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Postgame Interview: Deion Sanders recaps Colorado's dominant win over Nebraska in Week 2

Sep 10, 2023
Like everyone, oh my god, we must be winning, that's my job, come on baby, okay, royalty, right there, oh, how's everyone?, oh, big win, a slow game started like hot garbage in the first half, there's probably five minutes left in the first half, we start picking. We get up a little and do what we are capable of doing. I take my hat off to the defense and how they stood up today made up for the disappointment we had last


defensively. We still gave up some plays, but overall I think we forced the main three, it was three turnovers, one interception, I think two turnovers, so three turnovers and uh, we didn't give up until the end, so I'm very proud that the special defense team put in the effort, we didn't have anything crazy. that happened and uh Jace Philly is who he is, it's amazing.
postgame interview deion sanders recaps colorado s dominant win over nebraska in week 2
I'm kicking the ball and he kicked the ball in the end zone and uh uh, we planted the ball really well too. I think we also have a couple inside the store. The coaches did a great job, they caught a great game, some things they called just weren't doing what you're capable of doing and they get blamed for it, but the kid is just in the wrong space but not feeling the way he's supposed to. which should. block or not block or run the wrong route, so in general the victory is just thinking that we played the way we played and won by that margin.
postgame interview deion sanders recaps colorado s dominant win over nebraska in week 2

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postgame interview deion sanders recaps colorado s dominant win over nebraska in week 2...

It's a pretty good feeling for any coach and I think you all can see what we are capable of. to do um, I keep saying that more and more young men, as well as coaches, are taking over. I think now we've probably reached 80 per cent of the young men in that locker room, as well as the staff and support staff, who really believe what we're capable of. Doing it is not believing in me, it is believing in what we are capable of doing. That was the question I asked the man last


. It wasn't about me.
postgame interview deion sanders recaps colorado s dominant win over nebraska in week 2
It was about the young man and what we have. Let's go Mario Ariel or pseudo 9 news after the last week's victory, uh, the talk was about truly believing and really the us against the world mentality right after this week's victory, it was a very different type of victory, a more decisive type of victory, uh, what? What is the mentality this week? We not only wanted to win, we wanted to dominate in the first half, we were not


in the second half, we achieved it and we started to dominate, but we really wanted to do it and we put our will because the whole theme of the week was just personal um one of the moments funniest during the game where the shador took off his helmet after making the tremendous fight, it was like a Heisman type play and I came up to say you can't do that, you can't take your helmet off, he said.
postgame interview deion sanders recaps colorado s dominant win over nebraska in week 2
Dad, it's personal and I just laughed, I just leaned over and laughed so hard because it was in the moment and I was very upset and he broke, he broke the monotony with his staff, so they really took the whole week yes sir thing seriously. hello coach mcmiller fox videos man, you've been better. I am a little better. amen um when we met with you in the spring and we first asked you about shador you told us that as he was growing up his nickname had grown, yes. We just met with him and he said that when Nebraska came out, Matt Rule and the team had a meeting, you know, at the Buffalo, and he walked in there and interrupted and said, you know, he talked about my dad and I took it personally , that's how it is. in the second half he leads your offense after a slow start as a father and as a coach, how proud you are when you see these moments where he takes the lead and represents not only the program but also your family in these moments and also how would you qualify?
I'm 56, the time when man, one at a time, give me one question at a time. I can't, I can't remember all these things as a father, um, I'm so proud of him. proud of Shiloh and Junior, in addition to doing what he does for social networks, he is very mature, he has always been very mature, very astute, he studies a lot and is prepared. I'm not happy that we gave up seven sacks, I think today. but once we got him going and he got his groove he performed very well, but taking responsibility when someone talks about me, that's how we grew up, someone talked about my kids, I handled it, that's the expectation of a from a father, not a baby daddy, a father, I'm a real father and I'm proud of that and I try to teach the same to my kids, but overall, as a coach and as a father, I'm really proud of all three. of my children and what they contributed on a daily basis yes sir just talk man uh just your thoughts about watching the beautiful scene during and then um beautiful a lot of this stuff is new to me you gotta understand so I know I've been at the highest level in the World Series and the Super Bowl, but in the coaching aspect at power fives just to see, I think it was sold out last week.
I think it broke the highest attendance record for TCU and What we accomplished today, uh, and seeing so many people that came to see us perform, it was tremendous, not just the number, but the energy and the love and the expectations. I love it, I really did. I'm driving to the set for the noon big kickoff was phenomenal, feeling the energy of the student body and fan base here was incredible. That was the first time we knew we couldn't really feel it in the spring because it was snowing. I didn't want to go out and it was cold, so you know, I couldn't really feel it, but we felt it today and I'm pretty sure the kids will have a good time, hopefully they'll go take a nap and then they wake up with some energy and can celebrate with their families.
Great question, although yes sir, yes, well, I think we're going to measure the impact that we have, that's a business, so we're going to measure the impact, um, it's difficult. Say what that means and what that is, we're just happy, I'm not really talking thinking about the economic impact, I'm really thinking about the social impact, um, I'm seeing, I'm seeing more African Americans. um from what I've seen before scattered around the stadium stands and in the restaurants and everything, and I love the sports thing, the competition thing when Shadow is out there doing what he's doing in Travis and Xavier and all those guys .
They're not like the Colorado Buffaloes, they're just Colorado Buffaloes and we all come together and I think we're bringing people together, we're 19 years old and that's the part I love. Really thank you, thank you coach. Brian Howe from The Daily Camera what's going on we had a couple of guys like Chick and a camera that didn't play much last week but had a big impact today yeah that helps with that belief that you know what more guys They believe when they know. that they are going to get their chance well you have to practice you have to practice and prepare to get your chance you can't just think you're going to get your chance and you acted Wandering around practice um girl really has been in the Playbook, she's a match boy complete, so you have no personal interest in it.
I wanted to see him do it well. He is my friend who comes from my hometown. She can play for me in high school, so I definitely want to see. These kids come out and perform, but they had to do it together in practice before we could put them on display for everyone to see and they both stood out and the girl started crying at halftime. thanking me for giving it a chance. I think you earned it, man, you earned it and I'm proud of you, so I love those kinds of stories. Hello Coach Jake Schwannis dmvr.
What's going on? How's it going? Excellent. How would you do it? Describe the connection Shador and Xavier Weaver have. They see the things you see on the field. I see in practice. Saw. I've been saying this for a long time. You know everyone has a chance to see it. Xavier. he's a dog man, he's a go-getter, he wants that ball, the high points, he could go deep, um, he's great out of the jam, great run after the catch, he's also a comeback guy and the kid loves the game of football, so I promise you you're going to see a season full of that because that's the kind of kid he is and he loves to compete, he loves to compete, hey Coach Eric Christensen of CBS Sports Colorado how are you yeah sir How are you, you said defensively. tone of his performance last week said that this week's topic was personal, they played as a unit and really took it seriously.
Can you talk a little more about that? Yeah, I mean, they're not happy or satisfied with his performance. last week that's not indicative of who they were, Coach Kelly said it was a great game. I hear it on the headphones and you know the guys came out of their spaces, they just missed tackles, they just did what they were capable of doing, but earlier today. I mean, just starting the game the way they started was phenomenal and they really believed they could be a


