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Jun 06, 2021
How are you guys doing? Okay, so don't ask any questions today, don't, trust me. Alright. Today I have a very, very, very strange video idea. Okay, somewhere on YouTube the other day I saw a Facebook. video and I was like, wait, I haven't been on Facebook since I was 12 or something, so that's what we're doing, don't ask any questions, don't do it, I'm going to Facebook, okay, so we have to register and create an account my name oh god okay it's there I guess my name is skeppy okay and then let's do this quick I was born on uh yeah that date here we go perfect your account has It has been confirmed that you can now use all the features of Facebook and connect with your friends.
pretending to be a 6 year old on facebook
Great, let me come in. Oh, perfect, well that was easy. Now I have an account. My name is skeppy steppy pvp, meaning I was born on June 9, 1939. What's up? My mind, uh, why am I on Facebook? Ha ha. Share my first post. I need likes, but let's get started and look at my own post. There we go, so you're probably still very confused as to what I'm doing. Well, let me explain. the answer is yes I really don't know what I'm doing okay I have a little idea but not much so this is what I'm thinking wait that's just what skepty said what the hell officer skeppy I'm sad. please comment to make me feel good wait this was recent wait what the hell rate my page 20 people like this wait wait wait wait what the hell i love jeff you're better than jim wait what are all these comments?
pretending to be a 6 year old on facebook

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pretending to be a 6 year old on facebook...

You are the best guppy. I love your videos and you make me wait. Not because? No, this is not me, oh my God, this is not. This wasn't meant to be a video of people impersonating me. a message, hey bro, they're not going to respond, this is not the video I was trying to make, whatever, ignore it, ignore it, okay, we're fine, wait, wait, what do you want in my video, offer from ten to fifty dollars and I'll think oh my god I'm going to go crazy and then we just respond saying xd I love you oh god I can't please can we ignore this?
pretending to be a 6 year old on facebook
He said: I love you guys oh my god sorry I'm getting really rambling but I'm just reading this guy's post please pm me here a new minecraft account I need it for a trolling video bro no, No, this guy is going to sit on a couch. Can I show this guy that it's public? I don't care I'm showing it subscribe to why dude this is the guy trying to impersonate me why is it so obvious okay who is this guy huh who are you why are you doing this yeah okay what Be friend, I'm not watching your videos, is that okay?
pretending to be a 6 year old on facebook
I'm way off track, all I wanted to do was find friends on Facebook to join my Minecraft server. Okay, that was the goal. I'll tell you now. Whatever please can I make this work. Upload a picture. Would I like to have something? let's see, oh god, I'm afraid to show these photos, these are thumbnails that I have, uh, yeah, let's, yeah, okay, yeah, that's okay, okay, great, yeah, you know what we're going to save . Great, okay, okay, how can I get there? friends, okay, let's go to that skeppy profile or whatever. Can I see the 158 people who like this?
No, this is public, so it's okay, we'll just add as many as we can. We'll go to the comments. Add friend. friend literally let's go to everyone and add everyone as friends this guy is my profile picture what add friend add friend add friend add friend here we go wait did someone just add me like this that just yes, yes, wait, wait? They just messaged me, oh my god, what's on my profile? Hello, how did this happen? They sent me hello, hello, oh, here we go, people you might know and add an ad. What's here? Are you from Chicago Illinois?
Yes, save, add, add and add, oh this. it's horrible here we go oh my god confirm let me let me add these people do people still use


come on let me add all of you oh did you see it did you see my message come on reply reply while you're writing you're writing advert advert advert just add literally everyone come on they said how are you? I'm great, how are you? I'm fine period, what's going on? I need more friends I need people to add me except my friend requests I need friends nothing something is clearly wrong what Come on, wait, wait, wait, someone else accepted my friend request.
Can I send you a message? What's happening? Oh, they saw it, they saw it, they saw it. Who is it? It's suspicious. What is it? What is it? Don't know. You know me it's doubtful we went to preschool together what do you mean how can you forget me? what should I say? um no, wait, I agree with them, wait, no, I, wait, shut up, I never went to preschool, what's two more? two wahaha who are you steppy tense two plus two maybe wait wait don't do it no you're not yes I am oh my god they blocked me they didn't read my message two plus two maybe I'm blocking you and they flocked to me and this person said no , yes, I am, although oh wait, they didn't block me, they're writing, they're writing why don't even try it well how because why because wait someone else added me oh my God, I'm getting so many friend requests they take with you what What did they say I'm blocking you Don't you dare send the picture of yourself doing the peace sign I have no hair I'll look stupid anyway Skeppy I would never use a messenger Can I at least? use the doggie filter please this guy said give me one good reason why I shouldn't uh because someone else added me look how many people I'm talking to I said hi hi this person whatever , fuck you buddy, not a good reason, yeah.
I have many subs on YouTube over 12


