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May 29, 2021
some fillers on alan what the french fry is supposed to be this was supposed to be the spice oh my god guys here's the smiley face for the temporary powder oh that's why the colors are weak oh yeah it looks good Now Kim, fill in , you can draw the face that every chef needs to know how to decorate because it is what you learn in chef school. Have you ever been in that ketchup, of course, I have been in the chef team, where is the face? Kim, Helen's here, wait, I can't forget the meatball sauce, look at the sauce, why do you put ketchup on everything?
popin cookin with krew
It's the meatball. sauce meatball sauce whatever we want it to be oh sorry, it's all a matter of imagination and finally top it off with a delicious tempura wait, where are your fries? Yes, it's here. Our fries are just going to cut, what's the wrong color? Yes, my God. If you went to a one star restaurant, I think you'd be looking at it, guys, actually zero stars. I don't even think those fries are cooked. Look, they're testing one-star food versus five-star food. Have you finished preparing your cereal yet? that we finished five hours ago here is our beautiful banana that now we are going to dip a little bit in chocolate and add some beautiful sprinkles oh she is salt hitting the sprinkles get out of here the haters disgusting get out of here this looks pretty good, it looks like food from carnival, do you see this presentation?
popin cookin with krew

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popin cookin with krew...

OMG they are so perfect it doesn't even look good look, this looks like your nostalgic cafeteria food, who wouldn't want undercooked and delicious food? Wow, this is what you call good food. as opposed to there we go, we're done, leave a comment below who did it better, team clowns or team breakfast, obviously we all have our own pop cooks that we're going to do on our own to see who I have the best. draco pops you take the stick you stick it in the jackal pop spam that's it you cover it you cover the top with this delicious thing and then you sprinkle the powdered sugar why is it so easy I think you have the easiest one Alan I'm not even going to wait , it's what airhead tastes like, I cut a plate perfectly, look, I'm not following instructions, I got creative and this came out, this is going to be my waffle mix, it's going to go in here and then I'm going to fold it, but first I have to stir this, oh man I'm so messy okay our delicious sticky gooey waffle batter is getting pretty thick perfect throw it in you want to make sure none of them are left behind and then like those. waffle maker, you smash it, you smash it into the beautiful shape, it's boom, whoa, that actually looks good, will it go off though huh, you're smashing it, what, oh, oh, look at that, a heart , I love you, that was enough dough to make too, but I just needed to make the chocolate one now, chocolate mix, oh, it smells like chocolate, although I've never tried a chocolate gummy before it smells like chocolate boba, chocolate boba on your starchy, good-natured chef look and then, oh, you might have to spread it. both sides to make it look pretty I think that's what I'm doing wrong this looks really good and then I flatten it out we have to squeeze out all this excess we can eat it if we want but today we don't feel like that so we can put the leftover bunch here oh , not bad, I think why it may not look like the picture, it's okay, I did it, another heart look, the watermelon needs a little whipped cream on the side, that's why it's melon cream and then like this on top.
popin cookin with krew
I'm going to put it on top, they put it on the side, they put it on the side, but I want to elevate my plate because I'm not boring and then we could put it on the side too, I don't know why mine shouldn't. I eat super thick like this, but I'm pretty sure it's like maple syrup. Kim, does it look good? No, it actually looks pretty gross and last but not least, spray to work magic. What I am eating? Oh my god, are you kidding me? There is also purple sauce. oh my god, why did I get so spicy?
popin cookin with krew
Look at all this. I am a chef working hot in the kitchen. I have my purple, do you want some, yes, eat some. Okay, purple sauce, purple sauce, purple sauce, okay, plate, plate, it's like. This is the drizzle, really, I know they drizzle as an artistic style, but like it's not really artistic, what does Betty look like? I swear I can cook, okay, no, you can't shut up, okay, like this extension, extend if you're wondering how. I made it wet I used my tears my tea is a failure okay spread this this is going to be it's supposed to be like a yellow waffle but it's going to be a pink waffle now it sounds so watery oh no this I think this one is too raw to cook I don't know what It happened to my dad and


g but this is not fun this is okay it's not fun but look at my hands it's okay my plate is full I'll throw it away maybe it's not working because a rocket has already expired I'm going to color the rock ship, I want it be green, oh that's good, wait, what are you doing?
Although gummies, I have no idea, okay, I think I did it wrong. I think I missed the step and now I think I can. I don't finish it Alan, you just stab it, yeah, and then you take it out, it doesn't look like a rocket, bro, it doesn't work. Mine is more like playdough so I'm just doing this like my little fast food restaurant and I feel like it doesn't look like the box, it looks like the box, look, look how happy they are, they have to go in the freezer, no They work like real popsicles, they're not salad, bye, have you ever seen candy hair, but it grows playdough without candy careful I think it's a little expired it's not growing she's not growing yes it grows brother do you want it to grow now that you hair has grown?
It's time to cut it, oh my goodness, it's time for another haircut. the hair looks pretty hard, it looks like caramel because we're going to make the cutest ice creams, it's a pie, yes it is, it's a cream pie, my baking skills are finally starting to come into use, who knew that one day you'd finally make pop and cook poppies