Force, um mixing in some more sacks and pressures and keeping the quarterback in the pocket, Coach Kelly went crazy when that guy slipped. out of the park in the pocket I wish you had listened to it and that's it, I was about to lose my mind, but overall they played very well and we are proud of them, but we still have to choose some things if we want to be. who we want to be coach Matt Smith 1043 The Fan, could you evaluate chidur's decision making today?
It felt like maybe a couple of times he held on to the ball, even he admitted that. Yeah, I don't understand when Shador holds on to the ball, it's not just him. holding the ball, someone probably ran the wrong route or someone was a sign that something happened. He never sits back there to hold the damn ball and his rod may be here, but you can see he got wide open there, but that wasn't it. His reading probably ruined something, but that was his reading, so, whatever happens to him. I used to ask it all the time, especially when I was in high school and I was coaching him because I was calling the spot for him, but then when I saw the movie.
I understand what he's saying, so I've learned not to be too quick to judge him when I don't see the whole picture because he's telling me what's happening. One thing that seems to continue to stand out is mental toughness. of this team, I mean, last week they were going 2 with TCU, this week they were finding a way to win despite that slow start, can you talk about the mental strength of that? um, they are mentally strong, I mean, we look for intelligent, tough, fast and disciplined young people to fill our locker room in our squads and most of them present several of those characteristics.
I'm proud of them because they don't get tired. You know they have no pity. I know the coach hates hearing the word "my bad" on the sideline, you hate hearing that, but they're really upset when they know it's their fault and they made a huge mistake by allowing their team another possession, but they're getting it. I mean they're getting it, it's only our second game, but they're getting closer and closer with every day of practice every game. I'm proud of them, I really am. Hey Coach Brandon Crystal from KOA, your radio partner, he looks like a college kid.
GameDay can come here at noon on Fox is coming back, you said this is new to you, it's certainly new to a lot of people, no, no, no, no, the media is not new to them, not the media, that the college game day. hasn't come to Boulder very often and they don't go much, you know, they can only go to 12 or 13 places a year, so how satisfying is it that you tell these kids to come here, that we are going to build something special and that now comes. Well, we hope for it, I know it sounds a little boastful, it sounds at risk of sounding arrogant, we really hope for it and that's why those kids come, they want the biggest stage and they get it every week and the Justified Numbers, what numbers did we have? last week?
Over 7 million, seven million viewers on Fox. I think it was the biggest opening day in their history, the first game, so shoot, I'm pretty sure these numbers will justify it too. go girl, go girl, I swear, I don't blame you, I really don't blame you, I don't blame you, I'm fine, yes, sir, yes, I will check you guys, you have to understand everyone who is critical of that and saying that he's going to get tired he's going to do that shoot no they can't they can't cook and answer the phone at the same time so you know, I don't subscribe to that nonsense because that's who Travis is, thank you Pastor Master Doctor, man, that's my pastor, when your pastor brings you some water, you know you have something with your pastor, but Travis is, he's special, he has a tremendous gift and he wants to play, he loves it. play it's six o'clock this morning it was probably 5 45 I get a text every game day, come on, that's what I get from Travis every game day, come on, we're going to do this coach, so I do it I love him like he's my son, uh, I treat him. like he would if he were my son, but he is a tremendous player and you have to show it off, you can show it off constantly.
He loves to compete. Yes sir. Coach Pat Rooney Fuller. daily camera. What does it tell you about your team, have you won these two games, completely different styles, kind of a classic shootout last week, this felt more like a backyard fightback until you walked away late, what does that tell you about your team? What does it mean in the future? It tells me that we are resilient, we are tough, I mean we weren't as disciplined as we normally are at the beginning of the game, but we played a smart game and we just have to start faster, we have to start fast.
We have to get out there and let's go, but I'm happy we had the ball in the second half. That's a lot when you're able to lower the score and you know they're going to shoot you in the second. half is like doubling down and I love that, but this team hasn't scratched the surface of what it's capable of doing. We still have some players who are really good, but they haven't trusted themselves in that focus yet because of the lack of consistency, but they're going to get there. I really believe in that. Hello, Coach Xavier Roth with future American sports broadcasters.