s old. They said sure, oh my god, they responded quickly, they said hello, hello to this person, they only respond with stickers like these. I'm fine. How about you? That's good. I'm 40. I'm 700,000. They said I'm waiting, okay, wait, wait, I took it, let me send it now, I've got the dog filter and everything, and I'm wearing a hat, this will be great, good for you, bye, wait, no, ah, this. The person is not available, do you know what that means? Take my life away. They have blocked me. OK, bye.
Okay, I called it creepy, skeppy and let's open this up. Can I go like this and send it? Wait, they're writing. are writing, let's let them write with this person first, he said I'm cool, those stickers are funny hahaha, who are you? I'm just going to pretend I didn't add them, whatever, dude, let me send this stupid thing, there you go. okay and oh god wait I wasn't doing the peace sign, I actually totally forgot, oh my god dude I swear I thought I did it, oh what took you so long? You're really worried why it took me so long instead of not showing up. you're the p sign okay I don't know I'm very self conscious of how I look so I'm afraid of what you think you should know you added me no you added me wtf they just sent me laughing emojis because? they say things what wait what do you mean thank you if you're the real skippy yeah yeah come on I need more friends come on accept my friend request maybe you've contacted the wrong guy stop sending me stickers stop sinning why is this funny?
He said: I'm just going to say more question marks, follow me and unfollow me on Instagram bro, you're just trying to get free followers now, don't fool me, do I know you? I thought we could have been friends, my profile picture is like a four


old, oh my god, wait, wait, oh my god, let's use this, oh shiny, yeah, yeah, oh shiny, why are you making me laugh at SpongeBob? ? I'm just going to say more question marks, no, no, you can unfollow me immediately, how? about playing minecraft with me and I will prove that I am logged into my account deal oh my god they are sending me a bible don't worry my son teaches me all this text wait what my son teaches me all this technological things when he is awake tomorrow he will I'll ask you to help me remove have a good night wait I can't now oh oh I see what it's like I don't know what to say I just don't want them to let me know your son that's how I added you they said what's your last chance play minecraft with me or otherwise you will never know the truth oh they said oh you already know michael oh they said or else what or unimaginable things the truth is that yes, tell the truth you are not steffi I am I am I am and you will never know oh wait they said oh you already know to michael uh why did you tell me his name? that's right yes, I know, michael we went to school together wait no, maybe he's still in school, we studied until I moved, yes, that's for sure he plays minecraft with me to find out the truth.
Oh, when did you move? Do I need to stalk their profile to find out where they live? No, no, no, no, that would be weird. I'm not weird, uh, about two weeks ago, how has Michael been? Wait, I saw his name right from him, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh I didn't, who cares, I don't have Minecraft installed, okay, I'll prove it's me, ready, he's good, were you close? friends, oh this is weird, friend, this is weird, very close, he was like a brother to me, but closer, he said, okay, oh God, what do I do?
Let me see if I have anything. Oh, what can I send? Should I submit this? I will send. yeah this is a test if anyone ever sends my youtube profile picture that's a test oh they'll see it and they'll say this guy is really stupid and you still talk to him what's your name I'll ask you if he knows you know they said question my question mark oh god what's a generic person's name um I'm sorry but if your name is um oh god jake I'm sorry okay let's go with jake jake like I wonder if I could call them Do you think they would respond?
Oh, I think I heard him say that name a while ago while playing on the computer. Oh my god yes, how does this work? Yeah, that's me, what am I going to do with that? Okay, what else do I have here? I literally sent you a picture of what you ordered, what more do you want from me? They said it's good to see you're okay Jake x I'm glad you're okay too, how's the Skippy family logo lol? There is no photo of me, this is It doesn't work, I need someone to play Minecraft with me. I need more friends.
I'm going to see if I can call one of these people. What university should I go to? I went to Minecraft college. Oh my god, that's one thing. Oh, I went to Minecraft. cool university the krumpy crustacean yeah those are cool too thanks for asking michael says he hasn't played with you in a few days wait what hello are you making this up are you lying to me or did he really say that haha ​​i miss him just admit you're not clever, okay, I'll try to call one of these, let's try to call you first, oh God, I'm calling you, come on, pick up, pick up, pick up, pick up, pick up. ah no answer if you want me to prove it answer they said what answer if you want the test let's try again let's try again I'm so annoying let's call again hello hello hello I can hear you talking I finished it oh my god oh my god oh my god yeah he said just You were playing now now and then she wants you to be in more but she is still busy to watch a movie, what are you talking about ma'am?
Sorry, it's time to be a troll, they said, oh, you're not doing it yet. Don't believe me, whatever it is, I'm joking haha, I'm just a skeppy catfish, it was a soundboard, I feel like it's recorded, it's not real, ha ha, they troll me xd xd xd xd xd xd okay, This lady has a lot of free time. Why are you even talking to me? I'm fine hahaha How are you? They said no, I didn't do it xd. I wonder if this lady would answer. Come on, answer, answer, answer, don't answer, why lady, oh, they stopped answering me, oh wait, no.
I need to talk to michael he's my brother oh jake it's late I'll have michael call you it's not late it's just like eight oh wait maybe I think they're from the UK oh man I really had a thing with michael they just keep saying let's call them again , come on, there is no answer, come on, you are so stupid, no, you are stupid xd, are you sure we are talking about the same thing? Michael, you too? 11. Wait, what did I say? I was a, yeah, same thing. Michael, wait, what would they have thought, it's actually me.
They were OK. Goodbye, I need to go. I'm going to be late. Bye bye. Okay, I'm done with this video. That's why they were so kind to me. No, I'm 34 years old. I see. michael tomorrow oh my god

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