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Prep Before Promise - Bishop T.D. Jakes

Apr 14, 2023
Foreign witness that we are in the right place at the right time on the precipice on the precipice of an outright revolution it is time to do events just to do events if they are not purpose driven if not eye opening if they are not empowering if they are not relevant we do not have time to spend our energy on things that are not congruent with our destiny because the Holy Spirit has confirmed us it is going to be big it is going to be big every farmer knows when he plants a seed he does not expect to harvest a seed from a seed what was in the ground is going to come out bigger when it comes out than it was when it went in if it's in good soil it's going to flourish put your hands on yourself and say i'm good soil, yes anyone who invested in me will be blessed, whoever loves me will be blessed, whoever befriends me will be blessed.
prep before promise   bishop t d jakes
I'm well sore if you plan an idea on me. create a product around it come on if you're playing a seed on me i'll produce a crop behind it anyone who invests in me put your hands on yourself i'm good soil that's why God made Adam out of dust from the ground because he wanted to make sure he used good soil it's going to be big it's going to be big you guys are going to be big let me go to work Joshua chapter 1 verse 9 to 17 there you will find my homework for this morning I asked God, what do you want me to share with your people after 46 years of preaching I am blind without your leadership incompetent without your direction insufficient without your instructions incapable without your anointing Floyd for your servant here what do you want me to say to this people at this time in their lives and it led me to Joshua chapter 1.
prep before promise   bishop t d jakes

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Verse 9 I said Joshua yes go to Joshua chapter 1 verse 9. I said Lord but Joshua is a stormy book in a time of transition with transformational leadership with the fierce urgency of altercation so there could be an infiltration hear me carefully the altercation so that there can be an infiltration I must use Joshua Lord Joshua is not a book for the weak Joshua is not a book for those who are faint of heart Joshua is a book designed for people who have to have survived the desert, traversed the dry places and still have enough strength to embark on what is about to happen in your life.
prep before promise   bishop t d jakes
Joshua is for the remains of people that the desert tried to pull out and it didn't work. Joshua is the beginning of a new beginning it's a new beginning it's the recycling of a covenant people that's been recycled in the midst of transition it's the place of discomfort it's a place of disturbance do you want me to take them to Joshua Lord yes take them to Joshua. Josué is the place where old things pass away. The Book of Joshua is the meal after the funeral of Moses. Foreigner, is the closing of one door and the opening of the next.
prep before promise   bishop t d jakes
The Book of Joshua is synergistic with a total transformation of the way people who have been trained in 40 years of survival training but have not been successfully taught for the last 40 years think have developed the techniques that the techniques that they were needed to sustain themselves in dry places but the drought is over, the trout is over and now they are entering a new transformative experience with a new leader who requires new skills, which means they must be shameless. In places with old ideas, the wineskins burst because they don't have the flexibility to deal with expansion, it's going to be big, yes, and if it's going to be big, I have to be flexible.
I'm in the Book of Joshua. Let me read. for you I am excited here God speaks to Joshua who has just praised Moses, he opens his mouth and clears his throat and says now Moses, my servant, is dead as I was with Moses, so I will be, and I will be, and we will be in the right thing. in the middle was and i will be as i was with moses so i will be with joshua now we eavesdrop on God commanding his General teaching him how to lead not like he was not a leader before he has led on a subordinate level under a leader but he has never LED where he's fully in charge and the responsibility stops with them so even though he has some experience and a


aratory resolve that stays in him based on that deal of past experience he's not ready for this so God He tells him to be strong and I want to tell you to be strong don't confuse strong with angry I have seen many people who were angry but not strong who spoke harshly but broke easily and God says what I am


