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Piers Morgan On Monte Carlo

Feb 27, 2020
Fine, I want you to take Lancer. You will see it while I do it in real time. Just a few seconds ago. We entered Monica. There is the world famous port with all the expensive yachts. The Monte Carlo Casino and the Hotel de Perry. swords of cheese and smoked salmon there were flames all around it lay France but in just a few seconds that was Monaco it was literally as small as London's Hyde Park Monaco has always been its size the last 50 years has been the most Glamorous Monaco, the most star-studded and richest place on earth, may be tiny, but thanks to Grom Free Grace Kelly and the superstars who flock here it's a huge reputation that has transformed it into a land where money is king. .
piers morgan on monte carlo
How much will this cost? me 1 million one hundred thousand euros that view is worth about 30 million pounds yes half a billion to spend your the man absolutely the place is full of millionaires in fact more per square meter than anywhere else on the plane there are probably two thousand millionaires and how many billionaires 50 most of them are attracted here by their tax haven status so are these mega rich how they spend their time and money use that lawnmower yes something not naked i hope of course and how many zeros do you need in your bank balance to live this lifestyle.
piers morgan on monte carlo

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You really are James Bond. None, but wealth equals happiness. They all believe in money and as a kind of religion. change I think a lot of people who are workers are being kicked out Monaco doesn't usually open its doors to cameras, but I've been given a unique opportunity. From a spa for idle Arab rats to a gaming paradise, absurdly if you're a wealthy Brit with money to spend and taxes to avoid, Monaco is definitely for you, after all why did the British government get their fi? lthy falls and your hard earned money, would you spend it all on luxury cars, helicopters, big yachts? wife Tina around the corner here they are so rich they lend their private helicopter to Prince Albert then there are like colorful characters Stella awesome easyJet is worth a billion and lives right there and John Hargreaves Matalin's boss is worth about half a billion what could to surprise you is that they don't live in huge country houses or palatial villas there are no big gardens here they sent me no rooms in Monaco they all live in relatively small apartments the kind of thing that to be honest you could turn your don't realize why these billionaires are set up to live in a slum in a shoebox facing the sea well a monaco address goes hand in hand with qualifying for tax free status some rich like it because it means they get richer , consequently literally queuing for the Guinea course, which means a property here hasn't exactly been rocked by the crisis credit.
piers morgan on monte carlo
How much do you need to shell out for a quality platform? Let's go see the king of real estate Michel's daughter is taking me to see some of the Prime Minister's main locations but keep an eye out because the price can bring tears to your eyes so here we are we are in one of the best apartments in Monaco. How many rooms does this apartment have? This apartment has a big living room, dining room, full bedrooms, so we go upstairs yes if you want yes. What makes this place unusual is that it has two levels. a copy of Socialist Worker out of space I mean what view has to be the best view in Monaco Michelle yes this is the best view in Monaco because you are facing the palace and you are facing south which means you have the sun from me early in the morning to the end of the day with the song Monday I'm on the Grand Prix is ​​that you can stand and watch the cars go yes you can see the Formula One Grand Prix is ​​sitting in your rocking chair and every cup of Champa come on cut to the chase here Michelle how much if this apartment came on the market tomorrow how much will it cost where will it be approx £60m for a four bedroom maisonette for a four bedroom maisonette how much of that £60m for this property is the view would you say she would say over 50 55 so that view is worth around £30m yes thats an expensive view £40k per square meter its the most expensive place to live in the world clearly no financial crisis here í right in the center of Monaco is the most famous area Monte Carlo home since the early 1900s to the legendary Monte Carlo Casino and the five star L de Perry Hotel, of course, it is a place to see and be seen, but of course, this is where i headed for lunch with expat millionaire mike pegram and here we go if you go to lunch at de pury hotel eight years ago mike's oldest chemical company in england £44m delivered stays in monaco and now being paid a capital gains tax of around £13m and that's what you call a shrewd move it's impossibly glamorous here there have been Rolls Royces Ferraris Aston Martin's Lamborghinis that's getting a bit used to I think you'd cheer up I think you would pretty good daddy I think I love it if you like Mike's lifestyle and make a fortune Become a resident of Monaco Spend less than 90 days a year in the UK A tax of e bingo the bill is zero it's what 2000's brits might call here don't pay what you win do you think it's a very glamorous place or is it going too glamourous a bit? shopping Monaco works very well, whether in five-star hotels, restaurants, we also have a very pleasant cultural life.
