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PokéTuber Reacts to Most Popular Pokemon TikTok Star

Jun 10, 2021
them and it remains as if destroyed. It's like, Oh, I killed this guy, now I care. - Stephen's husband, Wallace. Maybe you know where Rayquaza is now? - I'm not fucking around guys, she's dead. - I do not remember. (laughing) This is unfair. I didn't mean to kill him. Rayquaza, it's time. I realize you may be angry because I killed you. Hello Wallace. Let's continue on our way. I'm very excited about this. Oh, we have a meeting. You don't (incomprehensible), Hyper, you have this one. Here is the moment we have been waiting for. - You can't find it Jack - We have a legendary guaranteed. - No, you don't. -I killed Rayquaza once. -No, she flies away. - I will not do it again? -Yes.
pok tuber reacts to most popular pokemon tiktok star
There he is. -Wait, where did he go? (laughing) I thought I had to catch him. Come on, I don't want to talk about that. - After saving the world, Jack? (soft music) Yes. There he is. (incomprehensible) (laughing) Okay. He wasn't prepared for that. - Well, I guess it's time to go to the gym. I'm so bad at this gym. I'm so good at this gym. Alright. First attempt. - No. Oh, wait, maybe. Jack, you did it on purpose. - Okay, down. Boom old man. I don't remember your name but we've beaten seven gyms. And this is the last one. - He has a mustache. - Before we can fight the elite four and win this game, we're going to be breathing hard.
pok tuber reacts to most popular pokemon tiktok star

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pok tuber reacts to most popular pokemon tiktok star...

I don't even want to sweat in this gym. I'm going to make Archie mega strong and in one fell swoop. We have to heal. Here we go Archie. We go one down, two down, three we go four and last but not least, let's get through Archie. (soft music) - Booyah. - That's what we like to see. - I love a sweep. - Archie our king. - I love myself once and for all - We're coming for you champion. - I should lend you my clothes. (laughs) This is either the best idea or the worst idea I've ever heard in my life.
pok tuber reacts to most popular pokemon tiktok star
This is the hard part. (screaming) No. Awesome. - Very far. - That? Here we go. - No, they're just the two in the middle. - You got to be kidding. This may be the dumbest thing I've ever done, but I'll be mad if I don't try it. - You have the master ball, friend. - What is our legendary? -He only uses the master ball. - Moltres. It's a level 70. It's a level 70. - You can't compare it. - That's good. I'm a water type. I can't put him to sleep for safety reasons. Let's see how much damage we do.
pok tuber reacts to most popular pokemon tiktok star
Well. That's a good number, that's a good number. One more waterspout turns it red. Oh, how critical? It's time to


t throwing pokey balls. Oh, this is going to take forever. - Aren't you going to master it? - One two. No way. Yes, only ten ultraballs. - It's okay, it didn't matter. - Level 70 Moltres. I was totally expecting someone to die. Yes Yes. - What type is it? - Did you ask about Uncle Iroh? - Kind Uncle Iroh. - Here is the. - Steel type with levitation. - Oh Lord. That's very good. - Entering the path of victory, a lot of time has passed but we have one last match. - That means there's only one week left to shoot and fight. - A Dratini my God.
Dratini is on the team. - Drati-ni. - That's what we love to see. - That was, that was intentional. I know it's Dratini. I called it Drati-ni, it's a Tangela situation, not a Tanjelly situation. - Fight poison with water absorption? We incorporate you into the team. - A lot of water is absorbed in this. -But now I'm leveling up a Pokémon, so everyone will be like level 45. Are you telling me I played this entire game without sharing EXP? (simulation music) (finger snapping) No, come on. This was just my stupidity. You have to stop killing all your good Pokémon.
You are better than this. Nikki, I killed a Pokémon. - Oh man. I dare you to shave your legs. - That? - Oh no, it's on. (panting) (screaming) (moaning) - Our team is trained. We have all these. (groans) All of these challenges are very painful in one way or another. OMG, ah, waxing is horrible. It is very bad. Especially if you have a lot of hair on your legs, like me and I suppose Jack does too. (laughing) - From this broken Shroomish. - Oh wow, huge power is greater, that's so strong. - Now it's time to get to the free road.
Tangelly, bye, we literally shot everything. - If it does not matter. I should have brought repellents. Wait, Wally shows up here? Well. Oh Wally's rival battles. -I've made this mistake before because in Ruby and Sapphire, he attacks you at the end of the victory path. And then in Emerald, they move it to the beginning. And then I in Emerald before had thought, what? Why does this