I wonder if defense was a big focus in the week leading up to the game, it's always the focus we don't have. Not only did we focus on one unit, but they always focused on fixing the things we were horrible at a week ago and we did everything we could to fix that as well as change personnel so we were better in those areas, but they played hard. , okay, there's one or two more, come on Jimmy Coach Jimmy searfoss247 Sports, there are a lot of recruits in the building today, what's a win like this in front of these fans?
They say to those sitting on the fence. It's not hard to find, that's what it says and, uh, what happens is you have to recruit to analyze everything because I analyzed things when I was a crew recruit, so they sitting there saw that they understood their position and they said to themselves themselves that they could do what they could. Playing for them and I might do that from time to time, on top of that, the atmosphere and you don't have to sell Boulder Boulder sells itself, so we're not selling anything, we're not promising anything, we're just giving them a chance. a tremendous education and a tremendous opportunity to go to the next level, which is the NFL, if they come here and play for us, but it would be hard for me to turn this down if I were a recruit, especially if I'm the father. go ahead Nikki hello coach, how are you okay?
How are you, good? Nick Edwards, your sports report. We saw Bishop Thomas waving his hand in the end zone. We saw Shane Cooks on the offensive line. I'm just curious to know what he had to do with your putting decision making. Those defensive guys on offense are better bloggers than the offensive guys we had doing it because they know they're Grinders, they're defensive tackles, so they know how to duck, they drive and they shoot, they were better, so I. he said to put them in there and the formation we use them in is called Rick Ross, so when they say Rick Ross, you know they're ready, that's what we do.
I expected Bishop to catch the touchdown pass. I'm pretty sure I would have gotten a penalty but I just wanted to get a good look at it, last one for Mick, hey coach, I asked Jador to rate his prime time after scoring against the Russian team, yeah, he said it's in his blood No, it was horrible, it was difficult. because he didn't lift the defeat he doesn't he doesn't he doesn't want it sorry no no he doesn't want it he doesn't have Shadow is not a dancer the only dance I can I don't dance we only dance in our family she is bossy my daughter she is the only one who really has rhythm, the rest of us didn't understand that the Lord happened to us when it came to dancing more because now I feel good A couple more, yes sir, um, you talked about the impact that the defense had today, yes sir, about them enjoying the throne and if it's built to their specifications, no, they did a wonderful job, uh, wow, it's a freezing breeze, right, yeah, isn't it?
On that, the Icy Breeze company did a phenomenal job in the first place. I love what they do and just building that throne for the guys to run around and celebrate. They got it. I love things like that. I mean, that's what guys want to do. so I'm all for 100 percent music coach, real quick, your run game assessment. I know it seemed like you guys tried, tried, tried, but I mean it's hard to be too critical when I think about Shadows, uh, what did it do? Did I forget how many yards I think it was? They didn't put it there.
Sorry, no, no passing, but, uh, running, running, yeah, so you added to that, but, dealing with 55 yards, uh, we've got to do better, we've got to. being more physical, especially on the goal line and we throw the ball, we run, man, run, you know, we have an attitude that we can run and hit and we have to get better at that, we have to have a much more physical mentality. The Denver Post, have you ever been there because you talked about this with a field assault like that before what was your opinion on that? And I had seen something that I have seen here beyond the students, no, don't come out and say coach.
Prime says don't go out everyone went out I can't believe it I only saw a club storm once when I was at the club I have never been to the field that was with the storm you know there are a lot of storms in the neighborhood where I grew up, man, there are a lot of storms, the skate rangers, everything is stormy at the end of it every week when you hear gunshots, but that was phenomenal. I didn't get a chance to really see it because security was getting me out of there, but I'm pretty sure and by the way, Rick George and Peggy got game balls today and it was phenomenal after the game and I don't know when we're going to cut it off. and I turned it off, but at the end Peggy said: give me my theme song.
I can't wait until you see that. I can't wait to see it, so that was wonderful. God bless you. I thank you all. See you next week.

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