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Planet Zoo Full Beginners Tutorial + Starting Layout

Jun 08, 2021
What's up guys? I'm Paul's build and today I'm going to show you how to get started at Planet Zoo. Planet Zoo is a game about buying, caring for and raising exotic animals in your very own zoo. First let's look at the camera controls to move around use the w, sa and d keys you can also use the e key to move up and the q key to move down holding down the right mouse button will allow you to pan right and left by holding the mouse wheel to rotate the camera and tilt it at different angles, scrolling the mouse wheel will allow you to zoom in and out now to see all the animals you can get in the game, look at their zoopedia on the top left here you will find descriptions of all the animals and their requirements so you know exactly how to make their habitats, we are going to choose a Nile monitor to be the first animal in our zoo because they are quite exciting for a very low cost of feeding.
planet zoo full beginners tutorial starting layout
Animals like lions and tigers are great but it costs a lot to feed a young zoo if you click on the natural habitat tab, you will be able to see all the requirements your animal has for its habitat. Here you can see that this animal has no climbing or deep water requirements, but it does have land requirements. and limit requirement now to bring guests your animals you will need path parts which can be selected in the bottom right tab and you can choose the type of path you want from a good selection once you have found one just move it to the map and you will see it appear.
planet zoo full beginners tutorial starting layout

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planet zoo full beginners tutorial starting layout...

You can adjust the length and width of the path in this way. Left-click to place routes. If you want to build in a straight line, you might consider enabling angle adjustment. this will adjust your pass by a specific degree each time you place them for our initial


. We'll build three meters on each side and then 10 meters down and join it. We will also build a path on the four meter line now, unless you want your animals to escape you will need some barriers for their habitats. If you click on the barriers button at the bottom of the screen, you will see all the available barriers along with the doors your staff will be using. to access habitats, placing a gate first can be helpful to ensure the barrier is the correct distance from the path.
planet zoo full beginners tutorial starting layout
Here you can also disable the angle adjustment for more fluid movement. You can also adjust the length of the barrier. glass barriers can be curved while wooden log barriers can't but a tricky trick is if you put the glass barrier first then you can then change it to wooden log barrier to change it just click on the barrier and then select the type of barrier instead, if you make any mistakes you can always click the undo and redo buttons at the bottom of the screen but remember you only get 49 undos now I like my barriers to be look a little different so I'm going to put some curve in this one remember we need to make this habitat big enough to meet the minimum requirements of our Nile monitors and now I'm going to finish attaching this barrier.
planet zoo full beginners tutorial starting layout
If you want to select more than one barrier, just drag the arrow tool. all the barriers you want to select you can also move all the barriers by selecting the move icon if you want to select all the barriers click the circle icon you can adjust the height of your barriers by clicking the up and down arrow icon this it can be done in fixed increments using height adjustment or it can be done freely if you turn it off now that we are happy with the barrier i like to edit the terrain of my habitats to make them a bit more interesting if you click on your habitat and then select the icon terrain, you can see the land area, water area and average water depth of your habitat to modify the terrain, select the terrain tool at the bottom right of the screen, here you can adjust the size and intensity of the changes you want to make using the extract tool we can lift the dirt in the specified area i am going to use the smooth tool to smoothing out this little hill you can also undo any mistakes you make i'm going to use the push tool to make an area of ​​water for our Nile monitors and then use the water tab to place water.
You will notice that you can only place it in certain places depending on the line of the terrain. Now when I click on the terrain tab you can see these variables have changed and are definitely suitable for our nile monitors you can use a chisel tool to rough up some terrain to make it look a bit more natural now to buy our animals we are going to need some staff facilities In the facilities tab you can select the staff facilities and see all the facilities available to your staff. We are going to need a veterinary surgery for any sick animal.
