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Pisces "Going Through A Major Transformation" May 31st - June 6th

May 30, 2021
Hello Pisces, welcome to your reading for the week of May 31. This week we're


to jump right in here Pisces and take a look at what awaits you here. At this time I won't do it. I'm really surprised to see this stalemate card for this week. I know, it's the beginning of Mercury retrograde. You know that the beginning of Mercury retrograde is always the slowest part. The beginning and the end are always. Do you know where we are. You experience the retrograde at its most intense, so I'm not really surprised that you have that stagnation card there, um, it's just that you know, I don't think it's a bad thing, I think you're just noticing, um, kind of like the pause and the energy here, although I feel like you're kind of


, I feel like you're already experiencing resistance to something, you know, it's a little strange because the words that are popping up in my head here are Pisces. that something it's like I feel like something is getting harder and harder to do it's almost like you're resisting more and more um you know whatever you're working on here and it's like you're experiencing resistance because some of you might being a relationship it's like maybe you don't want to be in the relationship anymore and it's like I feel like you're experiencing more and more resistance uh it could be a job it could be a business something you're working on I feel like it's different for all of you. and, uh, because they have this Seven of Pentacles, which is a very good card to have during Mercury retrograde.
pisces going through a major transformation may 31st   june 6th
You know, during the retrograde, it's a good time to analyze things and look back. The seven of pentacles is a card of analysis, you know, it's my card, it's the juice worth squeezing, it's what that card says. You start with this stagnation card, so like I said, I feel like you're stuck. What else is new? you have the trust card, I think you have to trust that you're also being pushed in the right direction, you know, because, you know, I think if there's any sign that can deal with kind of a curveball, it's you, Pisces, I feel that yes I feel that if there is a sign that can change direction in the blink of an eye and make a very quick change in your life, it is you Pisces, and that is what comes to mind, it is like saying the message "I am".
pisces going through a major transformation may 31st   june 6th

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pisces going through a major transformation may 31st june 6th...

Getting there is how you don't fear the rapid change that is happening for you here. I feel like it might surprise a lot of people. I think the challenge for you here Pisces is having people doubt you in your life. This is the problem. Pisces, I mean, the message is coming through very, very clearly for you this week. I think the problem is that this is what I think now Pisces, you're actually comfortable in chaos. You have the five wands twice here and I. I understand this feeling for you Pisces, I'm a Pisces, right, and sometimes I do better under pressure, like normally I don't know, like I'm one of those kids, like I do my homework five minutes before class, right, um.
pisces going through a major transformation may 31st   june 6th
Like I was one of those kids, I would come to school in the morning and say, "Wait, what's my homework, and then I'll do it five minutes later, right at the beginning of class, so I'm doing good work." pressure, right, I think all Pisces actually function well under pressure and it's almost like that's what's happening here with these two fives, it's like you're, there's a lot of chaos, there's a lot of chaos in the world, there's probably a lot of chaos. in your personal life I also feel like you're dealing with people here three cups page of pentacles king of pentacles uh hierophant also hierophant is a taurus and you know that taurus has a very strong desire for um kind of luxuries uh taurus has a very, very strong desire for true freedom and also a kind of comfort is a word that comes to mind and you also have the Knight of Pentacles, so it's like the way I see this reading is very simple, like I said.
pisces going through a major transformation may 31st   june 6th
The people in your life want to be very comfortable. I think they are trying to avoid chaos as much as possible. If you share your ideas here in the middle with the five. If you share your ideas with the people in your life. If you're um you know if you have people guiding you or whatever this reading doesn't say don't follow their guidance but I feel like it's saying you know best because again I feel like the advice you might be getting. of the people in your life it's like they're giving you advice that they would give themselves, it's not always a bad thing, um, but it's almost like they're too focused on comfort, so it's like they're giving you ideas like that that maybe they would take you. to comfort but it wouldn't necessarily lead to success I hope that makes sense


