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Programa 12 (01-07-2018) - Por el Mundo Mundial 2018

May 01, 2020
very good evening from paris we are stranded in general and although a website brought me up to 1 love and this is a live situation it is happening I say 7 let's see a Frenchman is getting up it all started at the end of the second world war when they killed my parents and my sisters speak french we are from argentina they won us my madonna blood delivered in two minutes for the wedding 2 let's see what we have today around the world live from paris today around the world live from paris with licita we don't even do a gastronomic tour of the city of light we visit the church of notre damme together with mirko punctual and if we vote for you on the lido de paris mirko celebrates his eight months and meets the little prince and travels to the asterix and obélix park a scary place the catacombs as well we know the only museum of the vampire in the world we show you the monalisa in the louvre museum and we travel by boat on the seine river today around the world live with you see well and from paris impressive for package e of votes today your boyfriend was but she is very pretty as I already said that I am going to do a lot more strip because we are in paris sections in male it was exactly we are in paris we are live and the idea is that today we are going to transform you into a grandiose lady of paris today we are going to the lido of paris smarter children we are here with the triumphal arch one of the most important monuments in france and that was built in 1890 1810 there was an elephant to an elephant or the arch of Triumph on the one hand for his victory in the battle of Austerlitz ah but there is more hello how are you where are you from barbarian brawn and combat on paper the paper paper is the dark-haired one I want to win the jackpot for the good guy now for a while let's see what happens to a plane passed through here it is true a plane passed through the middle no now not in the parades that became military a plane passed through the middle of this place obviously a plane is very small no but well we have images of that moment of historical promotion passed the plane for training military parades we are seeing it there precisely so that people get to know a little more about France but hey it is very ready I don't know if the air of paris is confused with knowing why it was very difficult because we arrived in paris after russia we have each other That anyone was looking for it, we have images of what it was like, as soon as we arrived here in Paris, we tried to make a promo and it was complicated, it didn't turn out very well, let's see so you can see how the recording of the notes that you are going to see tonight began This Sunday the 9th nobody does anything they are celebrated this Sunday 9:30 but all Colorado is this Sunday 9:30 at night now this Sunday 9:30 at night around the world live from Paris with the whole game- Alejandra played some of the director alejandro varley this sunday 9:30 p.m. around the world live from paris with the whole game there is again and this sunday 9:30 p.m. around the world I'm going live from Paris with the Argentina France match we live from Russia and it's because you didn't take me out, Alejandro said this Sunday 9:30 at night around the world live from Paris with all of Paris and with the entire Argentina France match from Russia and from here from France by phone how difficult it is but better to complicate the police to the police I said no to subtract it was the car over there but they didn't smile it was a policewoman the one who was marked was the síndic and I already thought that he was going to subtract us and he passed by and the whole front smiled at us because seeing these different faces and offering Frank his ticket the truth is that the game here was very strong we thought we were going to win today and I had the honor of greeting to the entire team before the third game and the avalanches with agüero to mascherano to paulo dybala to everyone everyone to divide that route as a great energy I went with mirko I was lucky to see him messi who is in the photo with messi I took the photo with 5,000 it's actually the people with the people ask to get 2,000 with exactly and the time that messi is so humble and so good vibes that I was also lucky that he later sent me the shirt signed for milk, that is, a love, well, for it That memory of having met and we are looking at the shirt will remain with him, will he have the memory of having one of the best players in the world signed the shirt and the photo of having also been with Maradona some time before knowing that he is a baby With eight months that he has had incredible experiences, but hey, we all have to be proud and of course we have to accompany them and put up with the rags.
programa 12 01 07 2018   por el mundo mundial 2018
We were just watching the game and we wanted to show you what happens here in France when France-Argentina plays, we have a little other for show them what the Argentine madness was because the French madness was not there we did not say let's see here and the game was not here there was no one in the eiffel tower but hey We Argentines do live it intensely and that's how it was in France, look today, but why? Because this is a party, it's lived in all parts of the world, but especially in French, thanks, cars waiting for buses, all of Argentina is in its own style.
programa 12 01 07 2018   por el mundo mundial 2018

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programa 12 01 07 2018 por el mundo mundial 2018...

Argentinian fans and on the other hand if the camera accompanies us we are going to show here in another place we have a French French Argentinian the same as far as it went but cheap there are the countries united well placed arms that people have to look at going to Argentina it gets the drummer who is in a hurry gives me the embers of all the Argentine restaurants in France in the neighborhoods of France today about a party you had to book in advance the exact table is like our day with friends from there and here it is a party in several se they are selling empanadas and red wine or beer and in this one it is an Argentine barbecue now it is reserved to see Argentina-France inside here that is what happened the truth that there was not much The energy on the part of the French, the Argentines, we were here, it was a disaster, it was crazy, beautiful, beautiful, crazy, the others, but well, the next World Cup is going to ours, in Qatar, they will know how to sing until Bogotá, we have well, well, we began to travel through Paris, his dream was see the eiffel tower in the afternoon we are not going to stop a bus and we are going to see if it is live because it is the church collective that passes 260 something 14 706 live television is this is coming micro I can't believe it is we are going to see if we stop and if we stop we get inside why stop please but this is the country micro for the world it's called look I can't love you for the world says the micro here please here it is a micro disc it's a micro disc let's see What is your mom about?
