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Podcast #225 - Reading Your Assumptions About Us

Apr 09, 2020
ding-ding-ding-ding welcome back to juliana's


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podcast 225   reading your assumptions about us
Check it. great service. In fact, I just shipped my first box. It didn't arrive in time for this episode. It will arrive next week. w that could be published I want to see what you got me I'm interested I don't know what you sent me but I hope it's good too guys honey book if you were a graphic designer or photographer a honey book is helping you spend less time with the business side and bored with your business and leaving you with more time to spend on creativity which is what you want to do well no one wants to deal with paperwork in business so honey book is here to help you with that the pay is flexible, use code Jenna Julian, you get 50% off monthly or yearly, that's 20 hours a month or $200 per full year of organizing your calendar, admin tools, branding, brochures, proposals, contracts, everything you don't want deal with honey book does it for you go - honey book calm down and use promo code Jenna Julian and start more on that later Thank you sponsors well let's jump into it let's jump into that was so funny someone tweeted let's jump in it as one of my favorite orite memes just cross it off ok let's jump into this one it's a trend that's been doing the rounds on youtube they're fun to watch I like them I've seen them I haven't seen any of them either but I can get the gist of it it's a pretty fun idea basically you ask your audience what their


about you are and then you go through it and read it yeah so that's what we're going to do we've got a wallet rolling some . everyone's serious there's a good mix there's a good mix of trolls going straight for the jugular yeah well I guess we should get it right. so it's not public what people are writing hmm that's why instagram was preferred but we did some on twitter anyway so we've got twitter instagram we've got a bunch ok ok yeah gray says they're definitely just friends and they're finally starting to tell the truth well you're my friends not friend nds and that's the very funny assumption especially since last week on the


and my video that's when the joke started. for six years of being in a relationship definitely yes no we are not friends it's just a joke it will be gone next week don't worry there will be something else to replace it.
podcast 225   reading your assumptions about us

More Interesting Facts About,

podcast 225 reading your assumptions about us...

Rai Rai says that you plan to slowly withdraw from society. and to live in a tropical paradise of your own creation honestly that's like yes i mean it sounds good it's like your dream you said it's your dream for a while to go live on a farm somewhere in the middle of nowhere yes it wouldn't be It probably wouldn't be a tropical paradise it would be a place where I can relax and have lots of animals nothing against tropical paradises but not everything against tropical paradises trucks I don't know you know I'm from like upstate New York I I feel like if I ever said, okay, I'm going to be a recluse for the rest of my life, it would probably be somewhere in the United States which, you know, were just seasons.
podcast 225   reading your assumptions about us
I am too, but I feel like I get bored too easily. being completely cut off from other people completely like oh you wouldn't be cut off from other people but like in this scenario I socialize like you're not on the internet anymore or like a yes in public so that's like a no your kind I've always thought about this though because, like Breaking Bad, they have this guy spoiler alert, they have this guy who's pampering himself and he's a vacuum salesman, but basically what he does is he erases your identity and you give a new one and sends you somewhere completely off the grid like witness protection yeah but it's like it's underground witness protection where the government isn't involved it's just their party but I've thought about that what would that be ?
podcast 225   reading your assumptions about us
It's really interesting to think about what Do you have a new idea? Jane Armstrong and you live in Wisconsin and you have to go there and change your appearance a little bit and not talk to anyone for a while and stay off the internet and you're a different person like it's a crazy thought yeah think about it so no , no, there are no real plans to do it, but like I don't know, in many, many, many years it's like that's something that happened that wouldn't be so bad for me, right? I feel like there are worse endgames than that it's pretty straight forward and I play yeah like family like a normal person yeah but like a far away farmer and maybe under a different name yeah but there's a lot of people in this country at the end of their lives like that and they're so happy and fulfilled mm-hmm and I think that's really beautiful so I agree I don't think it would happen much slower than anyone would care yeah just I bought a house yeah I'd be like grown up and no one would give a yeah game over yeah no one cares always give a friend over you friend friends best friends Emma says Julian showering in a wetsuit oh, OMG that's so much fun that's patrol I wear a wetsuit probably like three times in my life twice when I tried to surf and it just wasn't for me and then a third I think when I was wakeboarding maybe once that It's one of the most miserable things to go in and out of, I don't know if Have you ever done in a used one oh my gosh surfers who do it every morning who come in mostly coming out of it mmm putting it on it's not that bad getting out of it it's like wet it's cold it's tight everywhere and you have to really get gotta like getting your app get away with shoulders like that's my nightmare yeah you're not very flexible in wearing my shoulders are pretty tight they're not flexible so sometimes I have a hard time taking my jacket off like that I have witnessed many toes I assure you I do not shower in a wetsuit what is that?
