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Philadelphia 76ers vs Brooklyn Nets Game 1 Full Highlights | 2023 ECR1 | FreeDawkins

Apr 16, 2023
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and spencer dinwiddie mckell bridges cam johnson dorian finney smith and nick claxton


pardon maxie harris tucker adam b the nba playoffs are underway the flip fake shot throws the offensive backboard is embedded so not lost memory and Joel Embiid is ready and waiting for Bridges, the Philly native, starts the scoring for Brooklyn Arden D9 Michael Bridges with his length Sixers Maxi attack mode open three in the back Woody shielding tips the big good shot and a free kick Spencer Dinwiddie with a chance on a 3-pointer to old-fashioned play Dorian Finney Smith shoots a triple-fake to Tobias Harris to raise pop it's a nice 9-7 lead for the Sixers partner a step back Jay cornered him in the corner DJ Tucker has been taking that shot throughout his career is a triple of richer squares and connects Bridges and on those bridges taking over as he has done so many times in Annette's uniform the jumper goes Tobias Harris with a three ball the twins activated cam johnson with a tray niang ball thanks three for the way you took it good cut fade counted and foul Michael Bridges Maxi goes for the open man McDaniels kicks him diagonally for the triple melt move fast and B stops and scores midcourt said here for Brooklyn Bridges long strides hits bucket Mikhail Bridges with ease Hardin on splashes one from outside is a good three pocket pass Curry brought down sharply to rim tonight Joe Harris there for Freedom McDaniels Bingo from outside is a three Philly hasn't delivered it yet O'Neill driving kick Curry wide open look bottom Seth Curry loves to play here in Philly sorry the roller is Reed he flips it over and on a hard swing Melton twisted a three they just haven't been missing since the long range, Curry jumps, he's there, Curry Banks, on the Nets, get the bucket, no, look at Harris. -38 the handles the block chase down recovery by Sharps O'Neal takes it and pushes it to take two steps back for Hardin it's a highlight for the beard Dinwiddie a Johnson responds with a triple Dinwiddie forward Bridges enters the three put it in the board and shooting it at 65.5 and they add that the Nets are nine of 11 from the field in the second quarter that one skirts in Tobias Harris with a hit in the center Hardin receives a bunt feeds him to the post one on one and bead gets in inside for two Harden will have to make it happen a step back three James Harden drains him and Johnson on the other side reaches the cup for two Bridges has 16 points tack on two Michael Bridges deadliest from the outside Bridges postseason Michael Bridges badness Harden step back bottom three james harden has come to play bridges off balance banker goes and fouls michael bridges over and over he's thinking about a two for one oh he can't miss james harden is having one of those days penny smith a triple the target is for DFS embiid on a fade good and a foul let's try to make it hard for him we know he could hit from all angles kick it and B tries and hits a three how you gonna stop that ridiculous angle?
philadelphia 76ers vs brooklyn nets game 1 full highlights 2023 ecr1 freedawkins
Bridges sensing here is MB double team kicks extra hard Harris using his height fades then Spencer Dinwiddie does his thing so what he throws there is the connection with Claxton for Slimmer forgiveness lifters and missed another offensive board Tucker to heart and has another chance and hits It's a three Johnson Corner pop has a three Johnson knocked out of his hands clears it straight to Tucker Sixers running Hardin Razzle Dazzle packs for Harris's punch then what turns the corner and scores Woody did defending strong strong does his move a double team Tucker a three O'Neill Corner Johnson is going to have to hold does it for two cam Johnson beats the shot clock and reduces it to 10. cam Johnson comes out of timeout Nails the triple up Nick Daniels with a black seed bottoming practice Throwdown for Tyrese Maxi is three open pitches from Johnson and they blocked it when McDaniels was there on defense and McDaniels throws it out of Plaxton.
philadelphia 76ers vs brooklyn nets game 1 full highlights 2023 ecr1 freedawkins

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philadelphia 76ers vs brooklyn nets game 1 full highlights 2023 ecr1 freedawkins...

Sorry, this is a three ball with another offensive rebound down the court by Milton. Another chance and it's Niang who hits him from three point territory this is the biggest lead of the day another offensive rebound is Reid Reed fakes and scores reprieve swing McDaniels pushes Curry hooks a pass to Reed 8.4 rebounds to reach Harden under Reed reverse and an O'Neill foul back for Dinwiddie shot clock that was running out did what he has to get up he does and hits a three rebound ball off the backboard that was meant for Reed forward to curry the same spot with the same result for curry Martin wanted a foul in place of the Nets with a change of five in Four Bridges lines him down.
philadelphia 76ers vs brooklyn nets game 1 full highlights 2023 ecr1 freedawkins
Mikhail Bridges takes him down from long range and blown stops couldn't finish on The Rim but he gets the follow up on Maxie with a three, let's cut it down to 11. Now we're down 16. and you can do it 18. and B splashes it from the outside. Duke couldn't finish it against him he beat. He went for the grand finish strongly to drop back last three. Duke over committed on that drive. Harris Jam Harris bows then fades for the bucket Milton shoves Watanabe with a leg connects all this is window dressing with a 121-96 response from the outside Utah Watanabe a lopsided Game 1 win for the


a handshake in the playoffs between Jeff Vaughn and Doc Rivers Philly takes a 1-0 lead in this series of opening rounds, oh
philadelphia 76ers vs brooklyn nets game 1 full highlights 2023 ecr1 freedawkins

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