programa 12 01 07 2018   por el mundo mundial 2018
It's a micro disco where you go to dance while touring Paris. Look what music is. I can't believe you. Come live. I'm proceeding to meet Paris in a traveling disco. My girlfriend is waiting for me to get married. Very good. tonight there are 16 so the odyssey company here live leaves everything has character at the door for us to start and let's go now we have the faults you have to put a period and behind the men women and with all the parties that inside we go we started the mic and they are closing the doors and where it grabs what it is like to dance without it combines to win it is said for the dance while we start we are going there we have to know everything live we are live it is 10 at night in Argentina at 3 in the morning here in several bars I don't know the time of the numbers at night in Argentina 3 in the morning in Paris we are traveling it can be seen that we are traveling and outside if we are walking well we are going to visit Paris on a trip for a while we show them to the rest of the bus to find out get to a girl little train we are not going to educate let's go the little train to evaluate she got a boyfriend but let's go to the balloon note and continue shipments from paris in the micro disco and here we are in paris we have to live we fulfill the dream the truth is lousy the place look at the matches the tropical barbie is not with us either dear let's go up now to that balloon go up this cable appointment stop the grove goes down and there is one we go up and then go up again how is this system of the wolf is a A balloon is a balloon that has ice than us and that is not invented with France as in Argentina, sometimes it is not achieved that in France four countries of the world are achieved and it has how many cubic meters of them have thousands of cubic meters of 6,200 and It is a 10-minute trip and it still travels up to here, they put tourists out for a walk so tell me here here to here and then go here always nothing but up to here 6 to analyze the air we take in at 150 meters for tourists and at 300 meters to analyze the exact air of de hart voice information well here we are entering so the balloon of paris they want to go rising until they turn around again and they attack each other it is unbalanced unbalanced do well we are on this side to the little ones and going up quickly for miles we passed 150 meters sir come back they have never been asleep in life not even when dad looks in the mirror at mid afternoon in the tower of more than 300 meters hernando it feels bad to leave him I have boys We are suffering all your dreams, you wanted to see this place, we have the Eiffel Tower, the view, the Seine River, the girls, the veins, the planes, exploded without a brain, do not tell me horrible things, for example, we will continue to rise if it is cut off and never come down again, the owner of the balloon since I was little I knew I was going to have a balloon if it's cut off it's stable what happens instead of making a captive flight and coming back here we won't come back again we'll go with the wind and the balloon we'll use it in the field we landed in england the garden house we're going down It depends on the wind and also on the people, but we can do between 60 and 70 flights.
programa 12 01 07 2018   por el mundo mundial 2018
We got to the ground. We got to the ground. A pose, how are you, this old man's foot is going down so his bones do not sound this age has been loose his bones in the water with the old man but he is not the firmest delicate for the heights of the circumstances well I can't believe it that we are living in this bus because of this sex bomb nicole that belgium we are here with all the people we are in a bus that is a disco stick please let's move this place forward now I don't know let's show it I rent lady gaga when she came to paredes It's also a bus that has the plate, baby, it's not quite empty since it's a television program, but there's champagne for everything and people can dance in the studio, it would be here in the bus, it's great, it's spectacular, not only the idea but also security send I just downloaded come we are live where we are all happy they did not meet we are as we are live of course but that they are at least on the cell phone or as they are going to notify them of the Argentines of course still and It's Córdoba of course because if it hits more it hits more incredible the party gets off the bus until here well it's going to show a little what is said we'll be back but hey we're on live television this is one of the most important streets of there are seven phrases that tell us say hello this area is very similar to someone I don't know she's deceived I'm going to look for her I'm going to look for my cell phone to this house to see but yes no the steps for accidents the cars go by very quickly horsham it is said that he is now more once than not can bear lines those are the me the best fashion houses are here to urge you to come from champs élisée we are live this is louis vuitton the adventure in argentina is known the adventure is enjoyed here like lipitor let's try the letters in primary school the end of the The front part of the cars, for example, horrible, it was good, this is silver, but it's worth it to be my life and thieves, but really, the brands of the cars, if you're happy and well, the nest is near here. to show we debuted on the lido in paris thank you very much and others more argentinian but they appear with a boyfriend and we have formed two couples love moves so beautiful very similar now precisely because he turned eight months old mirko we met at asterix park oh what a beautiful place astérix and Obelix is ​​here I am a fan of citrus restrictions we had to take care of him because we lost the moment to teacher because it was happening to Marley to come we are going to the Eiffel Tower to see it live what is happening here in France in Paris in these moments three-odd in the morning we are live for all of Argentina and I'll be here until the clock up there they ask for more tests that I hope the numbers 23 and 10 in the morning worked out I'll fall late let's see then 8 months fulfilled the framework and it we celebrate in the asterix and obélix park we upload it now and we go to the eiffel tower found well maybe this is a little more state than mirko I love all the names in alphabetical order names are very funny and apart from the good thing that gave the parents that asterix and obelix taught a little about the history of rome of julius caesar of cleopatra the history of humanity all this blessing because it is a way to learn a little history with a lot of humor and playing there is the druid she is much younger than him and in your life I know that she created the magic potion that is where Obelix fell that is why she has so many powers she is used to my beard we have a unique missile if you Come in, I'll give it to you, he says, well, the moment of madness has arrived.
We put these three fears in. I'm terrified. I'm panicking. It seems to me that it's going to be very dangerous. the little head of a thousand things recreates and start your first analysis that speeds is so heavy this raft could not achieve I am all ends up leaving everything on horseback with the league shows thus announcing the happy to the carousel live the first park of di versions of milko and mine, of course, we are only separated by seven years, these characters are different, those of India are also Cleopatra, look, Cleopatra is happening toolizzielizzie lizzie you're excited I'm not saying that instead of giving all this scenery panama made this same sound and that way of sleeping reminds me of the train to the train from russia the engine there was no one sleeping under me or snoring the same as but no and Here we are in a place where you can see the things to buy these things because I love having cereal for breakfast and there are Asterix and Obelix staying on camera with the truth because they have great suspicions to be able to wear a park all afternoon and obviously all the clothes who has to act with them and rest in asti's chair things from cups to pillows of everything perfectly of course clothes for babies but we could dress my selection and we could do a raffle in front of people not good if they like your story of asterix and obelix We are going to draw a draw for this election, what they have to do is put hashtag networks around the world, both on Instagram and on Twitter, and we are going to draw a winner.
I'm just asking for networks at this moment I'm when I instagram with this photo with this goddess that's how Efe is exposed and says these characters can win until elections and Asterix and Obelix like this I can't believe it hello how is everything good the look is dressed the colors from argentina you have to wear pants argentina very good well let's take the photo mexico we are fulfilling the dream beat was sleeping obélix is ​​cooking a wild boar there he is going to look he is going to obélix he says goodbye and in this way we leave the park what a beautiful moment I The truth is that a certain divine day that was beautiful eight months after Wednesday led to Vélez and we already got off the bus to look at the Eiffel Tower, what a beautiful reader, I complement a thousand things, there are many, and the truth was that it was a more fabulous birthday, we also had more for a while being in the little prince also meets here I have asterix obélix and if they want to win you are worth a memory from here in France these French characters t an popular has to write on twitter or instagram in account brown marley in bass ok tibores hashtag around the world hashtag mirko and we are going to look for a winner of these two dolls plus no production a family money for producers of the agra school program the school groping Full production of the dolls, well, there is well-being, there is food here to fulfill my dream, it is that your dream birthday makes me hungry and look, there is pizza.