The point of showering if you're expecting, I don't know, to protect yourself well, as long as the wetsuits are clean. if you're showering on the beach after surfing yes shower and wetsuit but even then no don't be bitter at wit that thing was in the shark tank where it's like a shower buddy yes it is great it was great they were comparing Put it in a trash bag we like to put it on top of your head and it's like a little wearable you can undress and wash yourself. okay okay Jenna you have an innate urge to mother anything living since soup saying I'm probably trying I'm trying to think of something I haven't had the urge to care for if it comes my way then yeah , but like i'm a spider no i don't have any urge to be a spider mom y'know ok so sans bugs yeah well some bugs are super cool and i'm really for it but most of them don't they are pests of your house or their pets they are pests just like you you don't want them in the house roach yes if i said ok Julian all the critters here now are my babies like that isn't safe for the dogs this is for us thats not a good idea but yeah you know anything that crosses my path like any dog ​​that shows up here what happens more than you have that instinct tough plants yeah a bark or any mammal, absolutely some reptiles, some Insects like, have you seen praying mantises?
People on YouTube who have them as pets, they're great, no I haven't fallen for it. holy mantis people well one of my favorite videos is called mantis squad and they're all standing there like with their arms up and they're like doing this what a cool mannerism for an insect to have they're amazing and we see them out all around us like times and they're just like they're really cool so awesome like yeah if I found an injured praying mantis yeah I'd try to take care of it yeah because it's like a special bug you know hmm we also went to animal tracks like Animal Farm Sanctuary . place where they care for animals that, just like people, tried to get their pets improperly and we learned about which animal Kermit dragged out of the bush that once-incredible possum we learned about possums we met one and learned what they were like in reality really isn't that bad and the disease doesn't transmit disease like a lot of people think well i mean if it bit your dog you probably want to take them looking for pictures of people like the baby picture of one of those is like foaming at the mouth and crazy and like you know they're just like any other animal like when i was sitting outside the other night and a raccoon came up to me and i just looked at me you can't be here come come no They don't want them to like to attack you. u yeah, if they were rabid or something, you'd be able to tell if they're sick, you didn't see it during the day or whatever, but you know, if I thought some mammal would find it hurt, I'd try and do it. something because it's a mammal you're like you know you can have a little connection or understanding like a little furry thing mm-hmm but reptiles or birds like when I was younger we used to find a lot of unsaved birds that had you know flown on stuff and my dad would feed it with cat food pushed up and we tried to help him learn to fly, but that bird that flew into our house during our current, yeah, if that bird hadn't come out and been hurt, it would have. put it in a bottle we've done it before where I found an injured bird and I'm going to put it in a box Birds I feel like I can try to help a lizard or something I can try to help but as an insect analyst II it was a big as a praying mantis or something.
I'd probably be like look okay if you have poison in there, I don't. I know if this is going to work I think it's going to work well enough Natalie says I figured I figured Julian hadn't fixed the switch on the fireplace yet and Julian is actually really awkward in person and he tries to cover it up and it just ends up one more void awkward, well leave me just the first part of this, you're right, okay, I spent many, many hours in that fireplace and ended up realizing that I was in over my head as a technical point of view, electrical stuff.
Well yes, electrician. I thought it was this close. The problem was that it wasn't. I'm going to bore you now, since you asked me. as i needed they flip the normal light switch which just says on and off it just takes a base amount of power not much but if you have a Wi-Fi signal on the switch you need more power and you weren't getting it like that that i played with the wires and at one point i gave too much power and it would blow the fuse so i got too much power too little power and then i found myself in a bind where i thought i was going to blow something so i need to stop like this that I put it the old change and I Submitted that project for later I'm incredibly awkward in person I wouldn't say I'm painfully awkward like I think I am I'm pretty good at not being totally crazy in social situations even if I feel awkward, I like small talk and you know that people feel comfortable, especially after you know that we go over the years that we've been on YouTube, we've spent many times meeting. -and-cheers and I think you get a little better each time at how to talk to people hmm-hmm but I'd still say I'm awkward I don't know yeah well it's a weird interaction when people know everything about you and you don't know nothing about them yeah sure but i wouldn't call you awkward in any way thanks person yeah friend f friend i'm actually your friend volume means move on well you can't if you do you're not speaking into the mic, for that I'm so sorry so put it near your mouth or turn up the volume of your choice yeah dig dink I know you can move Eevee tweeted I guess Jillian blows her nose into tissues and leaves them everywhere.
I'm in Jenna, where's her leisure outfit three times a week? No, you don't even do that when you're sick. Don't do that I understand why she might assume it's not the paper towel problem yeah yeah sometimes when I'm in the kitchen and I'm in a rhythm like some artists or chefs would say you use the paper towel quickly . and she left it somewhere and after a while there is a bunch of towels on the counter how did they get there? I don't know but I don't ruin my nose and leave tissues that's kind of gross no I feel like you wouldn't stand for it I wouldn't stand for it no no no how I can understand if somebody's really okay and like you're laying on the couch and you're likea little stack of tissues going on or something like a short term thing yeah but like i've never seen you do that yeah i don't blow my nose in front of people either i think that's really awkward like i go to the bathroom to blow my nose or like some people just like to make it real loud in front of people and finally put it in his pocket like i always see i'm like for him that's like a brave as you know i always need to be alone , I'm the same, yes, I don't have that, what about the leisure suit three times a week? no no it's not very comfortable but since it has to be washed, it's like I put it on and it's like I'm too hot, you know, yeah, like I like being under a blanket. times so if i'm like the one i don't like having long sleeves and long pants and being under the suit h-how would it be pretty cold you've worked and i thought earlier oh yeah that's a sight to see cause you were resting under a bar one hundred thirty-five pounds, that was very confusing to watch, but he's tough.
