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Premier League Poker S6 EP13 | Full Episode | Tournament Poker | partypoker

Jun 06, 2021
It's the place Mike should be looking. nails no comment if I say that someone at the table gives a little more confidence, that's bad, believe me, everyone at the table would take it as an insult if you complimented them, the response was no response rate, this is when things get worse They seem interesting, let's see if anyone ever lends a hand here. Marvin states that he doesn't blame them and the question is what does Hellmuth do? I think going up for value like this market today, the sevens will essentially get away if Hellmuth gets knocked out right now and I know he has aces, but he hits. knocked out in this hand is essentially out of the first level so you're going to be taking a big risk that you don't want to take if you get the action you want for a lot of chips and this is just you're not going to pay this because it's too much of a percentage you realize you know what's guiding the witness trying to figure this out Hellmuth will call if he moves all in that's what he's thinking now face to face in a cash game you can say anything about your hand and what you should do and your range is in my range is 3 hands 300 you should never say anything about anything related to


now it's head to head in cash games it's different in a


you're not supposed to say well obviously you have to raise or fold or like I have a pair top Jax reveals the strong quadrants of your hand.
premier league poker s6 ep13 full episode tournament poker partypoker
I don't think that's right. I think it is illegal at some events and discouraging at others. I think that's how it is in general during the Premier League because these are all high-level players. Table talk is encouraged and those rules are relaxed a bit. I think this is true and I think it's good for


to only have two and leave that and the responsibility on these ethical, intelligent, balanced and intelligent players. Now you know Phil Hellmuth, even though he knows they will be knocked out of the Premier League. If he loses this hand with two aces, I think he will call because the value of doubling and the possibility of making the final table is there.
premier league poker s6 ep13 full episode tournament poker partypoker

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premier league poker s6 ep13 full episode tournament poker partypoker...

He's loving the action right now. You wouldn't love the action with nine, but this is it. different situation, I hope Marvin has the discipline to just see that he's beaten, he doesn't want to call because he wants to call without swell, no, he knows he's fighting a top pair, hope


y, you know he's, by the way, he's selling and it's the ace king dodging. He says well, you know what a screen could have, this is going to be terrible, it's 2 2 for 2 to 4, this could be the end of the Rettenmaier helmet, doesn't he love this the way he likes it now, this is the best variation for Marvin, faces Carter. exactly what he's afraid Brett Myers is going to think he knows that although he can probably pick up a lot of chips, Phil Hills also has a chance to be the first one out, yes, Marvin will always finish this, yes, Marvin is leaving ruining Marvin could In a different world, he only lost 60, but now he has to lose his entire stack.
premier league poker s6 ep13 full episode tournament poker partypoker
This makes me a little sad when someone bets. Marvin can be happy to enter correctly. I mean, this is a very complicated and complicit bet, you know. everything is going in there is no way he can't go all in even if he calls even if he calls from there and checks on the river Martin still made him bet and then he would go all in so there is no branch that doesn't work Don't go all in If you know what I'm saying, you're trying to sound like you have two kings, isn't he or two, or a spoon, or a spoon, or a king or whatever?
premier league poker s6 ep13 full episode tournament poker partypoker
This is great. I believe in Hellmuth in any river. he's going to lead about a hundred and ten I think I think he would have left 110 if it was in his brain but I was wrong now this is a hundred percent bet and then everything will go in this is what Hellmuth loves loves a lot when his opponents yeah he He's always going to be committed to the rest. Look, it's too small for a month now. What if Wow, why don't you raise the call? They're accusing them, aren't they, everyone is so obvious, says Lanten Meyer, they've beaten him and This is the kind of thing that can happen in the Premier League in this fourth round if red Meyer eats bagels, everyone will benefit, even if he doesn't like it, there's still a


table for the groupies, the fourth


game, join us for more in a minute.
