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Podcast #189 - Some Observations & YouTube Holes

Jun 02, 2021
welcome back to Julian's General Podcast this week we're streaming live from outer space we did it it was quite a trip because we did it now we whipped up freeze dried strawberries that would be so horrible that would be my least favorite thing about being in outer space, the my food would simply be like not being able to sleep. I would sleep well, but I would eat foods I would rather not eat. I would never sleep at 0g. How about pooping and peeing in zero-g? I haven't heard of anyone getting good pad thai in zero gravity, and honestly, that's a big problem for me, so we're going to have to figure it out before you take me to space.
podcast 189   some observations youtube holes
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podcast 189   some observations youtube holes

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podcast 189 some observations youtube holes...

Yeah, I mean, we started with nothing and you could really tell that really half the episodes one of us wasn't InFocus, yeah, half the episodes one of us or Mike wasn't there or it was like twelve minutes of recording and then we'd have Than block it together, yeah, who was it? I was talking like Dylan recently because he was on Guitar Center and I was talking about how I literally didn't realize until maybe like 20 episodes in that it's not the refresh rate, it's the audio sample. Video speed traditionally is 48 Hertz, but a lot of audio devices don't comply with that because that's the video standard, so a lot of recorders like, recording software or USB microphones or whatever that would record a 42 , I think, and so far.
podcast 189   some observations youtube holes
I think in 20 episodes, maybe even more, I would have to edit the audio and then about 20 to 30 minutes in I would have to reset the next clip because it was out of sync, yeah, and that's something I literally had to do. just learn the hard way over and over again at Tom's, like you know what I'm going to investigate, why the audio, yeah, but yeah, it's so frustrating, yeah, we've come a long way, I guess really, though they are still there. There are improvements to be made, you can't see the rest of this room, but now we have put sound panels on half of this wall and I need to do most of that wall because there is still some kind of echo.
podcast 189   some observations youtube holes
Ian Ian, well, I mean. It's nice to eventually have maybe a different setup with multiple cameras if you ever wanted to have a guest and we can sit across from each other because still, even though we have this dedicated room, we have a very large circular table that's like when we have guests, does it? Do you remember the first times we had guests and we were fine, we sat them in the middle and then the poor people like to look at me and look at you it's like we cornered them? I'm just whispering in their ears, but yeah, I hope one day we have a setup where we can have guests.
No, we were watching Ryan's new


. Ryan, he's in progress. I love it, right? You guys should see it, that's how it was. It's called the ination podcast, but I've been waiting forever to have him and his guys do the house, but everyone always wants us to do things with them, they just live in Vegas and we live here, so eventually they'll take care of them, They also work as you know. They're in the same boat as us, you're on an endless hamster wheel, like you work on your own stuff, it's like you barely have time to do anything and by the way, I mean talking about that video they just watched. find out, yeah, I mean, talk about anything without moving, are you kidding me?
We mean we love Ryan and we like them in his videos because we're friends when we're snappy and Stan, we love them, yeah, but objectively I can't even . say how cool it is that people who have been on