piers morgan on monte carlo
I am a friend of the Opera, a friend of the orchestra. On the other hand, the last three weeks I've been on Diana Ross Celine Dion. and Katy Mellie I guess it makes being exiled in a self imposed tax prison a bit more bearable plus do a five year stint in Monaco then you are free to return to the UK keeping all the tax you save Mike loved so much is so it stayed in many ways you epitomize the glamor of the englishman who has come to live in monaco the aston martin you are classy you drank and ate in the fancy restaurants i mean you are really james bond in you oh they are to be able to tell you then i would have to kill you , ok, my point, I'm going to bait, it seems to me that if you want to be in the game, if you want to drink wine and dine with people like you? to go to the casino you want to go to the big shows you have to be pretty serious w Well I would say comfortable.
I think you need to be comfortable, but what do you think you would need to really be a good mattress? Ten million. Yeah, you could probably handle that if you exclude the money you have invested. property 10 million should help you yeah yeah right you think it's comfortable and the odds on the highlights learn again tragically I don't have that kind of grace to come I'll find out how much it cost in the yacht game I always say to people never spend more than ten per cent of their net worth on buying a yacht now that the pace of life in monaco is changing rapidly due to many torque sized cars and i'll get the business info of a real dragon there has to be a price for being successful docks and maybe Monaco is the prize so Monaco is a tax haven with more millionaires per square meter than anywhere else in the world and in the most expensive real estate market on the planet a room with a view will cost you a arm. and most of your torso how was this pocket made?
The converted principality becomes such a major player when no one buys an eyelid at 10 million how much money do you need to stand out from the crowd? The crucial thing about yachts is that size really does matter. It is a fifty-five meter yacht. big pretty imposing that's a little bigger bad girl 60 yards I'd say but in all honesty that's not a yacht that's a 105 meter yacht lady Mora overlooks the harbor and when she was built for a man of Saudi business in 1990 she was the largest yacht in the world today worth £250m what you might call a floating asset size really does matter it only matters to the point where you might want to have something a little bigger than your next door neighbor and of course the annoying thing is if your next door neighbor builds something bigger then you have to build another one and just like you one certainly does everything a maquette lord known locally as mr. yacht is the leading boat broker in town he is your man if you are looking for anything nautical but good harbor is amazing.
The new cost of a ship like that today is between, say, 40 to 45 million euros, really I always tell people never spend more than 10% of your net worth. I am buying a yacht, so it should be worth a lot of money to buy one. Of that four hundred million yeah we know yeah let's say half a billion that's an easy round number so I got half a billion to spend you're the man absolutely oh you've got more to spend and while the critic bites all over the world there are plenty of signs of that in monaco port i think the honest answer is no at the moment there isn't there i mean i think it would be silly of me to say there will never be any sign of that but you know even if you look back at the 1930s and the height of the recession where rich people were waiting for a lot of money and the fact is that rich people like to spend money when other people don't spend it to be in the game where I get in and rip everyone off in this port.
What do I need to bring you? Let's start maybe a real nice budget used yacht and let no no no don't hang like brand spanking I taught you whatever I want to be the second or third thing I want to be the big brilliant I want to be the whale of this line if you want to be the whale, then I think you should consider a budget that exceeds 100 million today. I think we can make you respectable for about 15 million. I have never had any desire to be respectable. Let's get out the wallet and talk. talk some big yachts come perched on a rock overlooking Monaco home to their greatest asset the Grimaldi royal family rules here almost continuously they take over the fortress over 700 years ago 650 of those years were spent in relative anonymity but In 1956 but then ruler Prince Rainier, the third, married Hollywood movie star Grace Kelly in a fairytale wedding that went around the world for 30 million viewers.
