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Post Up #1 - Steady's Jamaican Home Cooking w/ Rich Clune

Mar 31, 2024
Come on, don't forget, it's okay dad, I don't know how you do it, I played professional hockey for 11 years, ate all over North America and made friends along the way, now I'm back where it all started in my


town. of Toronto with old friends to see and new places waiting to be found To be honest with you when I crave food, the Caribbean has never been at the top of my list, but that all changed when my old friend and now Toronto captain Marley, Rich Cloon, introduced me. to the studios good to see you thanks how you doing ah you're doing well you're ready to go that hair looks good located in Pape Village, right off Danforth Dennis, also known as Steady, has been running this little place for over eight years serving classics like Jerk Chicken. curried oxtail and goat the dishes are made with time and love this place is authentic no dining room no judgment just a small table outside where everyone is always welcome just make sure you bring cash my mom was a wonderful cook but I didn't learn anything from her I learned things on my own whatever I did we grew up like that we grew up


for ourselves you can't just cook you have to cook you know you have to be patient and you have to have a good mind tastes good smells good everything you know is about love after catching up with Steady and picking up our delicious food and sat outside talking about life and his long hockey career.
post up 1   steady s jamaican home cooking w rich clune
I was thinking about that night we brought Calder here that he must. It's been so much fun, how cool is it that after so many years to win it and to win it here, obviously, winning was the caller's cup was amazing. I would be lying to say that I didn't dream of winning a Stanley Cup as a kid you know as a player, obviously you dream of winning a Stanley Cup and then life happens, things happen, you adapt and being in Toronto has exceeded all my expectations and then you know that you win it and they give you your day with a cop, I thought no, it took me a little while to really think about it because I don't like planning things by myself, you know what I mean, so you ask people to come and whatever, but I know it's special for a lot of people who supported me.
post up 1   steady s jamaican home cooking w rich clune

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post up 1 steady s jamaican home cooking w rich clune...

I honestly can't tell if I thought there would be a big celebration like it crossed my mind and I thought I should do my thing, yeah what do I feel? I'm like that feels authentic to me, like I said, I've been coming here since I opened and at least once twice a week and he's become a friend and I'm like, you know, I want my friends to experience their food. One of my favorite things to do is bring people here and just watch them enjoy their food and exactly what we're doing right now, exactly what we're doing, like introducing them to your cuisine and then I feel like it feels good, you know, it's not like crazy great place to be able to bring the caller's mug here and have it cook for everyone literally like it was one of the best days of my life.
post up 1   steady s jamaican home cooking w rich clune


beach kid growing up in the East End of Toronto and signing with his


town team was always in the back of his mind, so going back like when you left Nashville, how did signing here work out? ? Did you contact Marley release or did they come directly to you so I remember? vividly was living in Studio City. It was right around the time of free agency and the first few days had passed and you know my agent at the time said, "Oh, we have a couple offers on the table." I had made peace with myself, maybe I'm not going to continue playing hockey like I didn't talk about this a lot, but the predators had just bought me, which you know, you know how to put it that way, but I know it was a business decision and these things happen.
post up 1   steady s jamaican home cooking w rich clune
You know I had applied for the green card and I was really considering moving to Los Angeles and acting and living with my brother Matt, but in the back of my mind I had this. I thought obviously I still wanted to play hockey, so I got to a point where I was like, am I going to continue performing in Los Angeles? But the truth is, I wanted to continue playing hockey. I thought maybe the leaves would do it. Call me, you know what I mean, you have fantasies and stuff and then I think it was July 3rd.
Kyle Dubus called my agent and said we'd like to talk to Rich about an opportunity and I talked to him on the phone and you know, seven years later, I'm still a part of the organization, yeah, he was like you know what we're trying to do. a cultural change and we want to incorporate hardworking guys who will know how to do the right things. every day and play hard and we will give you a chance to try the blades and see what happens after 11 years. I knew he was ready to retire and since Rich was in his 15th season, I was curious to see. how much he has left in the tank, I think what keeps me going is the fact that I was totally fine with it, if it was done, I almost walked away from hockey at 23.
The second time I went to rehab I thought: I don't know if I can fit back into a locker room, all things well. I had played a couple of games in the NHL and I thought, "Okay, you know, everything's good." I didn't know if he could get back in. society and stuff because, you know, I'm just struggling with alcohol and drugs and all that, and that's taken a lot of work for me to just get out of bed and show up and I was ready to stop and then answer your question like This It's my last year.
I don't know if it's my last year. I have had many more years than I expected. Having fun. Yes I love it. Rich is one of the guys I admire the most in his journey in hockey. and in life he has been anything but straight, but he has always managed to come out on top, he provides inspiration not only to me but to everyone who crosses his path and the guy still believes that he can take me to the scrapheap, no I know. one, I don't know where I'll go next or who I'll eat with, but I'm excited to find out.
One thing I do know is that you can count on me for a plate of oxtail with rice and peas. Day until next time guys.

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