t now? Why start now? - Starting with a Tyranitar. Nicole, this is your test of strength. Bone Rush X speed, come on. - Oh, that's annoying. (screeching) - Only two, one down.
Delcatty. This one is ugly. Oh, they resist. Well. That was risky. Nicole can withstand Gastly's headbutt. I think we outspeeded Golduck. Boom, Nicole slaps. - Well. -And last but not least, he has a Mightyena. So I have a Flux but is it shiny? (laughing) No. - Lord, have mercy, I'm about to explode. - Now we have to exchange because I (laughs) (incomprehensible) and I don't want to die. The definitive BM. Well done, Wally. It was great to have you on this trip. Here we are, the moment we were waiting for. - Oh league time. - What's wrong Juan? - Dude, you have a level 70 legendary, don't ruin the ending.
Get rid of all your items. Make it interesting. - Well. All our items are removed. It's time to take on the elite four, Sydney, you're... - If John told me to do that, my response would be not to. It would be much ruder. (laughs) - Up first Venusaur. - Do you have any movements that you like synthesized or boiled? - The one that is two. He better be able to take one shot with this thing. (laughs) This Dustox is the last one. Boom. Fantastic work. - Well. Well. The first is the soft, sweet and enormous power.
Breloom with a pointy head, but that will do a lot. - Let's see a Phoebe, a Banette. We know that we have shot this beautifully. Let's switch to Ugly for a Manectric. Big swell, oh you love to see it. - We love seeing it. - Oh no. Oh no, let this flamethrower work. (panting) - Good. - That critic saved us. - Well well. - Oh, that didn't do any harm. - Articuno, oh I burned it. Oh, he got burned. Here we go, Force. Come on, punch through the confusion. Boom. Two elite members from four less. Very good, no deaths so far.
Elite four number three. Glacia, let's see it. She has a Sunflora. Let's see if she shoots. Okay that's fine. - Flora Sunflora, sun flora. - The spider web is bad. Max is stuck idle now. A meow. I'm stuck. Can't. - Oh, spider web. Oh yes, spider web. forms a sticky network. - Noah. - Yes, that accelerated my healing. If they are a ground type, we can see... Don't meow down. We kill Cacturne back with Iroh. Here we go. One more surf and we have this. Nidoqueen down, boom. Elite four number four Drake. This is not Elite Four music.
It's okay, yes, but Charizard is in a difficult situation. - A Lunatone we go with a water jet. Oh God. Oh God. Lunatone is down. Nicole can end the Altaria boom. Kissum what? - Oh, oh. - That? - Oh - No, we can say this. - Are you kidding me? That's silly. The best thing, my God, would be, I would be furious. Your best Pokémon, other than the legendary, dies in a Smoochum. - Come on, finish him off. We're just going for the super effective flamethrower, yeah. The elite four has fallen. Champion time. - Oh, the last one, come on. - Wallace, this is it.
Salamence let me grow. One more time please. (laughing) - That's me. I am growth, Michael growth. I am a growth. You have to let me grow. I grow every day. - No. - Oh, it has spores. - For. (upbeat music) Please no. We have to tour with Ugly. I have levitated. The protective screws could burn. Are you kidding. That kills me? - Ah, he hasn't even shot down the Salamence. - Fatal wish, come on, take this. Please knock out. - Salamence down. - Well. Okay, Crobat? - Come on flamethrower. - Dodge it. Yeah, come on Iroh.
I think Archie beats Whiscash. Come on Archie. No, Archie is dead but we put up a light screen. Let's see if we can weaken them with Hegg. Come on Hegg, good job. -Wait, is he going to win this? - It all depends on Iroh. - Oh no. - Come on. - Heat wave no. (upbeat music) Oh, please kill. (screeching) Meganium is down. Heat wave Banette survives a blizzard survives a blizzard. We did it. Yes. How critical. Last Pokémon (dramatic music) a Wailord. Desire for doom. That? We can block that. - Oh no, no, no. - Now we have a heat wave, well no. - We are not going.
Why did I take it first? (dramatic music) Wait, did that count? We won? (screaming) We did it. Yes. TikTok's first Esmeralda nuzlocke surpassed. Thanks for watching. - I am exhausted. (laughs) - I hope you enjoyed it. I certainly made sure you subscribed to purpclff and followed him on TikTok. Links will be in the description below, subscribe and follow me on TikTok. But also thank you very much for watching and an extra thank you to my sponsors. On Patreon for helping me support my channel. Independent of YouTube advertising rate fluctuations. If you can help support me in the same way, the link is in the description below.
If you want to see more of my fun Pokémon content. I recommend the videos around me. Alright. That's all I have for now. So next time, Poke fans. You have to catch them all.

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