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Polygon plays JACKBOX | "Wario's Viscous Sweat" feat. Adam Moussa

Feb 19, 2022
Why did you make the baby sad? Griffin, can you talk about the Sun being offered to his son, the father? Hi everyone, welcome to another ASMR


stream this time without so much ASMR. Everyone then introduce our special guest starting to my left hi I'm Jenna hi I'm also Simone Brian on the phone we have hey this is the wrinkled favorite listen I miss ASMR week last week I want to play in space , I thank you. investing in that binaural microphone right now. I have a week off, so I'll always do whatever. It was all three days and today we have a very special guest named Adam. hello, that's me, yes, hello too. good to yourself i work for boxes i mean for the


sister site at Vox EDA and i spend my time making silly memes with super mario odyssey and zelda and thats pretty much all i do with my nice life and now as a skilled leader and this is some kind of expert dining video game collab and as a baby i'm way along working for your salary yeah oh yeah i can do solids alright what's the best gamer snack in your opinion?
polygon plays jackbox wario s viscous sweat feat adam moussa
Taco Bell, yes, the perfect anytime meal, but I'm literally playing Shadow of the Colossus and I feel like you can hold a button to ride the horse in the other hand. Crunchwrap is a game that doesn't lend itself to crunching. I feel like it's ok so this first game is Fay about you we've played it a few times but it will ask us questions about ourselves and then we have to guess the answers to those questions. We will make up lies about ourselves. I'm going to have a lot of fun, so just keep your eyes on your phone.
polygon plays jackbox wario s viscous sweat feat adam moussa

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polygon plays jackbox wario s viscous sweat feat adam moussa...

I won't have fun with that. I'm going to dig really deep into the hard truths about my life and my reality, finally, so this is where we make up. lies we're making up lies so jenna's reality show has the best cha Once she wins she'd be a blank and we'll all give her clues. I mean this whole very specific thing was the Outback yeah there was nothing wrong yeah so 100 percent of the meta was actually in favor of her and no damn. yeah and now you can dan brian she eats nasty bugs and she loves scary yeah but then i love i love bugs scared when i eat them pat can you walk us through season two Part of that answer had to be a real show, that's obviously, he would win in RuPaul's American Baking Contest.
polygon plays jackbox wario s viscous sweat feat adam moussa
Can you describe the configuration of that program? Yeah, its challenges and it's all about baking and then making your baking look like a different genre. everyone is going to make up lies about something Griffin says Griffin remembers how to do it I have some concerns about this message it's very open very open I'm not feeling too good ok so Griffin thinks they remember how to ski that you might not remember like grammar oh no I've been I would do that yeah you're welcome take that Adam you know what a terrible thing come on okay yeah this is this tenths of the question changed. to do that you think you could you can still do ski ski no it was praised it was worded in a way it was appropriate but then he cut it in half and then he changed the tints oh no the first celebrity oh what Brian had . a crush was remember you aim early 2000s what do you think i like drama?
polygon plays jackbox wario s viscous sweat feat adam moussa
I couldn't think of a single celebrity. I forgot about the Honey Nut Cheerios. It's okay. Answer C. I think Carmen Sandiego came too soon. Cheerios B has a welcome a flexible body feel like there's another Carmen from this area right if you're in love with common sense when it turned out she wasn't a real person on the board I got so scared I'm just here to have a good time , You know? this our sacrifice is a very good question a song that always makes adan dance is to wait, what did i do? oh yeah, i remember i posted this was five minutes ago.
I mean, I know why someone was writing, so there are two Kylie Minogue songs on the board. Is this something I should have known about you? I am an Australian homosexual who likes Kylie Minogue. I rolled my Kylie dice and I didn't. Jesus, they're dunking me. I wrote the theme song to think that I could think of a new theme song that you could. dance to him and then the only thing Frasier Frasier Frasier I mean you can dance to Mario's theme song you can bet he does the Mario is primary I saw the EZ off ramp why that's cool this is a job doing things for Simone no does her job outsources my yelling I feel like whoever picked Jenna's answer was dragging Do you think I want a spoon or a beast? there's a wet Roomba there's a month of work that w I'd be excited to try anyone right handed oh no I didn't it's fine for these but I'm picking the one I want to be true oh my gosh the Candy shop owner with a full belly would be so nice I want to have a soda fountain. yeah, every time those Facebook videos pop up where people make a candy deal.
Thank you Jenna, yes they make sweets the old fashioned way, like I can't look away. they throw it real skinny kinda hard yeah i just wanted to see more videos like this you can go to slash eat oh we have a lot of old time candy making videos it's actually all their search for similar videos , that's a lot. funny, they like it, it starts out huge and then comes out as a little banana candy. Is incredible. I keep getting notifications from Animal Crossing pocket camp like there is a new chair three two. we're picking the truth guys you seem like a hot topic man I was in high school and I needed to personalize what's really cool so you want people to guess your lie if you're the person who wrote it okay okay , these are related these are very cool i feel if the second were true the first might be more likely so i think i have my answer alternatively the second is true and you think its RBF sorry i took a chance with spiritualism and he says yes.
I mean very scary yeah that was the catchphrase for my haunted house tours I mean we just pretend a national treasure doesn't exist yeah yeah pretending to drive angry don't you drive angry? join in angry of course it's driving oh yeah the greatest movie of all time. whiskey bottle in beer so we have stone- drunk and broke in his pocket as we walked people keep giving me underwear i don't know why people keep giving me underwear it's ok hi i can hear both in your voice i was the first right It's not that. Right, no, I dropped a lot.
I said more than an average cat. Is it the texture of the raspberries? You don't like the taste. I can't stand like real raspberries. I hate the naturalness of these two answers really, yeah one after the other, gosh yeah I saw your moves in a recent video, yeah you're really good, have you ever tried doing a backstroke? I think the question is that he has never done one. however, I never committed. I know that it will eventually happen. I dream of making the content in games beautiful so we'll start with a little doodle and you'll add something to it and then we'll keep voting. which one we want to continue with and then we'll continue to build their fort together this is long gone there's a lot we can do with the right hand side here i think i want to work with one of these a lot more because there's a lot more to do with a lot more cubist and i love this it's like a lazy late period i love it i'm an artist this is what we've been looking for all this time right some kind of talent she had in this country a show he was called mr. doodle in Australia and basically she would take something like this and finish the drawing.
She had a pencil for a nose. She was a puppet. She lived on the moon. Protesting this round of not making any emoji. I don't get a chance to give emojis so this game doesn't want my influence. I can only look in horror at my life. No, I made a planet again. I am figuring out what would be the canvas that you are strong. These are protest poop emojis. Wait, then I've been showing up. You are flooding the channels. what is what is hello honey yeah get into the puppet space now oh yeah look someone can create that puppet can design his face and I think I brought something to the table today.
How long do I have as a young man? child i can tell you it is so important that you expose your baby to Sun it was possible to gift your child as she is called art Griffin you will notice the child on the right has been provided with sunglasses for her own safety for her, a safer tan boy is related to the sun you can see the strong resemblance between them so this is like being offered to the sun hmm not right i mean some of us played him played him like a puppet and we were right but the artist he's dead and now he's a baby reach out and touch the face ok griffin simone bring us home here interesting the rest of the time now i don't want to do anything i have nothing you guys writer block artist block why did you make baby griffin sad? they can talk about what they are offering to the son to his son father wants to give a good could you title this plants the eggplants one that yes I am proud of what we did today you know I like that the boy s don't be sad yeah yeah me too this is is a little better a better feel for the job that's why


