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POLICE vs BIKERS 2018 Police Chase, Getaways & Pullovers! 2018 [Ep #50]

POLICE vs  BIKERS 2018 Police Chase, Getaways & Pullovers! 2018 [Ep #50]
what's up dude be safe on the road today bro i like a guy in uniform brother have a great day brother just want to give you a smile uh oh now cats boys ah that that bro uh come on bro i don't with cops that man distract you my um uh follow nick gtx on instagram fishing crazy baby we're live i care about you guys we're here to protect now the world on friday got the kids out here come on all right everybody everybody oh lte down already um whose is this nobody wants it all right again if you post this on instagram we got your information that's some yes we're putting gas foxtrot put your phone down yeah you dude how you doing man how you doing i'm just trying to get the hell home man i'm coming cross country from palm springs california how's it going got your license on you i do you know why i'm pulling you over not really 72 mile an hour uh well i don't exactly know how fast i'm going because uh tachometer is a little off okay to be completely honest but uh 72 72 72 yes sir wow huh i really don't believe that one but yeah because uh it's a 250 man step back here a car for me hang on let me grab the insurance too man no you're fine i believe you got insurance on it stay out of your bag for me all right step back your car for me i'll show you something yeah see the yellow i do but too tight it does say 72 i really don't believe that though that radar is yet to lie to me and how can you get it...
police vs bikers 2018 police chase getaways pullovers 2018 ep 50
behind because see this can in the front see this antenna right here this round white thing yeah all right go around the back of the car does it both direction also yup must be direct messed up right here oh okay i'll see you let's see mph ah okay that's the brand of it interesting same lane i can get two coming at me at the same time either direction nice so you military no sir okay i'm burning up now that i stopped though humid as hell out here i missed the desert already i'll tell you that lower down have a good day all right thanks much to be in order that's what a lot of times my traffic stops unless you're running 74 or over all i really want to check on is license proof insurance make sure that you're legit yeah yeah slow down have a good day man all right man thank you now you know what 250 will do 72 mile an hour yep turn up the back now please right figured i figured i overstayed my welcome i'm gonna load it up hopefully not get it taken away hopefully hello i'm okay yeah i didn't take it on the road or nothing i know better than to do that what is this it's a 125 ssr pit bike i picked it up uh two weeks ago on a saturday really yep 900 bucks out the door brand new uh yeah like 40 45. and holly i hope i hope they do i i know about the mounds but i got out of work at like 4 30 and i was like by the time i get out there thank you you too you