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President Emmanuel Macron addresses armed forces in Paris ahead of Bastille Day

Jul 14, 2023
of our security and of the conflicts in our neighbors because international geopolitics will impose it on us, let us reject the short-term blindness that will lead us to dreams and I say this here to all our partners and that is why this investment is essential in this Europe of defense that not remembering to act is what protects us tomorrow within this alliance and we respect each other and respect each other when we do not depend but choose to work together Ladies and gentlemen on July 14 the nation is in the only unity of the parade in nonchalance of popular dances in the wonder of fireworks and tomorrow in this context we will be happy to receive India as the guest of honor of our challenge, it is a giant in the history of the world that will have a determining role for our future.
president emmanuel macron addresses armed forces in paris ahead of bastille day
It is also a strategic partner and a country of love and as I said I have spoken a lot about our European partners, our allies that we have been able to strengthen in recent years with one in particular with the United Arab Emirates with some essential novelties. alliances and in particular within the framework of Indopathy, which is an essential strategy for the balance of the planet for which France has a strategic role because we are among the first who think of decline and who take the middle path that we are following and the good India, which is a key partner, the Prime Minister's state visit curses his participation tomorrow alongside us in the parade with the presence of the Indian armies, says that much of our capacity for dialogue to shine and advance together, the armies They will be displayed on the Champs Elysées.
president emmanuel macron addresses armed forces in paris ahead of bastille day

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president emmanuel macron addresses armed forces in paris ahead of bastille day...

In front of our Indian friends, the strength of this association will also show what this two-handed modernization is and that this modernization passes through moral


consolidated after the death of Jean Moulin, 10 days after the death of our beloved Léon Gautier the last of the June 6 commandos the 2023 parade invites us to remember those who preceded us to better take the ideal torch still in the Pantheon of Normandy in Provence throughout France, the trail of memory will intensify until 2025 and you will play a important role in and we will have put together in the coming months this route celebrating these important moments, it will not be the only one because we are in a year of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris and next year the Olympic flame will illuminate our parade between Vincennes and the nation They will participate as part of their internal missions to help secure their world events.
president emmanuel macron addresses armed forces in paris ahead of bastille day
Some of you will also participate in competitions and we are all behind because our armies have all the fields that inspire us with respect and pride. the place of excellence and the ideal anchored in the body of the nation and the celebration of July 14 is there to remind us of this this year as the next year since 1790 the July 14 parade will remind us that certain things deserve our commitment ourselves and that we fight for them that peace is not a consolation that can be bought with concessions, it is an ideal of justice that we must know how to defend.
president emmanuel macron addresses armed forces in paris ahead of bastille day
The France of July 14 is a sovereign France, radiant in Europe and in the world capable of controlling its the destiny and the possibility of deciding it is France faithful to the spirit of the comrades and then without and it is a France that you give life and in conclusion you propose I want here to reiterate my confidence and my pride there is the strategy that there is the course, the means for the ones we give, the decisions we make, the partnerships we have, the innovations we carry out, but every morning and every afternoon it is only the women and men who start and go to the end. sacrifice finds the meaning of this sacred bond between the army and the nation it is this bond this commitment is a


and presents each of our compatriots to think about its intensity the transcendence the uniqueness is what should inspire us every day, it is who inspires the necessary respect and admiration that must also guide us in each of our decisions because the Republic, as a nation of a bloc, has my trust that has made me live the Republic, long live evangelical France and not the fathers if necessary do

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