I don't use it much. Cassie digs. I guess Kermit cries in the middle of the night. You guys bought a lot, you know if you think of a time of day, hate crimes during the day or night, get up good, sometimes you won't cry right away, so if you are very thirsty in the middle of the night, we leave you water. on the floor for the dogs he'll get up and start digging in the bowl like I move him push him across the room and if I don't get up where Julian doesn't get up he'll just watch when you go yeah he'll get on the bed , he poses like, remember that snapshot, the one that became him, it was like when he goes up. louder guys louder he does it because he finds perch points where he can know he is seen and heard and then he will cry yeah so i wake up and see him crying often i would say more and more tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow yeah i awake it's up to him to cry more mornings than me for him not to cry yes but in the middle of the night he's not a kid it's only if he's thirsty or really has to go to the bathroom when he's been sick a couple of times or before being diagnosed with cushing kept me up so many nights because i felt horrible for him and we couldn't figure out what was going on yeah and he felt like he was hungry he felt like he was thirsty and he would like to straighten the door. like he needed to go out and i would just know he would sleep 20 minutes and then he would yell at me but since he was diagnosed and now he is on meds for a while no yelling in the middle of the night but yeah there was a block of time there when he just I didn't understand I didn't sleep and I felt really bad for him yes but now it's only if he's thirsty or has to go to the bathroom for some reason or if he's bored if we go to bed very late because of a creek and we're sleeping until about noon , he will get up around 11:00 and say: yes, handkerchief, I scare you.
I'm assuming you're both really enjoying all the content you're putting out on your channels right now and on Twitch, well, two or three. Years ago it might have felt a little more forced and interesting yeah I mean it's kind of like hindsight at this point so yeah in hindsight I would say I enjoy the content we do more now but at the time I would have said that I make the content now I like it better now that I liked the repple years ago so I think it's 20/20 hindsight but it's not that it wasn't authentic at the time or anything and it was also YouTube it was a landscape different, you know, and our podcast was different, our twitch stream was different, different things and it's a reflection of who you are now time, you know, yeah, I like that perspective, I think that's good, I mean, I think that at some point neither of us have created content that wasn't true for us you just change as you get older and you also change in your online life not just your life and I feel like that shows a lot and I think we're at a point in which we are really You're lucky in a lot of ways, like with twitch and the time we spent streaming like it's turned into something really awesome. similar output and platform so we can capitalize on our style of fun that we like to have in the content that's built off of it and I think it's like the product of a lot of things it's not just that we prefer our content now than it was five years ago , it's like there's a lot going on for this to happen, yeah, so shout out to Marissa, she compiled a bunch of these and then also sent a screenshot of her


about us to me.
Candice writes that Julie intends to get up earlier. Jenna in the morning that's true true I mean mainly because I train ed you Jitsu in the morning I have a hard time falling asleep at night too you I fall asleep noticeably earlier than everyone and wake up before you mm-hmm grace Dobler wrote six times yeller fit as hell thank you grace we tried i mean we are by no means in the best shape i've ever been but we tried good. I feel like we exercise a lot and then we exercise a lot and we do it very well, but yeah, we also enjoy eating and drinking, yeah, and obviously we could both be in better shape or have our diets, you know, cleaner, whatever, but I'm also like a 32 year old woman and I'm having a good time as long as I'm healthy I'm happy you know yeah so I wouldn't say we're fit it's a help but we like to lift heavy weights we like literally a lot of jiu-jitsu, I don't.
Jitsu at all, not the sport for me, there were a lot of assumptions that I didn't test John, but they were like Jenna's, secretly better than Julianne at jujitsu. God just never trains, but he's innately better than ever. I can promise you I'm even worse than you've ever seen at any of it. You love it. No. He'll just have bumps and bruises all over his body that doesn't look funny it's kind of shiny it's funny it's a reminder of how much fun I had today Oh Janie writes that you're both getting sick of YouTube and would consider twitching full time You know, at least for me, I spend a lot less time making YouTube videos than I used to.
You know that before I did five days a week and now I do one, maybe two, but I think it's a reflection of not preferring one platform to the other. another but deciding how you want to spend your time between two platforms which is something twitch likes was never that for us it was always like a side project we treated like a side project and now we're doing a lot more yeah well , we started playing a lot more games and we started having a lot of fun and a lot of our friends started playing the community of people we play with has grown a lot and it's very very special it's a lot of fun but I don't think there's a bone in my body it's like my end date for YouTube is X or it's coming or it exists you know I don't really have that in mind I have that in my mind as much as I have my end date for being on the internet yes you know yes I don't think so that's going to happen to me.
I still really enjoy the YouTube platform and I mean me and anyone else who has been creating content for a while and that can be any amount of time. that's a normal thing i think you know i get sick of it sometimes i do whatever i know you can't do something for ten years and not have ups and downs but i'm still so in love and in love with youtube as a platform. I just think it's spectacular and this is what you can find. there and the people you can find there are so amazing and despite all its downsides and things that aren't great, I think it's like a wonderful place to learn and share and there's nothing like it.
