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Pro Boxer Viddal Riley Reacts To MMA Striking

Apr 30, 2023
that's why MMA is long you know no one wants to see a file doing this in short just punching it is the most real thing without Riley professional


7-0 future cruiserweight world champion and today I'm reacting to some juicy MMA knockouts I do you didn't know and you've been living under Dana White's biceps wrestling front is sponsored by Jocko fuel you get 10 off when you use the MMA code on point and get the ultimate natural energy boost with it stick around until the end of the video to find more Lon Kavanaugh versus Ryan Morgan ok let's see let's see some Heavens you have to be so careful and so calculated he has to use his here to try to draw oh that was a nice clear delivery as Matt Tyson says oh my The way to knock someone out is to make two punches sound like one the actual knockout punches make two punches sound like one that was that one two but it's almost like a point it was a good measure of distance sometimes it's easy I guess a foe to sniff the bar cause you still got guns in the boxing if you sniff you're waiting for you to be separated to realize yeah i can drop my hands from here and he moved he moved he moved that was yeah that's a good technique stat asking and Damian, a mile away from me, why does Damian Maya give you so much respect if someone hits you like that?
pro boxer viddal riley reacts to mma striking
Why are you backing up like they're dropping bombs? obviously Ben Eskin is terrible when it comes to his hands that's very clear but Damienma is worse in my opinion because he's not, he's not all caps or anything and he's actually a legend to me as the singer of Conor McGregor, so that's boxing. 101. and then the knee goes in obviously it makes your life worse we can't do that but bang and then yeah look that's why MMA is long you know if someone comes to box and they can still drop you and then come back to change. his specialty is a long term view you can over commit your backhand box and end up in a clinch ups i won't do it again MMA you over commit you have need in your stomach that's perfect for where it's at it's closest boxing technique as you'll see with the dangers in front of him so he got Dustin Poirier and just participating here experience is looking for the fan the covered spot his body is exposed mix it up and if he's that hurt once you go buddy go ahead you'll knock him out, you wouldn't even have to land that many punches.
pro boxer viddal riley reacts to mma striking

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pro boxer viddal riley reacts to mma striking...

I don't think there is a right or wrong way to do it. throwing a combination, I think it depends a lot on what you have built in your opponent's mind throughout the fight. in order not to obtain results, it is balanced a lot and there are some that there is nothing wrong with balancing. It can be dangerous to be straight, but when you have someone going like that and they're in a completely defensive position, you can square. if you want to find more power planted in your legs, he could have done that to the body, he would have finished it off. bam Flay and right hand knee burn if I'm in front of you and I'm not hurting you and I'm doing everything that Venom page is doing there's still a lot to think about so I just need you in the face I hit twice in your nose i kicked your leg you're human all these things hurt and you keep doing so many things to stimulate my eyes i'm just trying to take in that my nose just got broken and then he still in front of me about to hit me again like this that people really have to respect fighters who survive being shaken.
pro boxer viddal riley reacts to mma striking
He panicked. He thought no, there's too much going on. I'm hurt. I was expecting it and hit it with bamboo julia but let's see this good kick to the leg strong leg kick oh he's using a lot of variety this is just pain in all of them bam with the knee bam bam with a kick kick again look what she's doing better than poor she was attacking up and down look at that boom climbing boom boom boom kicking again oh that last kick also that one hurt that one hurt oh bad man oh imagine you're out of breath someone just boosted your leg full power now back to path and governor so he can take advantage bam bam body shots then elbow to the head elbow to the head I know it looks awesome to punch someone in the face and stuff but I'm telling you those damn things are not nice um john lineker maybe arnold fernandez all my fools went this way so it's only right that everything comes back that way and he was there for it you know i mean he was there for all of it , felt short but covered enough ground that the next one was close enough you know so you missed one and then you realize I'm closer let the next ones go so it was a nice knockout and if you can pull off a knockout like that, that's great because it's a simple setup, very powerful results, Mike.
pro boxer viddal riley reacts to mma striking
Chandler and David Rickles now that's how you know what I'm saying it makes sense yeah Chandler you see how he's fighting he's fighting like we're here to fight if you can't stop him it's done and then you saw Damien's mail with Ben eskrin if he was acting like he was trying to knock out the ice cream. This is how you do it. Let's get straight to business. referees in MMA are much sharper on stoppages I appreciated when I was watching him back in the day Mario Yamasaki would let people get knocked down he's a legend but I mean they have a different riff Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder the first if the ref didn't make the full count it wouldn't be a story of him getting up at nine the rift plays a part in these fights we attach the story to as much as at the end you know you have to leave now that you're not me I move with the times, my boy, but you will continue to go at your own pace.
I know that he can walk well. Chill out. Hit heavy blows in the middle. your own flavor to anything. Nick diazm4 every day, his friends trace him to the body, the hitting technique is not the best, although if you look, if you throw it here, you also left the power there. he has a good selection of punches but the delivery is too wide and if Daley was alert he could have seen plenty of opportunities to count if someone dropped some exhaustion normally you don't drop like this I still don't know which one it is for me out we have the best fighter mate Diaz vs green maybe not now this is when i was really playing the ufc because gray maynard used to be the annoying guy on the computer because he's not because of his wrestling so it's like you don't know the ground game is just laying on you and then it starts ah I used to hate this guy Nate Diaz vs the green man let's see I think um just to recap this is a sustained attack repeated precision you can see he's using his eyes like he's not he was excited, he's paying attention. to where Gray Maynard is and he's beating him in short he's just beating him nobody wants to see a fire doing this because we're like you that means he's done well it's been the most real video rally and I've been reacting to MMA knockouts that I'm glad I watched.
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