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Proof Batman Kills, A LOT! | The SCIENCE!... of Batman

Mar 12, 2022
Dear Rocksteady Studios, or is it DC comics? DC Comics or TellTale? or--- I don't know- I don't know. There are like a thousand developers and publishers AND owners of the Batman intellectual property. I can no longer keep them in order. HELLO IT'S ME!! AUSTIN! I'm here to ruin your day. You know Batman definitely has to be my favorite superhero from a long time. when I was a little kid. It was definitely in the top three along with Zorro and Indiana Jones for years, my favorite movie was Batman Returns, though if I'm being completely honest my main focus was Catwoman, huh?
proof batman kills a lot the science of batman
Catwoman, The Fox, Indiana Jones Lots of whipping there I guess how I like to spend my free time and after puberty it really isn't much of a mystery Where was I? Correct! Ruining Batman. I love Batman that's why I play almost every Batman game I can get my hands on. The first was through Batman Returns for Snes where I had to punch my beloved catwoman in the face AGHH THE TORTURE!! Anyway, I recently played the Telltale Batman series and holy crap! I fucking loved it!!! and when it was over i immediately started including the main arkham series so i could perpetuate my addiction to


and holy guys i just realized


is a fucking killer and this wouldn't be a big deal for a comic book superhero but we're not I'm talking about Punisher or Deadpool.
proof batman kills a lot the science of batman

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proof batman kills a lot the science of batman...

This is fucking Batman! He has two rules: don't use weapons and don't kill. I'm not a coward hiding behind a gun. But Batman is a bad boy. Batman is a Vigilante and Batman doesn't believe in following the rules, it even turns out that even his own Austin Batman is not a killer. I hear you typing frantically in the comments. Being like you never see him do it Oh yeah, oh yeah, you think so. Oh well, let me put on my lab coat, my


