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Pool Party! | ShadowCraft | Ep. 70

Jun 06, 2021
oh my god, hey guys, what's up? ldshadowlady here and welcome back to Shadow Crafts. Today we're meeting me at my beach house and to start the episode, I found a pink dolphin somewhere around here, it was hiding red, you might remember. that we actually once had a pink dolphin in the past, may he rest in peace and I want to tame this one too so I know it takes a while so please excuse me while I convince this dolphin to be my friend to would match. my house perfectly please you don't understand how much I need this okay so I think I've been doing this all wrong and I was supposed to give him fish so wow oh oh no oh my god oh god Yes, fish, fish, fish.
pool party shadowcraft ep 70
Gimme, gimme, gimme, so apparently the more fish you feed, often the easier it is to tame them, so I became a stingray. I'm back. I have some fish for you now. Will you let me love you? Please, why am I? He sounds so low on health that I had no idea taming dolphins was so dangerous, come on, yeah, okay, we finally tamed the dolphin. I like the name Lily for this one, so now we have the pink dolphin. Lily matches my hair and my beach house, so let's go. I'll take you back in case you don't know.
pool party shadowcraft ep 70

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pool party shadowcraft ep 70...

Torn fins are very rare in the mo creatures mod, so we have a bit of a specialty here. I think maybe we should build a little enclosure. I'm going to use some of the Sol that I just collected and was going to make fish tanks with, but this is like making a huge fish tank, I guess it's close enough, so for now Lily will be safe here, she even has a friend pig and now he's almost walking. looking for him to capture me and kill me hmm, I'm going to eat there the remaining bananas we should also make an oven or take out the oven wherever it went well, let's lower the oven because we need to smell all that so we can make some fish balls, like this that we can make one right now.
pool party shadowcraft ep 70
Wait a second. There is a very tropical looking fish there. It's perfect for what I'm preparing here. In fact, I quite like a pink fish and it is tempting to get the Dory. fish but we already have a Dory fish so I can't pass up that opportunity any pink fish Wow no pink fish I'll take a purple fish pink or purple heck I'll take a cyan fish ah pink fish come here get in there yeah that's right I think I do we'll put it right here, yeah, I hope it stays in place. Hello sheep, can I help you?
pool party shadowcraft ep 70
How cute, it has love hearts. Okay, let's make more fish balls with this glorious glass of ours. I just moved in, I just filled the fish tanks, so since this is a beach house and I'm going for a tropical theme, I'm going to try to find all the tropical goldfish, so the clownfish is technically a tropical fish, but we already have a clownfish and a Dory Fish, it's pretty funny that no one really knows the correct name of a Oh, what are we going to pretend like that didn't happen because it's embarrassing to continue searching for the fish and go in, go in, go in, yeah, okay so we just clone it because there's one in my hand and there's still one there so we have a clone of a Dory fish oh howls and a slug hello and a worm no no no put the clown fish here on this side and then we will have the Dory fish from here there. come on you know what we could really need a lamp here, how do you make a lamp out of wool? one light bulb Oh, oh, glass panels, torch, okay, we can do this, we can do this, there you go, six light bulbs, we're going to need a lot more wool, luckily I saw a sheep wandering around here earlier, so don't be afraid, There are plenty of other sheep in the world like these unsuspecting victims here, you know what should probably get Luna back to the house before Princess Luna leaves.
I just shared the chair fairly. Sorry, I didn't mean to unsolder you prematurely. Okay, let's go on a little sheep adventure. Can I share them while riding a horse? Wow, that's a great skill. Well, I could see what wolves must have. I killed all the sheep. Well, that search produced literally no sheep, so let's do it today. What are we doing? Let's make the lamps. We need wool sticks and light bulbs so we can have two lamps, which is enough for now. So I think we should. put one sitting here, okay and maybe one here too, not sure if that lights up that part of the room, you know, we'll have to hope and we need a final fish tank, oh we can have a couple, let's do it. 3 wait, that wasn't three tropical fish tropical fish we're out of tropical fish I think we should also get a manta ray and a stingray for our pond area for the area around boo there's a lot of fish there Oh green fish yeah, for please, algae out of shape Oh no, ah, what happened that was not meant to happen, obviously, here we have to be very careful because we don't want that to happen again because it would be very annoying, where are all the fish, ah , sad, a shark? hello shark oh no oh no shocking no no he the shark looks a little guilty sorry sorry oh it would be cool to put this as an object frame yes that will look great in the beach house I'm nice I'm glad I Had to kill that shark, wait, I see a fish coming towards me taking the bowl, taking the bowl, yeah we got a fish okay now we just need one more and I guess this yellow one will get in the bowl, oh, Thank God.
Okay, wait, there's a plain yellow there, like this, can I change them? Oh no, yeah, we have a yellow fish and a blue fish, so we're going to have a blue fish up here and we're going to have a yellow fish down here nice, lots of calm fish and now where did that other frame of elements that we had in go? the last episode? Is it still on the wall? Yeah, okay, now we could just put the shark tooth here. Oh, great, wait, I want to. turn it over, well, I'm going to use some of these quartz blocks to make some nice slabs.
I'm going to use this and now we need to build a