I have no intention of leaving him for anything you know 100 percent. It wouldn't be like oh I'm not on YouTube anymore. I'm going to be on Twitch now, yeah you know because it's not the same kind of thing. they them for me they need to coexist or like i'm not on the internet you know even if every time you know the proportion of time you spend fluctuates that's yes yes i still love youtube i watch youtube as much or more than anything else and yes , yes, I think personally I like being able to upload videos to YouTube and have people watch them and then also watch other people's videos it's such a simple concept but for me it has helped me so much as discovering a great passion of mine, which is like making videos i like filming and doing things with cameras i never would have figured it out for myself if it hadn't been for a medium like youtube where i could share it and interact with people who are watching so i think it's like you said , there's a lot, there's nothing perfect about it, but there's a lot of really special stuff that's still out there about YouTube and well, yeah, and a lot of it's getting weird, you know, the whole space is getting kind of weird, yeah , And I think that this is normal when you can earn money on any platform. things start to get a little weird but when i sit down and watch all the plant videos i like literally everything you want to learn is on youtube in a way you can understand so you can always teach yourself.
You can always choose anything you would like to learn which is one of the most powerful and amazing tools that has happened in my life that I can think of and I like it when I sit and watch plant youtubers that I really like. or you know whatever i'm really into right now mint his quad mentis is swaying back and forth like he's thinking about how sometimes that person you watch a channel for a long time and realize it's okay there's just so many videos i can do about plants you know what i do what more do you want this is weird but even when i get those videos i'm like i just appreciate you uploading i appreciate you sharing something and i know you're probably tired but i like this video and i'm glad you know you did it 100 percent so i don't think there's any part of me that really gets over it because the world is always changing and there will always be new things to learn yeah you know , and even if I'm posting something that me in my world and my brain thinks well, nobody cares and nobody wants to see it, if you do, you just share, there are people like that, you know they just want to see it, it's like a moment of comfort, distraction, learn izaje or whatever yeah it's cool so I don't think I'd want to give up that part of my life yeah I remember five years ago we were in Australia and we were with writing part Ryan he's production company rhpc and Greg was there we had like a party and we were hanging out with them and I was talking to Greg about editing because he was just starting editing at the time and he had already been going strong for a number of years doing effects and editing for Ryan and I was interested in talking to him about it because it was like talking business, you know, and I remember he told me something that I like, it's like clicking my head and we were talking like After Effects a and how he learned it and it was literally like one day i decided i would sit down and teach myself thanks to youtube and like everything you want to learn is somewhere so i did it and i remember thinking like a saint how is it really that simple yeah yeah it's up to you in this day and age what you want to achieve, the skills you want to learn and provide yourself and your teammates or partners and Ivy I feel like that has stuck with me because I've used it in so many ways and for help myself and my point is that youtube is like it's a holy mecca for knowledge or whatever kind of interest or hobby you might have aside from wikipedia or google but as in video in the form of video is very different , I mean


a manual I would say most of the things I've done my way of learning how to do like a specific skill or something that's been through YouTube where in the past you know I would have to go I don't know find a book on it you know your library yes or even as a paywall as i remember remember linda ah well pay for the instructional video exactly how was that was the thing hmm yes but i mean especially yes no that's great , YouTube is great yeah and especially if you're an artsy minded person and don't want to deal with the business side of things well that's not YouTube that's fun block Julian Julian's book is a website where you can have it all - Integrated business management tools are provided to you if you are an artistic person, such as a graphic designer, editor or photographer.
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I mean they will guide you through this whole process. It's actually very nice. personal stylist who will hand pick items based on your style choices and it's really cool because then it just comes to your door that's it let's go all you have to find parking you have to try on something of course , if it doesn't fit or if you're not happy with it, exchanges and returns are always free so take what you love out of the box and send the rest back you don't have to keep everything you receive in the shipment and don't worry requires subscription you can do it sign up for r Receive scheduled shipments or get your arrangement when you want if you want right now and then in another six months there's a wedding you're attending or you want then whatever and the design fee for the stitch fix is ​​just twenty dollars that goes towards anything you save in your shipment so right now if you had a stitch fix that is STI TCH fi XCOM slash gym and Julian you get twenty five percent extra discount when you keep all the items in your box, check it out. out of ten I recommend thank you sponsor thank you sponsors it's ok this next one is a dumb X right you have very quiet sex so you don't scare the dogs omg it's not ok no no no well you know, gains from we're just friends inappropriate we're just friends this you've made it incredibly awkward for us completely platonic friends what kind of question is this is a question you've ever asked anyone who owns dogs oh boy oh boy marble marble what are you doing think about this he asks in oh we should move on ok let's move on Julian's favorite mod is Marissa and he adopted Busch.
I would love to adopt Jenny, he loves it, but I love him so much, well, I talk about him, do it, Julian, like when we're hanging out. I'll let him go on his Twitter Bush is like my escape from the internet like I'll go on Bush's Twitter like his YouTube so I like the laughs and like you know you forgot about your day or whatever move him like me no one on this planet he loves karma as much as bush and i love karma true i have never met someone who loves karma as much as you do in the slightest and he is like all over the world like we are connected through our souls and our love for that dog not that I know.