cap, and prove to you conclusively that the caped crusader is the worst superhero of all time.
proof batman kills a lot the science of batman
I first realized something was up while I was doing one of my favorite moves in Arkham Asylum: the vertical backhand. Down below, take down where you hang upside down and grab the moocs that pass below you. then you tie the rope to their ankles and just let go. That's wild treatment as hell, but it's not fatal, is it? good?? MISTAKEN. Now listen, I'm not going to say that hanging upside down is fatal, in fact there have been some studies looking at exactly this because in 1980, Richard Gere played a male escort in the movie American Gigolo AND there was a scene of him exercising while I was suspended upside down AND OH MY GOD the 80's couldn't you?
proof batman kills a lot the science of batman
Anyway, the sight of the then handsome flesh and blood man doing something made everyone else want to do that, so naturally the scientific minds wanted to know if hanging upside down is dangerous. it turns out well, not a little. Sort of Hanging upside down isn't that dangerous, but it does create a twenty-five percent increase in blood pressure. this happens because the heart is actually designed to pump harder towards the head, this is because gravity pushes the blood towards the feet. However, if he is prone, his blood is pumping hard to his head, which is also being aided by the Force of gravity, the good news is that the blood is pooling in the right direction.
If you have to choose between too much blood in your head and too little I recommend too much. Too little can starve your brain of oxygen and kill you in a matter of minutes if you're not careful. However, high blood pressure is not good. I mean, if it gets high enough, the blood vessels can burst, the important ones, the ones that bring oxygen to your brain, this can cause pressure on your brain and force you to lose consciousness and suffer permanent debilitating brain damage. Anyone who knows someone who has had a stroke can attest to this.
It's not an easy thing to recover from, but it's highly unlikely that a healthy adult hanging upside down would have a stroke with a twenty-five percent increase in blood pressure without some other factor coming into play and this is where we get our first technique. gruesome murder of the Dark Knight, you see, because Batman isn't just casually taking criminals down. They're not just hanging there like Richard Gere's Knuckle the Moose. He straight up drops them like they're made of dog poop. These moocs are pretty close to Batman's height, and we can actually calculate how fast they are falling using their bodies as a frame of reference if Batman is feet or 1.8 meters, which means these moocs are falling more than four meters and half.
The acceleration of G or 9.81 meters per second squared, this means that these brothers, when they reach the end of the rope, are traveling at more than nine point three meters per second or more than 20 miles per hour and then they stop suddenly. and then you can walk away and see your heart rate increase to about one hundred and fifty-five beats per second. FUN. The game says this is because they're terrified, but you know what I think is worse, I think it's because they're in immense pain. You know why? because if someone ties a rope around your ankles and just lets you fall that distance from something that isn't a fucking bungee cord, your ankles experience over 40,000 Newtons of force when the clasps are pulled taut and your bones flex, this is A LOT of force more than enough to break your fragile ankles and probably break a couple more bones in your legs and dislocate your hips. these moocs are in agony, but it gets worse.
These guys hanging upside down are knocked out in a little over ten seconds. now passing out from pain is possible, but highly unlikely to result. When people pass out from pain, it's usually due to some other factor, and then the unconscious episode is temporary. No, this is something else. And you're more likely to pass out from low blood pressure, not high blood pressure, which as you'll remember, your blood pressure while on your stomach goes up. something else is going on here something worse something Terrible. Rapid slowdown and broken bones mean one thing: internal bleeding. Bones contain bone marrow, and the legs contain a major artery: the femoral artery.
If it is subjected to the correct tension combined with a bit of bad luck and the wrong amount of torque, this artery can be torn open. Even worse, internal organs can experience what's called deceleration trauma, which is when your internal organs experience severe enough G-forces and literally separate from the surrounding blood vessels. This is bad news because these suckers experience a whopping 58G. This means that I, a 150-pound man, would suddenly feel like he weighed a hell of a lot, or over 8,000 pounds. Broken bones plus possibly severed arteries and veins Plus high blood pressure PLUS a high heart rate is a recipe for a horrible condition hypovolemic circulatory shock high blood pressure plus a panic or pain induced rapid heart rate means those severed blood vessels are going to lose a lot of blood faster causes a detrimental positive feedback loop in which poor blood supply leads to rapid cell damage leading to an inflammatory response by the body to increase blood flow to that area, which in turn deprives the body of more valuable blood WHAT causes more cell death and OH MY GOD is the worst.
Shock is one of the leading causes of death among people with major illnesses, and if left untreated, the risk of death is basically 100 percent, especially if you reach stage four of hypovolemic circulatory shock. stage four is defined by low blood pressure due to not a ton of blood left circulating and an incredibly fast pulse of over 140 beats per minute followed by one of two things coma or DEATH. this is the only stage that has a lack of Consciousness as a symptom. once stage 4 is reached, brain death can occur in as little as 10 minutes without an immediate blood transfusion and we can even measure this using what is called the shock index, a tool used by emergency medical services to evaluate situations.
It's honestly pretty simple. Heart Rate Divided By Blood Pressure Since the average blood pressure is 120 from being upside down and since Batman actually reads his beats per minute, we can determine that this mooc with a heart rate greater than 150 and a blood pressure of 150 has a shock index of one point zero three three Anything above point nine is BAD AND that number will increase as you experience more blood loss. At best. We are talking about a persistent vegetative state. No one who passes out from being on their stomach for a long period of time has a long and healthy life ahead of them, even if they don't. at least killed like five guys this way.
