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Playing The HUNGER GAMES in Fortnite Creative!

Jun 06, 2021
oh, I'm really hungry, you know, I'm feeling, I'm a little hungry, you know, I have an idea, one like equals food, please give me food, they're like a pile and I'll get food. wait, well I got you thanks, that's enough, wait as fast as, wait, that's a lot of food, guys, let's do my help with the food, that's crazy, the only person who can eat that much food is gelatin, oh , you probably didn't guess it, but that's a little parody. Since we're


The Hunger Games in a fortnight, macrame is an amazing map. Basically, there is a secret that happens when the zone is completely closed.
playing the hunger games in fortnite creative
You will have to wait until the end of the video to watch it, although it will be completely free. -for everyone, everyone can kill everyone, let's see how we do, hopefully a little better than the World Cup. Make sure to use your favorite creator's item code in the item shop. Logo if you want to support this channel and anyway, let's get into it, welcome. everyone to the Hunger Games in a fortnight, look at everyone standing on the little podiums, okay, then I'll count down for the game to start and then the last one left alive will be the winner.
playing the hunger games in fortnite creative

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playing the hunger games in fortnite creative...

Good luck for everybody. Everyone here, make your favorite. emote before we start let's get sizzling guys oh yeah okay three two one okay so first of all we're going to eat one of these peppers this will give us some speed to try it out and get some of these splatters of chugs, oh wait, literally. I didn't get anything, oh, I got it, okay, hey, what's up? This doesn't convince me, ask, you know what, take that, see you, okay, we have to go out and loot soon, there will be some dead weapons lying around, oh you. you want to form a team you want to form a team okay, you and I will be fine, who is this person? okay, oh wow, we have a great team right now, as soon as someone gets a weapon, everything will go crazy though, so let's start looting.
playing the hunger games in fortnite creative
I see a couple of chests there, only one person can live, so teaming up doesn't last long, you know, I mean, I guess I don't think anyone's died yet, okay though, impulse grenades aren't that bad. What is this? gun ok we have a gun pyaare yeah I could have given you a step back I guess that shows you know I trust you at least for now so ammo is also pretty difficult in this game guns seem to be Pretty good. Although, oh, okay, you know how to take care of him, okay, maybe I'll want him back if you step back right now, that's great, it'll be my fault, okay, let's keep looting a little, we have a shotgun that It's actually very good.
playing the hunger games in fortnite creative
I guess we'll try to go up the mountain a bit. It's not right, that doesn't work. How do we get here? Oh, we've fallen. Okay, I don't know where we managed to get to, but let's try to find. an area where we can start killing I always see someone I see someone oh what a hit it's worth so someone is down here I guess they were shooting at someone else so I think someone is looting let's see if we can catch them all. I see. Look at it, huh, quick bait, fallales, teammate, what, yeah, we did it, first we kill, oh oh, oh, okay, let's go up this mountain.
I think it will be a smart thing to do, so two people are dead right now, so someone else. has killed someone now keep in mind that we have a lot of health, but if we want to always see someone there, if we do more help, we will have to go to the middle, that's the only problem, okay, let's see if we can. get behind this person first of all let's loot this chest here let's keep the other one fighting outside the entrance that way no one else will steal it and let's go hunt down this person we saw here you know who we could team up with Someone else doesn't It would be a bad idea to try to grow into a larger army, but an extra person means you can't rely on them as much.
I think the best loot is at the top of the mountains, so it's probably not a bad idea. so we can get up here oh, I heard someone, I heard a team, a team, a team, hello, 180, kill the person, hey, oh, they're trying to team up, okay, we'll team up, we'll team up, just kidding, See you, okay, understood. Now, someone is above us, someone is above us, okay teammate, do things, oh, it's flying, okay, let's do the same, where did they go, hey, you got it, finish him off, we'll just see what happens here, we don't need to waste our lives.
Hey, you did it, good job, okay, okay, get some more, hey, I need help. Get rid of this, good job, okay, okay, something works, a sip down there, maybe go get that too, we could use that, okay, that's why it's helpful to work as a team. in The Hunger Games oh that was really close, so we have a legendary shotgun, now we are getting ready, 11 people left, is there something on the top of this mountain? It's some chests, come on, give me some legendary stuff please, I hope. it's not random later and we can get legendary stuff from better places that would be cool oh yeah okay so we have a golden scar now wait did someone shoot me?
Okay, did you get those, those earrings? Okay, we can't. Shut up, by the way, where are they? I see, yes. Oh, how did it fail? Well, I'll stick with this assault rifle. Ashley is like an SMG. Oh, I just got hit, so I think whoever is on top of the mountains will have some pretty good loot, so we should be careful with that, let's see if there were any other chests around here oh, there's one more, there's one more, okay, that's not bad at all, how did it go for that person who was trying to show us that he knows us?
You're still here, well, they definitely know I don't want to shoot yet, oh, that must have been close, that must have been close, okay, we have an absolute sniper rifle behind that rock. I hate teammates cover from behind cover from behind there are still nine people left so they could push us out of the 157. Okay, they'll be a little scared. Let's see if there is anyone in the central area. There are still nine people left. This is a cool map. Look at this. I'm pretty sure there are no gliders, I actually don't know. I see people running from behind.