Many of you love Kermit and love him dearly, but it's just a different level of liking. He knows Kermit and never met Carmen. I know it's very special. My favorite mod. I don't have a favorite mod. I love you all. twitch mods as well I would say although Marissa has been very involved from a very early starting point on twitch and has stayed incredibly involved to the point where you know I would give her credit for growing so much on twitch and when you have a good mod team yeah i would say like you your twitch channel is only as good as your mod team so if they are good and make good decisions and help you and welcome you and make people do that new viewers feel welcome and it's a safe place i mean it's hard work people volunteer decision it's like you know when you sign up for twitch and you're like that it's exciting i don't know how to use this platform like any platform and you go and people are alive so you write in the chat that you are like no, hello, how are you? and then someone greets you and says hey yeah usually yeah no one says anything to you and the person who is livestreaming probably doesn't see it how many viewers yeah and you say okay sick what's up what is that, yes, you know, no, is it total?
Totally, I mean I have the same anxiety of that happening to myself if I walk into a chatham like knowing he recognizes me or whatever, that's a big reason why we love Marissa and the rest of our team at moderators like they're all awesome so yeah sure if she says Julianne edits Jenna's videos oh not true not true not true Every once in a while, you know, she helps out with a trick or two in the post, but no, she added mister videos and I ate on mine. The lines on my face will tell you how I don't know if I've said this before, but she taught me Final Cut Pro.
I didn't know if she didn't do professional cutting until Jenna showed me. It was very elementary. I used a little bit of Adobe in college and then a little bit of Final Cut 7 growing up because that's what my dad used but I liked it when I had to edit it was useless and then he taught me Final Cut Pro so I got the Royal . Deal one of the best out there and edit field thanks sounds like you're talking on your marble h ave some protein hey no I wouldn't say I'm like a particularly gifted edit but yeah I did. this and you're like wearing what my school made me wear yeah but I mean you're very easy to teach anything because you're always very willing to learn and you like it easy to teach you things so it didn't take long, obviously because whatever most people have taught themselves not to do professional haircuts yeah except whatever people go to the Apple Store and you know take those classes I know they exist , yeah I think most people have taught themselves how to edit it's not like that outrageously complicated but yeah Jimmy writes Julianne with an air surge for the camera um yes and no that's right I would be according to yes i know yes i know someone who has some type of person or attitude or some type of personality traits that are very distinguishable by their line I would say their persona or online presence is amplified when the cameras they are on. yes and no that some of your moves are obviously the couple of times you like to pull knives out of the knife block and do the floss dance with them like that's not something you like to do when we're hanging out although a bit like honestly you do a lot of crazy stuff when we're alone and there's no cameras on obviously you're just in Aires but it's more like spontaneous decision making like once you get in that mood you're kind of unstoppable like control is different like I think that you would do something different on camera like chop and I cut an onion with a hammer like but now I'm thinking about it like you do those things to meet the constant I just do it more I do it more programmed yes it's on camera in the video I'm doing more often talking about which not this week for us but this week for you which is next week for us you know it that way yes Aries Susan it's every season Ah, I think it's Wednesday.
I think it's the 21st oh gosh what a day for Aries season the vegan yeah I mean yeah yeah that doesn't surprise anyone right ok? Cassidy writes that Jenna will apologize profusely for anything if she's wrong that means I don't apologize, I apologize, but when you make an honest mistake, like saying someone's name wrong or something that's completely honest and accidental, you'll apologize profusely because you feel very mortified at the idea of ​​offending someone. yeah well it's not like I ever want to hurt someone's feelings yeah being an exactly ignorant jerk or coming out anyway like that yeah so that perfunctory apology is true in that sense it's yes me yes I don't think so I'm wrong gh, I'll stand my ground.
I can go. I can confirm a thousand percent that Julian does a very good job of apologizing, but sometimes it takes a minute for you to get there, you know, yeah, you'd rather argue a little bit then get. apologize there and then like you have to be sure you're wrong, yeah, but I think you do a really good job on the polish. with all the reasons why it was like that i'm faced with reality or systemic collapse of why don't i take a second and it's not about checking an ego or something because i really don't i'm not a very selfish person not at all i just think me and i'm not like i'm right all the time i just know myself well and i know how i operate well and i feel like sometimes i'm as expected we are we are in this in the process i was wrong here like whats the decision that I took that was totally like that you know for me and sometimes I think you didn't realize because even I can't follow my area sometimes Julian also did a good job learning that if I start telling him that he was wrong that you have to pass right now you can argue with me for like 20 minutes or you can just send it ok cause i will say one thing about myself i will not like to argue unless i know i am right if there is any chance i will lose this argument i just wont be Going that way, yeah, well, in general, you don't lose discussions, so as there are, I can be totally wrong and I can totally like it, but you'd give it up. and you'd be like, yeah, think of all the times I think I know I'm right and then you're like an idiot, but you and the distance between them would say I wouldn't like their solar eclipse, I wouldn't try hard to hold my ground a unless he actually thought he was right, so obviously there's a very good chance he was complete.
