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Apr 20, 2023
these little rice crackers sweet chili crunchy things i got from bm um i'm literally addicted i dipped them in philadelphia one rub isn't enough i need to continue though i literally got stuck in my teeth right now anyway How's everybody? We're ok? I hope So yes, I have some great Primark swag for you. We all know right now your Primark is literally one of my favorite places on this Earth. We have two bags here. I also literally have this huge white bag. I entered Primark. and i said i'm in business you know it's a new season baby okay we're getting closer to spring and summer there was a lot of new there which was great there was a lot of new there which was great and Of course I tried I forgot to mention if you want to see the pieces in my head ticking.
primark haul april 2023
I'm going to do like a test and tick there then that way youtube tick tock I can see the pieces so any piece of clothing is I'll try again there. I'm going to link The Tick Tock below okay love you new to promos let's get off to a strong start on this little cargo skirt. I love this guys, I think it's great that Primark does things like this. sounded shocked to me when Primark is literally killing it these days i walked in it was the first thing i saw on the right and there was literally just this one on the left and another size but they were on top and i may get too small i thought to myself same, you know?
primark haul april 2023

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primark haul april 2023...

I'm going to buy a Metron Primark and then I'm going back to it if I need to ask a member of myself or whatever we'll meet at the end of my shop I went over it was taken down from the top and it was getting cold on a lower level now if that wasn't a sign for me to add it to my basket then maybe i don't know what it was actually it's part of that polar collection she's had a previous collection but she's come by for more cool summer stuff I love the stone hue all the pockets are really cool it's also like a stone jean 14lbs which I don't think would be that bad I know some things at Primark these days are a little more fun.
primark haul april 2023
I'm picturing this with some white accessories, maybe white boots, a nice white crop top that sort of thing or even long socks and loafers or something, I guess due to lack of sizing. that this is a very popular item, so if you see it in your size, take it out because everyone is going to want another type of summer item. I love denim. I mean, I love denim. lighter denim I love how it's kind of a worn frayed jacket at the bottom also the perfect wash of the jean it's also part of Paula's collection it was also only 20lbs which I don't think was too bad . up on this I have this in a size small I just have a little larger that way if I wanted to layer underneath it could go with a lot perfectly.
primark haul april 2023
You could find a similar pair of jeans or denim shorts or something that would look great. In fact, I don't think I have a jean jacket in my wardrobe other than the one I made earlier, but thanks to Primark for the latest edit. this is kind of random but i saw this bikini and i was like uh you're coming home with me first of all it's absolutely great silver tones it's almost like metal it almost looks shiny it's just these little bikini bottoms these were five pounds I bought them in a size eight and then the bikini top I got a six because I don't really have any on it okay it's like a cupped bikini top also has underwire which is nice with straps too adjustable, I only weighed seven pounds, and for what? the full set let me do my math 12lbs yea i feel its a really cute set even for vacations or spa days or bikini season coming up.
I'm scared but bikinis are starting to roll out and so is Primark guys. those bikinis, bathing suits, all the accessories and stuff. I just saw this one, I needed it in my life. which because it could be anything it could be the makeup section the men is just Primark as a whole anyway every time I have to look at the pajama section guys this outfit just screams spring fresh out from the bar fresh out of the shower put these Bad Boys on 10 . out of 10 nothing better pretty much just talking to me its like a flawless set it actually has all these metal parts too it was 14lbs the top um and i got an extra small kind of twisty but they are silk pajamas so the quality is really beautiful and there are matching pants like the wide leg pants so i chose these too they were 14lbs and again i bought them in the extra small size . it might look kind of cool to wear as a great leather jacket or something like a spring summer outfit like maybe like opening it up with a bralette underneath I don't know that makes me think maybe I'm trying to do most likely I also want to get your money and I'm talking about this new set of pajamas that you're wearing tonight, so I found in the beauty section one of those like ice rollers for the face.
In fact, I already have one, but I can. got one for myself and jake now i thought its called Primark made them for 3.50 also reusable facial ice roller they are one of those things you just fill with water put them in the freezer take them out and you can use them on your face to depuff and make that blood circulation works and honestly the one I have makes the biggest difference you know when you wake up puffy I just want to reduce that before I put on my makeup it also feels amazing like good to get that kind of cooling feeling on the skin does did you know?
They had a ton of skincare stuff just like this. They had all the rollers for eyes and washers. which I think is perverse. These heels here give me a lot of diesel power and give me the designer feel, yeah this is them now, they just look like a simple pair of black heels right? but they are classic like a fancy little Hill like with jeans and stuff they look lush or for any occasion but yeah they look very similar to the diesels the only difference is the diesels obviously have the logo on it I'm not lying They have been on my wish list for a long time.
