say no is that the banana to your fans not to

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