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PipirŪn y HernŠn el Potro en Zona de Desmadre

Nov 22, 2021
with the areas to tend to him, look, you stay with the meals of counting on life, you stay with the beaches with the front doors, why arias, and it is the food that cures old age, laughter always cures the being, suspecting it, it is a mother quickly that support that laughter will test today is that they play agents have always performed as in a bowl always taking out of you the man when you feel that you are worth more than the memory in which a door always opens you will always be entertained you are welcome to the favelas 3 more and e m and bale thanks For being here, he is with his mother, being part of the web production, because earlier, that is, five seconds ago, he is taking me to the dream girl, the program begins, he is fighting, I say that they stick a finger in you, but the point is that they like it, today we win and many gentlemen Thank you for being here on another Monday, which is a rampage zone, ladies and gentlemen, very excited, very happy with blessed, grateful, blessed, excited, what another joy and word for this one.
pipir n y hern n el potro en zona de desmadre
I'm delighted, delighted, but well, the truth is that, as always, we have the joy of being with you, people who always support us, who don't follow social networks and who never lose this program in a rampage zone, greetings to all the people who come together Making Mondays that come together, well, it's good to see the programs that they take advantage of to have some meat, there are some beers, being Monday there they go sacrificing, it is done yesterday, Sunday, they put on a guarapeta and to cure nothing more than the excuse that a person of a sudden rampage and they like the program but not everyone to join me person from the sea and the fuck that is not taking 12 361 so they arrive very drunk in their houses again on Monday and Tuesday well to see other things but well ladies and gentlemen listen excited with the guests that we have in this in this area of ‚Äč‚Äčriot night the truth is that they have become the darlings of the public and well now we have two of them together the first time it is The two of them are together in this program and obviously they are going to have a great time because between the two of them and I am also going to do our bit so that we can see the whole family of the heart laughing, greetings to the other countries that see us too suddenly, well, they reach us and messages by inbox or messages by email or whatsapp or whatsapp instagram or facebook mart√≠n ricky martin's contact ricky martin we never had contact with him but it was before he came out of the closet he already met this boy that he is much more handsome than me so then he stayed with him but well then the people of Puerto Rico because we have received messages from Puerto Rico of the Dominican Republic but from this Ecuador where more than Costa Rica from Bolivia from Guatemala from Chile end up we received a message from chile de chile this then greetings to all the race that does us the favor of seeing us from very, very far listen I bring a very short joke now very short what was transacted and if He always brings us a chubby but now I bring it shorter kombat a hospital I came I'm here with my cousin who can't walk or talk because why but I am infinitely grateful to the people who were at the Zamora and Uruapan show this past weekend michoac√°n thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for being present on this tour that is mx tour and if we achieve in flavors in uruapan the 10 years of experience of your server and this weekend November 22 we are going to the salt lake that is to salt lake city see you on november 23 in reno nevada well its minimum or rim or whatever you want to call it renewed on november 23 and this november 24 but more than a carnal boxing fight or even according to late minded who played today they won it is true for the first time yours truly in las vegas nevada thank you very much to all the people who ask us over there so well they are ready the date november 22 is to exile november 23 rino november 24 to las vegas and we leave next Ro next weekend, that is, until November 29, we're going to Montreal, Canada, November 30, Ottawa, and December 1, Toronto.
pipir n y hern n el potro en zona de desmadre

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pipir n y hern n el potro en zona de desmadre...

Let's start with our first guest tonight, ok, we are very excited to have him with us, he feels the same way, very excited, let him know his face, we are going to receive a loud applause and as he deserves, he is nothing more and nothing less than ladies and gentlemen.


√°n el


is the only thing you can feel and hard why today way if you are thinner sad when he is screwed up this cigar is bad and it is cut with tea and when they have wool he starts eating salads and the girls say from the other way to me I really like this shirt, don't stain this one that in some promos is in many that is different but they all say the same, the many buttons come out but he pointed and look now to work it's a joke you know why you and It's because we're not the United States, no, but come on, this has nothing to do with English, see people, two web engineers ran into each other, and engineers had a lot in over.