You know like a killer. but to be entirely honest, this is the least terrible thing it does. if we are generous, we can admit that this is a game mechanic. Rocksteady just wanted to be permanently out of commission and they didn't want to think about it as much. BIG FLU. Rocksteady does not accurately model people hanging upside down. COLOR ME SURPRISE Unfortunately THIS is just an appetizer for the main course because what I have for you next will blow your mind You and I both know that the whole hanging people upside down thing is at the end of the day a parlor trick Batman isn't scares people.
This is not what that man is deep down. What he knows how to do better than anyone is punching. The best way to fight crime is by punching him. No risk of death, no weapons, no gadgets, just good old Punch Until They Stop Moving, except it turns out that punching people until they stop moving is really bad for them, just ask after Duke is done with them But AUSTIN, I hear you saying you're a little annoying and interrupting my video, what about boxing? I mean, that's it. One thing about beating people until they don't move anymore and no one dies in that sport, worst case scenario, they lose an ear or two, okay?
Well, you have a good point. Boxing, along with football, rests on a solid foundation of normalizing permanent and debilitating brain damage. But it's very rare for people to drop dead. That being said, since 1890 there have been over 700 ring deaths in boxing, so that's funny. Why is that? Well, it all comes down to your brain. I used to think that a boxing knockout was a dead visually unresponsive straight up coma. this is actually not the case. Boxers who are knocked out rarely lose consciousness completely and if they do it's for less than a second to understand this we're going to have to look at the nature of punches, brains and concussions. the worst part to get punched is the chin. this seems counterintuitive as it is so far from the brain.
But that's exactly what makes it so dangerous. you see to cause minor brain damage or else you have to make the brain hit something. you can do this by hitting someone on the top of the head, but you have to hit them really hard. the best way though the best way is to make the skull rotate really fast so that the brain which is suspended in the fluid moves and hits the walls of the skull because hitting the chin imparts the most rotational force and leverage this it's one of the Best Places to Land a Knockout Punch Boxers call it the button, which to me is just a horrible colloquial expression for destroying someone's nervous system.
Other good places are the side of the head near the temples because the bone is softer and also imparts rotation when the brain. Experiencing an impact, even a minor one, permanently damages the person's brain. acutely this is called a concussion and all knocked out boxers have concussions and experience a ton of cognitive decline as with almost everything in humanity this is not a simple on/off switch this is a gradient measurable using the scale Glasgow coma. The Glasgow Coma Scale is a metric that takes a group of symptoms, assigns them a number, and adds them up to give people a general idea of ​​what they're going through. a badly knocked out boxer, for example, would have a Glasgow score of around nine.
They open their eyes in response to questions. They mumble incoherently and don't react to pain normally, but what the hell does this have to do with Batman? Batman doesn't hit people until they're groping like they're drunk. He knocks them out for hours. To test this, I even left the game running overnight to see if the fools he beat up ever woke up. They do not do it. they don't respond to pain in the way of me battling them to hell. Do not speak. they not their eyes. these guys register as a three on the glasgow coma scale this is colloquially called two things number one a deep coma or number two DEATH Even if we're talking about a glasgow scale of higher degrees like five or six the rate of Mortality of all people even if they receive medical treatment that reaches this level of brain damage is seventeen percent.hundred. that means out of ten moocs Batman doesn't respond and leaves Facedown in a pool of his own blood, at least one of these guys is dying. when someone doesn't move like that it's because he's experiencing epidural, intracerebral, subdural hematomas. choose your option. that's what happens when you punch someone until their middle meningeal artery opens up and batman punches 10+ dudes in the arkham series it's like in the Hundreds and what about these gloves that are powerful enough to stop the heart or what? about the fact that when you strangle someone until he loses consciousness?
They wake up almost as soon as blood flow returns to the brain, which means the only way these guys are drowning or down is because you're probably severing their spinal cord, or there's an explosive gel that literally blows up the walls BATMAN, you are literally blowing people up and showering them with cement shrapnel. YOU ARE MAKING GRENADES and the Batmobile has a fucking gun mounted on it. WHAT HAPPENED TO NO WEAPONS?!?!? is this a gun? I'm starting to think this whole no killing thing is just propaganda perpetuated by the Gotham police who are paid by Wayne Enterprises to cover up the massive number of homicides Batman is responsible for.
Batman Lowers Crime Rate So who cares if he


17 to 30 percent of the people he interacts with? If that isn't a fiery indictment of the American justice system, I don't know what is. Batman is a LIAR and a fucking serial KILLER with no con


and a hate for the poor OR his rich upbringing literally insulated him so much from the struggles of the common man that he doesn't know what death is Don't you know what death is? ? He maybe never got grief therapy after his parents died and he literally thinks the villains are sleeping. I mean his main form of therapy is to dress up in fetish attire and punch people in the skulls until they no longer remember his high school education.
This is EXACTLY why. we need transparency in our police system. This is exactly why we have checks and balances. Batman's checks and balances are mentally ill with clown makeup and a giant roided-out jock Congratulations Rocksteady. You made Batman a bloody killer, or I guess he always was, but you made him worse. You've promoted him from casual Whoopsie of Negligence to full-blown mass murderer. Congratulations. You made me ruin my favorite superhero. I hope you are happy, sincerely Austin, thank you all for watching my video on Batman na na na na na na na na, BATMAN. follow me on twitter @arhourigan or subscribe to game theorists?
And you know how to do something impressive. I still love Batman even though he's a jerk. everyone is an idiot I am an idiot. I've ruined fun things for fun. Anyway. BYE BYE. I love you

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