They are in London, one of the most exciting cities in the world, and what is hot in this part of the city is Premier League poker, an event that features 16 of the world's top players, they have won titles of bracelets and big cash games around the world, they now face the Premier League and only three of tonight's players will advance to the final. Let's get back to the action on the tiebreaker rules because with the points so close the tiebreaker is certainly a possibility and for those who don't know if two players finish the


. on the same points, it is the player with the highest individual score who wins the tiebreaker, for example, if two players have 16 points and one of them has a first and an eighth and the other player has 2/3, then the player with the highest score in the end in the middle, the first one would win the tiebreaker, is something that, regardless of whether it comes into play at the end, certainly comes into play during the series, when these players have to figure out who they have to be up and down.
Helmuth applies exact pressure. It's a bit different for Sivir and the reason is that Sivir is in the relegation zone at the moment and he knows that he has to move forward. Phil Hellmuth can barely control his joy. He had a difficult journey in the first two qualifiers of this Premier. Series number three in the league, he became a man and now he is learning to fly and you already know all the strategy that the players had worked out at this table for the beginning of this series that everything is going out the window now Phil, everyone has to readjust because Hellmuth has moved on and now they have to start thinking and now they see that it's harder for them, you know, because now there are Rettenmaier bagels and once Marvin Rettenmaier bagels always look at 71,000, that's sexual.
I mean, the money should be in the homeless pile. all the pros at that table say wow, I'd add that seventy-one, sorry, but there's no time that he, the guy, doesn't have, he never has the King ten, think about what that hand was like and by the way , I think the Mormons are a good enough player to have doubled a set of sevens, no, but it's not a complete one, so he asked, it also has to be ruined. What could someone who could escape even younger be able to escape? You know, fool him with the real thing. hand king queen Sivir I mean, I think Sivir may consider raising it for the same reasons Marvin was trying to raise it before the seemingly best position and if not, he could get better hands to fold, but what happened was he chose call correctly, it's a helmet and then home was three days away from the small blind and he's putting pressure on these two guys.
Phil Hellmuth is going to start rolling on this table maybe for a long time. I wonder what Hellmuth would have done if Sivir had made it to the race, I mean, I think he would. called or folded I don't think he would have raised I thought he had raised behind I said I'm not sure what the modus operandi of the closers is here in this format it seemed like you know he has a lot of reasons to play like McGraw doesn't and Rettenmaier, which is just try it, but it's almost like he's adopted the attitude that if he conserves his stack a little bit, there might be opportunities down the line and you know he might be right, he's a smart guy and he's like, why do I have to spend my stack?
It was during the first round, let's see what happens when the blinds go up and people are under a little more pressure, yeah, something like that, especially considering what happened to Marvin, how he waits for the home, this is very homely, the series bottom is five. six Now the fevers are going to make a big bet because yes, I think it's true, if you look at the account, if you look at how most of the story and Sivir knows it and has seen it because you know that all these hands are being published, ha seen this pattern five. six he doesn't have that in this Hellmouth he's going to fold them, the reason we know this is one of the benefits you get with these bigger bets is that the bluffing range is very thin, the perception servers really They don't do this with lands like king, queen, or ace.
Jack just isn't because he knows Hellmuth always compromises with ace kings, you know, and he does this with ace kings as often as he does with ace queens, you know? What I'm saying is that he's only going to take out half the stack, I think. It's very interesting for him. I wonder if there is another dynamic at work and the dynamic beings know it's just him walking towards it and he'll notice. He would have to put the money against the meeting, no offense to Sam, but he was going to call you a priest of the bank no, I'm not after you, I just don't seem to have anything.
I wonder, Phil Laak, if Phil Hellmuth calls a stone Scott Seiver, he is doing a favor to a lot of other players at the table. he doesn't need to make five eight seven with four players and nine love his hand and a dozen more love that Trickett needs two points. I think I'll check the layups if I cheat on him, which is what you think he was doing now that he's around. kids brick it's early to act I would have liked to check with raisins on the flop nobody bets I like to bet for value here but look what happened with the jungle out there he has there and then it's a strange place because the five are just the five the that they are not going to hit anyone, that often the jungle likes this because this hit trick is a range trick, you could use it as a fear card because the ace is in your range, but it would hurt you if you do well, we'll see.
