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Pluto's Greatest Hits Interstitials

Apr 13, 2023
he is always man's best friend faithful and loyal to the end ready to run and play never one night every day who's the one with the smile that stretches a mile well you know help a friend fly well you know always friend is your life is like the whole gang is here and we just want to tell you how much we appreciate you as you have been my best friend for as long as i can remember and your string of cartoon


is as long as all the roads we've been route. We traveled together, but the one that will always hold a special place in my heart is moose hunting, you know where I named you, my God, did you ever look any different back then?
pluto s greatest hits interstitials
Oh Pluto, you're having a wonderful life, aren't you? Why have you been like this? all over the world in all kinds of adventures but there's one special one i know you'll never forget the one you've had with pinto Jr oh so adorable she looks just like you. Pluto, no, hello, Pluto, this is your old friend. goofball i guess all this fuss we're making about you just proves every dog ​​has his date oh there was a dog who was always trying to ruin your day remember that bad old bush yeah the first cartoon you and Butch starred together it has to be I know one of your best boys it was a lot of trouble yes Pluto you have certainly had a brilliant run and while we are talking about your many rivals we might as well acknowledge these little guys too but In my book one of the best is when you went undercover to thwart the coyote's bent tail.
pluto s greatest hits interstitials

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pluto s greatest hits interstitials...

Hoover, a detective. You were with that coyote a couple of times. They are the ingredients of Legends. I wonder if people realize what a great role model you are too and never more than when you join the military. Why you must have been the best pet they ever had. I've always been a Romeo like you in Pluto's Blue Note, which I have to say is one of your


triumphs, while you were even nominated for an Academy Award and they just went crazy for you. Donald, you never changed, did you? We live for a brutal friend, you may never stop laughing, yes everything they say is true, but you know the most important thing to me is that you will always be my best friend. boy who tickles thank you alien
pluto s greatest hits interstitials

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