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Pokemon Sent Me ALL Their Plushies

Apr 20, 2023
completely different, i guess it's like dragon scales, i like it, i'll be honest, it's growing. on me, I think I'm putting it on a level, not because level B looks like that, but because I really like it. he's stout he sits on he's got his old dirty boogers i put him on a tier though i think it's a solid tier we have bear tick this guy is big yeah that's bear tick he looks good he has a huge head five though his forehead is huge I think this boy is fine. I think he could have been a little cuter, but overall decent, so he goes right in here.
pokemon sent me all their plushies
Oh, you're running out of space. you know what they probably did they probably chose this fabric because it's like some kind of shimmery glitter like snow overall the design is ok you just print his face on it unfortunately he says yeah sad face shelmet this guy is adorable , also sits very well. well, sit down, this is a good old man, he is cute, he is well built, he sits very well. I'll be honest she looks a little more derpy you know they have


little arms crossed it's just the face that really takes my attention personally it's supposed to be cool but


lips like them it doesn't.
pokemon sent me all their plushies

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pokemon sent me all their plushies...

I don't oh to the sad tear he's a cool guy though stun Fisk done Fisk is a


that has grown on me so much I think he's so cool perfectly because that's what he is just what he does he's built to sit born to sit very cute me as sunfisk i think nothing really to complain about this one with him he's a stun fish hey paint me and foo look at his arms look at his arms he's throwing the double whammy he's a Babysitter, I don't know, I'm just confused. about arms raised so what does this do in terms of plush it's ok barely sits without the tail wouldn't sit ok it's just a little awkward in terms of what it's doing what's cooking meat here ok this is so much better , you know she has the praying mantis pose, it's a shorter fabric, they print it where it's not as smooth, sometimes it happens, I'd say okay, okay like that's her rhythm. little fancy burger helper i don't know it's just his head it's so meaty the body is ok it's just the head it's like too big his teeth are all over the place this poor thing i think they did the best they could i like the texture on the Belly good attention to detail but the head on this poor thing is honestly a bit ugly for me.
pokemon sent me all their plushies
I am a huge fan of Drudagon. Go see how tight it is, oh it's cute. very horizontal although I think the detail of your little stone from just the cut printed fabric is fine. I'm just not a huge fan of his, but I understand why they had to. I think he is a good stuffed animal. He is very orb-like. he is very strong you can hold him like this so i would say this is a fair level there go hide this guy he does it is a legless day type his legs are so horizontal he has his little golurk dress he is really cute also very like a orb they got their details nice too they printed the spiral it's fun too it gives me like Burger King Vibes you can't say these things what do you mean oh I got it from Burger King oh toy from Burger King yeah ok go lurk I would say darling, oh, look at his dangling little feet, hanyard, oh, he's got his little knife in his face and he sits up.
pokemon sent me all their plushies
I could have done this part a little better, but it's a little lopsided. I'll be honest, it's not that great, but it's so goofy and cute, that counts for something. Sad face. I don't want to. but you know fish sharp i think it's going to fall to the same fate it's just this thing if you can preserve this perfectly at this right angle then i think it wouldn't be too bad mine keeps doing this like a little flap of hair . i think we put hard plastic on it it just makes the stuffed animal a little less plush though you know yeah it's hard for kids to like to snuggle up and say goodnight it's also just the head it's just a hard


