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Powder Coating Brembo Calipers | Unbelievable Outcome!

May 03, 2020
What's up, family? Welcome back to another video. This one will be super, super good. What we're doing is completely rebuilding a set of Brembo brake


, so we're going to sand them down with a coat of


and put new seals on them. Put them all back together and then I'll put them in a car. I'm going to


coat the


in a lime green color, like the color of a new sti in that color, and I'm also going to powder coat the rotors. The rotors will turn like a semi-gloss black. Let me show you what we're working with.
powder coating brembo calipers unbelievable outcome
These are the Brembos we are going to rebuild. I'm sure many of you will probably recognize exactly what they are for. here is the front, there are the rear ones, there are all the rotors, here is the powder. I ordered all my powder from Prismatic Powders. It's been a pretty good company and then they aired all the gunpowder, so it's super awesome. The first thing we need to do is simply pull these pins. Take the pads out and then we'll sand them. Luckily, they sent me these brake lines, so I'm literally going to cut the brake line right there, put a bolt in there to keep the sand out. clamp, okay, everything is destroyed, the second step is to clean them.
powder coating brembo calipers unbelievable outcome

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powder coating brembo calipers unbelievable outcome...

I could probably go straight to sandblasting, but I don't want to contaminate all the sand in the blaster, so I'll take them to the top parts cleaner over there. Clean them all and then spray them, let them dry and we can start sandblasting. Honestly, it's probably going to take me three four hours to sandblast all those calipers and those rotors. Okay, the calipers are sandblasted, rotors sandblasted, the next step in this process is We completely disassemble these calipers so there are pistons. We had to remove four of each caliper that fits there and that banjo bolt on the back.
powder coating brembo calipers unbelievable outcome
Easiest way I found to get those pistons out of there. Grab a two by four like this. Let's hit each other. In between, remove the banjo bolt and blow compressed air into the caliper and that should be enough to get these pistons out of there, as you can see, sometimes it works, other times you'll have to grab a pair of pliers afterwards. They come out a little and take them out completely. Now, if you see that little black ring down there, that's the piston seal, we're going to have to grab a very, very small slotted screwdriver and just pop it out.
powder coating brembo calipers unbelievable outcome
From there, the caliper is completely disassembled, ready to be cleaned and powder coated, obviously we're going to tape off some areas, but for the most part it's ready to go. All the clamps are disassembled, the next step will be to clean. Raise them up so you can grab some brake cleaner and check them all or I'm just going to grab degreaser and some water, take them outside with a hose, don't worry about water getting trapped in there because as soon as we got them I had to put them in, all the water will evaporate 100, so yes, clean them all, as you can see, there is a lot of brake fluid everywhere, we can't allow the calipers to be clean and ready to continue with the next step, it doesn't matter.
That's not part of this Brembo package, it's something else I'm working on at the same time. Anyway, the next step is to mask everything, so we'll have to mask where the pistons go. It probably masked that entire area. There we're going to mask that off right there and then something that I'm going to do that I would recommend doing, you don't have to do it, is mask off the mounting surface where it mounts to the hub, the reason why you don't want the dust layer It wears slowly over time and then most of it comes loose, the clip falls off, so I'm going to take precaution and mask it off.
It will take a minute to mask all four, but it will be like this. It's worth it in the end, nice clean lines, they'll look good, you know what? Since I know there's still a little bit of water in here and I feel like it's going to come out as soon as I start masking, I'm going to throw these tweezers away. in the oven for about five minutes just for all the water to evaporate, you can let them sit in the sun, but it's night and I don't have sun. The tape I am using is made by tape masters. powder