Synonymous with glamor and elegance Grace gave Monaco the prestige money just can't buy ended in tragedy 26 years later when the car Grace was driving plunges off a cliff but her legacy lives on through her children, Princesses Caroline and Stephanie and the current Prince Albert Government Albert, now 51, succeeded his father in 2005. His photo hangs on all public buildings because of his law, but because people truly believe that he is the key to maintaining the future of Monica. If you want to try to understand the difference between Great Britain and Monaco, then. Look at two copies of today's newspapers, one is a Daily Mail from your home country knives why no part of Britain is safe and then we turn to the local paper the good deal Monaco Edi.
The main story is a couple of ballet stars, page three is a series of pictures of glamorous yachts in the harbor and my favorite stories on page five are a 94 year old local resident who has gone hang gliding, of course as always the weather on board is sunny for months on end according to this there just isn't any crime in Monaco that's because safety is absolutely paramount here with roughly one police officer for every 62 residents and with hundreds of security cameras in the sky cctv every major entering monaco is computer scanned to prevent criminals they are also immaculately clean the streets are cleaned every morning lots of splatter on versace jimmy dress Choos you can walk around town without fear of stepping on anything adverse i mean whats the point of spending your billions on the best money can buy ar if you can't show it this is just a typical jewelery shop you buy in Monaco and to give you an idea of ​​the extraordinary prices you get here look at that watch at the top there is some sort of jewel encrusted watch for Blackstrap when you i first saw i thought it looks pretty good maybe a thousand euros mm maybe it was really expensive five thousand euros let me tell you how much that watch is actually 1 million euros the flash look here a 10 a cent okay 10 a million like our Ferraris and Lamborghinis so what do I really need to turn heads in Monaco?
So Bruno look. I want to buy a new car. I need one that fits my personal brand. What would you suggest? hi i got a girl for you its a tip on our car its a big mistake exceptional its almost an understatement. Bugatti Veyron at a top speed of 253 miles per hour and is the most expensive car in the world. of them currently registered in the square mile of Monaco. I guess look at the real question Bruno is how much is this going to cost me is a minion 100 toes in Europe without taxes what 1 million one hundred thousand euros without exactly the same price as the watch, the car fromSuddenly it looks like a bargain and you can't make me this gun.
I don't know, I'm sorry about this car. It is fictional to have a car available on the market.Bruno, yes, you have a deal, okay, thank you very much, okay. I have bought the best car, the best boat, the best watch and the best package. I've spent a hundred and sixty two million pounds in the process but it's all been worth it because I'm either the daddy now or a man who can put things in perspective at James Caan and Dragons Den is becoming here on business for over ten years recently invested in Ovilus, a Monaco company that specializes in providing luxury travel for the mega-rich how It's competitive here because you meet a very rich guy and he has a billion in the bank and then Philip Green flips the corner, he's got four bigger calls, the guy with a billion suddenly feels pretty cheap and poor I think everything beyond a hundred million mates is actually irrelevant if you have a hundred million there's a lot you can do I mean how many phones mobiles you can take I mean you say that but take Roman Abramovich that's his boat there he's fine and he's parked in ai des around the corner from Monaco because it's yes Simply too big to get into the harbor now he's got three like that and he's building an even bigger watch the biggest yacht in the world and you can't help but think the only reason he's doing this is to be top dog shop that concept Of competition there is between probably the 50 richest people in the world, yes and of course at that level it's about the biggest private plane, the biggest yacht, the biggest mansion, but I think for us mere mortals, for the hundred million group that's correct it's a different game and remember Pearson in Monaco there are probably two billionaires I mean two billion is a reasonable number and how many billionaires would I say probably now 50 50 billion yes absolutely no two billion in a population of 35,000 which is obscene so the last question I have for you is having heard all this how do I get to a hundred million? someone well on his way to that hundred million mark is me a likable and acerbic racing driver who came here six years ago, made his fortune in formula one marketing and is one of those who is fast becoming the new face from Monaco very quickly due to many park cars decide now if we were driving in your white Lamborghini in England probably most people would look at you in your sunglasses looking fit and tanned and in your white shirt they would think you are amazing to be honest with you miles around here I've noticed as we drive it's a very different kind of environment not envious as men it's one of the positives of living down here you can have a car you like you love to drive it you enjoy and there isn't any kind of horrendous envy of all unlike a few miles not here to spend spend spend wait do do do and take advantage Monaco is a great business opportunity used to be couples d e old people who used to retire here and that's not what it is now i mean art you know i find the place exhilarating i think it's a real hotbed of entrepreneurs Now that you know a lot of the people you rub shoulders with, they are interesting guys.