gets the big butt how how long were you sitting on that joke?
Oh, I always have one of those. I think this is the best civic doodle we've ever had. Yeah, we should probably never do it again. I don't think there will be another round. let's dry out the eyes of the aliens that's fine detail yeah no i sit on test five because they also drew something that looks like a mouth no that's still an eye ok yeah yeah you boy the P.E. alien is a huge fan oh wait what are we supposed to draw? ok im drawing the right thing now the cigarette is very good obviously a rogue from the nostril which is where the alien exhales so is the smoke his breath is good solid patrick you are correct the technique of your finger to embroider this on a handkerchief oh I mean what can you do to end something?
Oh, okay, okay, yeah, no, this is it, oh, there it is. I love to see the popin. It's a nice surprise. Jesus Christ number six. kinda kinda beautiful that's spectacular Lar yeah he gave that alien specifically my crooked eyebrows which well well actually I was going for something definitive. I was going to say that's the next DreamWorks movie. O piss rule no pisser I don't want to play now you're off the hospice mattress that's part of the challenge I can't go to that piss well I don't like I like having some restrictions makes me more creative because you didn't say anything about everything being recorded my phone autocrats everything is fine she needs to be a ninja turtle she should update her cowabunga catchphrase - sorry referential I had a message here originally that or a reply that would have gotten me in some trouble with a tamer rained that's how she feels about me people both are the same answer


is the only good rose by any other name just thinking about it makes me nauseated sorry


at home had one no modem yes who is fused to vote i respect that choice a good replacement for the shows of whales of the sea world would be the girl who has a horse yes these are horses they ride horses and jump off things to dive into the water yes yes girls ace yeah it's like a trick show where they I have to get on the horse while the horse was diving basically didn't you know that was the best way to Rio for oh my god?
I want to thank Jack Box for not giving me this question and then destroying my Twitter mentions for crushing it Jenna and demonstrating an understanding of whale physiology in a way that I appreciate his attempt to defend my terrible ideas. I'm making an awesome drum set but it wasn't corn skeleton. I know and that is very true. not for the fences don't worry and run to the stork that ain't giving birth i mean one of them is productive and one of them is yeah i've been using that old swearing technique yeah they're all easy to yell.
How do you choose not to have a battery? Won't you die with us? really dumb roundtable discussion would be on this topic oh man i just got adams joe yeah this is the only one i dont think i got it on this one its for you adam ow ow ow I mean, look, the Church of Satan's social media presence is. actually very cool oh yeah i highly recommend this tag you might have on a moving bus is the hint that these are the boxes of the dildos that came here. She has so many dildos that she needs a box for the dildos and another for the packaging. mechanic is ripping you off is he says you need new management which and everyone else here is sexist.
I was laughing at yours, but we need the audience to vote on the answer. Yes, it is not enough to talk about it. You have to go and do your voice. and now there's just black space done right, thanks everyone for tuning in to another Jack Fox video from the folks here at Polygon Comm, thanks to everyone who came out, especially you Adam. more of these in the future thanks everyone everyone say bye

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