to design a stuffed to me i think maybe to be a stuffed toy it was a pokemon type action figure yeah i agree bufalant here you are oh my gosh he's cute oh that's nice he's a little grumpy oh my gosh Look at this hunch, look at this hunch right there.
I love this guy, huge Buffalo fan. I love how he slouches. He goes to sit down and then he looks like this, but I think he looks great. I am a great fan. the rough lit oh my god i think its the first time they've used this fabric it's a lot i think i would have preferred it with the buffalo in hair fabric i think it would have been nice i think it looks a little messed up because of this crazy hair everything is ok just not a big fan of this hair fabric i think we can call this new level Braviary hello oh my god wings out i just want to acknowledge this is bravery or can i be real. his head is huge it's more like this but i think it's very spherical i like floppy wings like this i think it's cute but if i saw this in a store it would be like looking at this guy and then i put him back um back there full of bees.
I'm not a big Willoughby fan oh but this is cute and makes for a nice stuffed toy. He feels great. "As if they could have done this with rough lips." I don't think they had to go crazy with the hair. Vullaby looks great. a bird nothing to say nothing stands out it's just mandibuzz the proportions are the best they could do I think it's very wide a bit like a fridge pose but pretty well baked in here they are like moving a little further each month. falling off but still no heat anymore oh i love the heat more oh they didn't give her her little flame tongue I'm surprised I was expecting a little skink tongue I'm sorry they tried but couldn't make it look right so I just took it off I'll be honest I don't think it has to look good they just have to commit to it I don't think it's been their concern for some of these the claws are really good they're not really just like individually sewn claws like its missing the printed felt so i think its really good his arms are a bit dangling though good boy the way they printed this fabric here its like the red has come off so i think thats a bit off putting for me but if not you care about this then i think its a big maintenance more fancy its a good shape where do i put it now I'm biased and like not to put them on tier B you can just put them on tier B yeah you'll make it work no no no no no it wasn't a matter of time just don't think Durant is meant to be a very cute stuffed animal like this is a durant stuffed but not a cute stuffed in general i know a tear i can get it in it it's little dino it's a cute boy it's not a beach here no he's don't like how they have their mouths open and all that could make your party sure it's actually Dino POG great stuffed animal nothing to say a tear wireless is next oh it's not hard when you have two heads to work with i think it's a bit i think they made it work i think that they made it work it's a little wrinkled but i think it's good it's a little silly but i think i was supposed to rank it if i have to rank it it would definitely be a tier for for some particular reason i think they earned it in july to run , oh, this is one of those designs where we see a lot of things happen here and they committed to all of that, if you sit down, oh, they're kind of Tuffy's feet and they do. sit down oh that's so cute I think there's just too much going on sadly I'm a huge fan of High Dragon. a sad tragic tear larvest I'm a big fan of larvest this is cute oh look his little face is a little gut I love it when they're just little footballs it's just good that's just Larvesta I think these are really sturdy it doesn't fall over, it's a unit it doesn't slump i love his little face i think this is a level yeah volcarona is one of my favorite pokemon oh i think they did a good job with them i feel like they could have it made Volcarona look very ugly it's also a recliner you see it relaxing i love it i love it so much the wings are nice i like the ombre gradient color and it sits in the palm of your hand so i like i like it so much i'm putting it in s tier cabalian they made him sit what a cute guy kobalian he is like a noble steed that is very endearing to see him sitting like this it is sobering you feel that he is comfortable with you and he is being vulnerable right now but it is a pleasure it is fine it is kobalian nothing like standing out from him i feel i can make him work right there to destroy it some people call him terracion you like tarakion they made them all sit down i think he is a funny guy he should be like this so stocky and strong but instead he is small and sitting he is also one The one where you're such a soft man for sitting across from me.
I feel like we bond because he's sitting down and not sitting down. to anyone else it looks great even though her face is very round but i think it's good i think it's better than kobalian just for the fact that it was probably easier to make these shapes there you go oh and eight here yes parisian oh oh no oh that 180 that was oh versus the de Young one as one of my favorites out of three two she's very colon three she looks like a cat you know looking at it without the head it looks good and then with the head it's like oh it's too chibi like Verizon is supposed to which is fancy and sharp and edgy and stuff but this is this is like a little round face i think this one goes down here it just doesn't look like verizon to me tornadoes the red shape barely sits has the fluffy cloud , but he has the beans to help him, although the Therian form looks great. there's a lot going on with him and I think nothing looks too much or too out of place. he did a really good job with them you can go here and you're too big there we got thunderous next this is pretty much a carbon copy of Tornadus this guy though the face isn't right I don't know how they made Tornadus the Therian form so good and then the thundering form of Therian so bad it's just the face I guess the tail really drips How is it supposed to go?
