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Profisportlerin mit 17: Erst Sportinternat, dann Olympia 2024 | Y-Kollektiv

Aug 19, 2022
Squeeze the arms Lea! Emma is 17 years old and is a professional athlete. She has been doing gymnastics since she was 6 years old. Her goal: the


Olympics. I just want the German anthem to play for me. It makes you feel so special special when playing it. She left her family and her hometown of Hamburg when she was 12 years old, for a training room and a life in a boarding school in Chemnitz. With clear rules and little free time. At 5:00 p.m., you have to go to bed at 10:30 p.m. Okay, at 10:30 someone knocks on the door and checks if you're in bed?
profisportlerin mit 17 erst sportinternat dann olympia 2024 y kollektiv
Most of the time, yes. Anything to be on top of the world one day. Would you say that your life includes restrictions, or...? Yes, definitely. I accompany Emma for a day with my camera. I film myself, I want to be as close as possible to her and live with her what the great dream of the Olympic Games means for professional athletes. I want to know why young athletes decide to play sports despite the lack of incentives - if we leave out football, where there is certainly fame and money, in other sports there is relatively little - and how is the life of a professional athlete really like a fried egg, please.
profisportlerin mit 17 erst sportinternat dann olympia 2024 y kollektiv

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profisportlerin mit 17 erst sportinternat dann olympia 2024 y kollektiv...

It is 6:45 a.m. Instead of eating breakfast at her parents' table, Emma's day begins in the school cafeteria. She has been living in the boarding school at the Chemnitz Olympic base since she was 12 years old. The first time she came here, I got lost, we couldn't find the gyms. I can't film anyone here, I would need parental permission. We don't have much time to eat, 20 minutes later we already have to go to school. 7:15, school starts All the kids I see here are doing competitive sports. Emma 30 hours a week, her sport is one of the most intensive workouts.
profisportlerin mit 17 erst sportinternat dann olympia 2024 y kollektiv
More competitions on weekends. Do you come from a family of gymnasts? Not directly. But I come from a family of athletes. My mother was a cheerleader and my father a footballer, so I have played and tried various sports. My coach, where I started, told me when I was 7 or 8 years old: "Yes, you can be something." Her talent was then discovered by the national coach who almost took her to Chemnitz, to the Olympic base. Today, Emma is part of the Olympic center, where only the best gymnasts are admitted. Emma now has a double German lesson. I'll meet her after her.
profisportlerin mit 17 erst sportinternat dann olympia 2024 y kollektiv
Instead of nine hours, Emma has only six hours of school a day. And she doesn't graduate until she's 15. All this to be able to have more time for gymnastics. It is already a difficult daily life for high school students here. When I'm not passing subjects, I can retake tests in the summer, so I often have school over the holidays. So Emma only gets four weeks of vacation a year. It's 9 in the morning and school has finished. The 17-year-old goes straight to the gym for her first training session. I'm starting to get an idea of ​​how dense Emma's daily routine is...
Do you have any other hobbies or passions? I don't have time Well, I still train 30 hours a week, plus school... There isn't much time left for hobbies and I study at night. tweet? I'm going to start doing some weight training and stretching my feet, then my shoulders, then I do jumping jacks. Do you want me to do them from the trampoline? If you can do it. The trampoline worked well, right? Mmh. So I'm doing a little bit of footwork at the end. And, before that, 15 minutes of some abs training. Oh yes, that's right. Let's take it easy, let's go back inside.
Can I do all this? Five weeks ago, Emma tore her abdominal muscle. She still has to be careful in training. Since Emma was 16 years old, she is one of the older gymnasts, she has been able to participate in the main competitions. She has already participated in a European championship. Next year, she wants to qualify for the world championships. Two and a half hours of sports in the morning, every day. Her trainer Pia hers is always in the room. Every one of them wants. So that's what's important. They really want it. If we don't have the objectives here we don't torture ourselves.
Pia sees Emma every day. Her work is much more than "just" her sporting success. The girls who work with her live in the sports boarding school, sometimes they are only 10 or 11 years old. Also, Lea is here on the right, her mother gave me permission to film her. I would not say foster parents in this case, because they have a lot of contact with their children. I think some of it is that they call the little ones every day. But, of course, we have a great responsibility, because we are on the site. So you also have to be very sensitive.
I mean, due to the fact that you spend so many hours a day with the girls, you also get to know them well. Okay, Leah, go ahead. Come firmly. Great and. That was good. That was one of the best moves I've seen you do in a long time…or ever, I don't know, maybe. It becomes much calmer, you balance, you get to your rim and you prepare for the fast break. Upstairs, everything is better, Lea. Didn't you feel it was? Hmm. Let's stay tuned. Yeah, uh, that's right. Yeah girls, we're not actually surrogate parents, because you still have your own parents, but we're just a tight-knit family.
I used to often compare him to an aunt who is there. You don't see everything, but you see a lot. We are already a contact for some problems. I like how Emma and the other gymnasts are with her coach. Family friendly and loving. In the morning, Emma really only does strength and stabilization exercises for balance. She would have thought there would be more gymnastics. She also did gymnastics when she was a child. I am very passionate about this sport. When I look at Emma now, it was a joke compared to what she's doing here. Crazy! I would be flat for now.
Actually, gymnastics is 60% strength. So more than what you actually do in gymnastics. We train 5 hours a day and warming up is also strength. And we do 30min of gadgets every day. And when we do routines, we don't necessarily expect it, because it also has a lot to do with physical condition. Emma has so much energy! I wonder where she gets her motivation from. Maybe Jörg Bretschneider, the deputy principal of the school, will tell me more. I'll visit him in his office. If someone else tests positive we send them home. Bretschneider is struggling with new cases of COVID19.
He himself was a great athlete and coach and has seen many young talents come and go. He probably also needs a certain type of personality, in the sense of motivation, right? I mean, that's probably not the case for everyone. No. No. No. I can't promise children I can't promise children material benefits, as I knew in my childhood, in the days of the GDR, when you could still see the possibility, maybe to go to a capitalist country. day. But now it's like that, it's them... They have everything. But what they bring is that intrinsic motivation that drives them to come here every day to face these heavy loads.
When you say intrinsic motivation, where do you find such a thing? Are they mostly children of sports families? 25%... So a quarter of our students have parents who are athletes or high-level athletes. Not so many! No, not that many. But there are also always situations where parents see sport as an opportunity to give their child a useful leisure activity. It must then be und