aring to do you must be strong no I have commanded you I command you to be strong I do not ask you I command you to be strong and courageous do not be afraid or faint because the Lord your God is with you yes that solves it right there the Lord your God is with you if you grow so much now when God commanded Joshua then Joshua sent the officers look we have people sending people who have not been commanded we have people leading people who have not been led then Joshua sent the officers he does not bring it to the officers until God brings it to him the officials of the people saying go through the armies go through the crowd and command the people you can't command the people until you can be commanded you can't give orders if you can't take them past the hosts and command the people say prepare your food hmm prepare your food prepare your food your sustenance your needs your needs the equipment that is necessary for sustainability I charge you I know I command you to prepare your virtuals for within three days you will cross this Jordan to enter a land to take possession of the land that The Lord your God gives you to possess it He gave it to you but you have to possess it and in addition to the Rubinites and the Getites and the half tribe of Manessa Joshua spoke saying here is the challenge for you remember the word that Moses the servant of the Lord sent you saying that the Lord your God has given you rest and has given you this land that is to say this land on this side of the Jordan your wives your children and your livestock will remain on the land that Moses gave you on this side of the Jordan but you will not be able to sit comfortably in what has already been assigned to you while your brothers are left in need you will go before your brothers armed with all the Mighty men of valor and help them question who you are helping I know you have been blessed I know you have knowledge I know you have titles I know you you have opportunities I know you have influence I know you have a nice car I know you have a Gucci bag I know you carry Louis Vuitton excuse me who you are helping until the Lord has given your brothers rest as he has given you and so have they they have possessed the land that the Lord your God has given them then you will return to the land of your possessions and enjoy it perhaps you are celebrating at the wrong time you cannot celebrate while your brothers suffer what Moses the servant of the Lord gave you from this side of the Jordan towards the rising of the sun and they responded to Joshua saying whatever you command we are to do and whatever you send us we will go, we will not sit on the land we have already possessed and we will build our houses and sit under the shade from the trees and we'll drink tall glasses of iced tea with mint leaves on top while our brother's skin is parched and his throat is parched and his skin is burned and they're wandering around trying to figure out how to figure out how to figure out how to get in according to what we heard from Moses and all things, so we will listen to you only the Lord your God be with you as he was with Moses my topic this morning is prepared before the


preparation before the problem why did you use it prepare your provisions because in three days we will cross this Jordan you can be seated thank you very much Spirit of the Lord God It falls fresh on us as we break into the word of God today.
I thank you that the word of God has become flesh. Thank you for what you are about to do. Thank you for everything you have invested in us. I believe you for a blessing in Jesus name amen. Yesterday I wrapped up my annual strategy meeting where several influential companies, corporations and our entire staff surrounded the room just to ponder the possibilities of what our combined strength could achieve. I've realized that we're better together than apart. I've learned that if you can fulfill your dream on your own, it's too small for you, so we galvanize the best of the best from all walks of life, from all kinds of businesses from Travel and Rest to Wells Fargo to Bank of America were all in the room to McDonald's were all in the room to learn and gather and contemplate how we could increase our strength and our impact not on our church our church has received its Promised Land but our brothers and our community have not, so we deliberated with great contemplation of the strategic alliance that was necessary to close the equity gap of home ownership of job creation of the kinds of things that are necessary to reduce crime and frustration and murder and mental health because the truth of the matter some of us have worried to death about survival we have not owned the land God commanded us to own the land God's command is to own the land land not the money owning the land they are printing money as i am talking to you but they are not making any more land so when you start talking about the risk of the market you have to understand that the market has its risk but if the land is well bought , it's absolutely different and Completely irreplaceable AI was not created, it's not going to replace it, it's in a category by itself and so as we were preparing for our leadership conference and for our good ground initiatives for our foundation to our future, we spend hours and hours and hours with brilliant Minds in preparation and the preparation didn't start two days ago, the preparation has been going on for years, so we prepare for the preparation to prepare for what's next. icon and a whole world opens up we hope life works like Apple just touch it and it opens up facial recognition it's me and it opens up for you but there are certain doors set to be ready for them you have to be ready for them I cook and many Some of you know that I like to cook and have been cooking since I was about 13 years old, but I often cook the old fashioned way, where you prep and cook the same day.