I don't know how it's about I guess he's supposed to do this when he doesn't look over his shoulder he doesn't really he just flops this one ain't that great if you're a thunderous fan get the Incarnate form because this is cool he it's not and it's very big and then you go up a level yeah ok and then weirdly the Pokedex goes next to Reshiram and not Landers so we'll do Reshiram he looks great they did his head very well It's a lot, but nothing looks too much. its so hard its going on a tier but now a tier is becoming a b tier hold it there now we have Zekrom oh wow he looks great all the little stitching lines make him look really good I feel like this is actually a really good Legend yeah these are hard to do yeah like I don't know how they made him look so good his face looks good his wings look good his designs all over the place look ok i feel like this deserves a level because of how complicated it is.
I'm really impressed it's great Zekrom you can go in front of Pansage Landorus time for Landorus the Tails ok we can swing it like this this part on his head like his trunk looks so bad on this one but not on this one , maybe it's because these things hold it down but this is like big it only looks good from this angle but if you like do this it's like front of whoa this is definitely the worst incarnate form of the three the Therian form looks great though I think I'm going to put it down here he deserves hits here but maybe not he thinks so he can think what he wants but I like the Therian form I actually think they did a very good job, it looks great. and that's why he deserves ester yes he does good for him yes good for T Landorus kierem oh this stack is getting small oh there are three kyurems oh oh they have all the kyurems.
I didn't even notice yeah okay so kirim his face doesn't look right I didn't even really like seeing him he's like a little um like a pug where his face sinks in too much his skin spills out on his face his arms are so small and his little ice arms are so small too this poor guy i think i would be nice to him and it would be like you know it's hard to hit the Legend stuffies but seeing how well they did with Zekrom makes me to say that this seems a little puckered to me, unfortunately, I think it's also difficult to get the face right, it's being swallowed by its own ice, the white design of Kyurem is already a lot and you really don't know what's going on and that multiplies in fancy shape and then you see this guy. better, this is kind of funny.
I'll be honest. I think they all go in for a tea with a frown. Understandable. I have to say yes, oh, it has two ways. it looks like they clamped it down a bit like this and then they took the clamp off and said oh it's very very horizontal it's supposed to be a lot rounder I think I guess you can squash it to make it a little rounder I think Keldeo is a very cute pokemon but for some reason it didn't translate well I think this guy looks a little better and I don't know why maybe it's because they have the cut I felt that I really don't like it very much but I think this guy comes in, think with watch out got it this guy goes B tier bold just tuck them in there and then this guy scowls and lays down like this we got the two meloettas hatsune miku sits down? sure he wants thisit definitely doesn't look like a comb on top besides the comb on top looks good i would say it's good she is soft she is cute dainty i love her little feet this is a level for me this is good too her legs are cute like that i feel like both they're a tear like that and then you walk in here as this last one after 173 stuffed or finally into the last Genesect guy and I bet this guy isn't b-tier personally a big fan of jet effect work with me mate pretty heavy to be fair, much is that he has all his masks here and then the little stick body.
I don't think he sits down, he just has to. it lays there like that poor me when pokemon forgets i exist and i'm super cool i love it but unfortunately it goes down here and that's it cute sitting pokemon gen 5 plush the whole line with joltec on top don't forget about him, okay, general thoughts are at stake. I put a lot of them in B tier but I would say these are just good stuffies and then we start with good stuffies and then when they're even better they go higher. but i wouldn't say any of these are bad these are the ones i would say maybe make sure you really like pokemon and just want a plushie of them they're not really the best which is the worst ok we have just have one in the forgotten level so four things yeah I would say this is a really solid line.
I am very happy to have them all because I am crazy. I am a crazy person. Thank you pokemon for sending me all the guys sorry i called a couple of them ugly but i think they all look great they make really good


. I thought in my head and thought why stop at gen 5 I want to rank every cutie that's sitting you can probably see I already bought all of gen 1 that wasn't even a gift you just bought yeah I bought those pokemon . he


me these and then i bought gen one because i'm impulsive but pokemon i would love to work with you and sort all the


gen 1 gen 2 gen 3 gen 4 we made five gen six when you're out don i won't do the vavilion wine but yeah thanks for looking.
Pay attention. I will do that. I will be one of the few people in the world to own all of the sitting Pokémon. This is a problem. No, it is not. it's the line go get yourself a stuffed animal if you like any of them i suggest joltik that's all thanks for looking

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