pipir n y hern n el potro en zona de desmadre
They studied here at a famous university here in Monterrey, and they come from all over the world. the public network this is good it wasn't from chilango and another was from here in monterrey they didn't run into each other after many years and the chilango tells him way what but channel how have you been son of a fucking mother don't suck bir√°n you are well dressed with mother after a lot of the anac ep double what a carnal fart and the other good carnal fart I'm doing little mother I think you're making children said perdue I went to Austria with the kangaroos not pending judges to Australia and Austria I went to Austria and I saw a coffee dispenser machine, a cool machine, wey, I would put two dollars in it and a hand would come out and greet you I would grab a glass skewer, put it in the center, start to dispense the coffee, then a little hand would come out the same little hand and give it to me.
pipir n y hern n el potro en zona de desmadre
I made sugar and finished it like this with my hand and handed it over to you, dude, I didn't say this is a gold mine, wey, and I bought the whole mechanism, I took it, I put a king tea, and while here in Monterrey, I made an equation sheet for him because the machine was here at the height of this one here more or less the coffee comes out here so I said don't be here but it has a future here coffee nothing else so I finally made a sewing s for it engineer and now the hand already greets it but instead of grabbing the coffee they go helsing to see how to start I put a sign above bathroom and haití and it also cost 50 pesos for the whole race well brown arrived and you approached it itched salt the hand greets you and I jumped it open the cip He doesn't put his hand in, he takes that one out, he puts it here in the little machine and I already have everything there, the timing was there, everything with mother, dude, because as long as the coffee lasts is what one lasts, then the kid and then the hand would shake his comadre He took off towards the glass, put it back and gave it to you.
Be the zipper, he wiggles that one but he doesn't give it to you anymore because we lost because they want fear in everything he does in the claws and backwards and the wind because it accumulates in the machine and you have to rent a bastard that has clean cloth and the sign antonio mono plus the claw if the environment chile chi nacional take out I always put you in advance of a little park in a little chacarita but it is a feeling that told me that seeing the franchise I can not sell you the machine chips that seeing the technology if you want today Well, he sold him a million pesos today my friend left and put several fucking machines there in Mexico City, the mother ran into him again, far from the goose that laid the golden eggs.
He greets you and all his hair is like mine. If you want to lose, you open it and allow it to take off, it starts to look like that, no, but I put a camera here in front of it and I measure its eye as it turns the bato. what and it already begins when the last drops will be there, the hand comes out like this and grabs the egg and begins to make a mask, just a slight caress so that it turns its eyes like this with mother and since it is over since it jumped with the The last drop now is missing, it was made by an entire assault machine on the computer, a millionaire, it's super good, it brings out chilangos, well, and Ramona was once a guy holding the fart, this one and five the ship, but he also had the bato, so they were taking the order in the canteen, no More than the canteen, it was like a penthouse type, now they were here, their mother up there, no, then suddenly a guy approaches to the side and then you have to have a lot, he wants to wash up, he's talking with the bartender, he turns to hit Seeing him says way tm a tequila from his magical ones and the ox that was next to him and that's how he fucked himself 23 until the dance or a lot of condition of Jaime magical because he said what happens that I drink a tequila from I was there and I can give me a plane I go out the window and I turn to the beginning and I return to the planet.
Do you want to see that no matter how much I bet you a thousand balls, a thousand balls and a thousand balls, the magic tequila was poured, the sale through the mind, returned to the web, his mother said that De Lanza is a lover of Today's magicians let go of kilin√ß, event through the window, not the mother, the glass was killed, it was just two left, the bartender at bat says that more money is when Superman drinks the first time they are going to be together and so on this program and I am very excited to see if it was possible for them to give each other a kiss of loss like the one that is not true it is a pleasure for me to have them a new account the same as what was commented at the beginning it has also become two darlings of the public is one is mother when you send her commercials you see it well look in the intro inside where we don't give it to more don't say I say if all stain everyone and so much because if it continued well that's him then also his name is correct but come on and gentlemen he is with us any more and nothing less than he is not with us what I wanted but my respects we are here guys thank you very much because with the programs why hey well that's where many videos began to be shared thank you very much to this program and thank you very much the people who share well well many Thanks for this program, this stage in light of the claws, the applause to have a hand already passed, well, to get us out of the thread, a drunkard, a drunkard, but even the divine mother, manito, I believe that there are three stages to being drunk, three stages, which will be the first, the first time of the second way when this one gets stuck when you get stuck the third is when you want something together with these bastards imagine that they left