Did you check the trick? Check that everything is in it. I can't see, of course, these are two Guardians to fool him. She checked his nines. Now we are waiting for the jungle. He almost got into his head. Massage. She will turn professional because of her courage. 103 out there, what are you going to bet? He hopes that trick made an ace in the river. I like to spit because if your opponent has an ace, you get called a lot of times, you know, yeah. Oh, kings and all these weird little nines you could get. by who called it's strange that a lot of the heirs are just folding anyway your phone has something on it like you know I'm saying Jesse when you know your opponent has medium to strong hands and you know you have a rhythm.
Which is true, Jungles understood this and knows that if my opponent has a hand, he will be more likely to call. That's when you can make bets a little bit higher than 50, 70%, 60%, just go for 75%, like Sam is trying to work. By dynamics here I mean the wooden jungle floats you and then tricks you. I mean, is there any value in that? I'm happy to have changed things. I mean, I didn't know what possible reasons Sam had for calling. He has called if he thinks his opponents are bluffing 40% of the time he gets a call he just said he was thinking about check-raising, it wasn't the play, was it like that?
The gentleman said that he would have made me a little nervous if he said what that would have done. Nervous to just pay no, we didn't expect this active action early are we that sick? Look at the points classification. I mean, Marvin has just heart rate, life support times 20 praise from I think it was a little glitch by Phil Hellmuth and then he's going to jungle for 30 and everyone else is going to be around 3300. Sam's taking that little hit. to 200, but the grounds have not yet revealed that this is definitely an attempt to preserve and gain long-term equity. out of his hand oh tan is so strong he's going to try to get a lot of value looking at a flop look how far the ace Queen of Spades can be on Antoniou it's a little tough even though he's handcuffed but it's a hand versus hand we have, you know, actually, even the chrono has a pair of fours, but you gotta love the two card over something, that straight bar that's like nuts and you have I love a giant nine, which is the nuts for a Platinum has two balls here .
You have to protect the value of the ass attitude, that's what I want to show. I mean, he represents a kind of hand move bigger than the ace and queen. If I were Marvin, because you'd probably want him and Tony was going to leave a lot of pots. Look, it's Marvin trying to get big value, trying to go blank and then go all out, this is crazy. of cards to change things, oh my God, a lot of people love this card, everyone loves that car, that is, it reaches everyone, everyone, Antonio loves it. Prem Aaron loves it.
Negreanu intestine three love in this car of yours. I mean, just think until you dial correctly. No I don't think he's acted yet, oh, I'm just wondering about the dynamic of whether he's obviously not worried about Marvin because Marvin doesn't have such tea ships, but I like this check, you know, I've got Daniel over there, let's see. If I can get there cheap, someone might have a jack or a 10,You know, I'm saying it's against the maid's hand, let's see why Marvin didn't go all in. I think this is, I don't understand it at all. I don't understand this, that Jack nine just doesn't make sense to me, does it make sense sir?
You have 59 left, the pot has 36, how can you not put the money in there? Antonio gets there and checks the value, is it the boat? super pot control move, it's calling everything, you know, I'm saying any kind of bet, it's calling Marvin. Well, Marvin, by the way, now would have survived where he would have died because Antonia wasn't going anywhere for 42, you know, I'm saying. I thought I was paying for it with enough footing, he's saying I cover the iris paying for anything, I mean, I couldn't really pay for it all since Negreanu, I mean, rec, dad, cousin, country, you know, it's very extreme here, I never play that hand firmly before I.
I'm white but I don't know how Marvin survived that hand. I don't know how Marvin did it now he's 58 where I would have zero for what he's worth of course these kinds of marks go back to the last T where the men of the jungle were acting out of turn, he is taking it like a man, fortunately he is not the big one. friends under the gun wow they took him out with a one hand penalty they're just trying to poke that's more of a needle than anything else it's only worth $200 and he'll play there it's him take you take the silence miss the hand leave move on never You fight when you're a player, if you're smart, he knows he did it and he knows it was an accident and it doesn't matter, it didn't matter, it could have mattered, you have to do it. defend against that Marvin decides to sell his pocket deuces against the other shortstack and two pair obviously an assistant Marvin just follows him it's like you can't raise the guy at Meijer and trick him into the two shortstacks the two of them walking down the board essentially a one bagel for anyone at this table apart from dos Mel it could mean the relegation zone, usually at this stage guys are guaranteed to at least make the playoffs and freely move into the promotion zone, but not here, no with Hellmuth and Cates so tight up front. pay last league game continues when we get back very fun look at these eight guys here if any of them could still make the final table but the minefield drama Brett Myers was actually a long time coming I thought I would do it after I won that big boat.