My son tends to prepare ahead of time. ok he talks about brining, soaking and saturation so i adapted a new methodology to old school cooking because i found that when you make it when you don't make it ahead of time you add flavor to the food now my goal is flavor the bone. Wow, so when I cook my ribs, I'm not interested in seasoning the meat. I think ribs are best when the bone tastes just as good as the meat and if you're going to get the flavor to escape the exterior facade and elusiveness of the sauce. then you need to impregnate it with seasoning early enough so that the seasoning can saturate past the outer skin through the meat to the bone and you won't really know you've got it right until you're eating it and the bone is flavored with meat this text i want after everything i read is really summed up in a few words prepare your rituals and for a novice reader this is a footnote incidental irrelevant non specific not important after all they have survived the desert and the walls of Jericho are in front of them, walls so high they couldn't scale them and so wide that chariots rode over them and why wouldn't we talk about the magnitude of the walls, the ferocity of the obstacle in front of them or maybe maybe talk about the pain of the dying Moses who went up the mountain as if he had left before only this time he did not return and there was no closure they had to leave him for dead no wonder the Apostle Paul in the New Testament says he considered his flesh she was dead, it won't confirm it for you, you just have to consider that she is dead.
They had to consider that Moses was dead, having only the word of God as an absolution. Moses my servant is dead. that he did not go down he had often gone up the mountain but this time he did not go down now to lose people they had been losing millions of people while traveling and residing in the desert they were used to the desert being littered with bodies on the way, but this time it was different because you could lose people but when you lose moses you know me moses every day moses was sent by god and god breathed and god equipped and every single miracle they had witnessed since slavery was achieved by his hands and their hands would no longer see and the Lament sounded like thunder in the background of the because to lose Moses is to lose their way Moses was the guide who led them through the desert and it was not just for them to lose leaders they lost their compass one that it had been tried and true and absolute that it had proven effective in guiding them forward now it is dead just when they were almost there just as they were on the brink of a new beginning just as they were about to enter the Promised Land man lost Moses and It seems appropriate that if we were to talk about something we would talk about losing Moses or maybe getting Jericho that a


of over 400 was about to happen that God had promised a dead man named Abram and many times in heway God had decided that he would destroy them but then he remembered his promise to a corpse and stopped justice from executing judgment even though they were deserving of judgment because God kept his word for a corpse therefore Canaan is called Promised Land now God is saying to them as they struggle with the in-between place of not quite being in the desert and not quite being in the Promised Land. interrupts their pattern since they had survived the desert thanks to food that fell from heaven called manna, let's talk about the food in Egypt they had eaten from the hands of the pharaoh for 400 years they had eaten from the hand of a slave master once freed from the slave master they were freed from the whip but they were also deprived of food and missed the leeks and onions from Egypt they did not miss the whip but they missed the food so God supplied them in the desert with manna that fell from heaven every morning they did not beat wheat but Manna prepared for them that all they had to do was reach out and take it and it was easy it fell every day like clockwork early in the morning with the dew the manna also appeared each man according to his house God does not give equally but God responds to appetite where there is little appetite there were small loaves where there was great appetite there were large loaves do not compare yourselves with each other because God only supplies according to your appetite if you do not want much he will not drop much, but if you have a great need and a great emptiness, he will fall according to your need, so do not look towards your neighbor's store and you worry about what God has given them because they may have the capacity to absorb more provision than you and God does not want their provision to go to waste God gives seed to the sower and bread to the eater God does not give blessings to people who will not consume it while that you want blessings just to be able to show off that you have them God gives blessings to people who will take action and if you are not going to use them, why would God give them to you and that is why he designed them so that if you did not use them in a certain time ? the worms would eat it up because you were forbidden to hoard yesterday's bread for today's battle and as they rallied across the Wilderness the closer they got to the promised land there's a little sentence in the text I started to pull out but you can look up it whenever you want is a simple sentence but packs a punch has the force of a sledgehammer says and then the mana stopped what do you do when what used to work no longer works what to do what stopped abruptly there was no warning there was no prophecy there was no preparation without any The warning just stopped and some of us think we have lost favor with God because what used to work no longer works and man ceased and Moses there died and wept at the foot of the mountain because everything they had grown used to had gone away. deranged.