I think this is the raulito, of course, this is not the case. the one that are salty and sweet at the same time and well I was watching a little bit of pepper 1 in the truck we are on live television time is a television tyrant I would do it from the heart but very hungry are you eating the banana with the cream or the other and so that you are and well he asks me well thank you well well live television we are arriving at the viewpoint myths it's me fulfilled I wanted him look there are some with little lights and everything for a while Now she is surprised from time to time, surprised and with all the little lights, look for 60 euros that she can carry.
It's big now, it's permanently lit, but well, we'll see when the lights come on, but this is a bit huge, this transnational, 125 euros to this Eiffel Tower. but something is missing, please, well, we are now, keep coming to the eiffel tower and we are going to continue our journey on the party bus, many people are in this place because well, summer is hot, it's wonderful, take advantage, he says, take advantage of the summer because it's a moment where they can go out because later in the winter they lock themselves up as everywhere else it becomes more very complicated to be able to enjoy the day and everything that is this beautiful view via what this eiffel tower this is the lighthouse from above and lived above has liked the ex files built the defense afternoon i've been there and he had his office up there imagine it was built in 1889 the eiffel tower and the truth is that it is a world icon no everyone comes to visit the 7 million a year it's true it's the place where people get married the most they also get engaged declare moore because this is very romantic because I can't keep taking advantage of it you're sure because because of the way I'm beast the conductor I want to see the same workshop share clothes as well as share with peace but as if it is shared say goodbye to parade music please the world's top model is going to parade in a historic place eiffel tower here is beautiful beautiful shaking her head look how she serves people why but whistle crime if they do well and hit them we used to do everything we are going to tell a fact that is very rare you knew that in summer the eiffel tower is higher than winter than the jerk who knows 6 centimeters more because it is iron and with the heat today it was more than 35 degrees the iron stretches and in winter it shrinks due to the cold it is a bestiality like the asphalt also needs all this game the tower the track every seven years yes it is they are singing for me but let's see it was like singing horrible qatar who only says to you that the face of the statue is so horrible for its living statue that it is so much with the face of stop singing please skip the world what do you think if we go see the note we made on the boat it was great we got on a boat on the seine river and he learned good manners a young lady is being transformed into a french lady and a law d in an hour we are getting to the boat we will need nothing it usually costs mountains at night to give birth to the tropical land land of salvades of madeira they sang the most voted song in samba land with their backs to the reception of the ship we are entering the ship of their maternal gray-haired fight no one on the ship does a whole tour of everything in life in brazil in brazil and here the bank costs you everywhere in paris but we go from here to the eiffel tower where we have to go now because the statue of liberty is France gave it as a gift to people greater than here and freedom is smaller there is a piano look, teacher, read please, fabulous, our book that is received is very difficult to reach because of your body, I am so so with this, get your hand out, Antonio, open it up for me up to the coast so far obama is in the kitchen I don't know what's going on I'm not about to die of faith if you want more me and here we are inside the bass if you can't get it finally nowhere the food is coming but that about gross profit and all I have here a course in good manners here it says look you should never rest your body on the table nor is it correct to rest your elbows on the table no no no or pass your arm over the neighbor's plate if Put the brute beast on, it's not going to be done that way.
Look, the little part here is folded so that the woman wipes her mouth with that little part and then folds it so that the rush is not seen. and in paris in paris it merged to fashion and food and she hopes to take off yesterdays it's perfect it's dawning I can't believe the amount of boat this president has please my peace in boxes count the things we achieved for what putin did for me don't urge anyone on you You just putin also the president no we can't leave brand manuel macro he didn't assume the presidency at 38 he was in high school but I don't know how refined I am after today the service classes are incredible or the truth is I'm so happy this fabulous one is in your program seems to me something exquisite like them divine that apparently a little mannered that we are taking at this moment little off mannered since this one does not believe it would be a miracle but how disgusting we look at a more romantic image than love is the couples seen with a couple embraced with love I love you from France one night we just got to know each other very well and well let's go there for the and now it's in the right place and right keep it is that the tower ei ffel is a place of love many love stories sex was here he has proposed to katie holmes is his wife who is no longer a wife the wedding here for example but cappa that itches sometimes someone says that I want the bag that also a leg of 45 yes well in the history of this year like this the tower every seven years and they use 60 tons of paint and for 15 months 25 painters are in charge of doing this job 20 thousand few have that are illuminating now there are 20,000 lights that illuminate the eiffel tower currently and 10 thousand 665 steps to reach the top and a woman who married the eiffel tower is people who like to marry inanimate objects and she got married in 2007 and her name is now it doesn't matter now I will be fat without delay sure believe but He came looking for Torres Belón for the past few hours, crying with emotion and now it is written in his criteria for eating.
Well, for him to come, I am real, because if people do not believe that I am here, they do not eat to have this body, they do not ask you. you occupy body parts there were several plates 20 believe per day such a thing to see if the camera accompanies us beautiful moments for the climbers we go down the stairs to get as close as possible they are doing a lot of security now around the eiffel tower has Let's say some new walls that they made so that there are no problems taking the horde this food grab the video it's fine now erika abril who was the one who married the eiffel tower is now called erika live the one who took the last name of the tower is true yes she would marry you now she was leaving edgardo obelisk we have to go back to the bus the next one is not happy as dejected to admire the world she investigates the images are more than eloquent the smell is nauseating the verses we will get close if we are getting to the museum of vampires He opened on the door, no, well, we're here, entering the door, look, because they won't be scared, we reflect, and that's important to look there, h gaseous vampire horn look funny vampire it's not beautiful paris which is one of the cities that is most related to vampirism by slam it's good with what they told us once that at one point it seemed very dirty because of what kind of bosses in the square and it was clear and apart from that there was no system of mistakes so there were a lot of rats and there were pests there were a lot of people who died from pests here it is like the history of vampirism and of all things it's a fiction it all started with dracula they ended transylvania and you you know that the castle exists dracula's castle so of course it was the refrain to upset wrote the book but the grandmother but well they said that in reality it hides existed and lived there and that it was where it hides they say that count dracula existed in what happens what It had the arena, let's say where they lived in the ark, both the things where they hide, you saw the stakes and so on, but they said it was impaled. s crisis that is to say impaled the stick and then they crossed the whole body with a good stick sometimes it is the classic face of dracula they are all things that we find that have to do with mysticism with the elements of dracula with masks with deaths with crucifixes and others is the first dictionary that has a concept of vampire in 1725 also 1700 of the monsters with long teeth like me basically and homeland countess in the 16th century and a thousand and a half was accused of bathing in blood for which she was considered the first vampire woman and she alone the way to kill the vampires that we have got up with this trip you have to always have silver you have at the tip to be able to kill them part of the elements that are here in the museum but it is true that I went to transylvania and the story tells you how that you are many in the town accused the count that a man really existed that he really sucked the blood of certain people and from there he emerged after selling the literature the tr ansforma but hey that's basically like a suck my father and here we are dancing on the bus you can't create a bus that is discotheques the goddess of European summer parades for us lawful glam and very well lots of girls there dancing boys also in some but we lost the battle but we are going to show you here acai little wardrobe there are drinks around that are non-alcoholic and here we are with the driver of the bus let's see I'm going to bend over how everything is fine the bus is coming famous people also here traveling like famous people came this same clear clear and for example lady gaga has been here in this micro where she has been today appeared we have photos to see look we have it is the photo right here micro and they tell her to highlight the medium of morocha in this same impressive micro or whether they party they go everywhere party here in limbo bus like you tonight now you can say lady gaga illicit and distant yes of course lady gaga ra but a lot Thank you, the bus is great, the idea of ​​having a bus with a party is here since we're in the catacombs now from the grave, it's a place that happened, let's say, a long time ago, look what we have here as if it were a VIP, but it's not raining, it's very hot anyway.