I really hope to see him survive someone because I would like to see him somehow cost Hellmuth later because then Hummel can feel the pain of that branch, most likely he will never express himself but he is a survivor. Sam lips or sama weight that he lifted and tiptoed among the tulips like Seaver and Duam Ella do. I won't do anything to Mel but lose Scott. something to lose to Scott obviously with one hand. Make Hummel wider. Make a model with wider light. I? Mel is going to have fun tonight and seems to know the places.
Yes, you just fooled the big plane. The good thing about Do i Mel is that the longer this goes on, the stronger his position becomes, so you just want to move around and wait until you find the spots where you can put maximum pressure on him. Don't you see here is the classification, as you can see, our mouth is clean and far away, but so tight between the rest, so sick. I love this kind of heat. I've never seen this two, two, four, four and you can see those drop zones. Negreanu Seaver and Rettenmaier. They are the ones who have been pressing a bit and the jungle man has played four feet deep, he has been deep in every tie, has there been a time during the Premier League when he hasn't conceded? a massage, oh that's right, let's see, I think the entrance fee is $125,000 and something like a $17,000 massage bill, let's see, it will probably be less than that, but it will be very high if you calculate 10 hours of massage 40 hours 5050 x dollars 1500 pounds, that's some big ones, completely dark, but then he looked at his car, what do you think the kid deserves it?
You know he has a lot of pressure, he needs to relax. They'll raise this, called by Hellmuth in the big blind, and even though I do. milk and I pressed my hooves a lot I have a lot of chips, so how about this? Mel just closes like a trap door, try it already. I like these types of bets, you imagine that your opponent could just double the eights that are beating you, you know, that's really what it's designed to do is good, yeah, the guy raises preflop and checks on the flop and I think that might be the difference between do ml and Matt Marvin Rettenmaier so far, duo ml just shuts down when there is any resistance from the tight guys because he knows he can catch them later, yes Marvin now fights from behind.
Le su-yong what's going on. Duomo goes up with ten three figures. I can do anything with impunity. I think Jungle is playing too tight to just call them out. It's super. way ahead of everyone you should go up and then what if they call him my guy who has the most chimpanzees with him? Well, still, the bracelet is fine. He is playing five well in the karana. He has the right idea, but I think the junglers might be playing their jacks. Like they're as strong as I can, he's going to compromise here, I think he's going to snicker, oh no, I think it's going to look like this, I just don't think it's the right play, he could almost fall, oh, almost I never raise who might call because he has the button in a very strong and very valuable hand, but I don't see him raising because it's too much... all Duhamel, this is absolutely super powerful, I mean, the jungle absolutely has to fold right now without no survival game, yes.
It sure sounds like I said if you knew he was supposed to commit to something this strange, Negreanu, these are all the diets, they're okay with retiring the Jax and that we're just cousins ​​to humbly play these 10 threes, now Daniel should have been playing a big pot with Negreanu Jax versus King Queen everything has changed if it was just phil mcgraw you know and you know I'm saying I would have gone to raise phil hellmuth call call or rise call call you know that's weird well Negron who's on the relegation zone, our Mel is not Wow home L, I know how to skip the festival and why do I do it while I do this with only 300 chips to start, you know, because he is so far ahead and the points he can, he has 31, all they know. puts pressure, he's supposed to make a big pressure play now and block the ace queen, whatever, you can put it all up yeah to the plus 148 now he's like handcuffed, you know, I'm saying he's handcuffed to some piece of trash that's probably winning . so he's supposed to get money and I guess you have aces, right?
I'm like, I've got whatever you want there and the other things that are going on with Phil, it's not just to put pressure on Malcolm, but no one at this table is. Theoretically, it bothers me to see our guy taking correctly, it doesn't hurt them at all for a guy to take chips from other players, that's the other thing that makes him so powerful. Everyone, no one plays by knocking out Do ml, in theory, it is very difficult. ten three it's not like he takes that line every time he takes that line twelve percent of the time that in that place you know you just decided I'll do it this time now look do almost thinking I can keep doing this forever Hellmuth probably with a 5x better or a call, yes you thought about it a couple of times and it's complicated, the good thing when it comes to Hellmuth and the jungle man are not only immediately behind Dois Mel, but they have more chips than him, so yes.