at snack time daddy at snack time they grabbed a folder but good little hand of those that is already unknown You only killed my body I have the flu sorry medium later and the different university and others then I left let's go because that's it mother let's go we already pay for the rain no more nothing is due to manito they go outside and I think that at some point boys too well these go outside and many people say that when you get the air from the putt well that they already came double hit because they came out he was already drunk that he will It's a long distance because you walk about, you come back 3 and the little hands started walking and that's also when suddenly these bastards turn here and they run into a cool sign from a zoo, it's already late, my old lady is going to put it together for me, but I say come on, she said The zoo stood outside the door and the combat that reached into his pocket but no, you don't know because if we enter the zoo they won't let us in eating how nice the elephants began to enter the first cage he gave his mother lots of bombs She said she told her mom, it's more, I say it's the tail and the trunk, I got confused, they continued to load the full ones, she said I'll stop the full ones, she said, don't feed them, they continued walking when they entered the Chinese corridor through this side daddy calling the monkeys that downstairs we have chinese sign that was called medals monkeys when you go buddy to compare my hand wants a peanut to be fucked and when he was little he said that as a warm debut when eating you the water he told you to diet to Leo said it later he is not going to fuck open the gold big boot roof water he said well between our mothers the monkey and the monkey with an ability to account as a baseball player there is Carlos grabbed the peanut little monkey saw it he put it in the fund and then he took it work if you like them garapi√Īado not have opened and there was another one the other is the same and and when he returned the peanut manito saw what the monkey had just put it in the world and swallowed it said it is no longer finished said manito the third is increasing when the zookeeper said because he is feeding the animals I told him no but we are physical watts and since he wants to be where to eat he has also opened him with stamina he grabs it he only f it collapsed and swallowed it for the most months mom hadn't seen the lords that the monkey is very intelligent he said he has arrived because he said why don't you be good at a bastard and he threw a mango at him he swallowed it and couldn't carry it and now after the one about shakespeare and they don't want a melon and now it makes me read what's going on he didn't feel it don't worry it's a good joke just the third time thanks thanks someone else has a following the area I haven't told you how they are doing to count them but yes they are quite a lot excellent hand more but today he explains it because I am from home because they are going to start it another gentleman another because he is from a house different from home like one like this as it is called like one but is wanted but four others from house and from house to house I am invited to the house exactly but it is your house at this time but hey everyone is whatever they want to go to another with their black wilson brow hat mom the other is like a case or whatever it's called has a name it is yellow 3 more or less more but for another every Whenever you want to conquer someone you put on your black hat I put on makeup this morning but what I saw today was nothing more than elegance I like fluorescent green people said I had already looked at it but you looked fullerwith elegance elegance and


ín has bags to throw up always with a difference thank you very much to the pandas because I never see them anywhere where they arrived before you because we have a bag the same if what the lady with the curtain told me I I also told him I don't think it's pretty, very pretty, the part matches his face, I'm going to start the turn and accelerate the other one, as I'm saying, no, he's already passed a detour, he said, we'll give 50,000 pesos to whoever stretches on top of the rack more than a minute or a minute and a half for two mothers grandson with his grandpa said how much he said to give him his point bad he pointed little hand and it was the old man's turn to pass his shit then you do colts yes yes yes yes they are giving him one speed his mother's speed I'm fine and not above do not give him the 5 for what point he looks bad two minutes and the old man did not like the winner the old man his fucking mother of evil like the same flight no epic more trained impossible and it is that he already had you Nía was not a circus dude and this clown from the circuses of before was where there were animals that would explode exotic and all the worst inflatable nort


Italy and that was recently there are no animals anymore it's good but well this was a joke as it is a joke old well it was there was animal there were animals today the show started the clowns came out and it's the 3 trapeze artists and the mother and suddenly the one that the lion tamer comes out and costumes came out what do you think is transparent but it's not skin color and yes trailers and gender but those of us who are in each the mother if we see her naked what so close if they see that treatment today began today for grace and the fucking leone jump in that fight that one gets a lion and the other begins to bite the tail lion and all the fart stirs up and the old woman hit them and my mother and the fucking lions isasi take off you and the china and started in the trunk and the slider buy where people started to see he said it's okay but it's not okay that worse one is not well they started to rescue tie a few to cage but one lion was left loose, the most the one that started all the chaos and began the slide compadre the way out of the circuses is one and the