um because it could be like one of those things I mean, maybe you have the next billion dollar idea and it's like your mom can tell you not to do it uh, you should do this instead, but it's because they're focused on comfort, they're not focused on you know kind of potential and you know I've been getting this message for you a lot of times Pisces, I feel like people just don't do it.
I see your vision I feel like people just don't see and you know part of your karma part of what you're here to learn is to trust yourself because you're a Pisces um and that's what this front row is telling me Pisces, yeah, you've got all these people here that we'll talk about in a second, but I really feel like it's saying, Trust yourself, you've got the three cups of Pentacles page on the King of Pentacles again here, like I said. I feel like the people in your life are very focused on comfort. I feel like you are and this could be a new love coming for you.
I wouldn't be surprised if a new love came your way Pisces, I would say if it comes it will be pretty surprising for you here too uh you have the two of Pentacles here it's like his side your side are the words I'm getting uh like I said I like you know I feel like you have to make a decision it's like a person's side versus your personal side or you know one versus your side of things, so I know it's like a general message, but it's like you're making decisions. I feel like you need to make decisions based on what you feel, Pisces, uh with this. two of pentacles a lot of


tell me they don't know how they feel I get it too um you know, for a long time I feel like there are certain things that I didn't know how I felt about them, but it's not that I didn't know how I felt about them. certain situation, is that again I was picking up on other people's feelings, so I feel like you need to control your own feelings this week, is what this first row says, um again, I read intuitively.
So you know, I know that's not necessarily what these cards mean. You know I'm not a paint-by-numbers tart reader, right? I'm not just going to give you the card meetings. That's not what I do. get either one so you know what it is, but what I would say here is that this is like you need to trust your own feelings, with that two of Pentacles here, you know it's like you can trust someone else's , but I feel like you trust your people and like I said, I feel like you're resisting, it's like you're resisting something too.
Do you know what I would say when listening to Pisces? I don't necessarily want to drag this out, but I want to Understand this mess, you know, this message is like channeling through me. What I would say is I feel like if you're wondering, they're like I said at the beginning with the resistance. I feel like someone might like it. You could share an idea and I feel like someone is responsible for pissing you off and again I feel like that's part of the resistance that's saying don't listen to them listen to yourself you know so you know it's like a clue king of pentacles there's someone coming in to you all out of this side this main message here there is someone coming for you here that um is very stable you are questioning it seven of swords I feel like you have been lied to cheated stolen from here for some of you I feel like you have discarded love for the last year here in this row, so it's almost like I'm telling you this in your reading for the next six months or something.
Pisces, the message I'm getting here in this row is that it's almost like someone is like your last relationship. You know, I'll just call it your last relationship, maybe your last real relationship, it's almost like someone showed you all the things that you believed about relationships and you know, sometimes I think that when that happens we can write off relationships because we're Well, they show me that you know it's almost like you open this. I feel like you opened up here to a person in the past and then they and they convince you to do that and then I feel like they prove to you everything you believed about relationships but I feel like this is a new person coming for you and I feel like he'll be someone much better next.
You have this card here. I feel like you need it. I'm really sorry about this. It's pretty simple, I feel like this card is asking you to continue to be curious in your life. I feel like it's asking you to keep researching, researching things, studying things that will be and, um, don't stop, I feel like you need to get into your own little world of fish, I'm pretty sure I told you this in your June reading too. , as well as pisces in June's reading, I think I said something about you need to do it, I don't remember exactly what I said, but you know, in many ways I feel like you need to go into your own little world here and drown out the world, not so that don't be listening, but you know, I just think it's going to be an important important moment for you to listen to yourself you have the pentacles united the five wands and the upper boundary again this is the row that I was understanding that if you are experiencing resistance from the people around you who are like guiding you away from maybe taking a risk or doing something that they can't see themselves doing, it's just out of comfort, like I was saying at the beginning of reading for others, I feel like they're a little bit conflicted about whether or not you want something like love in your life, you know, if I'm honest with you, I feel like saying that third time's the charm, Pisces, I don't know what that means, but you know, the hierophant, has three levels in his crown.
You also have three levels in your little staff here and I feel like the third time is the charm so this might be the third person you are getting into a relationship with, for some of you I feel like you've been to more than three. relationships obviously, but I think there are like three types of relationships that maybe stand out in your head or maybe like two and I feel like this third one will be similar, I feel like it will have similarities with things from the past but I feel like you can trust this one, so that if a new love comes for you, I honestly feel that this love could appear between now and the next.