Completely wrong, but usually when it's like we're arguing about something within our home and within our relationship, I'm not going to fight you unless I'm like Julian, there are 30 paper towels on the counter. Can you throw them away if you want? they were like but baby i'm using them all i'm like that when you need to stop and just throw them away but yeah if i make a mistake i'll apologize profusely but Julian does a really good job. I apologize. and when he's wrong when he gets there the prosecution wants to avoid presenting evidence he pulls out 30 paper towels guilty ok not so funny Sal Power says you cheat with veganism sometimes i think right when i said i started vegan a long time ago like more I was ten years old and I wasn't even doing it just for health reasons and I had a cheat meal every Sunday and for me the cheat meal meant I was going to eat meat and dairy which is fine there are people who do that and I still thinking you can make an impact of eating less animal products if that's how you approach it but at this point in our life and you know when i finally went fully vegan for something years ago now i don't see it as cheap food you know i just don't I don't want to eat animal products, so that's not something I would eat.
Makes sense? I miss the way cheese is good, you know, sometimes it's hard to find a product or something you want to make. like it gives you the same feeling but I certainly don't see it as cheating because it's just that it's not something I want to eat yes yes I want to say and in the most respectful way possible when someone tells me how long do you like how long are you going to make this vegan for either, you know what it's about, like you know, I mean, where the question is to frame it as a fad diet or whatever, I never take it personally, only now that I've had a chance to answer that question, I'm as ethically motivated as I feel a vegan could be and I didn't start out like that and I don't talk about a lot because it's for me you know what I mean it's like my it's my decision making and the way I You know I see things but when I first started Jenna helped me with the transition because I was getting a lot of I was I was I got sick a lot of you know eating meat and she helped me learn the plant based diet and it was very quick that I adapted it and said, okay, I want to do this Or now, I'm on the other side. where I've been doing it for a few years and I'm cheating on the diet it's not really a choice for me it's like I don't know how I don't know I'm trying to compare it to something but it's like it's a choice thatI did, so it's like there's no way to negotiate that choice because I've already made it and I've already stood my ground. ngly in making that decision and I think about things a lot when it comes to the choice I make to be vegan so it never crosses my mind similar to similar but not similar to how it never crosses my mind to cheat in being gluten free they're like the repercussions yeah those are more physical repercussions but i would never yeah i would never want to cheat on a vegan diet for any reason yeah yeah all i needed was to see some of that stuff sad and no longer food. for me so yeah it's not a matter of cheating there's not a part of me that wants to eat dairy cheese or wants to eat meat so yeah no we don't cheat on our vegan diet Nayeli Espinoza says you guys genuinely love the dink family that's it right we've met a lot of you guys and you're all hilarious that's how yeah you know i would bring you guys back on twitch.
I would give twitch credit for a lot of these feelings I have after dating them. on the podcast of course yes and we've been at this for a long time but i would give credit to this kind of forum and twitch where we're directly interacting with you twitch is more instant because we're seeing the chat like we're alive but this is very similar because we read the comments every week. on the podcast, but man, like it's something you don't expect, like feeling so much love for people who support you and watch you, you always like to at least start. it would just be that, but as you guys have grown so much on me as a person and as a group of people who choose to interact with me all the time when they don't have to know all the time that you interact with them it's like I think it's a group of people that they actually know you better than well for me personally that you know the people who follow the podcasts and the follower know me better or understand me better as a person and as people?
Did you know that years ago when I was just m? Watching the videos on my main channel on YouTube knows which one is really liberating for me because it brings you closer to them, but it also feels really accepted because they support you and love you and show you that and you know they're there to laugh and joke but I I feel much more comfortable if you get to know my everyday self and we can go and play video games or we can sit here and have a conversation without the burden of being so outrageously entertaining and people still enjoy it because I enjoy you as a person so yeah I think for me having that response from people and then knowing them by name, a lot of them know you and not just by your username, kind of like you all are real. names yeah it's been really cool and we follow a lot of you and getting to know here less is really fun we follow a lot of you but similar to how you know you go into a new community and really hope it's a safe space for you to interact with people and talk to a creator or have some kind of presence there you know you expect it to be a safe space I am the same with you I feel very lucky that you provide us with a safe space not only to other people, but you give us a feeling of comfort and know that you have our back if we don't feel good, wish us well or don't push us to do the current or whatever.
Don't I mean I feel a great deal of love? and safety from you guys for how you act and how you are so genuine and how you treat each other? a really nice audience and how some of you guys are friends with each other and i've met through that there's so much to love and it's hard not to love so i would say yeah we absolutely love yeah we love you guys man it's ok jay i'm king he says i assume jenna doesn't actually have a tomo rrow basketball game how dare you? How dare you? it's tomorrow it's not like we actually pitched the idea of ​​going film a basketball highlight video obviously if he doesn't play it's tomorrow so I'd just film myself practicing yeah so it's tomorrow guys no Worry nah man it's tomorrow um, Becca wrote, well actually, look, this is a username. live and ever expect her to answer you, but yes, Ted corrected absolutely.
Julianne learned at the age of 20 not to put silverware in the microwave. Come on, is it true? Come on. in your kitchen for your mom when you were like 10 so even if you did something like that you would at least know how to put out the fire buy teapots with rubber handles unless you have a son who is a firefighter and is 12 years old. You are part of the Illuminati. the aluminum arches downstairs will probably let Shane in first before anyone else so they can get him on their side it's a good business move for them for them you guys are really four nighters in your spare time MUA Jordan says listen to Jordan every time I'm NOT streaming on Twitch.