It would have reached someone in this room that everything you were used to has been turned upside down and now you have to move on with no Playbook no rules no guarantees no certainties if you take another step you have to take it by faith because the way has ceased and the Moses is dead but the movement continues what do you know well you have to keep moving you have to keep moving but Moses is dead you have to keep moving but the manna has ceased and Joshua almost like a footnote at the end of a literary work elaborate saying prayer your rituals this is a revolutionary idea for people who just had to gather their food now god says i won't make it happen without you anymore i will require your investment in your provision you have come as far as you can get out of my charity your next food is going to require your participation oh I don't I don't know if you're ready for this I don't know if you're ready for this I don't know if you're ready for this I'll take you you've been being interdependent I'm I'm really getting over you easy I know you wrote books on how it works I know you wrote 12 Steps to a Blessing in a Dry Place I know you've grown all kinds of books about water coming out of rocks I know you wrote books about me raising snakes in the desert.
I know you wrote a lot of books on a lot of things, but I'm changing the Playbook and I don't know who I'm preaching to today, but the Lord sent me here to tell them. you've changed the playbook what used to work won't work right now he told me to tell you what got you here or won't get you there the systems the structures there's going to be a massive paradigm shift and if you don't have liquidity and if you don't you have dexterity and if you do not have flexibility and if you do not have intellectuality you will not be able to evolve to the next Dimension because the manner has ceased and the Moses is dead and the movement continues and rightly cradled in this beautiful text is the command to prepare your virtuoso, so than Dexter when he got to see that he cuts up all his onions and grapes all his cheeses and Flash balls all his food and brines all this meat and he does all of that a couple of days in advance because prep time is more important than cooking time. cooking now i know this is a hard message to preach because i'm preaching about prep time for a microwave it's hard to talk to you about good food because what you eat isn't really food it's just a biological experiment it's something which, if you look at it under a microscope, would drag because you took it out of the freezer, popped it in the microwave, and heated it up. you held it up for five minutes and you lifted the lid and it almost burned your hand and you eat it and you call it food but that's not food that's not food that's bacteria real food takes prep time look at your neighbor and say: i'm in preparation time I'm not acting weird I'm in preparation time I'm not ignoring your calls I'm in preparation time I'm not ignoring our relationship I'm in preparation time I don't have a big head I'm in preparation time I'm not arrogant I'm in time I know I seem distracted and don't seem like the person I used to be but I'm the same person but I'm in a different place I'm in preparation time I'm preparing for something and more is required of me this season than was required of me me in my last season in my last season we can play we can waste time we can mess up we could go out together but I have to break up with you this season because I'm in preparation time in my last season we could breathe on the phone for an hour and a half but in this season to get to where I have to go, I am in preparation time and yes, I still appreciate everything you used to be, but I recognize that your mana has ceased, in other words, you are not the source of my livelihood, you are no longer the place where i eat and i love you and i thank you but i can't be on the phone for hours and hours talking about people because i've been grooming people who can spend hours on the phone talking about people aren't going anywhere and i can't afford to spend another year talking what other people do while I do nothing.
I am in preparation and I wonder if there is someone in this room in this place. I wonder if there is someone streaming online who is in preparation. the time that you're cutting things and dicing and stuff and preparing things and wrapping them isn't happening yet but you're in preparation time the door hasn't opened yet but you're in preparation time the way it hasn't been done yet, but you're in preparation time if I'm preaching to the right people Get it going here alright Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes I'm preparing for something I'm not even hadn't even happened yet haven't mixed it hadn't come together haven't put it in the oven haven't put it in the crock pot haven't put it in the smoker yet but I'm in prep time I'm prepping it I am preparing, I am giving structure to what I believe, I am not only believing it, I am giving it structure because without structure and strategy I will not be prepared to succeed in the area of ​​my destiny I am in time of preparation Nurse three people in Salmon Time of preparation I am in preparation time I am in preparation time I am in preparation time I am in preparation time I am in preparation time I am in preparation time I am in preparation time I have to put it in preparation time I have to put it in the right way I have to put it in the right shape I have to put it in the right size I have to get it at the right temperature I have to have it in the right order because I'm in preparation time I can't put cold butter on a cake because it won't cream it has I have to be right because I'm in prep time and when I'm in prep time I have to do things that don't make sense to you why do you have the buttermilk on the stove why do you have the butter just why don't you go ahead and use it no, it's not the right temperature yet, but I'm in preparation time I'm calling things that aren't like they are because I'm in preparation time I'm preparing my outfit I'm preparing my wardrobe I'm preparing