I mean, I think it could be, you know, we're at the end of Maybe Now and you know, I feel like this could be a person coming in next year. I know it's a weekly reading, but to me tarot is timeless and we can choose to have love. I always tell people that. People always tell me that. You said love was coming and love didn't come in, I'm like I could, you know, I could go to the store right now, if I asked every single person in the store, I guarantee someone would say yes, of course, and anyone can do it.
Do this right, but no one has the guts to do it, so you know we can have love whenever we want and you know people ask me about that. I say no, no, if I went to the store and asked every person. Now even with a mask on a person would say yeah I guarantee it so it's like we can have love whenever we want but what I would say is I feel like it's someone coming for you here uh but come on , let's get more. details on this right here pisces huh, do you have the look? are you kidding? wheel of fortune in the four wands here um this is definitely like a very strong relationship coming up for you here pisces could be an earth sign for sure if it's in the earth sign I feel like it's more about talking about the earthy energy very grounded very stable someone who wants something permanent could also be a fixed sign for some of you aquarius scorpio taurus or leo if you are in the early stages of pisces you know me deacon one pisces basically pisces born within the first 10 days can work very well with fixed signs, it kind of depends on when you were born, but I don't trust the compatibility of sun signs either, but what I would say is that if you are early Pisces could definitely be one of the fixed signs, but I feel like this It's like someone who is part of your destiny, who comes for you, if you are looking for love, you have these six of Pentacles here. and the nine of wands does not give up like I said the third time is the charm, not a desire, perseverance, not giving up on love.
I feel like some of you have written off love here, probably because of a lying, cheating thief, for some of you. I feel like maybe this is the last serious relationship you were in. It's as if this person is not a liar or a thief. I feel like you just know somehow. I feel like they were just very closed off. They weren't. I'm willing to open up here and I told you before Pisces, it's almost like you. I didn't know certain things about this person, I don't think you'll ever know, honestly, you know, I feel like there's a very private person here, um, who just doesn't open up, you completely know, you know, so I feel like this person does. different,this is a new person coming for you, Pisces, for sure, damn, I feel like this person blows you away in many ways, you don't have the knight of cups here, but I feel like I feel more swept away. kind of energy that takes you off your feet, but it also gets you away from it pisces and the six of pentacles is like the six of pentacles that I feel for you here pisces is saying to allow this person to basically invest six of pentacles if I give you a little, you give a little, I give a little, you give a little, I think it's dangerous to see a relationship as a game, you know, I feel like it's dangerous to say oh, you know to think, oh, they have to give me so much back, but you know, at the same time I feel like it's more about talking about yourself, um, giving a balance, maybe you have a tendency to rush into relationships or get too emotional, this is something that is more balanced, it's like you're giving a love one last chance.
What I feel for most of you, for the rest of you, I feel like this is like a change in your luck here in general, but again I feel like you are creating something that will free you with the four wands, um, in a way, I feel So. four once says that you are working on something like business or work that will lead you to much more freedom in your life. Then you have the five of wands here, as I said every time I have a card on the main page and then I have it as another of the clarifying cards.
For me it is the same letter. It's like zooming in on that part of the reading here Pisces, so I feel like this is just talking about chaos. that's happening here you have these seven of pentacles eight of wands and the strength card it's like you're not seen as very strong if you do something crazy it's like you know I always try to explain it to pisces it's like you know it you even know that you have the vision that no one else has, so it's like you're doing something that people tell you is crazy, yeah, it could be crazy. card of strength force is a demonstration of strength, you know, as I always say, who sticks their hands in a lion's mouth, nobody does that, so know that it is a card of demonstration of strength.
She is doing something that would require big balls. Pisces, so I feel like for a lot of you it's like you might be working on a project or a business. or you could be working on something personal that will require a lot of strength, but you will be seen as strong in the future. You know you will be very successful in the future by doing this, so you know you won't. be afraid to try new things, you are the true innovator, as I always tell you, Pisces and I don't want nanowans, it's my experimentation card, it's my car to throw things at the wall and see what sticks well, so I feel like you need do it.
Don't be afraid to experiment, try new things, do things differently, it will lead you to great success. I have already said it before also in the birth card reading system, the five of clubs in the card reading system, which is the five wands are the card of the Pisces millionaire and it does not have to be money, it can be any form. of abundance that you would like to attract into your life, but it's like part of going on a crazy adventure and finding success so I feel like that's what you're about to do here but I love it uh let's see here you have the tower here in this row This is what you fear is the moment of a tower in love that is why you are like I look at it with these seven of pentacles for others like I said resistance is like you there is no doubt about it in this reading I am not going to sugarcoat the tower here um you know I feel like you're experiencing resistance to doing something and it might cause a tower moment like maybe you hate your job and maybe you're experiencing so much resistance that you're just going to jump off the tower uh you know and again I always say there's like one person on this card here one the person dives headfirst first the other person has their arms back and it's like they've been pushed off the tower it's almost like you have a choice whether you know I look at the towers of choice, you have a choice you can hold on to something that no longer serves you or you can experience the tower and rebuild it, so for many of you the resistance that you are experiencing is pulling you away from something that is going to cause change.