It's very hot. Well, we're getting to the fire and we're going to show you the Louvre, but first we're going to show you the catacombs, which is a place with all the people who died during the 18th or 17th century, and since there were too many deaths, they put them all in some catacombs under the ground because I knew how everything was infected how exactly we toured the place and here also 24 meters underground above there are no sewers and above the subway we are far below the mountains exactly it is a fabulous place with singer of the catacombs a long time ago the people sold themselves the parisians they got here at night and began to drink alcohol they made of them they did like parties and islamic rites too and pied flush you have to go up the stairs the time is used as a prison all this part comes we are seeing here this is a laugh that made a wine here ends in the world of the living and we are going to enter the world of the bones ofthe dead here we are inside the room of the dead the thing was like this between 1780 there were landslides because you this part was a part of where the romans had made and you are from centuries and centuries ago king louis the sixth I think it was decided to analyze everything these tunnels and how there was this plague is because of the number of deaths that were in the cemeteries between 1780 and 1880 that made or gathered all the bones and here they are look for example that they give us by dates these were deposited between 1846 and look at these 47 that they came with carts full of the dead taken from the cemeteries and they piled them all up here in a circle a spirit of bones very neatly yes here because they all started facebook is and rows of heads in total that you can travel half a kilometer like this of bones but they say that there is a total of 30 kilometers underground of bones and bodies, he imagined when they make art with our bodies, there were boys who came and had parties, they went in at night through the pipes so what they decided was to close it and it can only be done in this way this circuit can be done but well the truth is that it is the largest collection of dead people in the world there are a total of 6 million bodies stacked here let's finish the tour and one You can buy all kinds of products, some very particular and now you can use fried eggs in the shape of a skull and I'm going to play hard with the shape of a skull. what happened with the film coco and others of the dead precisely the film with stories not only do I have more affection for everyone this 9 in another way and here we are we are coming to see if they open the doors for us we are we have arrived we want stop the tartar micro but there is here please this divine energy is hot but this is obvious it is summer here 35 degrees of heat around this afternoon here in paris bercy here it is empty we are in the louvre museum impressive giants the louvre was the whole part over there nothing more and the opposite on the other side was the ministry of finance and what they did was incorporate all this old part to this and now they made a much bigger That your Louvre museum, which is the largest museum in the world currently, as it is currently the largest in the world, will invest a little more data for today, so the finalist who is in the middle of the island is an architect who lives in the United States and that he is 101 years old and that he is still alive, do not pass because of the shots, there are no police everywhere.
All the national patrimony is important for security and apart from the threats that exist, but the truth is that everything is super protected, there are a lot of armed soldiers everywhere who are everywhere watching the time looking at everything and well what we also told you is that the louvre is really the largest museum in the world but in the main part that is the oldest that the part over there is where the three most hours are important than the ones we are going to see now is that of the mona lisa and what they did was let us know the city that accompanied us the three works in the same place because it says that people have an average visit of one hour clearly so to that you can see in the most important works of art in the place where it says that people generally go to those three works and the rest of the people who are more fanatical about art take a tour of the entire museum but those who are, let's say, more truly that the most important thing is that they only come to see these three works and the exhibition is to involve so that the average number of one visit is continued, you cannot believe it exactly and it is also a fantastic place I was fascinated and I learned a lot although I did not Pay attention to disguising a lot, a very good actress, it's incredible because people at first glance say it's a beast, well, haha, we're here at the Louvre Museum, pure culture, what you always wanted. painting if we wanted to educate this was formerly it was only the museum and we had the ministry of finances the ministry of lives by incorporating unions the largest museum in the world with the most important paintings sepei of my glasses is most visited works of art 89 the entrance of the Incredible mound museum I prefer the brute and beast list we all know it is divine we are below this pyramid that was built in 89 the image is spectacular the sensors for boats today a tube is carried in a tube it is spectacular says that the architect is 101 years divides its simple still in the usa what a deployment of technology there is incredible I am fascinated we are already inside the louvre museum many people are impressive exciting and of course where there are more people is here where we are coming to the wiki chacon so we can appreciate almost to my left is a fabulous painting of adverse trees he is a fabulous Dutchman who has reflected in a painting all the art and he finished composing this painting this work of art in the 1500s and the coin light what can be seen here clearly is how a creature from that time is trying to harm a dove that was trying to generate what in the 20th century became in an epidemic of pigeons like how and fabulous because there is the one with the sweet potato good in the gioconda but no it is not sweet potato it was painted by leonardo dicaprio he analyzes the same thing in the middle of this whole room it is all blocked for all the people Who comes especially to see the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, he painted it finished brown and it happened five centuries ago, they had eight million ten thousand visitors and 90% come to see Monalisa, for which they have to protect it because it is a very famous woman inside that box it has the perfect humidity because it is made on wood conservation so that it does not deteriorate and now we are with another work of art that you can follow me from this let me see a little what we can appreciate here is a painting made in 1804 that represents the coronation of the Empress Josephine wife of the Emperor Napoleon from here later they go to a very nice banquet that's good there they ate stew and a couple of noodles with butter they threw some glasses so it was very nice everything inside Of the luxury guests, we can see that Mozart's father is there and a lot of would be useful since that time.