tape so your mask job will look like this when you're done, I have the hole masked, the bolt holes masked from the back, masked on the front side and the green tape down there as you can see .
This thing is ready to go back in the oven, so we have two tongs that we're making now masked. The next step is going to be getting them to hang properly for when we put them in the oven, so I think Actually, I'm going to put one of those racks in the oven, have the tongs hang under it and then we can take them out, wipe off the alcohol isopropyl, put them in the oven for 10 minutes, let them bake the reason for that step. In that process there are three main reasons: number one, we are going to take every ounce of water out of it, it evaporates.
Number two, it's going to heat the piece up enough so that when we spray the powder along with the electromagnetic attraction that we're using. with the clip I will show you that later it will allow the powder to adhere to the clips before it is fully baked and third, the pre-baking process removes all the impurities from the metal, so it is a nice perfect finish when you already it's all set, I'm going to clean them with isopropyl alcohol and a lint-free cloth and then I would highly recommend that after we clean them, we take them out of the compressed air and make sure there's nothing in them.
They're all masked so no more brake fluid will leak out and it's probably all burnt out anyway since we last had them in the oven. Well, you're all clear from now on, we can't touch the surface. These we're going to go ahead and put in the oven at 400 degrees for 10 minutes while those tongs bake in the oven. We need to prepare everything for powder