puncture a lot inside so there is a sea and pushes and for everyone and his mother for the exit and just behind came one in a wheelchair because this dude will not be one of the VIPs and you see that he said wheels they put them just in front and well when the money comes out in the back wahaha quite the opposite and the slider started and the one with the saws and the skewer the lion behind the way and they all started in circles and where the one with the saw the one with the saw is the one with the wheelchair let the lion choose because what there is and there is a lot is talking a lot about animals g√ľey what was starczan you see you have to visit he was walking through the jungle in his wool and china and suddenly this one approaches not being the panther says my person and you don't speak so what happened the step forward I keep things to say we have to tell him or his mother grabs us careless and also strong ricardone we are the gospic is letting us drop events as well as gifted pitching measure me a lot the rope in the first case that is already ready the first case that is exceeded 8 well let me see if one little house talked to him because he ran into the bichi this one that you like or the mother jaguar don't be afraid of the goals also if they already told me but biting the same the meeting ordered today to constitute with everyone and that with wild boar that the chia to the giraffe imagine With such a villa, after I say it, well, everyone speaks this way because it's so even, he said, don't let me talk where the video is, it's not inside the cave, I'm going to talk to the victim to see what's good and that I'm not being that bullshit and they liver and the grip of this third was put on a liana of course where the cave was the spike knife web on one side suddenly you see third the rope and water is heard and highlight that you both well the knife falls off the mother is also a delegate up to the trunk and later they would visit and throw the knife in advance and this one, well, what's up the note that suddenly the human being on Thursday when you arrive at the same place and again you forget I have a feeling that the pitching is coming across or in which he is talking or when it is dark and you want to look for your cell phone with your cell phone one has been made where it is the cell phone with the cell phone on this side hey there is an anecdote of an uncle of an uncle of my grandfather who used to They used the oil lamps either that this one was like gas that mother does not come out another I specter book from the oil olive tree so they tell you that at that time little light lit little electricity but the electricity had gone out and he says that this one The man grabbed the matchbox because it doesn't come out of the light and where he grabbed the Seris box looking for yes and by the time C√≥rdoba Salazar at 81 years old a hug we need 50 something someone and you say I'm here come in and it's correct but Well, this Friday is also an anecdote.
I have an aunt, this toothless lost his teeth. That's why we have stronger, healthier teeth because so much announcement and fuck and wash your mouth and wash your mouth but my aunt lost all her fucking teeth and this one was very happy and with having greeted and everything with mother and this one but he has a Son, why did he go to the other side? It was not possible, mother, Wey, it went very well for him, and that's how it was for Los Angeles, and he's already in California, and this one, and one Christmas, he took it to my aunt, and this expensive one does well for him when They return in January after the Christmas holidays of the taught one, she arrived with teeth, compare, she did not look good and the fans laughed, photos and everything with more teeth like this, beautiful, perfect, all pearly, no, but I have cousins, tremendous children, all of them.
They are good cardboard because we did not put the glass truck on it because now the time is a gray truck with California license plates and more a gray truck complies, do not go to share it, it can be converted, it exists because those who assist her are leaving, her name no no no well with the angels you can know that there are many and that's how the jokes come out or there will be a guy who says something to write a joke I've started to think who was the first guy who told a joke like this, that is, if he is very old from Pepito Jose but I mean they don't go out of style, that's a joke, there won't be people who don't even know them. enjoy but it is 100% unique with the usual style exactly as long as you grab your style and then it is your story well obviously they are going to buy with a lot of people for the good but that does not happen with the songs until an original song He but singing the same but he is old not because of how he exists as such old but he was old because he was an appetite of the pre-Hispanic era or as a tune old dollars for those who studied the pre-Hispanic school number it is before the Spanish pokemon you join but not So this was Pepe, no longer Pepito, his name is pp 3 so they were at school and when there was pen and paper or anything at that time it was made of stone and the dictation with and drawings and the girl then the teacher began the teacher the teacher everything our new tlatoani 2 began to dictate, he is a strong and tall and strong gallant man, what a teacher I already said, but a strong and tall gallant, pay attention, he is a very brave man for Pep and I leave you, excuse me, a brave teacher, he goes with two eggs or three he was very brave yes today there is another old dude who calls him willy is because my grandfather fucked because the heart attack man if lately he was fine the fuck with my son I'm going to tell you but well hardly anyone l And what happens is that your grandfather and I are going to make love to the rhythm of the church bells when we were young, not then suddenly, well, we had to go so installed and we got used to it.