for so long and still like their own game like it, not because there are other videos doing the same thing or maybe silent or it's the meta, it's like this was what Ryan and the team want to do and they came up with the idea that the answer is I'm moving and they knocked it out of the park, yeah, to the point where it was so original.
I've seen it do well on Reddit like it should have, but it's just that it's cool to see a channel that's been around for so long and still likes to innovate and be original because they're so few and far between and you know, I mean that in serious, like any Ryan video that really made me laugh, although he really makes me laugh out loud, yeah, hug them, honestly, Greg Greg is probably the funniest person I've ever met in person. He got really funny talking about Greg. We need a Greg because Greg is the one who edits there, well, everything, but also the podcast. so you were talking about having two angles.
I would have loved a million years ago to be able to cut out who's talking about so they had the full screen because that's how they are a podcast and they talk to us and for this it's that static. weird shot that we're fine with but if we have a guess it would be nice to at least be able to sit across from each other yeah so I think eventually yeah we won't be this is not the final form of the podcast like we I'd love to have two cameras and maybe someone who can stitch angles and stuff, which isn't that crazy, yeah, but we also don't have guests all the time, so it's not a big deal, no, we don't. t, but I think it would be cool to have it for us, so, you know, two angles, one for you and one for me, I don't know, show the show, can I say something that's bothered me and I've wanted to say? on the podcast for absolutely wild, sorry, excuse me, come on and I just want to say something really positive and happy that I see occasionally on the internet and that makes me very happy, so we used to do a lot of MMA podcasts and a lot of UFC podcasts. podcasts and since then we've fallen like there was literally one fight last night that we didn't see, like there are so many fights that we don't see, partly because I think the UFC is getting a little bit How many years did we open in that box because I mean, maybe may not be correct, thank you, but we used to talk a lot about Ronda Rousey and what was going to happen with her career and that kind of stuff and I just want to say that it's been wonderful?
Watching such a talented professional athlete fall from grace in her career and, traditionally, that's how it works with these high-risk sports, it's like your career has a limited time and then what are they going to do and what are we going to do? Like we hope she doesn't depend on this like I'm going to be an actress, you know, I'll do Ronda Rousey things on you, how long can that last if your fighting career is over, yeah, and her? She has looked so happy and so wonderful in WWE. It's been so nice to see her blossom so happily like I'm so happy for her.
You know, she was just inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. Good for her, she deserves it. She absolutely deserves it. I agree and I think I made that observation when I thought because I follow her on Instagram and I always have, yeah, you know, just watching her literally do whatever she wants and make a new career out of it, I mean The thing is, like you said, with high risk sports, that's a great way to put it because MMA is like the highest risk sport out there, there's even more at stake in boxing because the length of a career is so much shorter, especially for a Woman, yes, and like she got to the top so quickly, but I still don't even think they gave her the credit she deserved because she was incredibly dominant, like no one has ever been as dominant as her, possibly John Jones, but for me.
I mean, Ronda was like a different species fighting other human fighters and what she did for the women's sport will never be forgotten because of how well the UFC has done post-Rhonda with female fighters and I think it's incredibly cool to see Someone like that who deserves to find happiness and longevity in a career like that and fund a new career off of what he had done, deserves whatever he wants. I agree and the idea of ​​someone being a pioneer of the world sucks. sport and being a legend and then having to like, you know, go back to traditional work because something didn't work out because the lifestyle is so sad, I'm glad she has the time of day in WWE and I'm glad that she's happy doing it and you know her fans are very happy because I know the last few times I've seen Ronda Rousey trending on Twitter it's because I don't watch WWE, but I know she's huge and I know that. the fans are die-hard and it's very entertaining and fun and amazing people love it, but it's awesome to log on to Twitter and see her name trending and see people talking about how they love her in WWE and they're so excited.
She's really great, but I could only hope that there was that Forbes 100 list for athletes that just came out this year and that it was like the 100 highest-paid athletes and for the first time, I don't think, ever. but like the last few years, there wasn't a single woman there, not a single one, and it was Serena Williams or Venus Williams, it was Serena that was there last year and, as you know, there's a low point and because she took a year off to have her baby. Now there is no higher-paid athlete among 100 athletes. It's like that.
And she knew it. I learned this sad reality when they chose to play softball in the first place when I started gymnastics. I know. that my maximum age is between 15 and 16, so it's like you can go to college and play or do gymnastics, but you probably won't know how to do anything after that, like you enter the world of gymnastics with this tremendously competitive attitude. like you're going to do something when you're 14 15 16 or it's like you're doing this as a hobby yeah, you know, I mean and I did it. I joined a competitive team and I thought, I hate it, I want to die every day, so I thought, I'm going to take softball very seriously and I played all through college.
I played NCAA softball for four years. Yes, we should finish his university degree. It's already a relatively low statistic, but we know after that. If you want to be in athletics, you could be a coach, but you could know how to run clinics or work in sports psychology, which is what I chose, but it's like there's really no job for you as a professional softball player. like you find them, they pay you very little, if they took it out of the Olympics, like there's no future for you, so you talk about tennis, you talk about MMA, you talk about some of these other sports where women potentially You can make a WNBA or you can make a living playing pro like you'll never get, hopefully, not ever in the future, but right now you know you'll never get paid like LeBron James or you know Kobe Bryant like there's just no way. that opportunity for you, even if you are the best in the world, you are Serena Williams, you are Ronda Rousey, there is still a lot of discrepancy in salary, but being able to see Rhonda's career in theory what she trained for is over and continue to make a living from a way that makes her happy and that allows her to be physical and still very athletic, it kind of makes me very happy and gives me a lot of hope for the future of other female athletes, that one and me.
Imagine I'm forgetting the people that you guys will remind me of in the comments, but it's really nice to see someone like that continue to have a career, you know, because it's been made by men like Brock Lesnar has done in WWE, yeah, and I like. Not that it has to be the preferred choice for MMA fighters, so oh, we'll just go to the store, you'll be like that I hope, but it's really nice to seeback boy well, could boy dog ​​that doesn't pee no boy boy dog ​​urine doesn't kill grass girl dog urine kills grass what yes, it's a fact, okay, I'm Seriously, I'm going to oh man, that real quick .
I'm serious, check, go ahead, check it out, check the sources here, okay, hey Siri, what's the difference between boy dog ​​pee and girl dog pee? It's not what it's not what's there, they urinate, it's how and how long they wait Pete, why do some male dogs bend over to urinate? Let's see, let's see, tenderness, calm down, just write. Dog pees? Kill your grass because you can see our grass back there is so pretty, every place the peach pees on is like a nice little brown circle now, oh my gosh, yeah, oh, this is crazy boys vs girls, it's not what's in their urine, but how and how.
No matter how much it matters, females squat to urinate, depositing a concentrated amount in one place, aggravating the damage to the grass. Male dogs raise their leg to avoid their urine, it is their method of dispersing it. It's not that female dogs have poison in their urine. and you made it sound like bitches have a lot of cat pee, which is poison. I didn't tell a lie, well then the hermit when he is tired also destroys the grass because he crouches when he is tired, but he is in a straight line, boy, it doesn't matter. In what position his body is with respect to the marbles, he falls like an ounce.
Who is Pete? He is so light that he doesn't even reach the ground even an ounce. He sometimes he likes to lift his leg for five seconds. I'm going to do it. There's nothing there, yeah, on that note guys, let's finish the podcast and think about PE during Monday and the week and have a wonderful week. Plus, we'll be on Twitch almost every night streaming live from outer space, which is where it is. It's amazing we have an internet connection Mr. Lyons I'm lying to you we didn't really make it to space oh yeah look at the background I bet I made it out of space I don't know confessions in the future oh wow thanks everyone for hanging out, have a wonderful week.

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