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Podcast #202 - Celebrity Superfight

Jul 10, 2021
clap as loud as you can in a jacuzzi welcome back to Julian's


oh it's your birthday in a couple of days yeah if you're watching this even though my birthday already happened in the first place happy birthday well thanks in hindsight it's all over thanks back to reality now hmm i want to snap back to reality hope you enjoyed your weekend now i'm looking forward to our weekend in big bear but i hope you enjoyed it thank you hope i go too hope you do too thank you , I hope so do I, I hope you do too, we just don't take the dogs with us, let's just say no, well, we often take the


completely off on one of our birthdays because, as we like, we plan the year for the podcast . we like to leave the birthday and holiday slots that we can take away, you know, to rest that day, but we're streaming during the week of his birthday, mm-hmm, so we decided to play a game of Amalur.
podcast 202   celebrity superfight
We found time to do it this week and we found a game, well yeah we are So we have we have this new game that we wanted to try out good because we used to play that game on the podcast called Super Fight and it was basically like a card game where you you draw cards and the right is like basically if they argue. redetermination write them ourselves it's a card game yeah but there's stuff in there and then you have to argue your position on why your person would win or something yeah but we wanted to make a game called



which we've given me like that name super fun


I think we should call it super fight celebrity where we have names in one and then obviously card games are a lot of fun but everything is so much more fun when you write them yourselves so we have reconciled. some abilities and/or weapons and/or things like that that these people may have Julian is going to draw I'm going to draw one we have to argue to the death who - over who's going to win we can take I think you know a little about who the person has Keep in mind when discussing the fight, honestly, there are no rules, let's go all the way and then we'll have the winners in one stack and you're like you're winners in one stack and my winners in another, you know. winner's battle the winner's party - then pair with the champion until you get to the famous wrestler champion ok so half of the wrestler half is just a real person on their behalf and then the other half is a condition or setup dummy they have had guns my skills yeah you're good yeah I've been good ladies first happy birthday you can go first this is where the people are and I doubled them all even though Julian gets mad, No, isn't it your turn to draw? my turn, well, no, we draw and then we both read that again, oh, that's right, okay, it's my turn to draw, I like it when they're folded, you go first, all right, round one, I've got Jake Paul, oh oh my god i'm off to a good start and let's see what his skill is he's fully covered in va seline and he's paid a hit man to fight for him it's so cheap he had to go and get someone else to fight ok ok i got yoda boy or mason ramsey and he got a real hot pocket rocket launcher while on skates he's gonna get Murdered by a hit man you think i'm supposed to fight for him don't you? low grade craigslist hitmen who might not be that good you think they're hitmen on craigslist i don't know it's not there i have hitman calm down oh my god what are you going to kill killer you get arrested for talking about those, oh Gosh, I don't know, but Jake Paul found a good one in my extensive research on the Breaking Bad show.
podcast 202   celebrity superfight

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podcast 202 celebrity superfight...