Suddenly we had a guy who maybe the most solid to the landa landa twine and we got used to the rhythm in the chimes and as time went by well well - suddenly we missed a mass this and well like that sporadically and lately we will be able to get ahead of us at 80 years old but well this last time when he had a heart attack this well he had an erection take advantage of the bells suddenly he has weight and what's up and télam and the grandmother is there said well something didn't happen her end called the corn leaving in peace Monterrey is used What happens with a campaign and there are other places that can be for garbage that scream garbage but it's a joke because before you used any hole in the last moments of your life and until your last trip and h oy and I say to that tremendous that true how not to add and the lady seeing it I want to say wait I'm going for the relatives allow me not to go and good mother pears a little bit she said I'm not going to girl my mother but wait a little bit don't go so fast He told him for the others and the old man was left alone and when he began to cook he lowered himself like a paper into the dying bed and the china did not make it to the kitchen there was the buoy of tamales you bastard opened the pot in this way the more he felt the slap of a branch He said that they are for the Chinese complete wake another similar one the doctor come to say goodbye to your father because they were with many brothers because he is already on his last legs the man is already dying today well all the babies are going and calm down I will The only thing I want is for you to always remember me, children said to you, older children, I am going to leave you all the houses of health and my only daughter, I am going to leave you all the houses in Santa Catarina, thank you, and to you the youngest and the next one will distribute houses and the girl already you i all the houses in santiago nuevo león total in the next life the doctor was seeing all that situation and everything i'm your and i said let's say but well if your dad came down this is the law of life you I know there are no words to suddenly heal this pain but well, thank goodness, look at all the houses that he inherited to them today that there is that sampedro and that santa catarina and that santiago good well at least they already have this a push in life because they no longer stay in la calle tienda y lana trabajo we are telling old jokes you don't even know if I said the race those are jokes in the public domain there are definitely grenade races there are jokes that I hear from other comedians but they are not from their comedians they are the chain of jokes that I listen to my grandfather that I have not heard it from anyone but they are not mine, well, he listens to them suddenly as the pse get together with my grandfather with friends, he is in the square or something like that in a bar and he quoted a canteen or go and salt they are modernizing them if possible I think that jokes also have something up or down nine times they tell you a joke and in the party the guy who told it all turned out well in the future and there is also for the other side they tell it and he is a lover the world laughs at the party everyone with mother and that's how you tell it and everyone if the place was as each one do not tell it in your style one more than others but there are the jokes I think the idea is for the public to have fun, he said, we know that when you work for the public you will have criticism, it is not done, it is clear that the people who follow you are actually going to take you to their events so that Do you worry about a bastard who put something bad on you there on the internet? downstairs you see how alone they make d and all cunning Marjal is good for all Barry I would go to this one if the meeting are wireless they are mother I left it raised raised pillows went down bed other phones throughout the house by house girl electronics more where there will be a do you think it was in the poto bathroom because now we are given to doing 2 out of 1 and talking on the phone he came and said hello hello how are you well I'm glad you're well with me thank you thank you you know I didn't even see the phone I don't love you I wish you like no one else in life Now that I got home I'm going to make love to you everywhere we're going to have a good time he said as Lupita said no my name is Rosa activated sorry I was wrong he said to see me he's not coming but the boiler the play we talked about a movie 3x there is a real bastard yes of kid wow not because there have been rooms 3 x here in molding or I don't know if there was or there isn't or there was I don't know what he has suffered that it was never me either but I know that nobody but you never were but 3 x 3 x be a fence per Or you see that they can form the galleries here in Gonzalitos there is a 4 d room but it's something else that's why I went to see a 3x movie on the web I hear your most bastard call his mother I don't have to say well I don't know what they mean still those cinemas but if having done it I no no never doing things that 1 you see you see you bastard well where do you live I don't know they exist but I never went and then two of these enter the cinema they sit their more and the movie begins The most milestone points are also those that turn into popcorn.
