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Podcast #231 - Who Am I?

Jun 06, 2021
distracted you know we've been so like everything revolves around bunny which is what we want but it's just yeah trying to think if i saw something here you can throw this wait what i don't want merry christmas don't push nightmare again okay I guess that's all I'm trying to think about having some content, okay, okay, we'll be leaving next week. I hope you have a wonderful week. No broadcasts this week. Nine and nine. It's crazy. like no broadcast all week but it'll pass and we'll have a good week and then we'll be back online and stuff next week so thank you all for all the episodes we've done without taking a single vacation. and for allowing us to take a vacation, yes I'm excited, very excited, thanks for being here, thanks for listening and watching, see you next time in two weeks, have a great week, we love you.
podcast 231   who am i

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