my language I'm preparing my speech I'm learning the correct terminologies not for the room I am in but for the room I am about to enter I am learning the language of my future I am preparing for what God is about to do in my life I am in preparation time I am not you understand why you don't have enough Faith you say when I arrive I'm going to prepare the vigil it will be too late when you arrive you have to prepare before you arrive you have to prepare three days in advance because in the next three days things are going to change in your life from in a radical way this is preparation time this word is a prophetic word addressed to someone you are in preparation time there is about to be a deliverance in your life if God is speaking to you here and now make some noise on this place any kind of noise any kind of noise any kind of noise weird to you saying what are you doing going through a leadership conference you're not even a leader shut the fuck up i'm in prep time i'm calling those things that aren't like they are Me preparing for what's next I want to learn the language of the rule I want to be in the place where people are thinking about the future I can't keep dating desert babies I have to meet someone who is ready to go to the promised land and I have to walk into the room where I'm going to be one day no you don't know me right now but I'm preparing for the future you can't understand that if you're not a product of faith but faith will make you prepare for something that hadn't happened yet faith will make you borrow glasses when you've lost faith will make you have lunch and tell everyone to sit down somehow God will turn it into a smorgasbord faith will make you prepare for a child when the doctor said you can't have a baby faith will make you call things that aren't as if they are faith gets into your attitude and your disposition faith will make you rebuild a house for a prophet who hadn't come yet faith it will prepare you for something that has yet to come faith will make you start drawing plans and diagrams and preparing yourself and preparing the situation for some of you.
Not even paying for faith will get you going into something that makes you seem like full faith will make you build an ark and it hasn't been a drop of rain faith will prepare you for something that had even begun to unleash in your life i want to talk about some radical people in this room who are willing to build a boat in their backyard and it hadn't rained yet and all your neighbors are laughing at you but you're in prep time if you're in prep time yell at your foreign boy , this basically isn't just a change in the way you cook, it's a change in the way you think you were raised by people who didn't have to prepare, so you can't take the mindset of your parents at your time because his parents ate Banner in the desert but the manna has ceased which means he must have a different mindset he may have the moral equivalent equivalence I can't say but he can't have the same mindset because if he has the your parents mindset you will look up every morning hoping something will drop that will never drop again and you will be waiting for something to happen so you can move nothing else is going to happen set up time means mindset determines assets if i cant get it in your mind.
I can't bring him into your life. If your mindset is still looking for mana, then your hands won't set up your eventuals and setup time. It is a dubious and dangerous task to challenge how you think that the preparation for the meal is not available to you, but if you don't have the mindset, you won't have the asset; if you have the mentality of waiting for something to fall in the morning, you will not prepare your rituals in the day every time there is a major change in your life or a move in your life or you move to a new region or a new occupation or a new situation or become a single parent or get married it's not enough to get a new ring if you have an old mentality come with me come with me come with me don't jump now don't jump with me you can't be a married woman with a single woman mentality because all your single girlfriends will ruin your marriage with their advice on what to dothey would do if they were you and they don't have anyone and you listen to them and you bring that Spirit home and it's tearing your house apart brother you can't be a husband with a single man mindset because you'll make him physically present but emotionally unavailable because he's physically and legally married but not emotionally present or connected and because you haven't developed a language for anything beyond anger your wife becomes a sparring partner because you are better at expressing anger than anything else and God is preparing you with a change of mind.
Can I dig a little deeper? I know I'm taking some time, but I want to show you how powerful the prodigal mentality is. the son is in the entire pen he has distanced himself from his father and brother has gradually lost the dissipation of friendship the erosion of connectivity is in a place of total isolation surrounded by pigs has no money has no friends has no family no it has an identity it has no name in the text it is a nameless person in a deplorable situation and the only thing that changed no angels came no visits from God no bible came it fell from heaven the only thing that changed the hawks were still the pigs the garbage was still being trash the gentiles were still the gentiles his family was still so strange his friends had run away the only thing chained to mine his mind changed the bible says that with mud between his toes and mosquitoes around his head he came to Even all you have to do to get out of the situation you're in right now is change your mind you don't need her to come back you don't need him to come back you don't need to get paid you don't need anything but to change your mind like a mind thinks in his heart, that's the way he is, and the moment you change your mind, no one can stop you, this is a change of mind, I'm not going to keep standing here in the morning waiting for something to fall, it doesn't fall anymore.