Help, my corn got too hot. There is an anecdote. This was also a porn movie. This was told to him. There is him in the neighborhood. I was telling about what happened to a friend, no, I'm not going to say names so as not to get into farts, Nicol√°s, from Bahia, but he says that the grandmother was watching the soap opera in the afternoon with this bastard and he arrived at his house and he and that's when the grandmother arrives He went to the kitchen to help himself to a jug of lemonade or milk no longer but well, this bastard took a long time at his slow pace, he entered the house and well he saw everything soloway and grabbed the mother and put a porn movie on the same TV at the entrance andthen then well a porn movie and it started at 1008 presentation this neck he took advantage and went to the bathroom iem for when he returns to this I go to the bathroom but well to put on as he should go back and take a look leave the mustaches to carranza he goes and when he returns this already I was coming to the granny, g√ľey, who had been watching the soap opera Elfos, she arrived and the movie was there because she says that she came in like that with the walker and saw the TV, she said, well, no, she didn't want it, she already had it well, and you see, the granny's masks It is very popular that they are watching a novel and a new conversation, of course, do not go with that because I deceive you and if you are from the town, because that happens to you for being an asshole for an asshole and for two chapters you would have done so with Marshall several examples when when he scolds you They are going for something, it is not bad because you left, it is always taken as Miss Limantour who went to the soap operas in the pink room, but hey guys, what's up, we are almost finished, possible time, Veracruz, C√≥rdoba greetings to all the race of bra people from c√≥rdoba veracruz c√≥rdoba of course yes to all races you have friends from alvarado from alvarado from cosamaloapan from minatitl√°n from three valleys from xalapa from all over the state your real friends and there are some there are some municipalities from veracruz that even more have the accent more marked like this or if there is a difference to say of those who speak the port as those who speak in alvarado I think that well ask me if look I want to take advantage of this and many people I He says they ask me because you speak like that you have from C√≥rdoba if you are not from Veracruz or you are not from this dish such but you are not this good I am not that I am a clown and C√≥rdoba my character speaks my person who speaks if he has that accent not your server The one behind this mask is another character because the make-up tells you I put the character on and I'm already another right, I tell you sorry, I take off the character and I'm different, really, really, I'm serious even when I'm sleeping I always have a question for you, you can ask them for yourself or for yourself, rather, why are you here?
Well, they won't reciprocate everything that you recognize on the street. two people in my area yes in my area like this because I don't use a lot of makeup before media but in other places for example I come here to Monterrey support I'm expensive but I say with all due respect because I'm like my person and it's relaxed and clear to Sometimes the images of you are a little more difficult, it could be a drunkenness but you owe it to the public so obviously sometimes it has happened to us. I think that the most eliminated goal is a little tiring but it is also true that you have a very light image of clowns You use your hair like this, it hasn't yet reached an age that the dye no longer grabs you, we do it the other way around when we want to continue like this but we become a stranger, we already know if the area recognizes you, yes obviously once we were eating here in a place and a person recognized me said you are the clown at night and he saw me work there where I am here in Monterrey and in 2000 but that is also nice of course he locates one and with that I am sure to follow me please show of pepín and what is instagram


ín comedian and take wherever you like to take the rumor of living and humor whatever it takes me to make humor in motel rooms can lead you to be humor it can be but as long as I tell you there are couples or yes bastard 44 please hernán el colt with h so it doesn't depend on me start with her hernán el colt on facebook on instagram there you can find me there are the phones for hiring excellent there is all the info write us there when you have a latino event and when you later think that he was still sitting us in a rocking chair answering all the farts I forgot to ask about the next dates to live in this after that date or if not then you start to boast dates that have already passed starting today from the beginning because the best morning Tuesday representative does not exactly have to be the weekend if it's okay I put ourselves aside on social networks on social networks and they will upload everything that is the publicity of the events Let's go excellent there I was yes on Thursday the 21st I'm going to Piedras Negras Coahuila to the race of November say so December 21 General I was with the news that we are evacuating Piedras Negras they left because I work we will know about their houses so they can go to see the poto exactly baby west that's how it is November 21 so you can see the show of the recommended foal and ximo totally hear well for all the people of salt lake city see you this November 22 November 22 at the salt lake salt lake city For all the countrymen and also this good one from other Latin American countries who want to see the sun of a server, we are there Salt Lake City November 2 November 23 in Reno ruined Nevada and we are on the 2 November 4th in Las Vegas Nevada and we'll go until the next week November 29th in Montreal on November 30th in Ottawa and the first December in Toronto Carrera Ok today we are going to walk for all the people who want to go see the good and enjoy the show I thank you with all my heart that you can also recommend us and spread the word because at the end of the day word of mouth advertising to the barriers that I will go to the stands if we throw one last joke last joke but this last one this There was a bastard there in the town who told him 4 batteries because he had that little thing, well, it wasn't that I had to go and they were like four batteries, the size of the account, one after the other, yes, 4 imagine, share your image, just imagine four batteries together and I don't think even fucking police lamps have four or three but this one had four batteries it was a mother it is logical that the 4 batteries and the 4 and the row and this today is a jotito in a bar and he approached him at 4 batteries far born With four batteries, how is the son?
