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Preview Show FA Community Shield 2023 Arsenal v Manchester City

Aug 05, 2023
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s it's time to go again thank you coming soon can pep guardiola all conqueror Manchester City maintain their relentless success well Wonderful players from the north mascots probably the best coach there is but they just want to keep running they want a great record or they will Premier League runners-up Arsenal win their first trophy since lifting the


in 2020. Mikulateta has come second to Pep Guardiola time and time again and I think he's tired of it. We'll round up some of the big transfers of the summer. and take a numerical look at the


's Shield archive Make some noise for treble winners Manchester City seven years after Pep Guardiola's rain Manchester City finally captured their first Champions League title to write their name on history and complete an incredible treble, the biggest in the Champions League and the best and toughest club competition in the world, so to be able to win that, as well as winning the Premier League and their FA Cup,


s you what a group special, they are the best in the world, one not two of the three do it. you want to say that again Fall not one not two but three the parade was sensational seeing hundreds of thousands of Manchester City fans in the streets you know and I hope they do but they may never see that again and a parade for celebrations in our memory, but after scaling unprecedented heights, what's next for this team?
preview show fa community shield 2023 arsenal v manchester city
The one thing that really stands out about this group of players on the team and all the back-end staff is that they are never happy with what they accomplished that night. Speaking of which, no one has played four Premier Leagues in a row. We can do it? Can we get back to winning the Champions League and that focused mentality? They have wonderful players from the North, mascots, probably the best coach there is, but they just want to keep winning. I want to break records One of Guardiola's biggest tests will be adapting to the loss of two hugely influential players.
preview show fa community shield 2023 arsenal v manchester city

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preview show fa community shield 2023 arsenal v manchester city...

Brilliant, the patio would be a big mess. It will be fine too. You know it was fundamental, not just last season in the race. seasons, but the club knows what they are going to do, they brought in um kobachen, who is a top-level player, it seems like he has fit in perfectly and Manchester City recruits players, you know, they don't just look at what they do on the field , they look at the person first and foremost, they look at what makes them accept, they look at the mentality, they look at how hard they work and then obviously Manchester with Manchester preparing for the players, will there be quality players?
preview show fa community shield 2023 arsenal v manchester city
It's all very far away. Shout from the City Paul Dickov played for Scott gained legendary status among fans by scoring a crucial goal in the 1999 third tier playoff final. As you know, it wasn't that long ago in the old division two, nor was it long ago. 24 years, when uh, we have 30,000 fans every week, which put us at the lowest point in the club's history, even up until 10 or 12 years ago, and the owners' first commandment about Man City fans would thank me for the goal and thanked other players for it. moment and everything else and that was it, but now that they're winning trebles, they're winning four out of five Premier League games, three in a row, it seems a bit more nostalgic for them to look back and say it was a turning point if It was, I don't know, but it was a great moment for the club and all that is all the time about the difference between Monopoly I didn't know there were so many things, but one thing that has never turned into support for these guys, they are incredible, You are the best and I am so happy for all of you, you are amazing, I know it's a little biased but if any group of football fans deserve success after what they've been through. not only what we've been through as a team, but the senior 90 left in one and all the things they were winning must have really excited them too, so to have that success now is really special, others have invested a lot to close. the gap and trying to overcome the strength of Arsenal and Chelsea is strengthening the strength of Liverpool and Manchester United has strength and Tottenham well, I really believe that next season will be the hardest Premier League to win that we have ever had seen.
preview show fa community shield 2023 arsenal v manchester city
Michael has done an incredible job. There will be a knock-on effect for Arsenal next season, but wouldn't you know, it's okay, it can work both ways. They came up short, but there's no shame in coming up short and for one of the best Premier League teams we've ever had. seen in um I really think they will be there again this season if they can close that gap against City I don't know but Man City yeah senior winners and fallen chase teams if they have to do it first it's Arsenal , another of Dickov's former clubs at Wembley this weekend, both teams will be super determined to do it and often Manchester City's view that that pip is taken very seriously a couple of years ago, When they won the National Travel Pet Museum, it was fourfold because of the


Shield that treats him so well and you know you're at Wembley and there's a trophy to win and no one wants to stand, Emily we look at another team, no matter what trophy he's going to go and lift it, you know, I'll always define opinions. What people say without my gold it wouldn't have happened without LK's goal against Valerie in the Champions League it wouldn't have happened with Rodrigan so there are many ways to look at it and I don't mind being in the top four with Audrey okay , even again. especially Sergio and I will assume that throughout the day the Community Shield has been contested for more than a century.
The first match in 1908 saw Manchester United defeat QPR to become the inaugural winners of what was then known as the Charity Shield match. various forms over the decades in 1974 the league winners faced the FA Cup winners Liverpool at Wembley in August and today's format was established the winners beat the league champions , only four venues since 1974 have hosted this meeting. Wembley old and new, the Millennium Stadium Villa Park and in 2022 The Shield between Liverpool and Manchester City was held at the King Power Stadium in Leicester, what a brilliant ending and what an end to Manchester City. Manchester United hold the record for most Shield appearances and most Shield wins that have appeared in this fixture. 30 times winning it 21 times including four shared wins in total The Shield has been shared 11 times before penalties were introduced.
The last time this happened was in 1991, when north London rivals Arsenal and Tottenham drew 0-0. It has been 31 years since Leeds United's Eric Cantona scored a hat-trick in the Community Shield match between Leeds and Liverpool, no other player has had any order problems since that match in 1992, only eight clubs have won the


