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Pilgrim Life with Scholastic News

Feb 18, 2020
Pilgrim's Life Hi, I'm Isaac Allerton. Here I am with my parents and my older sister, Sarah. We live in Plymouth. I heard you wanted to see what our lives are like. Come on, I'll show you that it's morning and the chickens are hungry. Come on. we go to the chicken coop if we are lucky maybe we will get some eggs chickens will come out all ready mother says if we are going to sit we could also help the family by grinding corn we find the grains of corn powder called corn flour we can use the corn flour to make corn porridge Sarah mother needs help with the laundry she and Sarah wash it in the creek then put it in the sun to dry the sun dried clothes it smells so fresh and clean and also feels a bit crunchy as the clothes dry mother and Sarah they walk into the forest to pick some juicy berries I hope they save some for me meanwhile father needs help getting water from the spring father carries the water in a glass the water in a barrel for the goats to drink the waiter will milk the goats and turn the milk on cheese now we all meet again in the garden so many vegetables and herbs are ripe and ready to pick it's great that everything is growing so well because if we want to eat we need a good garden here in the cornfield all our hard work is paying off fruits look at all this corn we all work together to reap the crop our chores aren't done yet Sarah and I gather pieces of wood for the fire I might be upsetting Sarah a little by getting a little strong in her apron I might get in trouble later while i go looking for more wood Sarah heads home the mother is very happy we brought the wood because she needs it she uses it to cook she uses it to make a fire a roaring fire can make the house very hot especially when it's hot but we love all the delicious food you cook here we are grinding corn again sometimes it seems like we are always grinding the corn oh well better that than not having any corn to grind mother says her homework is done for now and we can take a break game time first let's play I call I throw the ball on the roof me then one of us has to call the name of who is going to catch it next what should we play next sara loves bowling you throw the ball and you try to knock over the pins mom finally did her homework she joins us too and we all play cheese making we're not actually making cheese it's just what we call spinning around and goofing around I'm so hungry good thing mom made a dinner so big made duck with cranberries and onions quail with carrots and porridge made with corn we pick up most of the food with our hands we have to clean our hands a lot the sun is going down mother braids sarah's hair before ben i'm already in the bed because I'm exhausted Sara and I share a mattress on the floor Sara will sleep on her side of the bed after mom's house is done our house may be small but it's perfect for us to sleep well



pilgrim life with scholastic news

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