Samar, let me tell you where Monaco begins and ends. the tall buildings you see are in Monaco so it actually gives you a perfect line along the back and then back so most of what happens on the hill that isn't actually Monaco in the front it's france that tall building at the back is where monaco ends yeah so if you were to rent an apartment in that building you could live five meters from the other side and pay a tenth of the price but you wouldn't be cared for the same way a resident from outside monaco monaco reads security have you ever seen a bar fight?
No, this seems to be something about Monaco. I think when people come to Monaco, you know they understand that he just has this personality and people seem to improve their behaviour. They also have some interesting rules here. not walking the streets of Monaco shirtless so I don't know I think your mentality is like that if you bite them on the body they don't start you know and people always seem very very polite and respectful what happened today . seems like a utopia for those who can afford it, it is believable that in the middle of the 19th century, the country was on its knees, one of the poorest places in Europe, much more Rokia than utopia, its savior was the construction of the Monte Carlo Casino in 1863 in a few years but making so much money but Monica was able to abolish the income tax and there is more protection for Monegasques saz those born and raised here and know it is illegal for them to gamble in their own casino two perfect examples of how the house always wins inside there are six exquisite gambling halls if you are a secret monoplane high roller there are many private gambling dens behind mirrored panels i am here to meet the pro player john duthie now john you really have won a million pounds in one Avenue session, yeah, stupid question, how does it feel to win a million?
Funny enough when I won it it didn't really stand out to me and then all of a sudden when he deleted my account all of a sudden I realized you know it's a very large sum of money you know you can take a lot of pressure off yourself but in the end like all casinos they win of course i mean that's the risk you take when you go in to overdo it obviously you're a great player you've been at. Las Vegas, all the big hot spots, what does Monte Carlo Casino mean to all the players around the world? you feel like you are sitting in luxury you know all the chips the staff the way you are treated you know there is something very special out there about it you know sir it really is a mecca for players i love these chips they are all very colorful and glamorous rous and they sort of look like cute little toys so of course you look at something like this and it says 200 thousand euros yeah so if I were to put that in there it's two hundred thousand euros yeah okay I've emptied all my piggy banks it's time to try to figure out what it's like to win Millions in front of me.
In fact, I have a million euros worth of chips and I'm going to put everything amazing again, it's double or nothing. Two million in blood battle tickles. it's yes thank you very much indeed i don't like my chips please on the surface molecule looks like a gamble it's more than paid off there are two sides to every story so i'll venture into the other less healthy neighborhoods. the dirt of people you see sitting and a construction site personal space seems to be less important to me to put it mildly I will ask if Monica can cope with the influx of even more money gentlemen nationalities coming in and willing to pay any money to get an apartment stu I ask for money and I turn to the dark side.
There are a large number of street vendors here. Stay up until the wee hours of the morning and you'll find plenty to do with the moniker of ass coffee rock singers, race car drivers and the oddball Hollywood star all rubbing shoulders. with more than one of the mill millionaires there's a party heavily fueled by fireworks and bottles of vodka and champagne, but a thousand pounds of pop across the street in the main concert hall Mick Hucknall of Just Read is intact performing a dinner show is all a long way off these days in the grubby UK club scene.