It's pretty easy to get a hitman because they're just thrown into that show. everywhere is really everyone in touch with one hmm they have a guy and i feel like they get that guy probably similar to i'm not gonna na say websites aren't named anymore because i don't want them to like coming for me as a local post like the kind of website for sale, you know, and they're under the Baker's façade, yeah, it's like they think they're an independent post office, yeah, they have as a keyword mm-hmm I baked muffin tops but just when they're cold and then they say it's oh cold muffin tops wow that guy kills people he's going to buy a baked muffin named above nobody that's how you know he's a hit man so jake paul went through those specific avenues he has a guy to find this person so you're saying jake paul doesn't have the money to hire a really good hitman even if you want to get a good hitman how do you do it? mancom premium hit man calm down seriously as i understand i understand the argument has only been discrediting whether or not jay paul has hired a has a little by little Jake paul collapse here because he is has a full team here he has enough money to hire the Nessie's hitmen Okay, I have a question: what do you see in Jay Paul as someone cerebral enough not to hire a hitman?
podcast 202   celebrity superfight
I want to hire him. Yes, that sounds easy and in theory, but in practice there are many ways someone can do it. i would argue you could get a cop undercover you could fall out of favor with hitman for being too annoying and he will kill you and steal all your money like its very rare that someone would just catch him there like ok kill that guy ok thanks bye , that's it again from my extensive research and Breaking Bad never happens easily, not really, sometimes the hit man says hello, I see what you're offering me, but now that I'm in this situation, come on. look at the stakes i would say jake paul as he hired a hit man that is if you are a hit man i am assuming you have killed someone before or you are a first time first time rookie this is it then ¿ How a person turned into a hitman I don't know about someone but what happens before the first death.
podcast 202   celebrity superfight
Are they hidden? Thanks god. I don't like to think about waiting a minute. Wait, it's 2018. I think I could hire a hit man. So look at me like this, okay? Can we get off topic? Let's just say no, no, no, let me argue for once, I guess we're assuming he hired a hit man, which means he killed him before I did. boy wearing roller skates wielding pocket hot run rocket launcher will throw it and pay you a little image we assume when i think of hitman i assume that person has a gun when you are paying me a imagine you're going out you're the hit man we know yourself in the killer's shoes it's fine, he has his gun, he goes to the old man and all of a sudden he hears this noise and it's the most beautiful sound I've ever heard.
He has literally never heard a yodel, let alone what this kid can do. he's blown away he loses control of his body he just drops his gun he just stands there he's amazed he's completely under this kid's spell hey bamm-bamm pocket hot no they wouldn't explode they would explode in melton they would melt his skin then you know boy show up Do you think the hot pocket is hot enough to melt your skin and let you jump on it? The spider style grabs it. The news is really loud here until his whole head explodes. Didn't I just paint that picture?
I think you know the boy wins that fight ten times out of ten my boy is a trained assassin and he has a gun and Jake Paul is standing behind him all Vasily is a trained assassin who kills people who don't have a voice like that of a god and ability to seduce you with that voice imagine someone yodelling as well as him speed skating towards you with a gun it's a handicap for him because he can't rollerskate there isn't enough information there for you to get to the conclusion that he can speed skate on roller skates this is the first fight ok yellow guy loses he gets shot in the head by a sniper rifle from 800 meters without even knowing what is going on why you just retreated so fast i don't know i'm tired of defending you little to be frank i think you can be frank or be i think you made a very good argument and then you had me in for the kill and you just gave up no i'll take the dub no honestly Once we get past the idea that Jay Paul would successfully get a hitman who wouldn't kill Jake Paul, then tree Paul is going to win that you have to take that. back what is that so why is it like this no no i'm not saying i hit the man ok so say jay paul how i want a hit man to win this fight for me i'm not saying the hit man is going to be like your Jake Palmer to kill you oh my god it's not like that it's like I don't have what it takes for him he would have the necessary people skills to deal with the hitman finesse enough not to anger the hitman because something is the killer for hire, yes the hit man has a very notoriously quick temper, okay, do you want to do a whole podcast on him? in you really enjoyed oh so I don't like it I mean don't get me wrong.
I'll see Jason Bourne but once we're talking about someone who kills people I'm fine man there's a lot of Breaking Bad it's really educational I don't like it we're going to make it new you become good my turn James Charles has a dart gun and rides a hoverboard oh damn that's multitasking ok i have Julia Roberts please thank you teasing please you Are you kidding no you're kidding gosh I wish I had a baseball bat and could become Julia when she really becomes Julia and I can't believe it happened and we were joking like Julia Roberts had a baseball bat. and she can become Julia Roberts so Hertz so you're telling me our person literally carries a piece of wood and can become herself yeah she's not winning this fight never mind Charles will huff and puff and throw a dart that Julia Roberts will take down like the big bad wolf okay yeah I really don't know that will rain down on sorry can we just treat this like fights and not someone's?
I'm going to die like this I think that's what bothers me is that it's meant to be just a fight not like someone's going to die okay so this is like an arena where everyone always goes out Scotch Freedom Yeah exactly, do you remember a celebrity death match like that cartoon but they were like putty. You are like Sarah. God, you know, in quotes, fight to the death egg. It's okay. This is also more secure. s its just a make up fight i was getting carried away too this was just getting carried away ok i was going to say i dont know how useful a baseball bat would be against someone who has a ranged weapon like a dart ya what but that's only if he's accurate with it well if it was ryan higa leveled with that like you're in trouble ryan higa has a dart gun like in his living room and every time we come we were just picking up and ike shooting things with aren't real blood arts like little tarts no it's just our fun um but he's like a very accurate picture this is james charles hi all your people have noises go to julia roberts that's julia roberts ok first try saying that weird she's like oh what happened oh my baseball bat better turn into Julia Roberts oh yeah turn into herself she's chasing him okay she back half a mile like him she's got the mobility in the rank, going to win this fight, yes I can't, Jack Charle. s wins the fight.
