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Pork Estofado

May 05, 2023
welcome a certain episode between numpad lesson pillow what you do to tainan pig like fido after my ingredients are eating a 10 pig banana bananas water carrots soy sauce vinegar garlic bay leaves and wool pepper add brown sugar can I do all the detailing in the kitchen? oil next to other contaminant in because this fado first stop kaline a nap in a frying pan let her sleep in them cooking oil then potato anything nfn once a minute and cooking oil for frying and after your plantains ungai mcquoddy Tov banana bananas paraffin marrow drugged with the flab of Saba Massimo contagion and the gamete, if you flip it in a pan, you're trotting, then, the coconut in front of me, almost Pratap is a Boonen set aside in any pop, next door, chop it up in a pot let it get a Watch out for cooking oil and dad anything in a pen once major ethnic cooking oil you gotta get an Anthony minced garlic containing latino could like a billion color it after in a denied lagina in this report what's on and again in the void for it we look at england that in some today huh stomach growls new outer side once neck light burns in color yes hydrogen atom eating soy sauce relegated in in detail peppercorns and you try it believes or dominant or L and Koharu all without water what happens does it again after my lady dad's sister turns on the light in the center that then in turn learns Latin, who will shall liquid, then this is a similar deal of ten hundred with my own port one some of them with me imported by Dylan ethically pickled guy or Callaghan eighteen vinegar Papa be I'll think about Camus loose on the net and then we'll move on to the next step The next step will be label and brown sugar sister appium that latino power just to make sure there is not enough Hydra Shok save all my ingredients so why didn't I think Allah gave eat carrots after putting the carrots kale and muninn a Pinto simmer I'll go to Suleiman butin carrots in mobile angle to Daniels about calling death when people come up I don't want to escape Betta just make sure 90 my MA once be my pain and be on the lookout to put it clearly on a serving plate then it's a crocodile that implanted in society nana fry bananas I think any network Paris exact measurements money ingredients in a pop all new Santiago Mogu recipe can be stolen or visit Lanka too after throwing many parties on a plate to serve on a stupid hatless pig.
pork estofado

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