The one who didn't arrive because she's a bit out of residence was Valeria Massa, who was pregnant at that time. This is as if it were the cover of a magazine of that time as there are many details of this painting and there are so many famous people to recognize in this giant painting they put openwork armchairs and people come sit and appreciate it hard before a long one and here is the victory of samothrace in white marble and gray marble the lower part that costs victory is missing the arms and the head they don't keep looking how happy I would be like that head no because my problem is this just right to find If you know that archaeologists are still looking for the head and arms because they suppose that I would have a trumpet in my hand because it is the position of victory in the trumpet of victory vitoria the secrets of victory like me who have the trumpet shoes we have part hand in hand there they found it our workshop was found it was in the 2nd century BC and here we are in front of the Venus de Milo look I can tell you that wine is one of the largest rivers in Africa and they also have six thousand eight hundred kilometers long from the Nile this is in a thousand like Cleo Cleopatras the queen of I believe it before loss then the Venus de Milo is the most famous because it was the first of all the Greek sculptures that in contraron and well and the rest of google google google or this is in two blocks of marble we can put that we can appreciate the line that divides one of the other parts and they did not find color like and the magic of the glasses and we are talking in this beautiful room a spectacular thing looking at the ceiling the floors this is the pool table the pool tables piece of brute it is a historical date what you are seeing are 1,138 diamonds and 32 emeralds that polio first gave to the Empress María Luisa and you here with these berreta hill earrings they hit and good and beautiful the louvre museum we are live here on the telefe screen it is such a spectacular thing I cannot understand it yes I swear to you that not even in second grade I learned so much about the meat consortium I could not in the second old level the one who has the day off branch look at me who is fatal poor thing who left you like this the very soft smile the drop look at the picture millions of pesos and look what the party is like and in the impressive micro people are dancing this micro one cannot hire three security people and everything and you start dancing you have all the drinks included and the table come on let's go up you did hello hello you have to stand out on the micro we are live grace tour of paris is good and if you considered it good while you did it dancing we are going to start then our trip where we are going now until we know the book your skin becomes a profile your heart of venues in I dreamed not very similar iberaval now putting together scenes where I am an actress With lying life I'm going back to being a fool sebold to her routine the one who looks at you while cooking that makes you happy if she fears but also if she wants everything they swear it will never be again give these girls back so much and think that there would be a man we go to the ear more baroque usa almost see japan at the lido de paris the most incredible place where they told how to come at 9 departure until the tests you could not say and we are where we are there is a most famous street here in paris where there is big business the big brands that are here waiting for the sexual goddess of paris and i brought you today to a great show in paris fantastic fantastic that will open the lido de paris and you behave well we fit you we try it It worries me because my Argentinian game that we went to a week ago you were there playing silly hand as we remember we are seeing then the apostles of brutality trophies come back here because I was slightly gross and we are seeing all the shoes that were used in the show - they are like paper or someone sings there the report is presented to me I can't believe we are entering a place suits and I thought I was stuck while I don't think Santander himself have read all the instruments of the impressive liquid they are all diamonds it is about start the show let's go inside 3 since we are on the stage of the book I'm not alone dragons put it together, he's the one who worked all the online cedes and it's put together I walk the nest now I think that it is the place it is not set up for aggressors since in solos and doing their own recital the show is about to start where women will come out some the chest and others do not you do not hear the decision of the dance when the ballet enters them they can decide if they want to show their bacon parts that's great of course because it's their own decision they are not obliged yes dance and here we were on the stage of the leader not fabulous I can't believe what we just experienced and I'm so surprised charlotte a cadivi The beauty, how is it, everything is so perfect, the truth is, an incredible show, I had come here about 20 years ago, but it has always been much more beautiful now, there is always a mixture of femininity and artistic, this magazine is much more modern, it is also a way of having a cabaret but from the years of now as with technology always with the feathers the same girls that this is the essence of the lido I have just been informed that it seems that they hire something like bottles the gauchito gil you have to balance it should be easy European pretty the stairs it's difficult if you liked it now now who comes down from here in the league I need to dance and tells him he's grown up he's hired when or not if you have the contract give it a round of applause then for all the nest team and the other games and no one I left it down there I don't know what I did I think to top it off a week ago it gets dirty in a way like that in the bathroom and here comes the fat air the pearls for the pearls is that it can't stand another time we have been on the air for an hour and a half but well the sides are like led lights that are not giving off I don't know if we are walking through the most important streets of paris it is true for all the that we have traveled absolutely everything and we don't stop we are on the bus lady gaga and on lady gaga's bus fishing is already I have been with the old gaga we brought her to the chacota to come dance with us because of the button people are dancing the watch dad that is something great for one you can rent this microphone and it is if I play the voice etc and softly normal with anger really this once danced in a bowling alley with a friend of mine to find out there is the Polish one a friend of mine tells me I wanted fulfill like vomiting from sleep and my dreams have come true I wanted to dance in the speakers some red boots hold a police dome when I turn around a success of mine well I was celebrating the complement of beer with 8 times he had such a nice time he behaved I also enjoy it, she didn't stop laughing, beautiful, exactly, and we've been to a lot of places, we went to see you young people, but we also went to see the little prince, I grabbed a book, it's a book with the drawings made by the supermarket and who was the author of the little prince And when we went to the place, it is a place specially dedicated to the little prince here in Paris.
Well let's see then until I get over this great story of fried bertie celebrating the 8 times out of 1000 and I'm holding on to everything good as we can we're holding on because we're moving forwardThrough the engine boxes we are attacking Mirko's eight months and we brought him here to a very beautiful place in Paris, told from behind, it is guaranteed by the microphone because it is from Telefe, we are here the little prince, Sara's great story is super and it was published in our 43 the video from between the year 1906 and 1244 of the children's book, which is considered a children's book with a very nice and good message, it will only be a book that anyone who learns to read will read and if it is not, this is it. the little prince of course his nose grows that wood well the little prince is the best-selling story in the world I would say that it has been translated into 145 languages ​​apart from death behind a number of colored things out now you can see the rates and all the products they have What to do with the little prince and with the story, not all the dolls look in all sizes and well, it's plastic.