The Seven of Pentacles is a change of direction for some of you. I feel like this is a financial change of direction. It may seem a little scary again with that tower, but at the same time we always rebuild the tower and rebuild it stronger, so it's not something I'm afraid of. one of you has the knight of pentacles here, one foot in front of the other and the three of swords here too, so it's interesting, you know, having the heartbreak cards here too, the three of swords could be a temporary heartbreak, so You know, I'm sorry. which for some of you, for others, uh, I feel like this could be really healing with those three swords.
It's like that. I feel like there could be a person who will come for you and heal you greatly when it comes to love. In many ways I really feel like there is a person. The tower could also be a surprise. You know, the tower may represent some kind of upheaval or commotion in your life, but I feel like it's more of a surprise that could come. you and could be a person for others like I said, don't be afraid if you have any kind of financial tower moment, especially if you are experiencing resistance to doing something, I just don't know how else to verbalize it Pisces, I just feel like I don't have it anymore. you want to do something, I mean, it could be a job, it could be a business, something financial, something that you do, the good news is that you have the eight of wands and the knight of pentacles, um, I'm the message. getting there is if you're leaving behind like a job, a business, something like that, it's like the next thing you work on, you know, the eight with the nine of pentacles is like telling me, it's like maybe it won't make you a ton of money right away, like working on whatever new project you're thinking about working on, but I feel like it's coming in more steadily, more stable, and it's also more predictable, so it's almost like going through a bit of chaos.
Here, whatever this is, it will lead to greater stability. It's like going through the chaos will lead to something else that will actually be more stable, more predictable, and just better for you in general, and I like that for you. Pisces could definitely be an earth sign coming up for you too, I want, I just want to get a little bit more clarity on that tower card, so let's see what you get with the tower card, here's the things from the justice letter. balancing you have the nine of Pentacles, I don't know, this seems pretty good to me, Pisces and the hermit, yeah, you're finding out quite a bit could be an er, could definitely be another sign coming for you, any earth sign, period, uh , comes.
I am in love with you in many ways. I feel like things are evening out for you. You also have the six of Pentacles here. The justice card is cause and effect. I feel like with that seven of Pentacles and the justice card in the tower it's like you're learning what works and what doesn't work, you're figuring out where to put your energy and the nine of Pentacles really confirms that it also has three Pentacles on one side and six in the other. It represents that she is willing to give away three Golds, she is willing to, you know, give it balance and she keeps six for herself, so she doesn't give away too much, but she gives away enough, but I really feel like this is talking about too much. balanced, the hermit is really telling me that you have been through the darkness of the soul and you are coming out on the other side, you are coming out on the other side of a dark night of the soul, type of situation, you have the King John, some of you might be receiving justice.
They also have the Four of Cups and the Pentacles page here. Definitely, the new love that is coming for you, this will surely lead to marriage, yes, you can't make this up. king of pentacles four wants uh wheel of fortune knight of pentacles of etowan I mean network of pentacles knight of pentacles etawans page of pentacles and the hermit this is like someone contacting you someone who wants to be with you here pisces is what he I would say This is an interesting read. You know I don't want to drag this out any longer, but again I feel like some of you are drifting apart.
It's weird because I'm like I'm getting divorced. Some of you might be. going through a divorce, but I think intuitively what I feel here Pisces is that you could be married to something like a job, like a business, you could just be married to an idea and the cracks are starting to appear in something and again, it's a simple reading, it will simply be the cracks that will show in the resistance that you are experiencing, you are going to begin. I feel like you've already started to feel resistant to doing something, it's pushing you to do something bigger, um in a lot of ways I feel like you need to realize that it's time for you to level up.
I feel like I told you this a couple of weeks ago too. Sometimes I think that something no longer works as if the universe were like you. all you need to do here it's time for you to shine it's time for you to do something different it's time for you to go to the next level sometimes I think we hold on to things like jobs and businesses because we're like I'm not going to find another one, but in actually the universe is like no, no, I have something much better for you here and I think that's what you need to realize, uh, bye, I like this here, Pisces, very powerful, you know, transformative energy.
So thanks for being here, Pisces, I really appreciate it. Be sure to watch your summons increase to get a full picture of what's happening for you right now. Also feel free to like and subscribe. I really appreciate the support, thanks Pisces and definitely enjoy your week.

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