ood that, of course, until puberty, children do whatever their parents would have them do. Many parents want their children to be watched all day, and many of them turn to competitive sports. It's almost noon.
Emma has finished the first training session today. And we go And we go Although Chemnitz is one of the most successful gymnastics training sites, we don't see big sponsors here. Emma didn't even have a sponsored tracksuit at the last European Championship. I think she's crazy, when you think about all the money in football, for example. At least Instagram brings some collaborations. Emma has almost 13,000 followers, which is already a lot for a young professional gymnast. What kind of collaboration requests has she received? I have received a wide variety of requests. Stuff. For sports, for example. They have also asked me for jewelry.
Or food, Drinks, protein bars. We also receive sports equipment and that's great for me, because I do sports and I don't need to buy sportswear. They provide it to me, I just have to promote it. I'm happy with that. i do it my way i'm not on social media because i like followers or to be famous i just do it because i like it. Oh my, is that you? Yes, and there is Giorgia Villa, a very famous Italian gymnast. she was great. to compete with gymnasts who participated in the Olympic Games or the world championships. She did a photo shoot for the 2022 European Championship in Munich.
And here with the German team. A little after noon, Emma has to go to the canteen, have lunch. I am also going to write an article and I really need to learn some English. After a top-notch athletic performance, you must now be thinking clearly. And still a big goal to achieve: The Olympic Games in