Mick has been coming here for the last 15 years and, as something of an alien version of Monaco life, I met him at the adjoining Monte Carlo Bay Hotel. I could never imagine you living here, maybe not my scene I'm proud to say I've always been the British taxpayer and that's the way this will be the total antithesis of everything wild I have I have ground to settle enjoy in a kitchen in a way that you know my favorite is The r It's the Jack Nicholson quote. I thought that sums it up. He was better than anything.
He just said that he has Alcatraz for the rich. You should call it money Carla because everyone believes in money as some kind of religion and it's a different world, I mean. Do you find it quite raunchy really in a weird way that it's so focused on money here? I see that now it is more fun now super nice it is supposed to be inhabited happy many of the people I have met I would say absolutely no there are many old men with very young girls and if they are not prostitutes they are they have a salary another ailment, what they will not call. an allowance and they usually end up parting ways with an apartment and a car and then move on to the next guy or like Jackie Mason, the next Mook, you know, so that's really the rhythm of this place for me. in many ways of course there are honing families here and all but i would say there are a lot of prostitutes look Monaco certainly fits the bill its just a playground for the rich millionaire playboy its for temptation and life Quick I was wondering what that leaves in the XY to be traded for a younger model, well to my surprise divorcees Lavinia and Junie have a refreshingly upbeat attitude the way things seem to work down here what the average day is like For women like you and Monica, what do they really do all day?
He rests on a beach. Personally, I do quite a lot under normal circumstances. They've both been tremendously good catches, but here that's been brutally frank about it. The older man who can normally be very attracted to the charms of him has gone crazy for this stream of young women from Russia. and Eastern Europe etc because that's what happens here probably if I were a man I would do it legit too don't screw me no I really think if they're second shop they probably want to go. b But where is the love in all this? Live in it.
I can't get into his head. Some of these girls are very educated people. They are also probably very entertaining and have a life to lead. I probably would. richer younger anyway i don't get the feeling either of us feels particularly like we're missing out on something i don't know if there's a lot of sex going on you'll have to stick to fairly small rooms because the main drawback of life in Monaco. it's for lack of space and with more millionaires you can shake a stick clamoring to get in every inch is worth a fortune down there is Phan VA the most exclusive part of Monaco with its amazing apartments its fabulous restaurants by the sea the obligatory luxury yachts is where David Coulthard lives and the Berkeley brothers property tycoons and newspapers the most extraordinary part of Phan VA is until the early 70's that all is seen that it simply did not exist by claiming more land Monaco hopes to create many more BA fans in the future, but until they do, places to live will still be pretty hard to find, so finding ones that are actually for sale is easier said than done and that's why 70% of people in Monaco rents the coup de Mille like Shirley Bassey Ringo Starr and even Monica's wealthiest resident, Sifl in green, they all live in apartments that will set you back a nice 2 £5,000 a month, as much as I'd love to live next door to our show at prices like that. the lower end of the market would be the smarter choice miles morden is our marketing millionaire this diamond is one around the tent for me to see something in a lesser part of town come on get ready come to the lounge the view is sumptuous i mean yes all the reasons on the french riviera i think the deaths of other people you are seeing and a personal space on the construction site seems to be less important here to me to put it mildly miles is turning this studio into a one bed apartment to make is it more desirable here is your spacious kitchen before 105 how much do you ask for this is it for sale for 1.5 million euros are you kidding no it's not serious yes and I think it will actually go quite quickly 1.5 million euros yes more 1.2 million pounds for 47 square meters of luxury Monaco is already the most expensive country in the world to live add Russian oligarchs heating up the property market and rents skyrocketing and you will understand why the work is here with average wages of just over two thousand pounds a month I started to complain mr.
Brian moved to Monaco in the 1970s, set up his catering company selling fancy food at rich a crass hours and even though they don't eat dogs it's just that Lulu doesn't like you Brian I guess you're not a rich man in compared to most people living in monaco you are what i would call one of the hard workers work are you slowly being pushed out by all this new money? I think a lot of people who are workers are getting kicked out 20 years ago 25 years ago workers in Monaco now don't live in one that they can't afford because you have certain nationalities that come and are willing to pay any money to get an apartment stupid money you never you could afford to buy an apartment or a worker could never or buy a pump so obviously they live across the border thatit brings its repercussions in the sense that we get drowned in traffic at nine o'clock in the morning you know when i first got here you didn't have russia now you are in a hurry to get out what do you think will get bright in 5-10 years monica, I just hope they don't get overwhelmed by traffic and too many people because to me that takes a lot of the charm out of it.