I can't argue that I really can't. I'm sorry Julia Roberts is becoming Julia Roberts. these on you i would like to fold them no because i feel like brandon misses and more and makes it harder for you just like i don't like it when you can see words you have to go in there completely blind and just feel around with your fingers Conor McGregor can and will push q- tips in your ear canal and it only moves doing cartwheels ok the cartwheel thing is pretty accurate it does a lot of cartwheels and cartwheels it doesn't do any cartwheels it does the hand.
Springs don't move by hand Springs are like the wheels on a car, that's a cartwheel, basically, and the spring is very different. from his his forward cartwheels to h It was a cartwheel it's like a front flip that's what it does yeah for a somersault that's in a cartwheel oh I can't because when your feet and your hands they don't touch the ground at the same time and a front walk on your feet and your hands touch the ground at the same time for two parts of it I don't have time for this both when you start to lose trivia and when you're finishing the movement REE Drummond she can scream with sonic booms and he's holding a bowling ball but in the way that only your dad uses it so the heaviest one falls long, grouse, dad we really only scream to the point where there's a sonic boom every time which she screams, which, by the way, would either kill her immediately or win the fight. no no the sonic boom will kill you ok if it's right on top of you that's like a jet doing a sonic boom but you're next to the jet like it might scream with sonic booms sorry all the sands are falling wait i actually want to know the answer to that though like going close enough to a sonic boom would kill you like you obviously a sonic boom can kill.
I read that yes, yes, wait, thepeople tell him to go away he's making offensive wheelchair jokes yeah it's like being in a wheelchair people don't like getting out of that wheelchair Matt Damon and he's like no that means that anyone in a wheelchair who doesn't physically need to be offensive no he's being offensive so he's offending people he doesn't even stop offending people he's offensive with disabilities and he's also a sniper rifle . I mean Matt Damon, us. I know she can shoot that guy literally but even if it's over I never get bored even if Oprah is underwater she could still shoot him right hmm it depends on the ammo and the trajectory in the distance and the yeah he will kill, he will tell anyone who is.
Jason was born, are you kidding? Oh sorry Oprah you got a revolver yeah she in the Wild West with it oh good luck trying to get Jason Bourne to fight you were in his water I mean go get you where he wants the show has dolphins so they will probably put her in a good position they are smart they know what is going on and they can use echolocation what is it like? she just likes to dive up and down the gun doesn't work once she's wet it's like she's drenched and stuck she's alone in the water with dolphins a fatal flaw ok matt damon wins congratulations mr.
Bourne, yeah, wait, we're missing one. um, how do we pair them up, no we just pick a winner let's just pick the winner mm-hmm ok so let's take out the losers for sure ok i think Geoffrey hammer starts with a friendly bread he will he's facing a car he's facing a dart he's facing how to get out I agree good run Geoffrey I would also say that Trey who has a basketball game tomorrow is childish in shape and can shoot table salt Spiderman style with a win against the guys yeah I think he's Pete yeah hey he took the guy out of the game so you did good for him he made a butter knife Felix he has tear gas every two minutes even though there's 60 seconds in the that he's standing there like an idiot with a blunt knife that someone might attack. those 60 seconds especially a car I feel like Nick Cage is going to win.
He drives in circles like 100 miles an hour, he just does it. Sookie, you can't lose yourself as his caller. sword and shield I mean oh yeah okay REE Drummond he's holding a bowling ball it's probably one he just thought he can yell sonic booms though that could beat a car right? because he's in a car so he's shielded a little bit from the sound and also like the sonic boom oh yeah he breaks glass he's glass protection everyone else dies oh so listen to sonic boom. Shh adders, he knows exactly what mmm really is. win easily here not good at fighting yes james charles could kill him with a dart gun he has to have a great shot yes he would be a fast moving target i dont think he has that dj khaled even though he is a centaur and he has Cleveland yes for a car could l blow out his single roman candle at him to distract him but after that scheme oh a centaur ain't gonna be there he don't know his legs are gonna get and certainly not Jake Paul with a hitman good Jake no good Jake Paul paid a hitman for a kill and got that one kill to get to this round yeah yeah now Jake Paul will just stand there and among all these people move the guns ok james charles sorry that's not ok what about matt damon with a rifle in a wheelchair even though he can He doesn't like climbing places, he decided to be in a wheelchair even though people demand he stop because he's offensive, yeah, like he clearly doesn't care what people think right now. gonna get me drunk buddy our winner i think we have our winner nikolas cage not good at fighting but drives a car celebrity wins super veidt round one join us next week for round two , where we do everything for real, no, no. no we're not i'll do it all for real this is all a fantasy if i bother you sorry crap i can't believe after all the people we were when we were doing this we're fine we have to give them a gun and then maybe give them a limitation or something that's like you know a little different that makes it a little weirder you know in a car one and we just give nic cage a car well we didn't give them a cage a car we gave you a cage, we just stole it.
I can't believe Julia Roberts got the Julia Roberts card, man, that's great, well, it was definitely more fun than Super Fight and Nuclear Winter. I think this is more fun because it's just fighting. you know well congratulations in a cage guys send your love on twitter just tell him congratulations on winning the super fight in a car hey a winner a winner don't be a sore loser he's driving to victory right now oh my god the grenades anyone got brittnay anyone It has ninja stars that fall back into grenades but you have to throw them softball style like it's a slow pitch, you know, good luck, have you ever tried to G-bomb a car with a grenade?
I can why he will do whatever it takes to win. He beat up a woman in a movie because it was a job and it was in the script and in the part that she played. I don't even remember the part of the plot where it was happening that he was up against Kathy Bates and he walked up to her very slowly and then hit her with his hand. It's been so long since I saw that movie, right? Have you ever seen that movie? No, I've heard the audiobook, but I've never seen it. that was fun that was fun i hope you enjoyed it let us know if he wants to make the skin us very easily f Oresee aside 2/3 for this series.
I think this might be correct. We need more celebrity fights to happen. Do we need them? He comments below. He also comments below. Happy birthday to Jenna, although her birthday was on Saturday for you and it's over. birthday, oh, that's sweet, but not literally. I hope you have a good birthday forever today and always. See you next time on Jim Julie's podcast and this is all for pretend.

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