Unfortunately, your staff buildings have a negative impact on your guests, so you need to. to place them far enough out of their way so guests won't be annoyed by them if you click on the heat map at the bottom left of the screen you can select the negative impact on guests at the top and see the area you need to keep guests away from once a building is placed all other buildings will line up with the grid, you will also need a quarantine to place your animals in when they arrive and a staff building for your staff relax now because i have chosen an aquatic animal we are going to need water treatment facilities this building is going to demand money but i think its worth it because it gives us some very nice habitats you can press the z key to rotate your buildings now unfortunately the installation of water maintenance has quite a large negative impact radius we are going to have to adjust the size of the grid at the bottom or right and place it so that the radius stays within our square.habitat the animal trade center is the building that allows you to buy and sell animals the research center allows your vets to research and the workshop allows your mechanics to research the Veterinary Research focuses on your animals and will give you new food and enrichment.
Mechanical Research will give you a number of things, from decoration pieces to new facilities. I'm going to join the path between these buildings to create a small staff area. I will cover this later with decorating but for now decorating is not as important as making money now let's start buying our animals once you have the animal trade center you will be able to buy habitat animals by selecting the animal trade tab here you can see all the animals available to buy you can filter them by selecting the filters tab and select only the animals you want to see here we have two nile monitors one male and one female we can buy them with conservation credits which as you can see we have 300 when we started the ga For me this is preferable to buying with money in the early stages as money can be a bit tight.
You can see the genetics of our animal here, which is important for breeding and also the general attractiveness of the animal. On the right, you can see the sex. and the age of the animal you can buy the animal by clicking the adopt now button the animals will appear in our animal storage tab if you want to move them to the zoo select them both click send to zoo and then select the location you want to move them to, in this case we are going to select our quarantine building as we want to make sure they are not sick or injured before we enter the zoo now to move these animals you will need staff to hire select the zoo tab on the bottom left of the screen then select staff here you will be presented with a list of all your staff you can hire staff by clicking on their icon at the bottom of this page and then clicking on your zoo where you would like to place th Em, I recommend you get a keeper, a mechanic, a vet and a keeper to start your zoo.
Keepers are in charge of cleaning your habitats and feeding your animals. Mechanics are in charge of repairing your barriers and utilities. animals and keepers are in charge of keeping your zoo clean once you have hired the staff you can easily see their salaries, the work zone they are assigned to and their level of training unfortunately you have to wait a bit before be able to train them. you can also rename your staff work zones its a great way to organize the work your staff will be doing in your zoos to create a work zone tab select add new work zone now select all buildings what do you want to include in this work zone i am creating a work zone for our vets first, so they will need access to our habitat, our vet surgery, our quarantine, our staff building and research center, you can see the building selected on the right hand side you can also na tell me your work zones so I'm going to call this vet now I'm going to create a mechanical work zone by selecting the workshop water pump staff building and habitat for our work zone caretaker job i will select animal trade center kiefer cabin quarantine staff building and habitat too i am going to create a work zone that includes all the buildings and habitats we have including the entrance gates this work zone will be called the zoo and i am going to assign my keepers and eventually my security guards to this keepers and security guards patrol the areas you have selected in your work zones if you select your entire zoo or an area of ​​your zoo they will patrol this area and do their job now you can assign any unassigned staff to the correct work zone and your staff should start working on their works, that's right, your staff will move the animals from the animal trade center to quarantine as we have instructed, however, I did not connect the pas is correct, that's why they are doing a strange path and I will fix it using the route tool now once they are inside you will need to wait for them to pass the quarantine, you can advance the time using the arrows on the bottom right of the page nscreen please note there are three speed modes and toggle between them by left clicking once they have passed quarantine you will see a ready to go quarantine pass icon appear if you click this head to quarantine and here you can select your two animals, click move and then click the habitat you want to move them to. you need what you have now success