Okay, I think it's time to make some moves. Dude, just point in that direction for a moment. You cover it. Okay, just in case. However, that problem for the fabric had to be done at some point. Sorry, the zone will go even further in a minute. I couldn't leave them as a responsibility. I think I'm seeing a lot of what the hell stuff. What is that equipment? It's like a team of three. Now I regret killing my teammate. Oh, what a shot. 157. Okay, we're going to have to head to the middle at some point, otherwise we'll lose some health, so I'll do it. that now, please, some total damage.
Oh, someone else just died. Okay, I'm going in. Well, there's no one around, so this is a perfect opportunity. I'm going to need some choke splashes for the fight at the end. Oh, that. It was so close okay I'm going to head into the woods I think it's a safe place to go the zones will come in in about five seconds four three two one oh okay it's actually coming in now I think it's actually coming in so that's going to force people so let's see if we can get someone inside the forest area hello someone here oh that area is coming really fast okay that's really scary okay what Treece is saying is that they saw me ah this is stressful if I die. let's finish everything right, let's see if we can hunt them down, we have a legendary shotgun and we should use it, there is also an area behind us, okay, huh, oh, I realize that you know that if this kind of range, come on, don't let me down at the finish. with the sniper ah there we go well done okay I thought I could make it wait we get help from kills okay that changes everything so there are five people left that means there are four left that we have to kill to win the zone is coming.
I'm going to start forcing people to push towards the center very, very soon, now we know there were some people up on this mountain, so let's see if we can get a little closer behind them, oh okay, some reason why that my aim is completely assured. like now, let's find, ugh, let's splash a little bit here, okay, where did they go? This is my sneaky tactic. Okay, the zones they enter will force them to do something soon. Where they go, there they are. Oh I see people running in the distance and there's OHS coming right behind us it's night ok this is closed oh wait it's all o157 ok oh well there are those literally in the middle right now what's happening something exploded over here whoa whoa what damn that's so cool hey dude dude what are you doing what you're doing there?
How are there still teams at this time? Honestly, I'm going to sneak past these people here. Where did you go? They are angry? We managed to kill and we didn't do it. Oh who knew this would happen! Get so intense, okay, someone's going to turn that corner any second, head up, we go up, well, okay, you lose a lot of health, uh-oh, this is dangerous, this is dangerous, so I'll keep going in , hey. What's happening? Where did they go to wait? It's that someone else is killing. Oh, okay, let's try to get one of these, one of these things, okay, this is our rebound a little bit.
Okay, this is intense. There are three minutes left on the clock that we haven't. I'm at full health right now, don't get in the zone, we hurt someone, though hello, remember me, yeah, here we go, another one, oh okay, take out the sniper. Oh, another one, someone knocks us down, but someone is below us, okay, this is intense, come on. Where are you going? See you. Where do you think you are going? Everyone is flying like crazy. That's not the best tactic. Okay, we're in low health right now and there are two people left alive. Come on, blow up the bomb a little.
Oh, that was very close. There are two minutes left on the clock, yes, another one less and we don't make it, but why didn't you drop your heels? Okay, now it's just me against one other person. What are they doing well? Trying to fool me. Can. do that too it's a 1v1 right now whoa okay this is intense okay I know what they're going to do for a boost oh okay 20 damage I think they have a sniper rifle like this That one shot with the sniper rifle and we're going to be super dead, okay, no, I need healing right now.
I don't know where they are. There are too many things happening. Can I get cures? How come they still have the shields? They must have lost a lot. Okay, here we go. they just did some proper damage, they might be healing themselves, there's only one minute left on the timer though, oh I did damage, yeah here we go, the girls are going to jump, we didn't expect that to happen in The Hunger Games eh, that was intense, okay. It's time for the bonus round, basically, the bonus round is very simple, whoever kills me wins and everyone is already gone, so here we go.
I should have run before setting that up, so let's do it in ultra incognito mode, ah, you guys can't kill each other. Also, if you want, because that means, oh my god, hey, there's no way to team up, whoever kills me wins, it's very simple, you can't team up, your only goal is to kill me, oh man, oh, okay , we're already getting shy, okay, let's try and get going, it's just an extra round, so it could be over real quick, huh? What are you doing jumping on my head? Are you mad and we don't get heels?
Please I hope you have heels on your body. Here we go, no, no, Hills. Oh. a shotgun would be really good, oh, I'm going to chase real hard, no, no, it's okay, they're too busy with each other, come on, come on, we still have some shields though, well, my plan is not to run towards him. top of this mountain while everyone else kills themselves, okay, it's not so safe to go to the top of this mountain, ah, wait, always just to make this counter impulses. Oh, no, eh, ow, oh, okay, let's go back in the other direction, you know what? let's jump down this is too much this person probably doesn't know we're here right oh no no no they didn't shoot us good job well there was a quick bonus round and that was the Hunger Games right?
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