I think there was even the owner of the premises, too, because this idea came from whether he was a fan or not. he was staying was his grandmother's uncle, that is, he is a relative of the famous author of pereira, aviator, and well, he says that he passed through Argentina and throughout South America, he never knew the success that was the great sun in 1943 in New York in 1946 he just He launched here in France in 1944, he had passed away, so he did not experience the fame of this beautiful story and you are now knowing that you have completed your eight months here with the little prince to spend a little bit, let's see what we can buy today for a thousand things, this is a blessing because you have a lamp that is going to turn doing as it was with the whole story the day jury art starts, go I'm going to buy the little prince book with this box come to brice assie and when you open the bottom of the box it's like a music box well then it worked divide it can be cakes and everything with the little prince you in the molds to make the shape of the little prince of the look is in the books in all languages ​​because we said that it was translated into 145 languages ​​and I have no idea what language this is the peak the princes too of course it's also in Spanish but writing in English it's a calendar it's a calendar you know how you can tell when you read that it says calendar it's just a clue that they give you and it also has the book that I started, I'm going to take it now to marquito because look, it also comes with the pop up that is great for the boys and it's in Spanish to sexual de la comprán well today milko is eight months old and I think it's a a good time for the little prince to get dressed and there is our own eight-month-old little prince what do you think of mexico in what the little prince is the three microphones and here comes the famous phrase that the fox taught the little prince that the essential is invisible to the eyes since you leave me and that they fulfill them here we are on this bridge that brings me so many memories that we are not live this is the bridge of memories you call alexander the third we are live and here we want to show you what And there are a lot of padlocks, what people do is put their message of love here, for example, this is from Amanda and Jacob.
For this reason, they have given a shrek name and this determines that your love is going to be eternal and it will go away. to break down in detail ok I went to dance at a guy's place because the dark lights favor and it favors me I have a very good distance and very good darkness so we fell in love and he asked me out and everything and well and we went out we already had a great disco divine and total divine life so it turns out that the other day he called me because he was super in love goddess at night the girls of demi moore the one from the lake the shadow of love so I say when the doorbell rang I grabbed my wet hair like this or here the forehead ana paula dutil then she grabbed under the shirts and released nothing sincere work makeup nothing to put up with this I am makeup under the elevator it was all the glass crossing the entrance and the boy I was life I just tell myself love opened the door and gave me ice I'm going to park and I'll come back since it's so difficult to park in Buenos Aires well look at the Eiffel Tower that's what's there the Eiffel Tower turned off starting to appear create and here is the Seine River that was the one that was navigating there is the tower eiffel off we are going to walk this bridge because this is a historical bridge we also want to show people how to reach the chocón of this one it is cleaning just the path is dead and now with the old one it is terrible this bridge leads to the third state it is the biggest bridge Of all the work of all of France, we also don't want the people who know that Google is in Google, but it really is the best.
It's the illuminated bridge, divine, but well, now it's off. It's not as beautiful as we saw it before, and it's the longest bridge on the other side. the place of the invalids what is it and good of the invalid and the truth is that this is very beautiful it was built after the war it was by order of king luis 14 and well we are going to get a little closer I can tell you use again as they have those stories so strong with themselves like we were in russia that is after everything that had happened and now here after the french revolution like there is a before and after they are really touching the ass guys I can't, I can't turn everything I've learned to television because people showed me they are because they're super educated to learn from Catalina the great, which was the first week today I learned I don't know how you lost it because on YouTube but that was in Russia four weeks ago back, that is, receive now, he learned about the first program that we did in three weeks in the video program, you are going to lose the creator or brazil starts the next note has to do with an impressive gastronomic tour that we have done here in paris so you can see butcher shops from luxury in impressive and we commented we commented you first word we began the gastronomic tour exactly where partners of a tomato very little and of course that almost nothing of co mer because all this figure that comes out much more refined and delicate very fine and that's why we have our friend here who is going to show us this gastronomic tour here because she is going to teach her how to eat and manners because it is a fruit we need fiber to come out that it comes out parisian here is a neighborhood called san german which is a very famous neighborhood in paris we are really in the heart of paris home from where the famous stars come to this place we have two very famous cafes leduc macbook and cafe de flower comes from here the stars come and now and now we and this is the oldest church exactly it is one of the oldest in paris as you know it is impressive says this where with a round of applause please an old age once you throw out a piece of information well there to celebrate it bars the abarth 8 ago then came viloria you know a cycle of the mole very important a philosopher who sat there doing all the philosophies and for him and this became fashionable mannion by sharp and siman of little goes to us to repeat the names twelve of the philosophers sofofa shampoo simon I should not have put so much silicone because and this is the most famous coffee we are here and the style is very much that we copy it is also by the lake we are inspired we have been very inspired by everything we it has to do with the culture of paris with the parisian culture where the countries the shape of the bar the shape of the fusion of the seating tables all the places that bars always have a door and inside there are more tables there are bathrooms so one can go to the bathroom and there is also a kitchen where you can prepare the different typical skating dishes that is a unique piece of information we are grateful for we are in a beautiful passage husband in fact it is all very beautiful architecturally they are also old places passages that one has to know here we are in the the oldest restaurant in paris in 1686 150 years old and it is natural and there are many people who did it so he comes with susana because he had a birthday here in paris we also went to the rest Pray, where was nothing more and nothing less than Napoleon alive, that's not what I was going to ask, I was almost worried about the chair where he says he always sat with his wife and he is called and everyone in a restaurant where he always went are weapons that his flight carries And we come to the meat, it would be the best in the world, six generations ago, these people have had the same store, and well, what olive oil is, it seems as if it were a perfume. the temperature drastically and it does not reach a frozen level so that is why the meat will be much purer in flavors ivan them with with like freezing a certain part of the cow and then of the meat the cut that you want to keep says so I say everything is really a boutique has the beautiful ones that is everyone says that the taste of this meat is so pure so perfect that the best French chefs buy all their meat in this most polar street this great action of theirs and always the same race do not mix with other races eating everything from the nose to the tail the salad says Carmen it is used nothing more than the nose of the cow is rich good and all how do we know that the cow did not have a cold these cured meats my breasts de la vaca 1 more than a thousand recipes you get 46 euros for the whole piece stand out cured is the truth that it is delicious curry with a place all of oils are also here for example we have civil truffle oils the truffle and inside that it will It gives a special taste for salads since they have all my the amount of different types of oils that exist, they are all as if it were a perfume.
