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Polish Wz. 96 "BERYL" to 500yds: Practical Accuracy

May 31, 2021
Alright guys, I've got a preface video from April with a little backstory on why it turned out that the brilliant was the only rifle that shot between two of the worst environments we've ever seen on the channel on the first day we picked it up. I think it was 10 to 20 miles per hour and 10 in the sustained, 20 or more in the gusts, I think, but then it was also raining and cold, so we had to wrap the camera so it wouldn't break. the rain and some of the saran wrap had come loose in the wind and I forgot to turn off the autofocus and as a result most of the footage until we could tell it was out of focus so we only have part of the footage from InFocus that day of the discussion, the second day we put this out, we had full value winds going from 9 to 3 and this time we had sustained winds of 25 miles per hour and gusts up to 35 miles per hour, that's hands on. the work.
polish wz 96 beryl to 500yds practical accuracy
In the most extreme we've seen as far as winds go when we shot the AI ​​on that same second try with the real one, I had to make about 3 mils more adjustments to the windage at about 8 or 900 yards, that's it. all. It's extreme even for 308, so with that being said I want you to understand that we are filming in extremely high wind conditions with maximum wind value and using nothing but a holographic sight and no magnification, which is very similar to the Polish load when I worked. with the Poles both in Afghanistan and in 2013 and throughout Poland in 2014 and 2015, so I hope you enjoyed this.
polish wz 96 beryl to 500yds practical accuracy

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polish wz 96 beryl to 500yds practical accuracy...

This is a step back down memory lane for me and thanks for watching, Chev Orden, that's the Polish national. anthem you don't know, you know we're in the place where they were hitting I don't know if you know, but this couldn't tell what this optic is, yeah, I'm already aiming way off the plate at this point, which is unusual for a five five six even off the right edge target elevation yes now I'm about to aim for the links on the left this is really bad this is worse than any victory condition we normally have when you shoot five five six two two three five five six up to three hundred you usually don't need to start correcting for windage, at least at the target sizes we are shooting, which are about chest size.
polish wz 96 beryl to 500yds practical accuracy
Yeah, I mean, it's usually still in M. correction on the edge of the target instead of off the tongue, it's not two over three hundred that you might have to start correcting frequently, yeah, so I'm already significantly off target, so this is a correction I would normally put at five hundred, even in bad wind conditions. right after the target, this is... that's getting closer to the target links now and it's getting harder and harder because the targets are getting smaller in correlation with my optics, it was right on the edge of the base of the target about a half target to the right which was over the top right edge of the left edge that time, but good elevation.
polish wz 96 beryl to 500yds practical accuracy
I think it was a hit again like there was no movement on the target but I'm pretty sure it was an impact okay so just for reference. the EOTech ring is a 65ml ring, so that gives me 32 and a half MOA in radius to really use as a scale, yes I am; fits from the center point to the edge of the radius right now, okay and for that 2 /5 2/5, so probably what did we say? It was 32 and a half, yeah, so it's probably close to 20 and a lot of 20 MOA right now to the left, okay, that seemed to be about a quarter of the target. long short on the left edge I think it was to the left of the left leg short to the left take the left end beyond the left edge beyond the observation of the leg well between the left leg and the target at the bottom edge to that is just below just below but to the left there was above and to the right about 1/4 of the target to the right of the center target of the top quarter which was again high on the right edge yeah okay then you see the yellow sign behind him, yeah, I ended up having to use that. as a reference point to basically measure over and under, but my red dot was at the bottom left of that sign.
Hello, good wind, it was well above the bar, meaning the plate is not moving, but it certainly sounded like a ready hit. yeah, under the target on the right, good elevation, same place is your last shot, yeah okay, so that last shot you see, if you look at the cover diagram, look at the hole, so if you look at the clot of dirt on the left side, it's a little bit darker, yes, that stain. I was aiming for the center left, almost the far left target, yes, that's hanging, yes, but if you just go to the top of the bar in the vicinity of that dirt clot, that was the last point of aim for a impact, so we're talking about probably three or four chest lengths, yeah, travel, probably yeah, right?
Do you think it's more or three or four breast links, probably more? Actually, I'm wearing it because at least you want to take it off. Okay, invariably, this whole recording has been a nightmare in itself, so we're talking


, be real for me. Just looking at this brings back a lot of interesting memories because I worked closely with these guys in both Poland and Afghanistan and I didn't realize it at the time, but it was basically developed from the tan