and then won the Premier League title, the most recent to do so. Manchester City in 2018-19 in 2002, the match was renamed the Community Shield when Arsenal beat Liverpool at the Millennium Stadium in 2007, the match was played at the new Wembley for the first time since then, only six clubs have raised the shield Liverpool Manchester City Manchester United Arsenal Chelsea and Leicester City and this year's match between Manchester City and Arsenal at Wembley will be the 101st Community Shield match abroad.
It's good to be back there because we had two games at Wembley and we're back for the first time, it's a big test against Man City before the championship starts the current promotion to the new top division season football the annual clash between Twitch lifted the FA Cup it's Manchester City against Arsenal competing for the FA Community Shield first goal of the Community Shield that goes to Arsenal that goes to Santa Gazola at the end, where he scored in the FA Cup final, applaud Sonogo's shot, support Arsenal. Turns out it's a typical Aaron Ramsey moment. He had the best scoring season of his life last season, including the winner here at Wembley, and that's a sign. that he can pick up where chiru left off, well it may not be entirely on his mind Matt Sharp but he has had a wonderful time at Wembley and that is not the same for the goalkeeper and Arsenal lead Manchester City by three goals to nil .
The FA Cup finished eighth in the Champions League conclusively, decisively, the winners of the 2014 Community Shield conclusively, Arsenal first, it's important to build confidence, you know, and who has a win today is good for the future, now that we start the Premiership, let's hope we can transfer that to the foreign Premiership is still to come. Will some big summer spending help Arsenal take that step further? Never in Arsenal's recent history have I been able to go out and look for a first-class player, a player that everyone wanted, get him and name the men who were missing from their last The meeting of the shield with Santi Pazola no, it's over, this is so bad, yes, last week in north London a bronze monument was unveiled in honor of a legendary manager, fans wanted some kind of recognition for Arsene Wenger in the stadium which, of course, he actually built.
The driving force behind that move from Highbury to the Emirates Stadium is the longest running server in the club's history. Arsenal always tried to remember the great coaches and the great players. You have Herbert Chapman, you have Dennis Bergkamp. Thierry Henry, but Arsene Wenger certainly deserves it. This Macau side have a long way to go before they can replicate Arsene Wenger's achievements as a coach. He was a very popular player when he was at RC, he was the captain and he has returned to the club like you. I know one of the most promising young managers in the world and he has put his heart and soul into reviving Arsenal's fortunes.
I think if he can get a Premier League title or multiple titles, maybe that elusive Champions League, then he will go down in history as one of us. It was a great service if he could do that, one day he might get his own statue of him despite a late collapse last season. Mikhail Arteta's Arsenal became a top-flight force that led the league for 33 weeks. I think last season was quite special from Arsenal's point of view. see Michael arteto had been building brick by brick over the previous two seasons to create this team that played fast and fluid interchangeable football and came together through training, improving the players he had at his disposal and then of course, by recruiting stars.
Individuals like Gabrielle Jesus and Alexander Zinchenko. I don't think it's a shame to come second behind Manchester City but towards the end of the season it was thanks to Squad Dev that they got to the last Furlong and ran out of gas and I think that's ultimately what cost them to Arsenal, but they are trying to do something about it by adding depth this summer. Arsenal have invested £200m this summer in the habits of Chelsea's Kai, Dutch fullback Yuri and Timber and midfielder Declan Rice, now the most expensive player in England history. in Arsenal's recent history, being able to find a top-class player, a player that everyone wanted, like Declan Rice, and have him looked after.
It's a very attractive club, it's a glamorous London club, it's got a big fan base, it's a global club. What has been missing has been the ambition to go and challenge for a Premier League title or go far in the Champions League, which is why top players at their peak have not been on their radar. Now Arsenal are playing in that arena. I have a coach that the players want to work with, playing a type of football that is exciting and attacking in a stadium where everyone is fully involved for the first time in many years, as if I were a player playing at the top end of my game. anywhere.
In Europe at the moment I would be interested in joining Arsenal and I think they are discovering that Arsenal's owner, American businessman Stan Kronke, has built a sporting empire with many recent successes, but he hasn't always been so positive on this side of the world . The Atlantic, the owners faced a really difficult situation a few years ago with a proposed super league and that collapse, and the fans really turned on them at that time and I think it shocked the crunchy family. I really do and I think they were provoked by interacting and showing the fans that they really care about Arsenal and they really want to make it a successful club and bring in trophies, obviously they have had success in other sports and I think that has perhaps persuaded Arsenal fans that these are good owners these are these are owners who are associated with winning teams, winning managers now we are being asked to maybe really focus and get behind the manager and take this exciting team to the next level.