It seems to me that it was a perfumery here, we have to try all the oils that are mixed with tomato, for example, and then They also all what olives are, they also sell you olive paste and others, it's a gastronomic YouTube dream where they don't know the best places where the best in France come to buy here we are live for r the world in the suit of the private reserved to the reserved very well we are here reserved advancing on the bus we are doing for the bridge of the soul it is also very significant because that was where the lady died to show live from there we see the second part of the gastronomic tour that you don't listen dancing in his head since since since since since what and we continue here on the gastronomic tour since we entered this place of christophe adam that is like a kind of vehicular damian of christs of argentina that is going to show the place because it looks like a trendy place that looks like it's a perfumery and actually it's a place with everything from sweet things to you these little balls are chocolate twists to caramel that they sell make dulce de leche to buy it can form a toothpaste love ointment and everything is hard an incredible design that I hire people especially to design the premises and we do it outside the clothing season, that is to say that now, for example, in all this color r mustard They made all this design and now later when they launch the next season of sweet things they change layers everything is not only the capital of fashion but also of the culinary developed the belly and here you have one of the favorite desserts of the French that has a A very, very nice story, what else is going to cost him?
The king forgot about 1700. He had brought these biscuits to his daughter as a gift, what oysters with the Nordic countries, when other things were dry, all the cooks came up with it so as not to sit down. to lose armed with a kind of sugar liqueur and rum and they wrapped the biscuits. The king's daughter loved it so much that it became a dessert that is sold today that's what it's called papa royal and only the favorite desserts of the French and we also have each post that I turn them here to try but this has real gold foil so throw the dessert with the gold mine good like michelin stars in restaurants t there is also let's see it in what is confectionery from the confectionery we wish 1,003 france who would become the best worker in france every three years a competition is held and the richest is tested in this case this chef home asia state jacks in the shape of Tortas is called and Arnaldo la Grey, he won this award that the president gives you because of his neck, sometimes the neck in the French way that doesn't have Carlita the cook and here we see all his works of art.
I think this bike does something like works of art with everything confectionery and obviously the macaroni two are one of the best known macaroni as it came from here and they are difficult to make macaroni there they are and nothing to be able to eat to be able to eat when we do this type of deputation this is the place of sweets which are the most famous places in France because everything is done right here everything is in glass so everything can be seen for example they are all the is also the month and not all are You are little gadgets and each one of them is mixed with something, this chocolate with pepper, this chocolate with oregano, chocolate with rosemary, they are all chocolates mixed with a connected gear bass and the truth is that it feels good to try it, it's not so vulgar until you finish everything the camera base can make you cool we are going to do as christoph and paula chaves we are going to try a bit and we are going to give our and here we are we are here we are going to park the bus to show you another of the best known places here in paris join us and and something else Of those we recovered the grandmother who fell on the floor, we are going to see that the one with the laugh attack and the one with rallies and at the same time it is incredible but Panama, another one, what an incredible way we are going to get to know this place that is the bridge of the soul. which is the place where the lady died today is July 1 and it is the day she was born I told her she was born on July 1, 1961 and tragically passed away at the age of 36 it is incredible what happened po Because she was in El Rey with hers, her boyfriend, to all the press following her, she landed and on August 31 and well, and she came to this place.The car that happened was a Mercedes Benz, she entered with her driver down here and in this same place where we are both standing right now, but down here was where she collided with column number 11 of the ones that are here in the middle There were many suspicions regarding what happened, many versions of what happened, how exciting this place is.
I like it because look what is taken out, everything that you see is all written and everything has to do with Princess Diana- the charisma, they are all messages. for diana to walk you were princess and well woman you walk the woman and there is a flower and just apart from those things of the irony of life she was also prey to her title of being the princess of wales for more she was divorcing the prince carlos had divorced prince carlos to want they are easy flowers as if they had just been put because they are very fresh and that probably today he begins all day for his birthday to approach all the people who want lady no exa Rightly loving you, we want to tell you that all this that is here, which is the flame of freedom, was there before, that is, when she passed away, this was already here, it is not that it was installed because of the ladies and the flowers and all the posters and all the messages from the people. then no but let's say it's like it's a woman who was imprisoned by her noble title of her freedom where the flame of freedom dies it's like those things in life that are really incredible one of the women is the most photographed woman of history and it has also completely changed the aristocracy has changed absolutely everything because of her humanity her sensitivity was really a very charming woman only her children paid tribute to her a short time ago there we see photos, for example, of her son harry and look, the people are already Posting photos of Harry and Megan, who is the one he married a short time ago, that they are already seeing her in England as a kind of new law for the people of the United States because she was American.
Cana loves her very much to put on an actress but in England they also adopted her as a kind of new princess, let's say for the lady and well, there are just a lot of flowers and messages regarding Meaghan Martin, he made a separate tribute, knows if he paid tribute to the lady and well, precisely because he had married me as the new one and also because of his story where he comes from and how to repeat history without wanting a little bit like that but hey, it's a historic place if we wanted to show ourselves and we wanted to stop for a second here because apart from today it's just the the day the lady picnic was born next to the river seine with me that a monkey list from paradise communicates analysis the love of lippi they have drunk all the wine and it is that in so many places there is french cheese of all the truth that is incredible look at this For example, it is a stomachic drink that comes with the lemon cut inside and with the plant they are going to plant a type of pine tree and then here we also have one against stress that comes with a piece or pineapple floating in the water and it comes with ginger leaves and it says it takes away your stress.
Look, it's leaving us. We were worried about the fact that you're with us for too long. hold on and I'll be much finer because because Paris also deserves it, let's protect Milko's eight-month-old but we're also celebrating Federico's birthday and we have a surprise for him. sit down look they are dancing tango ascendants today we are going to see love I can't believe what happened to me the cake will be shared in the face of Federico an accident later they are things that happen seen in these things in life in part life is like everything but hey, in this place where people go out to enjoy the afternoon sun, the grotte quotes birthdays, everyone, everyone is smoking a Swiss, dancing, singing, everyone comes back, let's see how they dance.