I love diesel as a brand by the way I feel like they have the coolest pieces huh a girl can dream of those heels I'm talking about even though they're always sold out like she can't get them yeah these are only 16lbs from um Primark. I feel like they look really fun. A fact to point the toe. I used to hate pointy toe. They're my favorites. Now, the obsession with lingerie continues. it's not Primark if someone was wearing that and they told me it's from Primark I just wouldn't believe them that's how beautiful it is the quality is so good guys there's even matching underwear as well how nice is that beautiful shade of lilac these are padded Also this is the push-up collection when I wear this we should be we should be buoyed if my boobs aren't here my chin I'm sorry you know this is going to look amazing it's going to look so good this was 14lbs which i think is crazy like its corseted nice you got the wiring down and all the details are beautiful and then these are the matching thongs i'm also only four pound i just had to match them because you know what when you wear that on top and you have it underneath something about that feels good even if no one sees it it's like a mental thing like i feel more organized i don't know what a beautiful outfit like that is a top with a blazer and jeans you know how i feel really so cute like a spring summer shade too i dont actually have lilacs yeah oh my gosh speaking of blazers this is literally like a pink dream i literally saw this at rand guys like quality early Blazers these days 11 out of 10.
Thick, they're structured, they fit wonderfully too, it's like a slim Blazer. I like that it's more structured and that's what early Blazers are these days they have. in lots of colors too but i had to buy the 22lb baby pink guys which i thought was a really really good price for a Blazer like this with this quality. I tried this one in a few sizes but chose size 16 because that's how I like my llamas to be. I like being able to layer underneath if I want to. I like that it's bigger, you know, wear something tighter underneath that kind of vibe to top it off, although I'm obviously going to wear that as a solo piece too, but to top it all off they even have matching wide leg suit pants , so guys you could literally have the baby pink outfit of your dreams like that for an awesome combo.
I got these in one size. six um and they were 14 pounds like a nice pair of suit pants this color right here is like my favorite shade of pink as well as that baby pink I yelled amazing spring summer suit just 10 out of 10 Primark I don't know who the designer is or what its going on but they need a raise thats what im thinking kinda random but i needed some new squeegees for the toilet and i feel like these are really cool they also come with a holder which is cute super fancy i love black we have black accents around our house i feel like these are going to be perfect picked up two a fruit shower in the house um six pound functional but she has the aesthetic that could be better guys Adult life right.
I also took some studios from Primark. I always have a bit of merch on the sunnies. These were 2.50. Let me take these Primark Sunny lava labels off because they're cheap if they break or you lose them or whatever that isn't. piercing. I haven't tried them on yet so they better fit me or and throw them away what do we really think of this kind of rectangle shape too? I feel like they look more expensive than two pound fifty, right? these bad boys again two pound fifty again I haven't tried them on but they're giving don't talk to me I like them it's sunglasses season baby get involved here's another piece I picked up I love this type of mesh crochet it's almost like a khaki shade like it's a nude stoney green shade actually thinking about it even with this skirt i feel like it would look great it's like a neutral outfit with boots that's kind of a vibe i got this a small as a cute bralette underneath maybe as a great pair of cargo pants even thinking of the holidays as a cover up for me I have visions of this as a really cute top I ventured into the kids section ok?
I saw this outfit and i felt like this is the cutest thing out there right now the top i don't like but the shorts yeah i love them. I don't know why it's the right summer color it's like that bright yellow just got these nice white flowers um I'm thinking of this as a little white bralette or something even chilling around the house I'm a size medium , it was only seven pounds, that kind of super stretchy rib really nice and thick too, yeah they had this in those other colors as well as basic sets. I decided to buy myself a new pair of slippers so you know my smiley face slippers which I got from Primark, I have to be honest the collie totally broke when he was walking around.
Stairs are not a fun activity, nothing special. I was coming down the stairs and it just fell off, so I had a giant hole in the bottom of my slipper. They were supposed to go away and have been replaced by these, obviously, they're pink. they were now close to five pounds for memory foam ones. I love these. They are comfortable. oh yeah so cute, that's a great chalkboard. actually right off the bat this little two piece legging set guys when I say this is the best quality I mean this is the best quality it's like ripped and super super stretchy in the legging there's like little splits at the bottom and i feel like even the cardigan buttoned up would be fine the top was 10 and the leggings were 14. hi whats going on? wait, you're in Primark, you went to Primark on your own to have a kiss, you're my boyfriend, guys, these Primark.
