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Polen – Saudi-Arabien Highlights | FIFA WM 2022 | sportstudio

Nov 28, 2022
the Green Hawks swear that in Saudi Arabia they want to cause the second big upset after the win against Argentina the Poles around superstar Robert Lewandowski want to avoid that and rely on a double lead together with Lewandowski storm Arkadius to get the best start of the game since the beginning but the


Mohammed Carlos pulls back to the right abdulamid in canoe first degree and first test of technique in the goal of the sticks played 13 minutes good action from both canoe and wojack Czech Republic the sticks have trouble putting playful accents when it gets dangerous then the standards headed cheap after a corner and was cleared by all the referees with a header in front of their keeper on 26 minutes but this scene did well for the Poles trying to play forward quickly and easily through Cash Frankowski back to Cash Lewandowski lurks in the middle right on the ball but has the overview and finds it 10 Poles 39 minutes the SSC Napoli striker with the first Polish world cup tour out of the game in more than 20 years the Poles now in the krychowiak pusher in Lewandowski who only tries but Robert Lewandowski does not it hits it perfectly the ball ends in the goal just before half time and then once again the advancing Saudis get the ball in the penalty area and then go down after contact with Poland cheap and the Brazil referee looks at the scene here the contact and the decision is penalty for Saudi Arabia much to the delight of Fans of green enemies Salem all like against the Czech Republic with the margin but what a boject scene Czech Republic first save the penalty then the margin a world class reflex los Poles go into the break with a 1-0 lead thanks and technique is also the focus in the second half 55 minutes riots in the Polish penalty area and then the Czech Republic is back Against all that the next stop of the Polish goalkeeper not by the faint-hearted sight of the Saudis and the Green Hawks keep pushing the whole song back on Salem and then it's a quartet a brikan warping here slides it a bit over the sneakers in the short corner Saudi Arabia made this Phase of the game Poland only occasionally active offensively but then dangerously milik in the 63 Nice diving header would have been halloweist with no chance and three minutes later the Pole again this time aluminum Lewandowski on the post on the right again, on the other hand, Saudi Arabia is still trying once Malki with the conclusion, but the ball does not want to enter the goal and what is Robert Lewandowski doing on the lookout for almalki's mistakes and power his first goal in the World Cup Robert Lewandowski with the decision Poland beat Saudi Arabia 2-0 thanks to a Robert Lewandowski striker hit and thanks to a featured if you don't want to miss any more football moments leave a subscription there and take a look here are current videos click there too
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