g I'm going to win this and the finishing touch ice cream is two colors vanilla and strawberry that's great actually it's so perfect whoa now betty is just bragging yeah I have a lot of extra I'm just going to make this look really ice cream cone loud oh it's like one of those trendy ice creams yeah instagram worthy it's like wait it's going to be like a blizzard wait I'm going to make it louder oh my god no there's still Dave still there , ready, turn it over. down it's okay wait wait I have to make it higher it has to be as high as the sky you know it's not ugly but you're losing it uh-oh it's okay ready blizzard no welcome to Dairy Queen the food is ready it only took two hours We could have eaten real food, but no, let's eat, this is dinner.
I did this first. I also wanted that to be mine first. We should try the bathroom. Just kidding, I want to try it. We will try the carnival food of any chocolate with banana. Let's try, oh. this one is really good oh oh this texture is disgusting this one tastes like chocolate with banana and the textures you know where it deserves to go in the bathroom you're just a hater yeah this is delicious these chips are good yeah corn on the cob not anyone, is it real corn oh yeah, is it real corn here oh oh this one is good no, it's actually good that one is really good oh, it's good it's like penicillin fat and Winnie Amazing ate it all yeah, I'm going to win the competition, no our flip our breakfast, flip our breakfast, delicious and nutritious, bon appetit, I want to eat the meatball yes, eat it, it's so weird, wait a minute, who rolled this in their hand?
No, I don't want to eat them, you eat it, you eat it, made from the freshest hand rolled into the roundest meatball, does it taste like a meatball? No comment, try my temper, I did that one right and I didn't use my hands, maybe we should break this up, yeah, okay, oh, the temper that was done without the right I'm fine and added okay, okay, but this It tastes like orange, like those gummies that are soft, not bad, yes, but what about our fries? Yes, it is better than this is the omelet. I'll eat it, it even has peas in it.
Even if you put your warm hands on it, I'll probably throw up. Why is there a pumpkin? It's a jelly. Okay, it's not that bad. It tastes like jelly. This tastes like jelly. Guys, try your own food. The fries are better than ours. are these problems um this dish I rate it hot hands very hot hands this is my fast food uh I think this is like noodles with ham imagine oh you don't mind if I do it it's so small it's actually good winnie, are you going to name your Wennys fast food place no it's caffeine who's going to share it it's so small this is like a small fish I guess I'll eat that taco okay this one is really good why don't you try this?
I actually like this one wait you have to show how small it is how small it is actually amazing huh this is really good it's like a real jelly bean perfect first job good job thank you I don't think this is a food, it's hair, who doesn't want a lock of hair, that's unpleasant. What is this Kim? She was saying this is not bad. Oh, it's tall. She tastes like candy. It's like Coca-Cola. Yeah, it's not because I love blue. I just think it's good. The camera has died and the batteries have run out. This is called waffle. le waffle saucy who wants to try oh no you shouldn't have yes you really shouldn't have what part is the waffle i don't know see waffle waffle cranberry sauce cantaloupe sauce watermelon sauce um oh there's alan make sure you get the sauce oh wow all the sauce that It's the cutest pig what taste does it have is inexplicable wow seven stars I'll try a piece is this chocolate yes it's really chocolate yes why does it look like you threw it in the river and then took it out first?
It's good to eat, believe me, it looks so soaked oh, what's that face? Oh my God, I'm not going to try it, what is it, what does it taste like? It's good, but it's too soggy, it's got a new texture, oh, oh, you know, I hate gross textures. I have texture, you have to try it, I can't lift this fork, what a bad excuse, you're actually going to throw up, okay, that's a chill, my stomach is weak, that's an excuse, just eat the food, eat the waffles, kim eat the. food, eat my cookies against my stomach ache, what's going on, not this kitchen, bye bye stomach, she's not even eating them kim never eats anything extra weird as a chef, I should try my own food, I like vanilla and I like it, so you get a lot more. more so, I have to cut it like this, I love smelling waffles, it looks like an alien, I know chocolate and then screen sauce, purple sauce and then berry sauce, look at this, it actually looks so good that it doesn't I can wait to eat it, it's so good, eat it, it's falling on the fork, try it all and the best for last to finish the video here, thank you finally, Betty's ice cream that I'm excited to try, cheers, thank you all for watching this terrible cooking video.
Once again, cooking with the crew lives on and proves that we can't cook rubbery food. Oh man, this is gross too. Gummies. Why is everything disgusting? eating it I like it I think maybe you're still going to swallow all that rhythm can you stop recording what oh I haven't finished uh you

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