ed towel they had, it was an attempt to them to integrate into the Soviet bloc five, four, five and then, well, we know how it turned out, oh yeah.
It was no longer the communist utopian society so they joined NATO yeah yeah so they were stuck with a lot of ATMs that they knew they needed to modernize and they were joining the well this was before they joined NATO I think yes. If you look at it, the Czechs were integrating into NATO with the 556 with the 805 brain and their initial adaptation was simply a completely new design based on the g36. The Poles, on the other hand, had the tent they had adopted for the excellent 5.45 rifle. It's a great rifle to begin with, but they were no longer going with five five four five to get into NATO, so they came up with the Bereal and this is their and they're having multiple iterations of the Brio, the sight rail had a lot of changes. the front part had a lot of changes the forearm had a lot of changes but essentially if you look at a canine or a project it is something interesting, I mean the five five six also known as the NATO a K version, what we see is one that the entire state had adopted very smooth with the recoil super super mine really easy to shoot right I'm very convinced that it's more like the recoil impulse that we feel and we like the mp5 system yeah more like a rolling pop yeah so today I feel like the conditions it was being shot in means it doesn't do it justice, unfortunately it's a borrowed rifle, so we have to get it, you know, get it done and then take out the one thing that the politicians used a lot. from yo Tex, but unlike the controls, they didn't use magnifying glasses behind very often, so they also used a lot of five fives, so it obviously wasn't the XPS system, but this was the closest thing we had on hand that we could place.
I got it right, this is the second time we filmed it here. The first time the weather was horrible, but the wind wasn't that strong. It wasn't that it was blowing faster, but it was blowing at an angle where we weren't. Going full value I knew the wind was different, in fact yes, so today I would say that although it is hot, it is significantly more challenging in this type of wind for this cartridge shooting a limited red dot reticle and, thank God this was an EOTech because If it was just a name point and there was only one aiming point I couldn't judge.
You know, I couldn't tell how far it rises correctly, so you were using the outer ring of the EOTech. it's in terms of a reference point to measure your target displacement, yes, and that's the only way I mean you can't avoid the Kentucky wind. It's a good term for guessing, although if you don't have a grid you can still use different elements. out there as a reference point, like before I use the sign as a reference point, but if you don't have those reference points, say you're in the desert, yes, you know what this particular weapons system has worked on.
In the desert, then you have to use landmarks like that. I mean, that's the only way, so in terms of compensation, obviously, I'm sure we can talk about this a little more, but the EOTech obviously has a minimum height that forces the shooter's eye out of the top. of the gun, designed, of course, to be behind flat-top AR-style firearms. This is an absolutely ko Atmos XPS, so you could have had it if we hadn't gone for the set, as you already know. Polish loading style with Neos or you could have had a front sight on one of the lower mounts to allow you to get a slightly better cheek weld but what you're saying well you probably still would have preferred the EOTech based aiming reticle mm-hmm I'd rather you take over the crosshair absolutely yes, that being said, actually this height with low rings would be absolutely perfect with an LP v oh yeah, you know, yeah, so I'm curious as to why. the polish army decided to go to the text Oh instead of LP v O because if you look at it you use a very low mountain and the LPP O always suffer with a case due to the mounting interface being mounted correctly, so they went up. with a really good dog leg system, it's a little taller, but I think they had to do that to get strength.
They had several generations and this is the last generation where they turned it up even further and as they turned it up you can still use their iron sights through if it has a catastrophic failure you can still do it without having to QD or fix it or do anything, you can still run your irons, yes, and it's not tied to the dust cover either, it's actually tied to the catcher's stump. Yes, that gives you two very solid mounting points instead of your dust cover, which is not as solid a mounting point. Yes, again, this would have been it.
I think it would have been a really nice 5 5 6 system if the posts decided to run it. with an LP vo now again, you know, going back, I can't emphasize enough the fact that we use in yo tech with the EOTech reticle or I would say even like the primary arms like the Cyclops reticle, where it's like a ring of horseshoe. yeah, around the center point, yeah, having that kind of landmark is absolutely huge and that ticket has little cross-shaped bumps on the end that were also huge because the three, six and nine, yeah, because even those little ones Reference points help me level it out. a platform that's less stable because I don't have cheek weld here, you know, and even myself while I was shooting, I found myself doing this by pushing it as low as possible and having that tech just rest on the bottom of the window. so you weren't even really trying to center the deal, no, I did it because I knew that based on your technology it will be the same zero wherever it is on the screen, so I would say the default if it really is a failure of a system I wouldn't say it's a system fault, I'd say it's a bad mix up between a very tall optic on an already tall mount and again this is the Polish setup, we're not doing this because it's an It's an amazing choice for us, but we're trying to duplicate a setup that's really interesting.
It's the same thing you see in a lot of the FSB setups that we've been investigating and watching a lot of those guys. the EOTech systems on top of a dust cover style stand from the Zenit guys or something like that and they're all on these tall stands so it's very much a type of heads up yeah, although I would say this, I mean they have the stocks of Zen echoes that they have, he calls them, that's true, that helps a lot and then let's say if you really want to do a lot of grappling, like close range shooting, and you don't really care. your cheek combs and you're just trying to get a head-up display that's totally different, drop it, yeah, totally different.
I think that setup is actually very nice for shooting in a short range setup where you have a lot of heads. Raised smile approach, but when like you say you're leaning over the top of the gun trying to shoot at 500, it can be yeah, all I know, I wish this was mine because it's like there's a couple of systems that Take Me back to my time in Europe, the real, the ao5, the guevara 36 and the FAMAS, yes, and I did not expect to direct one of these in the United States and, in fact, it is something nice, it is like seeing an old friend and We learn to march. like the Poles because we were marching in their formations for some ceremonies the Poles they do the Polish salute the polar solute is two fingers up like the Boy Scouts or three fingers to the right, I think so, the Poles two fingers and we ate a lot of pierogi drank a lot of whatboy, a lot of stories that I think we'll share when we do the classic, we could probably cut like a section in the classic where we just talked about what I could do, we could just have a couple of drinks and talk about our time my time and throw it away would you like to argue with other viewers on the Internet about which rifle performs best in



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