What used to work doesn't work anymore I'm changing my mind if I have to get my hands dirty yes I have to get up early in the morning if I have to beat the wheat until it blooms I'll beat whatever I have to cry until it becomes what I have to convert because my hands are a reflection of my mentality if you want to know what i'm thinking look what i'm doing and if i am if you see me out here doing it it means i'm not waiting anymore i came here to tell you tonight that god said to stop to wait for someone to come rescue you from your situation they will not come you need to change your mindset and start beating that wheat until you see bread no more bread will fall from the sky you are in a season of preparation for a promise that is about to take away your life if i'm preaching to you if i'm preaching to you if i'm preaching to you about where you are now if you know you've got to change the game if you know you've got to change the strategy if you know you've got to get a new playbook if you know you've got to get out out of the box if you know you have to interrupt something if you know God is challenging you that if you've always done what you've always done, you'll always be where you've always been if you're ready to be radical Reckless and let loose and pop if you're ready to break some rules and do something you've never done before if you read it beep wait till you come out like loaves of bread Make some noise in this place just annoying because someone says it's yours but you have to take it I'm going to pass on the preparation for possession it's yours but you have to take it it's not going to show up on your front porch it's not going to ring your doorbell it's not going to answer you the way you expected it to answer it's yours but you have to take it you have to take it you have to take it because it's yours it's yours but you have to take it there's going to be an altercation but you have to take it for four for ever i said the kingdom suffered violence and the violent taken by force i want to raise up some radical people i'm sick of church people i need some radicals people the bible says the kingdom suffered violence and violence taken by force is everyone here ready to take it by force god told joshua i have given you the land but you still have to fight for it she slap three people and say fight for her don't just pray for her but fight for her don't just ask for her but fight for her you have to fight for her i have given you the land to own you have to drive out the canaanites and the ammonites and the danger sites and the garroshites because that's yours someone is living in your house driving your car someone is sitting at your desk i heard the bible says i will give you houses you didn't build and then you said you didn't grow up but you you have to take it by force you have to get out of your passive little silence sit down wait and Johnny is coming lately Smith and you have to take what God gave you take back what the enemy stole take back what they said yours take back what they said what they happened in your life, you must own it, huh?
Is there someone here getting rid of them? To own something. I'm ready to get people out. Call U-Haul. Give me a U-Haul truck from these homeless people who live in my territory, eh, because I am going to take them out of my job, from my position and from my place because I am going to possess what God promised me. someone and slap them and tell them own it stop praying about it and own it stop crying about it and own it stop worrying about it and own it stop worrying about it and own it stop asking for it and own it stop hoping to own it if you don't hire me i will hire myself if you don't give me a job i will do a job if you don't give me a seat i will create a table i am ready to own the promise of god this is not for everyone this is for radical people uh this is for people who they have suffered enough. way for me God said I have given you the land to own I shake your name and say take it back foreign take it take us take it take it I don't think we have to take night classes I don't care if you have to fix your credit score I don't care if you have to turn around and do double time to get where you're trying to go take it before you lose self respect take it why you have enough strength to go after your dream take it While your talent is in place, you have to take it by force.
How can I take it? Is anyone else in it? God said that he is your foreigner. say I'm preparing to take it now I know you don't expect me to be one of the types of people who will take it I know I'm normally calm and haven't said anything to you in the entire service, but I'm preparing to take it by force. I'm preparing to break a move. I am preparing to go to another dimension. I'm getting ready to make 2023 count since Kobe didn't kill me since the flu did. You will not kill me since the cancer did not take me out since the car accident did not destroy me since I left the hospital I am going to redeem the time that I am preparing to take it back if I had died I couldn't take it out but I'm still here.
Gonna let hell know I'm still here 'cause I'm drinking give me back my stuff give me back my stuff give me back my stuff foreigner

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