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PJ Masks Funny Colors - Season 2 Episode 26 - Kids Videos

Jul 07, 2023
Alien Halloween Tricksters Halloween fun here we come, look at all the


, I wonder who's going as The Owl and the Pussycat meow. What are you supposed to be dragworth? King of the powerful lizards. Aliens. How wonderful. Nice


. What are you a Gekko? Wait, I mean, nothing more, just wait until you see my costume, it's Spacey, this is going to be great, Cameron being a braggart, don't worry about him, we have a big night ahead of us. Halloween night is the bad one. kid's favorite time of year, hey, watch out for little


in tights.
pj masks funny colors   season 2 episode 26   kids videos
They're playing tricks on us, little


in shiny tights, ninjalinos, that means night. The ninjas are already causing trouble. Good thing trick-or-treaters have some superheroes to protect them. PJ masks, let's team up for a night on the town and a brave group of heroes are ready to take on diabolical villains to stop them from ruining your day. He becomes Greg, he becomes Connor, he becomes Catboy costume, PJ pumpkin, any sign of night ninja and the gang of him. We're up to something, stay tuned, PJ robot, who knows what Trixie has in store for us, but we've got some treats for that trickster and I'm not talking about the sweet licorice variety, guys, uh, guys, tree, um, maybe informal and combined.
pj masks funny colors   season 2 episode 26   kids videos

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pj masks funny colors season 2 episode 26 kids videos...

Why do you talk like that? I'm disguising my voice. Superhero rule number one. Never let your classmates know who you really are. Trick or Treating. Hello, fellow trick-or-treaters. Cool costumes, but not as cool as mine. I'm Captain Cameron, interplanetary hero from outer space now come on, time is candy see you later, come on, oh, disgusting, it's so sticky. What's going on? How do we save them without them knowing we have superpowers? I have an idea. Super Gekko camouflage, ah, how do we get it out? I can't move, oh wow, did you see I took us out with my interplanetary space muscles?
pj masks funny colors   season 2 episode 26   kids videos
Captain Camera, thanks Cameron, but I used my super Gekko muscles to free them. I am the real hero. We know you're Gekko. The important thing is that. you helped hmm you are okay guys, do you have a cold oh, I deeply understand, superhero guys, huh, it's