Isaron I thought of Deluca how to avoid it but stupid but he did oil for robots but from foot to foot it's really good it's too much at 9 at night if it's too late to camp and if in summer exactly too late and look what I know is emotion It is to feel a little bit of Argentina here at this rate in this place the man and the woman are like they get in the middle 12 now we are going to give everyone an aquarium here we are it's good I just arrived at a very special place that the sewers are not paris exactly here we have arrived now there is it please to open we are going to go live to the house in paris we are going to put it in the meantime we are going to see together with christoph snails we are going to eat snails here in paris we are going and we put it in the plates today if one is in France time will be giving the shape of the water the normal molt if he is in front he has to eat snail because it is typical here there are clear snail soup that the chef of the success of bacon chris recommends tophe to the Italians but I feel like it's a nice couple and I adore it I love it I love it with this side face you're already years pregnant and here we are in the mortgage which is the place that Christophe recommended we are going to see the snail jail let's go and we have already entered here drag that I do not recommend christophe that also our christ and here we have it online christophe now christ everything is fine we are here with your house and girlfriend ready glam and french how are you with the look of a man but here we are also look with your friend kristof we are going to prepare the snails well there are the snails the impression never charges so much in your life that a snail that has a snail inside the white profile butter a little bit of absinthe but the one that makes you fly kind of like it the writers drank and so on and it makes you look at us always a little more or a little less to say the same thing, he's already been delusional for a long time so well, there he is, he's back I'm going to go for absinthe at the moment it's a strong liquor it has a high percentage of alcohol no as far as it contains 50 55 you're talking good cheer for the suckers you want to get it out piece of beast fruit the snail opens its mouth the first delicious no They are the snails they wanted them elsewhere if the hatchery not only of course but it is always very tasty it is very tasty the impression is very good because you saw it was like how to eat is to eat a but something you ate disgusting and that for me it is delicious snail please fall asleep this wine with everything is very rich really very rich term dish and what you don't want potato meoquí sweet potato later glass the wave can not resist we are going to see a second season must co hope 12 the same for the world and we see a great trick for two months we have to go back around the world a success man foam with wine that he has just made on top of the nikis how delicious I think they eat well here in France any very good from the point that the liver where to scratch a rich savage is barbaric warms it up congratulations french food the best good thank you very much christophe big hug thank you it turns out well we're going quickly this because we're going to change it we've run out of time we're going to see notre dame one of the churches of the most famous cathedrals and here we are in france in paris trained to endorse la la la la la life throwing itself on all fronts is spectacular where I brought you this building construction began in 1163 and from then on it forms part of one of the densest in the new france or something like that it's the famous place of who in what way like this my love emerald quasimodo that sometimes appears quasimodo sometimes appears 42 quasi class now it will be time to sing it's great come with your own liabilities here to here door because that's what I'm esmeralda bola mujica abertis let's meet them try inside come it's a church that has almost a thousand years of history and that it also had its deterioration at the time of the French revolution I was also reading there that any way but reading no someone told me that quasimodo is not known if it existed or not and that of the deformities that it had are supposed to be related to diseases of the time but it could never be verified, they were told that in the year 1800 there was a sculptor living inside the place in a person who was alone all the time who did not have many friends, it was not confirmed that he had an emerald-type girl, but yes that it was a man who had a hunchback part of the history of victor hugo is inspired by real events because there are documents that prove the existence of that person yes therefore it doesn't matter this singer of the world and exclusively got a vi the bell and we continue touring and there we have the virgin of the child of our age is from the 14th century occasions placed in 1818 here is one of the things that are made offerings of two euros puts you in this place with one we are going to give you learn your candle to ask for something or someone in this case obviously everyone measures that has to do with you two thousand colors so we are going to ask for the same ones there are those rosettes face These mice here, which are the only ones that have, so they mean 12 times 12 apostles and they are also the oldest than meters high and you know that the main labor is 33 meters high.
Very well, we entered the treasury part of Notre Dame with cameras, where the old clothes from the year 1400 are, the costumes of these bishops are from 1833 with all the stones, people can think that all that is normal, the costume itself is kept the jewels of each archbishop not in this case that this is from a bishop of the year 1848 this is the ensemble of a third Napoleon this is also all from the year 1850 since we are fulfilling the bust of relics of saint l uís from 1857 here we have all the pressure to the ugly changes of the parents since the first that Saint Peter sent the ninth toasts were sculpted by hand on the banks of Vesuvius by these artists and in 1888 they were donated by a collector to the cathedral Benedicto came here no they give you and when the wine was made this addition of these last ten popes to continue the collection from the ninth floor going through Juan Pablo second stretch takes out they added Benedicto and now a little while ago they added the water Francisco also who is also here In Notre Dame we are already in the most important places, not because of the relics that they have, not because they have the nail of the passion that we can see there part of the holy crown of thorns and a piece of the cross preserved in Romans recently baptized and now here is the church well that quasimodo touch just these are the 163 believe the gothic of information that we have had surprised and gothic the only formation there for a Well, we'll continue if the truth is that it's great for those who like architecture and what they like history because you're seeing how the evolution of this mega-cathedral in the city was, I just did almost everything, it's because looking, we're here for 1,245 now They are taking the current form but of course they were always adding details and so on until, let's say, 1860, which was when they ended up adding the gargoyles later and all the most beautiful and best-known details, here are the gargoyles, for example, in visited 80 and In 1,860 the gargoyles are already there, for example, it is difficult to determine that it was all after the French evolution revolution and now we are not going to have to go because the hearing has just begun and this organ that we are listening to is one of the largest in the country. of the best known in the world here is the mass so in full they don't give you since we are with a blessed micro we are going to remember ourselves we are seeing the beautiful cathedral mostar marble of how beautiful The experience, I'm happy, look at the Eiffel Tower, which is turned off now, since it's 5 in the morning, if the camera accompanies us on that side, the images are more than eloquent and bring us to tears. another side is appearing in paris 5 in the morning and we are going to show you the back of those lovely lauros of the evils that we have done to ourselves for the pyramid the pyramid the typical fortified hello and the vertebrae thoughts students and to me no how beautiful so happy and travel 16 hours to take a bus if you are from Russia Romania the team enjoying the world you can't miss it for an hour I what happens differently although the animals are having a little beer we look like cheers your sister from Phoenix for anyone by accident things that happen well well and here I have my secretary ready with the dolls of Asterix and Obelix totally beautiful goddess one of the greatest the goddesses of argentina another one we are doing the raffle through the networks and marcela has won give the final give the tool there is my old woman's album she is a fan of asterix and obélix and she has taken the public so the social networks and it is good it is appearing here in paris we are describing what your dream is registration and square against well look the truth I am despite the production in the technicians obviously to you because I study a beautiful dream that came true because I remember that my mother took me to clean a house of Mrs.
Maite 500 books in French and I read we flakes that now a free Spanish one imagine at that moment I got to know one of the places that I always wanted I hope a very important dream that I have had for a long time and that I was very little is to know Madrid so another time the weeks that come to china suárez live from palito and midnight thank you very much thanks to liszt and bye see you next sunday

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