Much of the charm was based on the fact that it was, to a certain extent, a village atmosphere. that you could go on the road and you can ten people as you walk on the road the fact that you knew the local police now you don't understand that situation consider this every day 40,000 workers cross the border from France to Monica a thousand tourists show up to clog the streets and cruise ships almost daily unload 2,000 passengers at a time via the great-for-economy shipping lane perhaps there is no doubt that the character of Monaco is feeling the strain give up residency and tax-free status and live to a stone's throw from france and you'll get anywhere up to 10 times more for your money supermodel and monica resident to raise a max took me to see a friend's house only 20 minutes from



but you have a big family that will have there Wow yeah this is my kind of place clearly my charm and wit left a lump in the tongue don't worry we'll forgive you check this out because if you look at the room you can poke a cat here or a supermodel you can play your cards right you can have children yes it's a little early for us but lovely children we just met i mean the choice is very simple for me either you live in this or you live in a tiny little box in Monaco in the heat no pool or garden probably no supermodel girlfriend for 60 million you have a problem with your computer you have the number two at Microsoft living next door it's night I have a hot date with Theresa in Monaco which she lets me accompany the exhibition of photos of former Rolling Stone Bill Wyman and it's just one of an endless stream of celebrity parties and fundraisers that take place daily in Monaco you look up close you see Charlie just yes Bill is in town to perform for Prince Albert at the annual Red Cross Ball one of last year's events helped Monaco raise an estimated £100 million for charity to alleviate the e scene here help raise money for both razr maxx / start our own children's charity in the czech republic so how much have you raised for your fun? d a I don't know 3 million euros ok that's a lot of money yes someone testing them yes trying to work on my bed sorry yes certainly to be fair you can't get one more target wide in what environment is this type of event. kind of typical nickname I think you get a lot of different events, you get art, you know, exhibitions, you get photography exhibition. small meeting in a small store in a common street it was remarkable to see how accessible it is.
Without a doubt you have an extraordinary society here there is little respect among the people and you should be very proud of what you have achieved, your mother would be very proud of you, Hilda, it is always emotional to think of yours with her and micro to be primary. I love it. I would greatly appreciate it. ling when she was taking that kind of party to London you know you spend a night with someone and before we know it I'm on the front page of the paper and looking for billionaires I climb aboard the yacht where Dodie and Steiner spent their last vacation she was there basically ten hours if anyone The Monaco Grand Prix is ​​the most glamorous motor race in the world and David Coulthard has won it twice pretty aggressive on acceleration When in Rome and all that uses the incredibly glamorous horses when you come here we be in a race car is simply the ultimate glamorous property and all Grantham should do can't start in 1929 as you can see then it was like bombers and now it's ok well maybe not it was a long time ago which is true is that it instantly captured the world's imagination and today is broadcast to 400 million people for the image of Monaco is a marketing gem Got us in name of all the tabloids thank you for everything you did for us because it was you you were perfect you were the race car driver who liked to spend money on parties and lots of pretty girls it was great it was fantastic because you were sure you could go out have fun enjoy all the trappings of success but knowing that you're only a mile from your flat if you needed to get home quickly and knowing that you weren't going to get into too much trouble, whereas when I was at a party like that in London, you know you're spending a night with someone What do you think you are?