I'm playing fifteen days on my computer and I don't tell anyone every hour. I don't remember a person coming into the chat and saying we were playing pub G and they said do you guys play for nine? like no and then they said we know y'all play fortnight ok we have nothing against it for tonight no but like we tested it recently as a lot of fun y'all play yea tons of content in there it would be great if Julian it wasn't. with jenna he wouldn't be vegan natalie hewitt says yes and no yes because she introduced him to me so i give her credit for that mmm and i wouldn't have found it like i did if i wasn't with you but talking now if we weren't together now i would still be 100% vegan but let's just say together as friends love being friends you end up using the best faith Nickerson says you rarely disagree on what you want to eat well Julian just wants pad thai so just only on nights when the weekday ends in a jiffy, although we can usually think of something we'll both eat like we're both fine, not that we have tons of options if we want to like the order we've got I like the same recipes, and we're usually in the same mood, like we have a bit of a weekly eating schedule, so yeah, I'd say that's true. cheat day i mean we don't eat both days right where we got our fries yeah yeah so usually i'll want Carl's Jr has the burgers so good it's like what are the only nights of the week tho sundays at night it's a separate way to eat yeah because it's like it's one night a week yeah it's like your only good meal and I'm like I know it. what pad thai yes but i feel like you too and have developed a good barometer of when the other person needs their favorite food yes so when i win i can tell you you need pasta i need it we make pasta and then the same way I eat Thai food, you know Asian food Zara says that you don't like to party and prefer to stay at home.
How do you notice this way in my life? It's not that fun for me anymore, yeah I never really liked him, I really only went out because he wanted to go, would you smash his ass? I was like they were dating and I would put my super high heels on go around and have a good time I thought it was fun you know I didn't drink in a bar and go dancing or whatever we had a lot of fun it wasn't something I would have chosen to do but we had a lot of fun but now if we go out or have something to go we like it's fun and then we won't stay long and come back home yeah and then it'll be fun mm-hmm yeah but I don't know it's nice yeah I think the biggest problem we get into is us. we'll drink and play on a saturday night but we're still with all our friends and a lot of you watching live yeah having fun mm-hmm it's like we're in a bar we just know everyone in the bar and we're too in our house, yes, but he's still very social, yes, yes, Pedro Julián loves to lock up the dogs and that weird thing in the wine room. the house or as you know there are times when you need the dogs can't get out the front door so put them in the ga my room where there is a big chair and there everyone has beds and things to sit on and not we'd put them in the wine, yeah that's where i go when the stream times out if i ever do something wrong in the stream. they put me and put me in the wine room to go to bed and think that it is a joke 24 hours locked in the wine room challenge there is no bathroom one of those going around what the hell I don't know Man, I really haven't seen what I am like.
I think you poop and then you smell your poop all day and then eat with your poop. I would eat in the shower with the water running. That sounds good. I would make pasta. in the shower ok rohnke rousey says your sleep schedule is crazy and its not really a good schedule honestly i think this applies to everyone on the internet you have a sleep schedule or a schedule in general that involves your sleep and overtime something is like slapping it so it's less and less until it's not called internet hours yeah it's a phenomenon that happens between all the people all the people that are there or is it a game that we're playing or is it a video that we're trying to make or is it a bunch of stuff somehow always disappears so you have to rebuild it right now we're in a good place though yeah over time as you get better at it and you need to put your foot down and demand from your body that you are going to do this or not. and you stay up all night like you fix it, but it takes a little effort.
As younger people, we all wake up at dawn to go to school every day and sleeping in is like a dream come true. pass the time where you stay up late and sleep late but then you realize wow this re ally isn't that good for me, my body or my mind? Don't totally fix it so yeah we're in a good place but we stay up late and don't wake up like you know. the sunrise, yes we didn't wake up at 6:00 am. m. I wake up around 8:30 most days. I'll probably wake up at 9:00 or 9:30, yeah. I'm ready I'm 15 minutes late for everything that isn't true isn't true sooner or later at the latest I'm never late I never want to say I would say how I think she says that because I'm always late I broadcast and broadcast I'm noticeably late, as we'll say they are 7:00 to 7:30 30 is 8:00 but as far as the person, I have a if I have a lunch, a meeting, a meeting if especially I was on the other side I'm going to leave embarrassingly early in case there's a terrible traffic jam and I still have time to get there because I don't.
I hate people. I hate being late. I'll be late for a stream because the dogs are fighting and they won't finish their stream is different. I admit that I'm usually late for the broadcast, but other things, yes, I like. I can't afford to be late. you've been roasted you like to wear clothes that are one size smaller than you should be wearing who is so rude to me wait what when he didn't walk away from the keyboard and mixing desk omg he's our audio engineer he's not going to drool on the Apollo in short is this shirt too tight Marissa I don't this is a large I'm a person XL I should change to XL I mean you wear whatever you want but I don't think your clothes are too small um maybe I should look into Excel I just figured it out we'll try, okay, take a bunch of pictures and send them to Marissa, don't try on men's clothes, okay?