, everything is under control? I saved us from those little tricksters, hey, mine too, oh I mean, they won't get away with it. After them, baby, it's time to be a hero, hey, Captain Cameron, go the other way, boys, we'll cut them off the coast, it's clear, you're in Owlette, blow them out, cut your own net, I'll take them, but where is the night?
pj masks funny colors   season 2 episode 26   kids videos
Halloween ninja. We're having fun and still grabbing goodie bags isn't a Fun Night ninja? The saying goes: trick or treat. Welcome to the trick part. The gift bags disappear one by one until you have none. Good luck with that. We just got it back. Oh, it sounds like you. friends are in trouble better go save them chop chop s she's coming straight for us just leave it oh that's not ghosts and she'll go after the rest of the goodie bags cover me I got this which way did it go which way was it easy to pick up now gather the candy it's time to do some tricks of your own those bags of candy aren't yours find yours and now I have them all good not all of them we have much better candy at headquarters do you dare come knocking hmm I don't do trick or treating, cheat and drink okay get ready guys operation scare there's a go hello well does this place have a buzzer does it smell like trick or treat my feet give me something good to eat or else come back , fluttering fools, ah, Peewee.
The masks fooled me, wow, I don't even know my own powers. I can even ask Google. It's all good, everyone got their goody bags back and now we can relax and have some Halloween fun with you, oh yeah, you and an army, oh them. They're huge, they grow so fast I saved my Halloween moon power for the perfect moment S I can't break free oh, you're not going to get your way with this Luna girl, oh are you? The Halloween fun has just begun goldfish, panting geckos, they're going to the goody bags excellent, this will be the biggest haul of Halloween if those werewolf wannabes can pull it off, don't worry, I told Wolf Moon Halloween gives them additional powers.
The planned Halloween belongs to us villains, as it should, those are our gifts, the bad guys are working together, it's like three nightmares in one, come in, robot PJ, can you help us? That's what I call a brilliant idea, but they still won't let us go. I have an idea on my mark, one, two, three, thanks to Owlette and thanks to the PJ robot, any foreigner dressed as a dog took all our goodies. Halloween is ruined, fear not, Captain Cameron is here if I can escape a stink gun, scare a ghost. then I can get back to the goody bags Captain cameras yeah we're the ones running around doing all the work Cameron just thinks he's a hero well no one will be a hero if we don't stop those nighttime villains we have to focus.
The Wolfies sound like they're somewhere in the park, come on, feel the super power of the Halloween wolf, yeah, yeah, yeah, now, come on, we gotta find a place to put the goodie bags that are already made, guys, I put them in a super secret hiding place, great. where is? uh um it's so secret I forgot where it is let's go thanks Kevin well I made up a rhyme to remind myself now I just need to remember what it is Lou sounds like root so the treats must be under the tree. We'll sniff them out with our super snouts, you better find the hiding place, a phone.
Thank goodness we reviewed your super movies. I knew those scruffy monster trucks carried the PJ masks here, but I got rid of them. All my Halloween plans fell apart. Don't be so dramatic, we need a plan of attack, just stay back, those PJ pests will help them find the good stuff for us. See, that's not that complex. Hey, Wolfies, do something, you know, if you don't tell us where you put everyone. goodie bags no one's getting treats oh dogs are my favorite treats that's all oh nice bags goody bags I hit you with my hot dogs that don't even rhyme so where do you keep your hot dogs in the shed?
I have to go to the Spill the first laughs. Wow, we've got all the kitchen bags, guys, okay, I've got my hands on it, it's not what it seems. By the rings of Saturn, drop those delights or fix inter-collective Justice. Oh, just make sure they go back to their right place. o-treaters tisk tisk and you guys had the nerve to dress up as superheroes say don't give yourselves away Gekko but you take credit for everything we do and now he thinks we get the candy this is so unfair ah oh so many gift bags Could keep them all for myself or not favor the feathers.
What do we do now? Cameron can't see us in action. He waits and waits for my signal. What are you doing? What are you doing with our gift bags? They're just costumes you can. Do this here, Captain Cameron, stop mumbling and hand over the treats, back off, hey, don't make me unleash my Super Tornado space kick on you, you're a new superhero, yes, I'm Captain Cameron. Intergalactic superhero from outer space without autographs. on a mission oh, you've been to the moon yet haven't you? Yeah, it's been a busy night now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a Speed ​​Dash out of here chicken chicken chicken choo choo no hero, take the treats, huh?
Do that, I'll never take off my costume, let's get out of here now so a real hero can intervene. What are you an engineering eliminating for Christmas? My power truly flourishes along with all the delights. We are all gathering under the city subway, come on, let's break up the party that chose this place to be our leader. It's damn, dark and creepy. Creepy, who said it's just your Echo? Our wolf powers are weakening without the light of the multiple Halloween moons. There's no such thing as a Halloween wolf moon, you furballs will believe whatever you want to say, we're not super wolves, we're whining enough, we're here to celebrate the biggest Halloween heist of all time.
Now let's divide the treats. I can't believe they managed to pull this off. What do they do? We do it, we're outnumbered, we manage to keep those pesky pajamas running in circles thanks to my brilliant plan, what do you mean your plan? It was all my idea, how about us and my amazing hot dog rhyme, oh, goody bags, old goody bags, right? rhyme wow, they care more about who gets the credit than working together, can you believe it? Yeah, it sounds like I was more worried about who gets the credit than saving Halloween, but what if we used that against them?
The villains might be strong together, but one little trick could tear them apart. I like where they're going with this. 10 for me and two for each of you. Where did you learn to count? Oh boy, he's not there or Square, there's no such thing. things like ghosts she is trying to trick us again and take all our things. I'm not, but my lunar power is incredible. I deserve more nonsense. My ninja tricks were the best, so I should make the most of it, but we stole and kept the loot. We should get most of the discs, what if we don't get any?
These belong to the trick-or-treaters, it's stop it, stop me first, super cats, now there's more for me, oh come another chance to grab everything your pages are ruining, fun, sharing is fun, so I will go. my goody bag to you, happy halloween, those guys will never learn, oh, leave room, boy, he's pumpkin, Cameron and I have you surrounded, leave the goody bags, well, we better follow the captain's orders , I said, come out, wow, that was easy, you should have seen me. They ran them underground, what would you do without a super Brave here to save the day?
Captain Cameron, it's a good thing there's a hero, make that three, so they don't care, they'll never know we're the real heroes, no, because when it's time to be a hero, the only thing that matters is doing the right thing. Now let's take a look at our PJ Masks delights.

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