y moved your animals to your zoo your animals have a certain amount of needs to be happy and you can see them by clicking on your animal in the land tab we can see that the land


is not correct for this type of anima So, we're going to need to paint it.
If you go into the terrain tab, you can select paint and select the type of terrain you want to add. You can adjust the size and intensity of your brush. What I like to do is paint. with an intensity of 100 and then use an intensity of 30 or 40 of a different terrain type to mix it up a bit, you need to make sure that all the sliders are within the correct zones, once they are in the correct zones they will go green the next thing your animals need is plants, if you select the environment tab you will be able to see the type of plant cover they need, the nail monitors don't need anything but I think we should put some in, you can also see the continent and the biomes of which these animals like plants.
You can filter them in the nature tab so that you only see these types of plants. You can adjust the height of any element by holding down the Shift key. You can adjust its orientation by pressing z and you can move it with more control by pressing x this will give you three axes to move your elements by pressing x again you will be able to rotate the element along three axes by pressing x again it will allow you to toggle between these two options if we select a type of plant that is not suitable for our animal, they will tell us and we can easily eliminate it.
These guys seem to like banana palms, so I'm just going to put a few of these here. I'm also going to add some stock rods to the waterline to do. looks a bit more interesting you can see our animals really need enrichment but unfortunately we don't have any to get enrichment you need to research it if you go into the zoo tab you can select vet research and drag your vet over the animal you want to research once you have completed your research you will have a level one research for this animal, this will reward you with toys, food, fun facts or many other options if you let your vet on this animal continueinvestigating until all levels are finished, but if the vets go from one animal to another animal, they will simply pause their investigation.
Your animals also need food and drink. If you go into the habitat tab, you can select food and drink and filter the species you have in this case. our nile monitor can easily drink from the water supply we have as we filter it properly with our water pump station but the food tray will allow our keeper to put all their food in one place this is helpful for our guests as we can place it near an area we want our guests to see at the time our habitat has no glass barriers if we edit the barrier we can select the glass window option to create a nice glass window for our guests to guests look through if you select the heat map option again and click on the water tab at the top you can see the range of our water pump station only part of the water needs to be within this radius for the water leaks so don't worry if something is sticking this means t the water is clean for our animals and they can drink easily without getting sick, ta You can also select the power option to see which of your buildings are contained within the power radius this building does not require power your zoo entrance will act as your initial power generator your animals also require shelter and most animals they will need a hard shell over their head and then a bed option for them to sleep in.
You can select from a number of pre-built shelters or you can build your own using these building pieces. Gnar monitors are aquatic, so they can use the bedding on the jetty. I think this looks good, but I'll make it a little more interesting. and build it myself to verify that your animals can access all areas of their habitat. click on the animal heat maps and then click on the habitat tab. This will show you the areas highlighted in blue that your animals can access. it is the education and donation bins your guests need to be educated about your animals and this requires power so you need to make sure you are placing the education within the power radius i am going to build a path around our habitat to provide them to give our guests a better view in the settings tab, you can select the option to fit next to barriers, this will ensure that your paths follow the line of your barriers, although the curves I've incorporated make this quite difficult, so instead To stop my route connect automatically.
I hold down the control key. Donation bins bring in a lot of money for your zoos. You can find them in the facilities tab under guest facilities. You want to place your donation bins in the areas where your guests are. you will gather the more you educate your guests, the more they will donate. You can also change the color of your donations. Guest education boards can be found under the facilities tab. You want to place them in the areas where your guests are going to gather. educate your guests about the animals in the habitat but remember to link them to the habitat they are in by clicking on them and selecting the animal you want them to display another great way to get your guests to view your animals is through areas lookout here we are going to make a lookout area by building a little platform to build the path press u if you press this twice it will turn into stairs if you press it once it will be a ramp you can also drop the path by pressing j.
The barriers will automatically try to connect to make it easier to build from both sides and then connect the middle. You can select the raised railing in the settings tab. This will add railings to your elevated walkways, so now. When you start you will also need some exhibit animals as they are very cheap to maintain and can still attract a lot of guests to find the exhibits go to the facilities tab and click on small animal exhibits. these buildings have four sides that guests can see their animals from here, we will only use three to get display animals, click on the display trade tab and select the animals you want to buy just like in the animal trade tab, exhibit animals only have two jeans when you want to add them to your exhibits click on the exhibit animal storage tab and send to the zoo and then click on the exhibit you want to put them in they will instantly move to make happy to your animals you need to adjust the layout and climate of your exhibit the layout can be unlocked with research but the climate can be adjusted at any time for the weather you want to make sure the temperature and humidity are within ranges animal preferences change this by moving the slider and remember to add them to your keeper's work zones, your exhibits s also need education in the facilities tab you can find the exhibit education boards these act as habitat boards for your exhibits and don't forget to place donation bins on your guest needs and these need to be met for them to have fun at your zoo.
You can find them by clicking on any guest. You can also view your history of where you've been. Your current thoughts. The information of your guests. Your finances for your group and information about your group, including how long they have been at your zoo and their type of group. You can also find information about your guest by clicking on the guest tab within the zoom menu. This will show you what all your guests are currently thinking. about your zoo if your guests think your ticket prices are too cheap please adjust them in the zoom menu your guests will need facilities to meet their needs especially food and drink here i am using the route tool to make sure my facilities for guests be online above with my input to place guest facilities click on facilities then click on guest facilities here you will have all the guest facilities you have unlocked you can unlock more through your mechanical research at the front of I recommend putting up an information center and balloon loco at your zoo, the information center will sell audio guides and umbrellas, while looney balloons will sell balloons to children. sh soda to meet your food and drink needs here i am going to create a small park area using the align to grid option and selecting the path i have already built so now i am going to place park benches by clicking on the facilities and then select the bank option.
I want it to be a good idea to put other benches around your zoo when it gets a bit bigger because the guests will get tired from walking too much. You will also need to place bins around your zoo to prevent litter. really help your keepers if rubbish accumulates in your zoo guests will find it unpleasant and won't want to stay when you put guest facilities automatically hire a vendor for each facility you will need to create a work zone for these vendors which includes the building of staff to rest if you wish you can hire more vendors in the staff menu now our remaining cash at this point is 3525 £28 which means we spend approx 474 £72 although our zoo has been running a bit a bit, so we've been making a little bit of money the point is right now our zoo is making money so we don't have to worry about going bankrupt now once we've made a little more money we can add some of decoration. to our zoo you

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