Stitch Fix Stitch Fix will give you the clothes you want in the size you should be wearing, unlike me, check it out. Tim roasted yourself. You are very routine oriented, but I don't want to admit it. You are a creature of habit. I feel like I have a routine too, even though I made you make a schedule and tell me everything you're doing there. Like inside Julian's things. I have a routine. I do not know what it is. but it's okay but I do that's all that matters so I understand my routine but no one else it's like hieroglyphics no one should be able to read or understand my routine as long as I can understand oh that's the area code. my week as it is always the same everything has to be the same for me and if something new is going to come up i need to mentally prepare myself for it and decide whether or not i do it mentally, physically or emotionally and if there is any change i don't .
I don't like, you know, yeah, unless I have e. I don't have time to prepare for that, but as even you know, when we take on new things, I need to decide whether or not I can fit in and if I can, then I commit to it forever, literally, until someone else stops it exactly, but that's why i wouldn't like to add something new unless i say yes i promise to do this till forever otherwise i need to reevaluate this setting in this place or this yeah whatever yeah so my schedule it's always more or less the same and me I like the routine I also like the routine, but I like my own routine.
I'm going to do this and then I'm going to do that and then I'm going to do this and I'm like how did you just add seven things in the day like what the hell carpe diem you know how you gotta do it last you don't really know how to tie your shoes . e B comma I often tie my shoes and then put them on, so like all my Adidas, like my ultra boost, I don't tie those shoes because they're already laced. put them on and then just put them on andtake them off so now its like slip ons with my converses i prefer them untied i like to walk around with them untied thats wild no its not. a different look if you tie your converses or your vans or what did i say trade i meant bands if you tie your vans or converse sneakers granese like this you look very serious and like thats not why i am just chill oh you are not a normal father you are a cool dad that's cool oh my laces are untied I should get some Crocs I have Crocs no I don't currently have them I just bought those boots you have yeah I got her gardening boots which I really like or dining room that's whatever it's just shoes ok there they are those are your assumptions about us sir i will say for the most part they were very nice so thank you for that shout out to the people we chose thank you there were a few that the only one that was saying like i was like are all of them like are any of them like really nasty some of them were like shots at us like someone was like you all are rich and enjoy being rich. is exactly this is the discussion like we look at each other I don't know but there was a couple where Julian called me childish and did that kind of thing to me but I guess that's kind of so that's okay and I probably deserve it but you're a wonderful friend I wish you were with me next to me like a friend just through something fake and skinny but like a friend and we have to sleep in separate beds because we're friends yeah. like I Love Lucy, we sleep in two single beds next to each other, except we're friends even though I don't love Lucy I'm Lucy's friend ok that sounds great mm-hmm so we'll put a divider between the beds don't look at me ok I'm you friend but also like turning around, okay, overall, okay, can we all look?
How about we all agree that we're going to put the friend prank in the friend zone and keep it there after you've just said friends 30 times? you've only made it louder get it out of your system otherwise it will go on with the joke yea i heard it from my system it went well mate no yea it's gone you can't do that. darling pie sweet pea darling pee darling pee fine darling pee hey lover a case we TP a cage Anna's well-being is so strange like oh that's it Oh lover well we're just going to do lover things like have dinner together while we stare at each other we take holding hands with both hands so we just eat with our mouths like its not that brent ben stiller movie what is that? e I don't remember I'm paying Polly no they just get married and then they go to Meet the Fockers they meet the parents no they go on their honeymoon oh and they cut it wait yeah that's Along Came Polly at the beginning of a game long, long Polly came along, yes, no, that's what we are, Jennifer Aniston, isn't it, and she's a ferret?
I think that's right I think I'm money what I'm thinking about I think I'm right I think I'm right that's not all I've been following Along Came Polly is the woman where that's Jennifer innocent note selma Blair or something is the other but there two girls there ain't we're thinking there's two girls that yes yes he's still there you know long camp Olly I don't know it's him oh okay you're there it's the whole first half of the movie you're thinking you're missing oh no no no I'm not thinking of a different movie it's a long game Paula I'm sure everyone is yelling the right name of the movie right now no it's not oh wait why are we talking about this other time oh because they're holding hands while eating what are you talking about forgetting sarah marshall because that's not Ben Stiller we can make a bet right now yes I'm right what do I do right?
Everyone is in Jenna's chat because I'm here. No way, it's not a long game, kid. No way, it's not a long game. I'm thinking it's not Along Came Polly. I have never seen it. Are you sure about Heartbreak Kid? Yes, this was the movie poster. I had never seen that girl. eat so honey she's like eating with her right hand and he's like trying to eat her left hand or whatever like we're naughty we're not even doing both hands full and just like scarf down the man pick follow up pledge dammit i thought i was right on that not back to the drawing board i guess you guys just have to participate huh you like to know when the podcast is over and you start to escalate.
They also know when the broadcast ends. They know our schedule better than we do. However, dogs have very strong biological clocks, well thanks for hanging out with us. and listening to the podcast this week, we'll be back next week for another one and we'll be streaming all week. Happy Airy season this week. in your assumptions help you have a good week bye

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