. I just want the German anthem to sound like this. And also for me to be in this in the competition room and listen to the German anthem, that would be... that would be the most incredible thing. It's not so much about the medal, I just want to represent Germany.
Do you already feel almost like you are representing your country? Yes, of course I do. It is a great honor to wear the coats of arms of Germany with the eagle or the sign of Germany, this GER. And there, you feel special. After school, 3 p.m. The English test went well. We return to the gym for the afternoon training. Again two and a half hours. For the record: This is the workload he's had since he was 12 years old. Would it work to have a boyfriend? Of course I'd do it. But I don't think it's for me right now.
I can't afford to do too much at the moment, because I have a lot of stress and work and I think it would be a bit exhausting for me. And it would have to stay somewhere! Yes. We don't have time for that. How are you doing with the other gymnasts? Do either of them have a boyfriend or is it just in general, it's more like they really... So not at the moment. And we don't worry as much as some of the other girls. We are focused on our sport and there is no place for friends at the moment.
I feel like there isn't even much time for feelings. Because, let's be honest: falling in love is not a decision. Emma tells me again that the little free time she has on weekends is spent mostly resting. She maybe she from time to time she parties in Hamburg like other teenagers. But it is quite rare. So now I put on a tape strap and a band-aid for blisters, because I have a lot of blisters on my hands. Open wounds and I don't want to receive more. So I'm starting today, very simple. I'm not doing anything difficult or anything.
But you have to pick it up later, the hands have to get used to being so irritated again. For the first time since her injury, Emma is back on the uneven bars. Her favorite gadget. This is what Emma looked like when she trained on the uneven bars in June 2021 for Olympic qualification. Pak jump, go leeuwen. So far, she looks great. I still have my legs together. Good hand position. It was not enough for Tokyo. Can you make a reasonable living from gymnastics? For example, if you had to do it for a living? No. So when do you finish school?
Nerd. After finishing school, we can join the German army. Then you will get the salary of a sportsman. But from a purely sporting point of view - not at all. Maybe one day you will win some international competitions, world cups... How much does it pay? Did you know? It's like a prize money. But not much. You can't live on it. So for now I am quite happy, I receive financial support from the Sporthilfe Foundation, I receive money every month. how much then? About 700 a month. Of that, 240 euros go to the boarding school, about 300 euros to the dining room and the rest to the gym equipment, jerseys and train tickets.
There isn't much money left. If that is. There, it was still a bit weird. Emma is also seen doing gymnastics after school as a professional gymnast working for the German Army (Bundeswehr). She would earn a starting salary of more than 2000 euros gross, she would have - in addition to a few weeks of training a year - a lot of time to prepare for competitions. This is what many professional athletes do. It is now 4:15 pm. Maybe a little late for full concentration. A little before 5 pm, we go to hers to finish the exercise on the floor, and the second training is over.
Meanwhile, night has fallen. From the corridor we go to the boarding school. I have the right to see Emma's room immediately. Do you have to study again today? Or are you done for today? Yes, tomorrow I have a physics exam. Oh my God. So when are you going to be in bed more or less normally? We have hours of sleep. At 17, we should be in bed by 10:30 p.m. m. 10:30 p.m. MMM. Okay, at half past ten someone knocks on the door and checks if you're in bed too? Most of the time, yes. And the others, when should they go to bed?
It always depends on your age. At fifteen, at sixteen at 9:30 and at fourteen, at 9:00 p.m. At eighteen, 11:30 p.m. Yes. Oh, that's great. And this is my room. So I'm sleeping there and there would be another person here, but I'm lucky to have a single room, it's great. Around 160 athletes, men and women, livehere at the boarding school right now. Very few have a single room. Emma has had her own room for a year and a half. Ahha. Now. Hello, do you already know your welcome weekend in December? I know that now November 26, 27, 28 I am going home.
That's it, I'm going to book another train. But for December, it is not known. Maybe we can arrange for you to be there too... but that would be a week later, right? Or two weeks... Maybe you can come back to Hamburg a fortnight later? Anyway, that's for sure. Yeah, I wanted to know what it was like for you, when Emma hit the age of 12 and basically left home. Was that a motivation that came from her? And how did that work out for you as a mom? Honestly? He was sick. I didn't feel well at all. I know that Emma really wanted it.
She also convinced us that she really wanted it. And uh, yeah, but I was actually really sad. Of course! When her 12-year-old son leaves home, she doesn't necessarily think it's a good thing, does she? We also told each other that she could only stay 6 months, 3 months or something like that, and that she could come home if she didn't like her. If she wants to go home because she's homesick or whatever, of course we'll take her home too. So I wasn't really scared. How does she feel when she gets home today? Maybe no one can really und


and it, but it's more like she visits us when she comes home.
We just got used to the situation now. Emma lives in the boarding school and we live here. Since Emma was 12 years old, she has been in charge of the tasks that her parents usually do. Washing clothes, eg Cleaning, cooking. She learned everything on google. Bye! Bye! Love you! I love you too! There she goes. It's nice to see your mom once in a while, isn't it? Yes it is. With all the time you've wasted and everything you've almost missed. You would do it again? Go to Chemnitz? Yes, of course, you have situations like that, where you think: why does everyone else have six weeks of summer vacation and I only have two?
But it all makes sense to me. I have my goal in front of my eyes and that is the most important thing for me if my goal were to come true. 18:00 The day is almost over. At least for me. Emma still has to go to the physio. Then she has dinner at the university restaurant and then to her room to study physics. What program! What I understood: Emma has a big goal, the 2024 Olympics. And she loves what she does. Is that enough to commit to such a project at such a young age? Maybe that particular motivation can't always be explained either, but there are people like Emma, ​​who are born with it.
Not all professional athletes can handle the high pressure of performance. Young athletes talk about depression and eating disorders. You can find the movie here.

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