, so we have here in the front, I think so, I don't really want to. a deep


because in case you don't know, I can't swim, why aren't these leaves that bad? Is there a piece of wood somewhere, ah, damn, there is, oh, we're just life, it leaves me like that, so I'll just put some quartz blocks around the outside of the pool. Oh God, I'm stuck in the ball. Ah, this ends again. In fact, we should probably line the pool with something other than dirt because that's kind of gross.
I'm literally alone. I'm going to have to trick them because there's no way I'm going back to the bottom just to get seven flaps no thanks, no one had time for that hmm, now just do the laborious task of filling the pool, okay? And now that? It would be great in the pool. I'm thinking about one of the decorative elements. Maybe how do you make a stuffed vine with green wool and gunpowder? Let's do one of those. So I think so. We have some gunpowder here. We have some cacti. I can cook and then we have some wool here to die so green wall and gunpowder ah creeper jump into the pool let's see if we can put it here and then remove this so it floats floating cute creeper okay so next thing I want to do put in the house there is a sofa, oh, it's a sofa, so we just need a bunch of white wool, so we'll need the curtains and we'll need some volunteer sheep, okay, but first of all we'll need to get some sleep and now hunt, I see , I see with my little eye something that begins with sheep no no ah Lily dad maybe it's better to die well oh no oh just survive Nemo let's not pretend that that didn't happen and let's make a sofa, okay, white sofa lovely lovely let's put that there what the heck it's just that star sofa many sofas I think this should be enough perfect and we'll just take them down yeah yeah okay we could put another one like here oh that's awkward come on Put some nice wood and we can put a torch there, same as here, so now let's go replace the NEEMO we killed and pretend that never happened.
Snake, oh you're stuck, you're stuck in the water, are they water snakes? oh, that's the cactus. Oh, be careful with that, it's a character. Oh, that's a cactus too. Yeah, you don't want to get into any of those. Okay, looks like we're going to have to do another Dory double. You don't want to be part of my family. I just killed most of my pets. There is a small chance that you are not one of them. Wait a second. Okay, Dory, meet your twin Dory. Well, like I said in the last episode, I want to get more.
I'm also going to move the pets because they are dangerous and I want them to be aquatic pets, so I think I could extend this enclosure a little. I'll make another enclosure and then have some stingrays or stingrays, maybe I can. I have one of them in the pool hmm, I could put some tropical fish in the pool yeah, good idea that's a good idea, how do I do that? Make a net, so we need, oh god, we need shark teeth and a rope, okay, let's take Princess Luna on a little adventure in the ocean now I'll leave you here because I don't want you to get hurt while I face the big bad. with the big teeth oh god yeah it's pretty hard okay so I have a shark tooth and I'm almost dead haha ​​It's not cool if there was a cow nearby that I could kill for a steak, maybe it would be cool no, there is no mathematics.
I'll take apart monstrously huge fish, okay, now I can make some fishing nets, so we have to do it here and here, thank goodness. Okay, now we have a fishing net so we can go catch some Monterey stingrays and they probably won't be stingrays because they'll probably sting and they'll hate are you a stingray or a stingray? Please, yes, you are a stingray. Thank you for letting me know in the most polite way possible by just biting me. Oh, is this a manta ray or a manta ray? I think this is a stingray. Hello, Willy, poke me good.
I haven't been stung yet, so I'm inclined to think it might just be a normal stingray. stingray so I will capture it and hopefully see that it is a stingray and it will safely inhabit this enclosure with Lily so let's put our unknown animal here and I will name it Sydney here we go so there we go hopefully . Don't kill or hurt each other in any way and hopefully you'll still be here in the next episode, so that's it for this week's episode of Shadow Craft. I hope you enjoyed it if you want to check out my Shadow Craft.
Don't forget to leave a like and also leave a comment, let me know what you want me to do in future episodes. I think there's still a little work to do on the beach house and now we have a fishing net so we can collect a bunch more. aquatic animals so they're going to need names so make sure you leave suggestions for that and I'll see you in the next episode oh my gosh there's no way you're still grounded Lee I found baby you whined. I found the Lizzie divers. Does Amanda know that she? Oh I'm an idiot, right, race home, race home, creeper

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