The sets are a must have in your pajama section if you like breathable yet very very soft cotton pajamas, you'll honestly love these. I already have this in a navy color they had a light gray as well but pick up the black set it's basically a little t-shirt but they have like a lace trim and they also have little lace shorts with that how nice is that I have the extra small and they're only eight pounds and then I also picked up the baby pink here you go you can better see the pattern in the baby pink like the shorts fit you really really nice and snug as well as the hot panties and then you've got that vest also. they are so soft on me its one of those sets i have to have multiples because i wear them like crap during the day, i wear them at night, i wear them to sleep, i wear them all the time.
I'm basically always on them so it's kind of boring but it tops up the makeup wipes. I actually have two packs of those, they are good for filming content because I post on Tick Tock every day, basically I do a lot of makeup content.nice to have in my drawer and i also bought my oval cosmetic pads they are also only 90p. i picked up a few of these derma brush tools, they are only two pounds. I use them to shape the face, shape my brows. So again love I actually went in there on the hunt to find a couple new pieces I'm looking at online but my Primark doesn't have them yet but I'll keep my eyes peeled if I pick up this charcoal um pencils in a shade matte nude, it was only a pound.
I love cool pencils in this shade to highlight my nose. I'm currently using the one made by Mitchell but thought we'd give it a try and then got this one too. fragrance lip mask marshmallow says i'm a fan of a lip mask as a lip mask or lip oil any lip balm any day of the week oh oh yeah she's thick yeah oh that feels good that's what i mean thick juicy lip mascara like a baby pink shade too i feel like that would make a really good um you can see that would also make a really good lip gloss nail glue 1.50 this is what i used to put on my nails people always he asks me what i use i say Primark and they never believe me this is a good nail glue but it all depends on nail prep honestly you could use the best nail glue in the world but if you haven't prepped your nails properly your nails they will not stick.
I'm like I have no glue, that's what I use. i got rid of that and they just have the squeeze tube now i just think they are the same formula i just preferred the brush on the applicator ya know anyway the hair bands because i lose them all the time i fixed a couple of pieces of jewelry, look how precious that necklace is like a Vibe choker there are two of them I think there are two there is one gold and one silver they are like misshapen circles three pounds fifty they were and they are very good quality look at the clasp I find it so interesting how beautiful they're going to be with a suit or something like paula's collection again and then i saw they had bracelets too actually i'm going to wear these bad boys right now.
I have them in a small to medium three pound size. I literally have three of them, two gold, one silver. How cool. I love jewelry like this. My God, look, they fit perfectly. The bag was always a little big for me but I don't mind I like to layer my jewelry anyway they're so cute they're also literally perfect because I mix my metals like I mix my gold and silver jewelry randomly but I chose a new shower cut, i mean a new one i actually wear. I don't have one and that is exactly why I needed to choose one because I only wash my hair once a week.
That's why I was missing in my life. which i saw as soon as i walked in and it's like a white shirt with a little spice added to it what's that oh god i thought it was a brand on it it's not just that fleece collection it's a cropped white shirt but guys look at the bottom you got this like adjustable bits it almost threads into the side and you can pull it on and it just creates this really cool corset shape on the chemise how lush is that i got this in an extra small so close to my size with this just to make it a little bit tighter 12 lbs was imagine this with a nice pair of suit pants with some sunglasses maybe a good trench coat and like a nice Branch it's cool it's casual but this item makes it kind of smarter I don't know I think this is wicked i've never seen anything like this the hybrid between a shirt and a corset i love that one thing i noticed i didn't have in my wardrobe it was cardigans now i'm not really a cardigan type girl but for this time of year i feel like i need to trying to be an accounting girl because it's that awkward weather where the sun is out but it's still a little chilly so I still need a layering piece. but i don't want to go as a big coat or a big bomber jacket or something so i want to like nice knitted cardigans but they still feel snug but are a little bit cooler.
I saw this one on Primark in this beautiful khaki shade it's kind of somewhere in the middle like it's not super thick and heavy but it's not skinny either and it was only 14lbs now I bought this in an XL because I wanted it to be of course bigger so it it felt uniform kind of blanket Vibes more comfortable but in a better way and it's like a khaki longline knit cardigan. I was looking for a black one, but we have brown that goes with more than you'd think. also in khaki guys with white black The gray jeans um yeah they go together so the nude colors luden khaki look great together. it better work out and I'll also show you this one while we're on the subject of similar cardigans so I also bought this more cropped baby blue cardigan and I felt like with jeans and stuff it would be really cute now that I bought it in an XL because I wanted to wear this more like off the shoulder very baggy again 14lbs and this is also like a heavy knit do you feel The Vibes like maybe I'd even like to tuck it under and trim it down even more or could you have it open? with like a cute crop top underneath again nice spring color type i have both options i want more long line i want one more crop yes and if it doesn't fit me or i don't like it i'm sure i will but if not i'm sure that my sister will love these anyway speaking of my sister i need to show you this thinking about it i actually dont think i said it on youtube my sister is getting we are getting married in august and we thought these to get ready would be the best here we go.