Manchester City were also strong when it mattered last season, but this weekend Arteta's new Arsenal look can make a statement. I think it would give the Arsenal players a lot of confidence to beat Manchester City because this is a team that has an abysmal record against, you know, Mika Mateta has come. of thesecond best against Pep Guardiola over and over again and I think he's sick of it and I think he'd really like to win this match to claim a piece of silverware and just leave that marker that yes, you beat. We were a great team last year, but this is our year, we're not going anywhere, this Arsenal team is really going to put pressure on you every step of the way, so I expect it to be very competitive, but Arsenal will be incentivized to gain.
No mistake, because City inflicted a lot of pain and damage on these players last season and they will want to get a full Revenge item Revenge maybe coming next May as the summer transfer window is in full swing again and The clubs seek to strengthen themselves here. are some of the biggest offers attracting attention after their historic treble last season Manchester City made Matio Kovacic their first signing of the summer, ending the Croatian's five-year stay at Chelsea. Pep Guardiola wasted no time in filling the void left by the club's outgoing captain Ilkai Gundawa and came up short last season.
Arsenal have invested as they look to regain the Premier League title for the first time in 20 years, leading West Ham to European glory, Declan Rice has moved across London to become the Gunners Club's record signing. In the process, the England International has also strengthened an attack with Kai Habits the latest in a long line to make the move between Chelsea and Arsenal. Kai Habits another departure from Chelsea saw Mason Mount join Manchester United and ends his 18-year association with the club where he won the UEFA Champions League. and was runner-up in the FA Cup three times, there have been arrivals at Stamford Bridge.
Christopher uncoku has arrived from Bundesliga side RB Leipzig and blues fans will be hoping to see much more of this signature celebration which will also move from Leipzig. Dominic sabozlight with Hungarian national captain becomes Liverpool's second signing at the top after a disappointing league campaign last year for the Merseysiders, who made their ambition clear by acquiring much-sought World Cup-winning midfielder Alexis Brighton's McAllister at Liverpool's expense. Back at St James's Park this season and Eddie Howe has brought in proven quality signing Sandro Tonali from AC Milan as the Magpies look to build on their top four status over allegations Top Flight opened the door for player departures key with Tottenham capturing for a long time. term Objective James Madison and Aston Villa have signed another Leicester midfielder, Yuri Tilaments, the Belgian whose goal won Leicester the FA Cup two years ago, it is finally time to test our guests' memories.
In our quiz, we'll show you the team sheet from a classic match with some notable omissions, so can you name the missing men? Lesson players. Well, yes, this is a complete main link. Here we go. This week's match is the 2014 Community Shield between Arsenal and Manchester City. Arsenal won three to nil, but who were the missing men in their team? 2014. You have helped me a little, we are putting up the flags, the memories are quite vague, let's see, so final objective, I am going to go for Fabiansky Chesney and the goal, excuse me too much, the only thing missing is Santi Cazorla along with Jack Wilshere, says Fábregas . no, I think it has to be Aaron Ramsey Alan Ramsey doesn't have much confidence in Spanish in central midfield and I was going to say factories this is so bad she's so bad I don't know, you'll have to tell me I'll kiss the brilliant boss, there's a lot of connection, You don't know, oh yeah, you think it's not that yeah, he's not that old, you think, because he's a manager now.
I told you I was rubbish in the exams, unfortunate Adrian Nicola Teta was the name we were looking for now it's time for the


lineup so Manchester City players, nationalities have helped me here again so I'll start from front to back. Edin gecko would have been the player at that time. up I'll go to the one and only Edin's Echo and then left Winger, the French flag is helping me here. I'll go Samuel Lazri I think it's Sammy and Nazri I think it's Sammy Nasri on the left, okay, so the friends in the back on the right. it's yeah, I'll probably say Sanya son, you're playing for us, he's telling you no, don't kill Fishy, ​​surely cliche wouldn't have played back, but he wasn't right, cliche back, playing back out of position.
I'll go with a cliché, so I see it was because he's the right one in here, yeah, that's a little complicated. Yes, the cliché of girl was cities on that same day, so Adrian and Paul managed to name four of our missing. six men yes yes I have it now I can't believe I didn't get it that's so bad that's so bad ERS foreigners against the Challengers title this weekend for the first trophy of the season Take the lead in the community shield yes Agüero can choose your place here great Paula 2-1 Arsenal Bernardo Silva Agüero oh, it's a goal

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