You know they can let things play out a little bit, but I still think there's no set, there's no betting with the pocket pairs against the Canadian, yeah that's all of them, there's a lot of peddlers in this one and one of them came back home and another. The guy has a good pair and the sickest for master I think he has enough opponents that he shouldn't bet well, he doesn't have enough opponents I mean, Queen up to nine is dangerous, there are two of those cards there, well, I mean SS Von D .re, I don't know, you know if he could call more than one bet here, you have two, right.
I think you really have to have a strong hand like a set to call well and, oh, look at this, I mean, now, now, and Ares is going to be. Very lucky because it's hard to beat this with just a giant queen, but he probably won't forget it if he gets raised if there's a jungle rush. Antoniou can be saved, but I see Antonio losing at least in this bed at the very least. a call, well this could save Antonio from folding quite easily with the raise, this is where things get spicy, although the junglemen's hand is super super strong, he will never fold because of the way he that the Queen expects ten because the rate is the probability of him, his third best hand, not being the best, is small enough for him to have it.
This is where the math simply overrides all point considerations. You don't worry about the super demons in the closet. I think the jungle covers it up a bit. well the jungle is going to think about this no no he's just trying to figure out how to get more jungle he already knows you can pretty much do whatever he wants he can do things with impurities yeah im saying he's afraid that the jungle doesn't do it. He's afraid that Ouma won't have enough to call a run so he might have to just call and the jungle just plays poker anyway, he just makes positive and easy decisions, this is like a trivial decision and like all the dimensions. he's happy to play if this pot is a hundred and twenty five thousand dollars, he doesn't care anyway, he loves it, he just wants to be ahead, nothing more, but obviously, even if the jungle minh is good and he thinks he probably is all.
Maybe it's a bit like a drawing board, I mean, I do, I'm L to be saying this strong word about balls, he's not even worried about King Jack, he could get out of there, I mean, if you don't say that the People get out of these things, although they got a draw, but not a flush draw, they got a draw, it's reasonable to go to bed. He would have closed me face up with the hand of his jungle men to the rest of the table, including Jonathan Duhamel involved as if he had to have king. Queen now is definitely closed because the minimum I think she would be Queen 10 or Queen King.
He didn't know it. You know, I'm saying that I don't think he's really calling with ace anymore. Queen. What if Nine? you know whatever the super blank jackets are, that's super blank and if Amell tries to try it, he'll feel the pain, oh yeah, shut up, yeah. Wow, and I think the jungle men got a little confused and rightly so, maybe or understandably, anyway. The handicap of putting the data against someone like Jonathan melts, it's absolutely crazy, we have the most elite field fighting for points and no one wants to leave empty handed, the drama continues after the break, this is major league poker.
The latest groupies league matches are in action and players are focusing on point permutations as they try to get to the final table as usual. At this stage of the event it is getting very complicated. Jessiemae is here to make sense of it all. Basically, that's how it is. I've never been so close in the Premier League this late in Hotmail, there are 31 points, he's the only guaranteed player and Rettenmaier has short stacks and low points as the most to go, but for everyone else, anything is possible, that's what which makes strategy so elusive. Hellmuth here. with the raise to 8 and the jungle men's triple bet, I in the jungle at the place would be clamping down on the stack, but this is the jungle and welcome to it. 51 a quick check-raise from Phil, look at this, this decision is based on something called I don't know what it's called well, it's called I Cover You I think that's exactly what it is Don, I have more chips than you.
Do what I call just means you have a four or a jag rhythm, right, oh, absolutely sick. and I really think Hellmuth will have to drop at any kind of pace, like elevated jungle is my favorite. I think Hellmuth has to retire every day, that we hate poker at some point, how much okra sometimes he says, but this is the Hellmuth style. he likes people to waste their money by doing these things, he took a truck that is definitely folding now because he basically told them right what he had, it's true, it's true, you know, regret with another card to come, he will never be able to do it . calls now, but if there were no more cards to come, I could give up all these warnings, we're really sick if he just turned nine or something, well, the point is that this pot is getting so big that they're ready for a bed the size of a snack in the river, no matter what it is round, they almost talk to you every time Elmo says it, you can't call if he says all these things.
