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Pro Chef Tries to Invent New Pasta Shapes | Bon Appétit

Feb 19, 2020
lemon juice yeah I know that's a lot of butter sauce so there they are in their little saucepan for a first take I think they turned out good I mean they looked like little fetuses too but okay let's go for a linear coating situation with very modern pig fetuses, but they weren't. were alright souls im ready to introduce you to my cheeky tie dye genius heres my little hero weenie wow shes gorgeous this is how much we need hes trying to have her in the future no i want 13 a baker's dozen okay it's like Lamoni


with pistachios and buffalo ricotta as the filling it's delicious they were delicious they spoke to my heart it has a little bit of bite you do I'm like rigatoni exactly and then like pot fresh even faster. both great job thanks you can look for yourselves it's dyed weenie dog paste look at this one on top that's like a proper weenie dog they look like penises
pro chef tries to invent new pasta shapes bon app tit

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