I was a little tangled up, so it's just these little champagne pajamas. They have these cute Freddie shorts. Beautiful satin material and then. on the back it says Team Brides how cute these are so me and my other sister will be a bridesmaid too we both have one of these and then my sister who is getting married has a white one that says Brian on the back, hers is white with like champagne accents, so we're matching, but we switched in the pajama section. Primark had a whole wedding section like that. They had really beautiful matching robes as well as satin robes.
They are like long-line dresses, like silk dresses. that you can wear while you're getting ready and like pictures and stuff how nice it's going to be an extra small 15 pound stem that's such a cute idea they also had accessories the bride could wear like underwear you could get that also had like a garter yeah just gorgeous no i love my graphic tea ok in the pajama section prmark had a whole similar section so they had such a section of style and then they had a section like disney um now i think these are going to be like chill in the house like a big oversized tea like using my boyfriends tea sort of vibe having said that i think they might even look cool with like a great cool leather jackets and boots Big Shades I don't know if I'll like to dress them up and wear graphic tees well so the first one don't lie I've been wearing this so it's backwards this is a graphic lizzo tea how cool they are the colors like against the black I think it looks Lush and then there's also a graphic on the back it's also almost like official merchwear I also bought this in an extra small I was debating in the store about this or the small is nice and oversized to be a fair part of me, i would like to have the little one, you know what? thinking about it even as tucked in or tucked into jeans that would look good it's a cool graphic set you could literally do whatever is right and then the other one I'm pretty sure he's 13lbs which is kind of prickly , but like I said I think that's like proper use of merch, here's the other one I got, Miss Brittany Spears, Brittany, by the way, I'm in again extra small.
I picked up oh my gosh this set of underwear, how could I forget? In fact, I went to Primark twice. We drop these things. I literally got the other day but I took a trip to Prime before that so I've just put it together anyway look how beautiful this set is so this is the bra the color combo I think it's beautiful it's like cream mixed with kind of pink and green it's like floral and lacy and then of course you can get matching underwear. it's also like a thong. I love this look like the mesh.
You also have like two side parts. I showed Jake that he loved it too. What is really nice are these two little accents. look it looks a lot more expensive than it was let me tell you these were five and the bra was nine so £15 for the whole set. covers wear a lot on the last few things guys one of them is this cute little um. I love primax home stuff by the way, this cute little um. I've been doing a lot of talking for Wayne, well I can't even talk. I've been talking for a long time my brain doesn't work little dispenser you know I got this for um the kitchen because I actually broke the other day this was just four pound fifteen it's like a really beautiful matte black this city I don't think I already mentioned it on YouTube, but I definitely mentioned it on Tick Tock.
This is a new favorite moment guys it's super mousse be bold in super dark. I don't even know they did this at Primark. I went into his store. and it was like uh absolutely because i literally just ran out of mine only nine pound fifty also it's just beautiful it's like moisturizing on the skin so it's not all set to the tiger maybe i need to do a video on that you guys can really see the color obviously im not using it right now because i run out but beautiful the color is beautiful it lasts beautifully easy to remove and literally no need to rub your skin to remove this just soak in the bath it melts it beautiful has 72 hours of deep hydration so that's probably why it fades beautifully but yeah it's amazing kind of random but i have a belt guys i'm not really a belt wearer but um i feel like with loads and those things, it's like a little extra accessory, it would be really really cute, so I was five pounds, I got an extra small, um, and I got the silver accent because I've been looking for more silver these days. it's about gold oh we just broke everything these rings were something else i picked up three pound fifty they were a pack of two.
I love the design of these with little balls like little misshapen shapes and when on them it almost looks like they wrap around your finger which I think looks wicked so you have a bigger one and then you have this smaller one here love my jewelry you know I'm a total stacker and I feel like these are going to be a really nice stack of rings but like they're spicy and I like that with my jewelry and then the last thing I have to share with you is this beautiful beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful girls night out dress uh this is stunning.
I actually have this in the silk pajama set, so it's the same print, same color and everything, but it's like a satin shirt and baggy pants, so they have the options, which is nice, so I I love that outfit and I like the pattern. that they had it in the form of a dress and I just had to pick it up. I am not going to lie. I feel like someone's rich mom in this. They don't complain. Even this would be beautiful too. just because I wanted it to be nice and snug and it does exactly that kind of how it comes in the waist it's pretty hippie like oh my oldest was a little skinny he was 18lbs but if you could feel it you know it's like really really kind of Luxe quality of all Anyway, that's all good guys, I love you guys, thanks for joining me on this little tour of Primark.
I love Primark. little mooch look what you can find and let me know if you manage to collect any of these pieces i love you

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