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Police press conference on shooting incident in Louisville

Apr 11, 2023
clear from the officer's response that they absolutely save people's lives this is a tragic event but it was the heroic response of the officers that ensured no more people were injured more severely than what happened we will continue to provide updates as soon as possible. we will have another



after this at 3 pm today. I'll give the floor to Mayor Craig Greenberg right now. Thank you, Deputy Chief Humphrey. currently at uofl hospital wounded fighting for their lives as a result of yet another act of gun violence and i want to thank all the first responders the brave and heroic men and women of lmpd who through their efforts quickly answered the call of emergency and as you just heard from Deputy Chief Humphrey his actions undoubtedly saved lives there will be much more information we can provide as the day progresses but I want everyone in town to know that despite tragedies like today , when multiple people die from gun violence despite the tragedies when people die from gun violence our community will continue to come together we will find ways to love and support each other and the families and friends who have been directly affected by these acts of violence and we will come together as a community to work to prevent these horrific acts of gun violence from continuing here and across the state, I want to thank again everyone at lmpd from the Louisville Fire Department to EMS from state agencies and now federal agencies who also are involved we are a safer community we are a stronger community thanks to the work of our law enforcement and again my prayers are with the families who have lost loved ones today my prayers are with the officers who are in the hospital right now and my thanks for all of them together we will get through this together finally i want to introduce governor beshear who has joined us and who is helping with the efforts governor i want to start by thanking the brave heroes in lmpd and our other organizations that responded lmpd made it to this scene within minutes of getting the call and I have no doubt that his efforts saved lives and put his on the line and we have at least one officer in surgery right now who is there because he took those actions to try to protect The people of Louisville, I want to thank Louisville Fire Louisville Metro EMS and Emergency Management at the Louisville Sheriff's Office for the immediate response which has now been joined by the FBI ATF Homeland Security Kentucky State Police have requested at the Louisville office safe and healthy neighborhoods


in this response this is horrible i have a very close friend who didn't make it today and i have another close friend who also didn't make it and one who is in the hospital who i hope will make it so when we talk about praying i hope that people do it for those that we hope can get through the surgeries that they are going through and then we have to do what we have done these last three years after all that we have to embrace these families and all those who need it, don't be afraid to get help, our bodies and minds are not meant to go through these kinds of tragedies, so I hope that all of you brave officers who came into the line of fire who are concerned about one of your fellow officers, will seek help when they need it I know practically everyone in it, that is my bank.
police press conference on shooting incident in louisville
I hope you all reach out and get the help you need. There are many people who are hurting today and if we have a place to focus our energy, I hope it is around. with the love and compassion that we have been so good at showing one another. I want people to know that while today is a horrible act I believe this is a safe community with officers doing the best they can every day and that's what we saw here yes I know there are steps that the Department of The


are taking to make things better after a recent report, but we certainly saw the best of them today and I want to thank them and all of our other law enforcement officers for reciprocating and doing everything they can to try and save some of my friends. and many others, thank you all for any questions, uh, the other seems to be, uh, non-critical injuries at this point in time.
police press conference on shooting incident in louisville

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police press conference on shooting incident in louisville...

I'm not sure of the status of that. however, they will be part of the investigation, excuse me, it seems that the shooter was I don't know if he was an active employee or a former employee, but the shooter had a connection to the place, no, I don't know if he. asked if there was formal security at the bank we don't know if that will be part of the investigation so once again we have resources available to make sure the rest of the city stays safe and I want to reiterate that we are managing our resources with the state local and federal partners to make sure all services to the city are maintained while maintaining the scene at the same time so thank you next update will be at three o'clock thank you
police press conference on shooting incident in louisville

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