, so we will need compressed air. an extension cord and then all the powder coating supplies, so the gun I use is the Eastwood Hot Coat powder coating gun. Everything I'm using in this video, I'll try to link it in the description box below, including the color, let me show you this color, this color is going to be so beautiful, obviously, it's going to be like a straight gloss when we put it on, but damn, that it's going to be crazy.
I'll have that exact exact color down so it'll be easy for you guys, so the gun, the air pressure regulator, you're also going to want a filter for that air supply and then we're going to need a little hopper to put the powder in and get the powder into the hopper that I like. use a spoon and then of course everything we used to mask the clamp and all the rubber stoppers and all that, I'm going to throw that down below to make it super easy for you guys so let's get this ready. above, let me walk you through what we're doing here, so we have the airline connected to the nozzle down here, it's going to first go to the air pressure regulator and then through the filter to the gun.
I always have that set as 10 psi here of course we have it hooked up to feed this clip here that has to hook up somewhere on the part so that's how the powder stays there for the most part before we bake it all the way and every time you're spraying with the gun you need to hold this down it charges that clip through the box through the wall it's going to charge that clip and electromagnetically some damn scientific shit allows the powder to stay so we end up ready to go we need to fill this about a quarter of the way up with dust, make sure it's 100% clean.
I always blow it with compressed air beforehand and then we can screw it on the bottom of the gun to get powder coating. The clips have been in the oven for Now it's 10 minutes to take them out and spray them, so as I mentioned earlier, this clip has to go somewhere on the part where you're powder coating it from here. I always like to grab a light and just cycle through whatever it is. powder coating make sure there are no areas that need more coverage, that looks good, the back of that one needs a little more, the tongs look like they are ready to go back in the oven so they go in for 12 minutes at 400 degrees for 12 minutes.
It starts as soon as the tongs reach 400 degrees, so it is called 400 degrees 12 minutes at pmt, which means partial metal temperature, we must be very careful not to touch those tongs with anything while transporting them to the oven, everything well so that they are in the oven, I'm guessing it will take them about five minutes to reach the medium temperature since they are aluminum so it should be a little faster than steel and then as soon as they reach 400 degrees, the 12 minute timer starts. We're about five minutes away. I'm going to move on. Oh my goodness, the listings look amazing.
I'm going to check the temperature of them right now. We're at 300 degrees, so not exactly 400. So we're going to have to leave it. they bake a little longer before we start the timer, it's been about three more minutes, let's check the color or check the temperature again right now we're at 370. let's start the timer right now, I don't think we'll ever get to the full 400 degrees. It's been 12 minutes, let's get them out. Oh my gosh guys, these will look so amazing on the car. I think the color might change a little as they dry or don't dry. but look at the shine on the front of these amazing things.
I'm going to wait for them to cool and then I'll show you the final result. I'm going to hit these two little guys real quick. I'll show them to you when everything is ready, I don't know if you can see this on the camera, but the color difference between the tongs that are cooling and the ones that have just come out of the oven is enormous. They are very similar to lime green. straight yellow right here that's like three cities brz that's like solus 86. I guess here's a better comparison this one here literally just came out of the oven that one cooled down look at the difference oh yeah I put a sticker on it just to see what it would look like this with the stickers, put it out in the sun, look at that pop, oh my god, I'm so excited for this.
All the clips are ready, as you can see, looking absolutely beautiful. The last thing you should do is hit them. rotors, so I masked off the area where the wheel will bolt on for the same reason I masked off the area where the caliper bolts on, we don't want the dust to wear off, you know, the lug nuts come loose and the wheel is falling off, so I masked the area for the reason I didn't mask this area. I'm going to spin these rotors after I powder coat them, so almost all of the working coating is there and, uh, let's hit these semi-gloss black or satin black things and we'll be done, these things will look absolutely amazing on the car , you will see what they are going through, it will be a big surprise, just stay tuned, all we have left to do. wait for our new caliper seals to come in, come in, come in the mail and then we can put them all back together and put them back in a car as soon as those seals come in.
I'll pick up this video, okay, we've got it all. Then for the caliper seals, I have everything set up to lift the front caliper with all the pieces that came off the front lip caliper with the seals the same for each caliper, the next step will be to reassemble the calipers, of course, so we need to remove all the masking, all these plugs, remove all the masking here and we'll start by installing the internal seals first, then we'll put the dust seals on the piston, we'll slide the piston into the caliper, the next step is To put these stamps on the collet, it's very, very easy to do, honestly, just slide it down and make sure it doesn't twist at all and that it goes right into that little recessed area where the previous one came out and it should look like that when finished, what we're going to do here is put this dust boot on the piston before we put the piston in the caliper, all the piston dust boots should look like this, very tight, obviously I don't want it to bend in any way. side now, if you have an assembly loop, I would recommend putting a little bit on each of the pistons before sliding them into the caliper just to make sure they slide past the seal that's already in the caliper and not.
Not reaching in and breaking the seal at all or just not sliding at all, so I'm going to put a little bit of this red line assembly lube in there. You don't want too much, obviously, just enough. I would say something like that. It should be pretty adequate, let's try to put this one on the caliper so the piston sits in the caliper, hit the other three pistons and then we can move on to the rest of the calipers, assemble the rest of the caliper and put some decals on. Here, as soon as we put the pistons in, we need to push these dust seals down.
You can choose your finger for that, but make sure they sit completely, so go all the way around the edge. There is some assembly lubricant on that dust seal. It should slide directly into place without any type of shoe. One important thing to keep in mind while pushing these pistonsinwards, they should go in very, very easily, as once they pass the seal, they should literally snap into place, you will hear them click. down if they are hard to push in take them out maybe add a little more assembly lube turn the piston while pushing it down and it should slide past that seal yeah ok guys from here it is literally cleaning. these thingsput those top fittings put the pads back on the shims that's actually very easy to do self explanatory i'm not going to bore you with that footage i'll show you the end result these things look absolutely amazing One thing I would highly recommend is Grease the pins with a little grease and then silence the disc brake.
I'm going to put a little bit of that on the back of our pickups. The tongs are ready and oh my goodness these tongs look absolutely amazing. Let's review them to know that I haven't said much about what these calipers are working on which car they are working on and the reason is that all along it has been a big surprise that my girlfriend Bobby bought a Honda Genesis a while ago. About a year and a half ago, since he picked up the car, he wanted to have bright green Brembos on the car. He has gone from wanting to paint his stock calipers that aren't Brembos to wanting a bright green color on the caliper covers that he didn't have.
I want to get rid of the amount of money the trim cost so I bought them online when you guys saw I completely redid them. I powder coated them in this amazing color. I did it all. She will come here later today. She has no idea that I've been doing this for her, like I've been doing it behind the scenes, taking a lot of my free time, but I'm so excited that they're done. Her reaction to these Brembos will probably be the next video after this, it's going to be crazy guys. I know it's now if you made it this far in the video, thank you so much for watching, scroll down below, comment on the


hashtag, thank you so much for watching, like I mentioned before.
I will try to have all this powder coating material. supplies linked below and also any of the Genesis people. I know there are some Genesis fans here. If you have Brembos on your car and want to rebuild them I will throw the rebuild kits in the description box below for the Brembo or spec calipers and the color of these helpers too thanks for watching I will see you in that reaction video see you so

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