Well, even though he said no, well, I already found out what you have there, well, well, that he brings a lot of energy, so he is well charged with batteries and I would like to see if, well, we could come to an arrangement that you Give a little love, he got angry but as a son, well, what do you have, I already found out, I found out that you charge to do those jobs, he said yes, my son yes yes yes but but I charge a thousand pesos and today how much a thousand pesos he said no it is not very expensive He said if you want like this, wanting to help you, I can sell it to you by the stack.
Let's suppose that this has 500 poles, 22 stacks and 37 50, so each stack has 200 ball counts. where you here in the bathroom and he put it in the bathroom as a couple and from the canteen and well the two oxen came in and closed the door it must be a little uncomfortable and the fart in the bathrooms in the toilet and he closed the door and there was the pela ley of him jotitos already recharged in the tax and this guy grabbed it already had measurements way back up and he had a line on it and if not to go too far when he was born by subscription because it's worth it and he had also given 250 no then with a battery it was measured and a tattoo got like that a line not today the skewer started four piles of mockus once again had given 250 and that's it they already have another pearl it's 48 not another pile and when nacho metro solution 50 he said no I don't bring good like this and that's it They were white and go into the bathroom and they push the door and take off your bastards at 4 way de chinda sol little photo call drugs hey guys before when there is life and I want to tell you and thank my friends from coyote harley davidson who are opening agency Compadre, the largest in Latin America, the technique adds nothing more and nothing less than the new lion and in Santiago the new carnal god, so go and visit all the social networks so that you can also see the address of this new coyote harley davidson agency that e is the largest in Latin America and this amount that we are seeing below is nothing more and nothing less than a 2020 soft al softail low rider s with a 114 cubic inch engine and to see it is not a milwaukee eight engine so it is It has six gearboxes, Sab exhausts, with inverted front fork, four-piston front double disc brake, so for you to see it or if you want to see this beauty in person, go and visit Coyote Harley Davidson, the largest agency in Latin America and we also invite you. follow him on all social networks what you are seeing on the screen is a 2020 softail low rider s 114 milwaukee engine ok it's pretty pretty no more how cool all black you'll like it if it matches my hat first then taylor dent this thanks me It's to close with a flourish, no more, don't count the same, hey, race of children, the girl came to her mother's house and her mother, what do you think happened, a child visited me, she gave me this ticket and because I'm in the military, what happens is that a balloon was studied towards an eastern tree and well, I told him I can download it for you and he told me children and you lowered it for 20 pesos but well I was wearing a skirt and They ask you to go out however you want and you don't see that nothing else is making you mensah he wants you to climb the tree well to see your panties and that's why he gave you the pesos the next day the same thing happened look mom I have another 20 pesos and now the same boy yesterday he said that he would give me 20 pesos and I would lower the balloon from the tree Jaime and tato to the same thing that you don't see that he just wants to see your panties he said because before going up I took them off there is no summer but the sun on his motorcycle under the black one and a beautician entered, a beautician's hand and said good afternoon that the beautician said let's look, he said, good afternoon, I want you to cut my hair. hair I say if it's fine he said today sit down he said where on the furniture he said ag itar atheros and you see that the little fagots sit three times and I'll tell them how you want the haircut he said that I'm looking for he said that what the podium told me about the rape action action action action yes it's not the aesthetics and the part break it to pieces the applause to live 4 ladies and gentlemen this has been all for today from the rampage zone thanks to our intimates tonight thanks for another one for being here with us many many thanks to these two excellent comedians there are the social networks in case You want to go back, no contracting, don't miss out now that the posadas are coming, another one, too, so that you can separate your date and time with time, because there are many times when the date is no longer available, but neither is the time, we have to do it, let's go now We have three or four events in Monterrey and its metropolitan area is very popular that the agents that the agendas of the comedians, well, are a little complicated and you also fill the if you don't let it go and don't leave it for the last excellent pipirín comedians there are the same ones thanks to the social networks to colt well obviously in all your social networks too and by more agencies and that is that God bless you always you to your family to all the people who are not seeing you at this moment see you next Monday thank you very much to all the people of Córdoba and to all the damage yes sir thank you very much and sorry for the weekend what about the events of the weekend of the week yes of course yes 24 the thanks and thanks from monterrey also the godoy cruz no demonstrating later are those of the mothers

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