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Post match | Connor Ripley on advancing to Carabao Cup third round after clean sheet against Crewe

Aug 30, 2023
Overseas, the trainer simply said that he didn't see the shooting, so he didn't see the only one you actually saved. Just tell us from your perspective what it was like and how much you had to hold your nerve in that situation. uh yeah, it was exactly that you have to keep your nerve, there really aren't many goalkeepers who stay in the middle because you look like an idiot if they just leave it to your left or your right, but there's a big credit to Carlo and the nmj and Carl because they have worked hard and they looked at all their penalties and they told me where to go and we chatted before the game and you know, we were ominous if it should go well, but I haven't done it for a few years now and I spoke to him before and I said: I know where you're going and that's why I did that in the top corner just to tell you.
post match connor ripley on advancing to carabao cup third round after clean sheet against crewe
He thinks something and he thinks I'm diving and then they break it in half and, yeah, my right leg took a beating. You were a little surprised because you meet the couple at the bar again and someone else stops by, so you haven't done it. let one in but you've only saved one it's a bit strange from your experience at least um I don't think well it's brilliant for me yeah but uh they also asked God I can't actually remember the last score ah Clean


until the final so yeah listen I think I threw myself well every time too so I was there if you know if I was on target.
post match connor ripley on advancing to carabao cup third round after clean sheet against crewe

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post match connor ripley on advancing to carabao cup third round after clean sheet against crewe...

But in the end, I have to hit the target to score and they did that. And the only time they did it I was there so I'm happy just tell us the story about the water bottle because I think you donated it to someone after the game yeah yeah it was funny because it was. It was like a shrine when I presented it to the crowd and everyone was applauding and, but again, you know it's the kind of job this club did and, to be fair, it's a lot of credit. to goalkeeper coach Carlo and Ash and you know he works tirelessly and I'm the one on the field doing it and you know luckily he went down the middle and one lucky guy got it honestly take it. it was written there he was doing what I guess, yeah, just a numbered name right left middle right Stop, you know it was, it was all there and you know what he was right about in each of them, what the atmosphere was like when you were standing.
post match connor ripley on advancing to carabao cup third round after clean sheet against crewe
In front of that, like you just mentioned, you have all those Vale fans behind you and that filled up and what was that, like it was electric, right? I think I'm walking up to them and you can look at how passionate they are about this club and you know I was really happy with how the fans were and how they've been with me since I've been here so you know I really can't thank them enough. Um, but now it's also six undefeated and the managers just talked about how close they are as a group and how they've responded, but from someone inside all of that, what's that like?
post match connor ripley on advancing to carabao cup third round after clean sheet against crewe
You know how closely you hold them all. together and we work together now to produce those results, yes we are a fairly new team, we have quite a few new faces and I am one of them, but we are a very close team. I feel like that trip to Spain that we did in the preseason brought us a lot closer to the things that Gaff had us do and we opened up and stuff like that, we, uh, we just want to work for each other and that's how he wants it to be and that's how Carol wants it to be he wants she wants this club is a very family friendly club and you also know you know this Victoria and everything that we We are all dedicated to Lake George and I hope you know that my deepest condolences go out to his family It's a nice thing to do and you can see how much it means to the fans and to yourself.
I guess you have the impression that I feel like a big part of this club now, right? Yes, definitely, you know that. I think at the 12th minute, when we're all clapping, and you know, I have kids too and you know I could. I couldn't think about what she and her family are going through, so you know it's all dedicated to George and, you know, it's just one of those things, but I hope she doesn't either, I hope he's happy with it. and finally, now the leaders on Saturday, the only team that is in better shape than Port Vale, you know, and good should be good.
I'm the best, I beat him, so should we? Yeah, listen, they're fit and we're informed. Also, we have to have that mentality that yes, there may be someone above us, but there are only two points above us and if we beat them, we have a chance to go and get to the top, so we need to have that mentality that we are not afraid of anyone and we should go into games thinking that we are going to win them, not that we are going to survive or get a point or do anything. This is how we are going to win and that is the mentality that the coach has installed in us: we are going to win every game and that is what we are going to do.

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