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PJ Masks Funny Colors - Season 2 Episode 18 - Kids Videos

Jul 07, 2023
No one's companion foreigner I call Monkey Bar Hey hey where did all this cool playground go too gone now there's nowhere to play oh who would do such a thing let's find out pajama


we're on our way night on the town and a brave group of heroes are ready to take on diabolical villains to stop them from ruining your day. Amaya becomes Greg becomes Conor becomes Catboy the playgrounds don't disappear like that, well someone must have taken them, but why is whatever is going on big for the cat? cars thanks come on looks like we found the missing games well if it's not pajama pants Romeo oh boy like my new HQ fix you mean our new HQ hey that sounds like oh no armadillon Oh, pajamas, what do you think it's not? exactly finished yet but it's going to rock obviously had some mental help Gathering the building materials why thank you master armadillon what are you doing every superhero needs his strength and a trusted companion who he calls a companion is you bastard me a companion Like I'm Romeo?
pj masks funny colors   season 2 episode 18   kids videos
He's a bad guy, remember, he doesn't want to help me anymore, you said it yourself, Owlette, there's always room for another good guy, but heroes don't go around taking things that don't belong to them. Don't listen to them. This is all garbage and our new headquarters is finished. . I'm going to give the city a bunch of new playgrounds. Look, it sounds pretty heroic to me. High five for good deeds. Oh, very low, don't leave me hanging. New armadillo Splash. Romeo is just using you, yeah. He wants you to think he's gotten good, but this all belongs on the playground.
pj masks funny colors   season 2 episode 18   kids videos

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pj masks funny colors season 2 episode 18 kids videos...

I know you're a good guy, but stealing things for Romeo, stealing what you in no way said we can take over those playgrounds, we're kind of PJ pests. They're just jealous that our new headquarters makes theirs look like a joke. They want to ruin us before we get started. Well, I'm not going to let that happen. You made a big mistake. Pajamas, ah, you're not going to ruin this. I, no, you did, you went and pissed off the muscle men, it should be good, sit back and enjoy the show, master, hey, hey, I don't think the armadillon is good, I know he is, where did he go?
pj masks funny colors   season 2 episode 18   kids videos
Super tunnel, Luna, surprise us. He's a bad guy, well he's been pretty friendly to me so far. It's time for Muscle Boy to destroy the PJ


and take over the city. Wait, you don't mean protecting the city? Same difference, just do what I tell you in your brain. Romeo always will. being a bad boy he wants you to be his strong partner but you are my partner I am a partner never for that I am using you I mean partners are partners you really fooled me you are a bad boy I am not anyone's partner I am armadillon and I am a real hero , it's so, oh, hey, what are you doing? time for a super companion.
pj masks funny colors   season 2 episode 18   kids videos
Revenge, let me think about it, huh, I order you to leave it. Dylan is doing the hard part for us, let's make sure this is all safe. returned you're destroying my rhq you treated me like a fool your boss you're cool now they're fighting each other i told you the armadillon is good maybe but he's so angry he's not acting like a hero he's just angry because romeo lied to him we have to stop them first They destroy everything, let me go, you're welcome, all this destruction has to stop the armadillon, join us and be a hero.
I'm already a hero and it's time to teach Romeo a lesson. Threw out. I have an idea. being a hero you're just destroying things we can help you defeat Romeo back off I have this it seems like it's just you and me villain in armor I'm a villain sir I have my moments villain wrong villain villain together we could stop everyone partner wants to give it another chance. I, I don't think so, Romeo, you see, I'm a hero like PJ masks, stop being me, you messed with the wrong hero, consider yourself ah robot, what would I do without him? you let us see you two robots turning on me please come back free robot another good good sleep for a change stop writing mistakes and it makes me look less evil it's you okay yeah I really thought Romeo wanted to work with me and do it. okay and when I realized I was lying I lost control again I'm sorry but in the end you did it right and that's always the right choice thanks for helping me super friends I better start cleaning this messerman Dylan that is what we will help. what the heroes do Pajama masks oh shout hooray Foreign threat I want to get the new bossy boss before they run out I heard he's fighting a new villain yeah, bossy brazen is the ultimate showdown lossy action Cyclone spin wait what reptiles squirm where did all the comics go?


I'm out cold someone broke into the store last night and stole everything it's already night ah what villain would have made this word on our night walk in the city and a brave group of heroes is ready to take on diabolical villains to stop them? playing with your day Amaya becomes Greg becomes down Connor becomes Catboy sorry no time to chat we have a comic book thief to catch on the owl glider hey what if bossy Brash is real and she stole all the flashy Flash comics? Would they be cool chameleons or not, whoever did it, didn't break in, maybe they didn't use the door, yeah, maybe they came in through the roof.
I'll check it out, hopefully I can find clues, super lizard Chris, open the door. once you're in slithering snakes Karma Dylan I knew I'd find you here criminals always come back to the crime scene what you good guys remember yes plus I'm a huge comic book fan flash speed is my all time favorite . I'm nice too, try feathers, but I know what I saw and all the evidence points to you, uh, what evidence I don't know, maybe this, this and this, none of that was there after the robbery, yeah, someone must have placed it. Iron, man, no.
More excuses, it's time for justice to be done, look what I found hidden in your glider, it's time to confess the pajamas, how did those get there? someone is framing us, aha, it's true, you have to believe us, sorry Crooks, as the only city hero I have. I had to do it. Bring him to justice, stop, can't you see he's doing more harm than good? Oops, I didn't mean that, but I won't stop until the judges, sir, I'll take you away. YouTube worked to find out who set Dylan up for us. over here thanks, pictures of the comic book store before we get there, good idea, if we can show Armadillon, someone else is broken, then we can prove ourselves innocent, night ninjas, we have to show Armadillon, you can run but no you can hide PJ's streams on At least we have no problem finding him ready to surrender, hey, we'll never surrender for a crime we didn't commit.
Look at this, those naughty ninjas. I will bring them to justice not so quickly. First we have to find out why. they made him wait, what if the night ninja organized the robbery to keep us all busy and distract us, yes so we can do whatever he wants without any of us getting in his way or maybe the night ninja figure can do whatever you want without any hero getting in the way? his way, just say that, come on, let's go catch some bad guys, how about we go for the less destructive flash style, Rolling Thunder, look at the statue that will stand proud showing the whole city the best ninja in all times and what exactly are you like?
I'm planning to move it, even if I'm not strong enough to live, that's because you don't have ninja fingers. Watch as we move that silly headquarters out of the way and replace the Angelenos. We have PJ's pests. I thought you were going to lock them up. for stealing those comics, except he knows they framed you, usually he knows he's a foreigner, are you okay? Come on, super cat feathers, that was great, thanks big guy, no problem, I owed you after accusing you earlier, yeah, I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions, we know. You were just trying to do the right thing, it's not your fault, the night ninja tricked you, I've got a trick for him, my sleeves, it's time to be a hero, big deal, but I'm not done here, hide behind that go all you want.
With my super sticky Splats you'll be stuck inside forever, come on, you laugh, thanks now, who's in this sticky place, huh, why are you a foreign oversized armadillo? I got help, your time is up, prepare to be defeated forever oh no, not again. You have to help Owlette, you won't get away with this bossy floss flash kick and crash.

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