I don't think he's calling. I don't think he's calling, but he does. Phil Hellmuth, everything came first, didn't it? Because you can't go all in anymore, okay, it's strange, this is one of those, the strangest ones, well, what are the interesting ones? They're not going to fool you, oh my gosh, good jungle like a jungle man, yeah, but he asked for any of these players to call someone, does anyone call those players? Well, a lot of that has to do with not only do you know that no one can call, it's something thatbets, it certainly is, I'll be tempted to see that Jungle loves his hand and trick, you'll be tempted to think, wait a minute, the jungle might have realized that he sees all those measly stacks, so maybe you know, he does juggling, dubbing it, actually, Wow, and that's crazy, that's crazy, he's just realizing, I'll just let people die, you know, I'm saying yes and I think he's trying to decide if it was about from a clique or whatever, or he's trying to raise the issue of do I milk them, on the one hand, and on the other hand, our Melvin really can't. call white doesn't have much reason to do it he's just trying to fix that preflop was what it meant to be a run a call that went wrong is the call that went wrong you could be Sam international cricketer these are girls because they both have a hand but they do it at home.
I will far surpass the sprite burst. Okay, let's get inside Santa's head. Fever may have been trying to talk intricately to put chips in the pot, the only thing that suits his purposes. Yes, Scott Seiver may be working both sides. from my street rickets I have to realize that this is not the place where you want to put money and greed and do everything possible to make a hero retire with the eight flush high and then you can listen hopefully Wow, complicated I did it, there it is where strategy comes and I I guess it was amazing how hard it was to realize that I could reach I'm L with one hand.
It must be that Duhamel simply realizes that I will have many easier points whenever he has resistance. Yes, he should know that it is very easy for me. to collect chips later there is some other explanation that's it I think that's it he still has a lot of chips and that trick wouldn't be betting without something really strong it was almost like a leveling war it was it was where poker came into the remaining points for one second. Oh wow, Hellmuth has a super huge hand, so big, in fact, that he doesn't have to go all-in and, correctly, he just sticks his limbs up in the hopes of getting some action and represents the jungle.
Well, I actually think he hopes to get back up, don't you? Because you know, I mean, it's like Hellmuth ian, isn't it like removing about eight big blinds to raise and fold? I love health. I love that on stage you just play for real. Be careful, very careful. I think Rettenmaier has to call. He's getting huge. If he could have everyone's hand, you'd call, so you should call just because there's a Queen out there. I'll still call. I think my study, so he thinks that with a three-way action there is a chance that someone will go bankrupt.
Is it strong enough? How much? it would have cost him now it would have cost him twelve more you would be left with thirty I guess it's a clear implosion this failure hits everyone yes and the jungle man has reasons to go crazy yes and the jungle is everything and this is crazy when Hellmuth bets here in the jungle Minh will raise, won't he be sure he will raise? He feels like this, he feels and what Santonio is going to do is call. He is a little worried about Anton. I think you know what is so clear having such a strong hand playing so slowly.
Because? why José Antonio Omán from Disney, the only thing Tony can't afford is a little Creek, help us all with this. I mean, gentleman Esfandiari, all wrong. Tonio can't call Kimmy. I don't think if you all can't call because you. I would know that you are defeated in the jungle. Minh must feel like Antonio has a set here. He has to feel that if you are prepared for the set, so I guess you can pay for Spade or raise the reason. I just can't believe what that guy is doing. yes, the nine, everyone is going to consider it a blank, we have Benton on the side, we have bail help, Antonio was wondering in the jungle, he is there all the time with handcuffs, he is worried about the jungle , and Tonio has to think about closing, I mean, it's crazy to close with a hand like this, but he's 216, he's tight and in full second position, he has to let other people die, she could be out of the league, not only that, but if you make a mistake, I mean, you're winning. craziest hand ever because he's just playing for that small side of the potty figures how much could it have to be I don't know what's going on Shaq oh he's gone crazy Tonio bet ninety two thousand kills the drawers why Why wouldn't you do it, God?