I'm not hot, nothing else and then before you know it I'm on the front page of the newspaper so here you're very engaged with the hairpin. he's going to crash into the van ok you can go he knows guys I thought the van was in his blind spot Dave is now retired from Formula One and sees his future sits here he runs his business as if his hotel had to happen he almost crashed into my hotel for alternate days Although attractive made me buy the tax savings David also came here with privacy to Falls you see a Monaco the police enforced a zero tolerance policy on paparazzi so he can do what you want and no one will notice since now racing drivers are slow. big celebrities all over the world it's quite nice to live better in relative anonymity liam absolutely is totally unique i've never seen anything like this anywhere in the world there's no paparazzi you know i went to santa fe yesterday and happy nights everywhere now you might say well let's get into the internship be alright what should be should be just another place where you can go and hang out and have fun with your friends Monica they're not here lies a riddle anonymity won't do for the fame hungry young mob without abc and d incomings need the pap smears as much as perhaps they need them and that's why they're headed elsewhere the nicknames lost their crown it's a happening on the spot the 24 hour non-stop dripping of celebrities -feeding today's culture just doesn't fit here I think this wall and the American Bar of the Hotel de Parys summarize what happened to Monaco all these photos were taken here David Niven Orson Welles Errol Flynn Marlen to Dietrich Peter Sellers some of the biggest stars in entertainment history all very refined and elegant and beautifully dressed Monaco has changed because the nature of celebrity has changed it still has it but it doesn't so while the patents are in Saint Tropez, he's filming Paris Hilton and she accidentally goes out without any underwear here in Monaco there he stars being captured on film it's the cards it's time to find someone who has experienced both the old and the new Monaco No i had to look much closer des and the port is the yacht the restaurant and dodi famously spent their last vacations aboard are just as famous and the seriously rich owner mohamed al-fayed and he spins us around on the sailboat that was once Dodie's pride and joy you wear that brand of jacuzzi yes something ain't making her come home you like the track no no a camera will have the only air bikinis on tap this is the great commander yes would you ever go out at some point yes but it's very complicated you know electronically noble yes amazing this is easy boss work yes fantastic 25 billion really yes you eat little good so as not to harm mother experience we are on your ship I've been in Monaco all week trying to find a real stinking rich billionaire and here you are Thinking about what I didn't know about you yet was that Monaco is actually a very special place for you. it was unbelievably glamorous i mean you had Liz Taylor Richard Burton used to more her ship next to yours yeah and you were there you were a part of it absolutely absolutely i mean Grace Kelly was there with the ritual and Elizabeth did it who was s likes Grace Kelly spectacular dress very human down to earth always laughing great sense of humor in many ways the parallel with Grace Kelly and Monaco is very similar to the effect Diana had on England both ended in tragedy obviously but the you knew both very unusual Italy absolutely having doors Kelly just a very ordinary person people love that Diana was like a saint to me you know she is a spectacular woman again God bless her with so much humanity and care and she is a memory for me when she comes I just feel her soul keep moving around the place Diana loves Diana George showing up everywhere you know and her favorite place is up there a she was there basically ten hours a day someone talking what do you think Monica's future will be Mohammed I think? we will stay it was safer than we have been here for 200 years and then also for Prince Albert you know he loved his head for the people no one will dare do anything to that place because it is so popular he is unbelievably popular, yes, Grace Kelly has made it her case that she loved him, cared for him, gave them a lot of principles in life and grew up with this quality that she has and it's such a blessing to Monica that she was here.
I got married. Brittany, this was tremendous, so what have I learned about Monica? Well she is very clean no litter or graffiti the sun is always shining little crime to speak of and very private when spaced out. The main reason most people live here is to avoid paying. those kinds of taxes dig into my guts a bit, to be honest, I mean, after all, I pay taxes and so do most of you, but before I go back to the world of pollution, paparazzi, freezing rain, and PA this question still bothers me if I turn one more time to drag and James Caan for the answer there will be a lot of people watching this show who will think these pastors why they shouldn't pay any tax like me well let's be honest springs the choice they made is a choice that is available to everyone, yes, but James come look, it's not openly available to 95% of the British population to go live in Monaca, apart from the lsat cross, it would all break the bank, you have to there be a price for being successful docks do you know what the point is in working so hard all your life if there is no prize at the end and maybe monaco is the prize whatever is a pretty good prize for that reason i mean

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