You are very lucky. You always get it when you're a hot little ball. Acer Jack finishes it while Jump Will did everything right. See how the jungle avoids pain. What's going on? What's going on? Phil Hellmuth is back in business. I've had pretty bad luck against fan Tony, right? This has been much more exciting than last year. Yes, I enjoyed it much more than last year's course. You had your group last year. I know it was like I always thought it was. in the final, but thanks to the players here, yeah, and it's like a big planet, we're having fun, everyone can, but you can't just get away with everything you try here against this group, well, actually you can go to mesh countries.
I know what makes a good fold ace 10 it's going back to weave mode where it should be with 173 you need other people a bus you know yeah I think so I think jungle man this is a little weak the way he's been playing and praying before lazy but playing the field this is a simple call too much direction Marvin has a complete no reason even if you ever do something you know Marvin is thinking I'll get four to one possibly five or six to one if I call oh but he's also thinking about more people in In this hand, it's better for me not to be in it because I need a couple of people to die and I really need to do it sometime or Sam will play jump four or five times, it's only twelve thousand or whatever, there are 53 Over there.
It's going to be that he's on Scott Seiver now, you just can't ask him to call, well, can he squeeze? He's already thinking. Can you squeeze Sivir for a second and chips right now? The number two. I like that call and yes, yes, it's in slow motion. Axis all in because I know what it's like didn't take long? He was waiting, right, I think so. I don't think I forgot the latitude. Yes, Negreanu is the guy in the relegation zone. Yes. You need a place. If you are in the relegation zone, you have to be happier racing. and bet, the only add is that this is the only guy that you don't really want to take the chips from, but on the other hand, it's the jungle chips, of course, the King Jack, which is a trivial foot, you know, Daniels is super short in this hand. but 177 to come, which is 17 to collect 32, is that he is getting the 1 to 2 and he could be.
I think he has a call because if he's against Jack, it's a monster call, he's getting putting in one drive to get two drives and it's only against Kings. and Ace King and Aces that you are, I mean Queens, there are very strong ones, this is incredible and I think I mean, oh no, I don't think you would ever consider that she is against anything that is not a random hand. I'm, this is crazy and Tony has two. Bullets don't play well like this, it feels like a great move from Daniel and he could be the first person out of this Premier League, even if Antonia thinks she's winning she knows she's in a race at best , this can be your career, yes. to fold I agree look this is so interesting it's got 19 points yeah it's supposed to squeeze and some people yeah they call it 74 baby cuz it was at the door 2% was keeping a couple of nines, you could never make it if the nintendo gauntlet folder is: I don't know about those trivial ships 100% are you kidding no, I'm not sure, but Mexico here's the standings Negreanu is out two more players will be relegated tonight right now Seaver and Rettenmaier in the zone Rettenmaier is desperately short on chips but the other Antonio Fur Helmet guys are terrified and know they can't get open and Daniel Negreanu is out of this heat and unfortunately that means out of the Premier League, tell me about what happened here In this last series, well, I got lucky, obviously, a hand against Scott Seiver and it looked like he was going to be in good shape, I got unlucky and a hand against Jonathan and then, you know, the last hand comes up where there's a pair of guys who are short but I need more than a six as it's not enough for me to hold on because everyone has the same amount of points so I needed to double up to hold on and I would actually knock out Jonathan which really helped me . but it would put me in very good shape to be able to be in the top four and top three, which is what I felt I needed and it's so obvious, the way things are, that Jonathan can have seven deuces of another suit, so my hand is very good.
Too strong to retreat depending on the situation. Well, hopefully we will meet again in another Premier League, unfortunately not at the final table, as we lose Daniel Negreanu here tonight. What a match this is turning out to be with only three guaranteed players. In the final and the league table looks very tight, we can expect some fierce action. Winning this game resumes next time. You just said that you are the best in the world and you are a bit of a starter. I just appeared in the news folder because it would pay a lot. of money at Kaiser your ass absolutely every one of you are doing pretty well so far no no no four of you

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